Lada’s thoughts on the end of NWO: ‘Serbia and Russia! No EU!’ Mogherini booed in Serbian Parliament


‘Serbia and Russia! No EU!’ Mogherini booed by deputies in Serbian Parliament.

You can’t hear a word she is saying, and that’s how I like her. I wonder how this Rothschild-installed globalist hypocrite felt, for once getting a long-deserved taste of her own medicine.

Just another small confirmation of The Great Earth Shift at work, the breakdown of the old NWO system and the budding of the new. It is also another confirmation of the rebalancing work Russia The Great Balancer is doing, as we speak, on our planet.

I first made prediction that NWO globalism is outdated and that it would soon be finished in the 2014 ESR1: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO?


The great changes happening now are just the beginning! More to follow!

This is the real voice of the people in Serbian Parliament – how Serbs really feel about EU, which is being shoved down their throats in spite of their resistance. Incidentally, the neighboring Montenegro and Macedonia are in the same situation. There is a veritable anti-NATO and anti-EU revolution happening in Montenegro, mass protests have been ongoing since last year. At one point, 10% of the population has been out on streets protesting. Yet no one notices it and the sold-out government continues dragging the country into NATO. Bulgaria is also being forced to stay in NATO and EU, despite people’s sympathies to Russia and aversion to NATO/EU Russophobia.

The people of Serbia are demonstrating how real democracy works, as it should. I wonder why the ‘world’s No.1 defender of democracy’ EU doesn’t like it?

I know exactly why. Because the West is an ardent defender of democracy only when it suits them. But they turn into the worst of dictatorships (or make friends with the worst of dictators) whenever possible. We could go over thousands of historic examples to confirm my words. But why go so far; the newest gruesome proofs are right in front of our very eyes: US support of ISIS terrorists; US/EU (including specifically Mogherini!) support of the fascist ukro-nazi regime in Ukraine. And the latest: EU parliament, in violation of the democratic freedom of speech, votes to strip French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of her immunity and begin her prosecution in order to sabotage her presidential bid.

Therefore, Western ‘democracy’ is a sham and we are observing its slow death. The truth is out, just like it’s supposed to be during The Great Earth Shift.

I’ll soon have more revelations on the end of EU, French and German elections, what’s happening in Ukraine, Belarus and post-Soviet space. Stay tuned!



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  1. Dear5 Lada sooner or later the pressure of the people will begin to tell on the “democratic” EU. As you say all the dirty electoral tricks are emerging to get new US gofer in as president of France. To ask an obvious question is Macron of Jewish origins given that he worked for the Rothschild bank? Here’s lo0oking forward to more down falls of the NWO agenda!!
    Best regards, Robert

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  2. Reblogged at

    …and added the following, which contains links to my previous documentary and article translations:

    After what EU and NATO did to Yugoslavia at large and Serbia in particular, booing is just too soft a protest. Radovan Karadzic is still the political prisoner of EU for saying that Serbs are Southern Russians. Yugoslavia was bombed to pieces with radioactive munitions, leaving the land contaminated and the people with cancer. And then Yugoslavia was partitioned and Serbs driven from their historic heartland – Kosovo, which is now occupied by the NATO installed entities. And all this was done, while Russia itself was on the verge of collapse and destruction during the Wild 90’s of the desolation of Yeltsin.

    And after that the NATO/EU was expecting a friendly welcoming? What duplicity!

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    • Before Radovan Karadzic headed the resistance of the Serbian people and became the President of Republika Srpska, he was renowned as a poet. The patriotic Serbs know well his poem “Inferno”:

      Have you understood already?
      Hell broke through
      To our side.
      Cerberus roam the streets,
      Intercepting our delicate glances.
      And there is little point
      To be afraid of death
      And the eternal darkness:
      All that awaits us there,
      Has already happened to us here.
      Hell broke free,
      It is visible to anyone who wants to see.
      Cerberus growl at our thoughts.
      Do not be afraid, my dear, of the old age,
      Nor of the death.
      The tomb will become a safe haven for us:
      There the saving light will be born.
      And our souls will break out of there,
      To tame a raging inferno,
      That broke through
      To our side

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  3. Dear Lada! An off-topic comment by me… or maybe not.

    I found an interesting American film from 1943 – “Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia”, which is a part of 7 films, prepared by the US Special Service Division.

    The film turned out to be pretty truthful, and it is a great addition to what you wrote in your 2015 article:

    The question is: if US could show a truthful image of Russia in 1943, why would they discard all the lessons that they could learn from their own film and tread on the same rake as all the previous invader-wannabie of Russia trod on?


    • Breathtaking arrogance? Unmitigated stupidity? Human compromised and utterly sold out? Just a few quick guesses. It was the plan all along to use the U.S. to conquer and consolidate to themselves anything of value and then destroy her utterly and enslave her. How frighteningly close they came to achieving their ultimate goal! With thanks to God and every being of good will who has or is waking up and taking action they have lost their grip on bringing the entire world to heel. Speaking of breathtaking arrogance, they evidently didn’t count on Russia rising up again. *Smile* Evil can always be counted on to sew the seeds of its own destruction. All we need to do is keep helping it happen.

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  4. This is just the influence of Russia and pro-Russian forces in Europe. Then when you add in the factor of China becoming stronger and stronger, internal western European nationalists opposed to the current authorities (UKIP, Le Pen, others) and the Trump factor, we are seeing the end of the current system.

    The great shift is taking place before our eyes, week by week, month by month.

    There is a civil war going on in the US right now.

    This civil war is paralyzing the US from enforcing its will on the rest of the globe (e.g. policy on Syria, Ukraine etc). The US has no “real government” now, in the sense of one uncontested, unrivalled source of authority which the state machinery follows and whose policies it implements.

    This paralysis is just good news for forc


  5. Sorry typo* “This paralysis is just good news for all those opposed to US hegemony”.

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  6. Nancy C/Seattle

    The EU’s undemocratic vote against Le Pen could very well backfire as the The Great Earth Shift is clearly in full sail. In June 2016 52% of UK voters chose to “Leave” the EU.
    By February 2017 Britain’s parliament approved Brexit by an astonishing 498 (81%) to 114 (19%).


    • Backfire is the right word. Just goes to show how desperate they are. Le Pen has been given a very good argument that she is right and that she is being prosecuted for it. Recall my 2012 prediction that Le Pen will be next French president.

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  7. Does this story qualify for “Dead men tell no tales” category?
    Another ‘banker suicide’ that went awry? Will he survive the hospital stay?

    Ukraine Tax Chief Gets Heart Attack After Arrest Over $75 Million Theft


  8. Nancy C/Seattle

    I really appreciate what I see as your 2 major templates – The Great Earth Shift & Russia the Balancer – as tools for organizing & understanding history and current events..

    Here’s a link to 5 minute video, “The Russian Awakening”, posted February 28th by Los Angeles author/anthropologist Robert Sepehr.


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