Graham Phillips threatened while trying to speak to Ukraine ambassador to UK + Donbass and Givi Doc

‘Is this a serious embassy?’ Independent British journalist Graham Phillips, who has extensively covered Kiev army atrocities in Donbass, tries to get an appointment with Ukraine ambassador and/or pass on his report on the killing in Kiev of his compatriot Barry Pring, covered up by Ukraine and UK. Watch the responses of the Kiev embassy worker! Then the police gets called and Ukraine diplomat tries to get Graham arrested… for filming in the street. “This is Great Britain, we have actual laws here” (well, compared to ukro-nazi Ukraine, lol).

I’ll also go ahead and post this for those interested – good documentary about DPR hero Givi with Eng translation:

(Thanks to Nemo for the links!)

TO GAIN A FULL PICTURE, remember to read/ listen to my latest Ukraine analytics:

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  1. Nemo, it’s still in Russian. You got a translated video? Thanks.


  2. Never mind. I used a hammer and it’s working now.


  3. Outstanding. These guys look tired. I had the same question as the consultant-soldier… why didn’t Russia jump on this at the outset. But whatever, these guys are dedicated and know what they’re about. I like the leadership and they say like Lada says, it takes time… maybe a couple more years. Thanks, Nemo. The tracer fire brings back memories.


    • As a matter of fact, Lada did explain in several of her articles why Russia could not offer military help to Donbass. In short:
      1. The level of local support. The support level was much lower there, than in Crimea, and the local resistance was not as organised. It is good to ask this question after the fact, but if Russia sent troops, and prevented what is going on now, Russia would now have been blamed for occupation and stopping the Ukrainian dream of Euro-integration.
      2. Where do you sent the border? At the border of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions? What about Odessa, Nikolaev, what about those disagreeing with Kiev junta in central Ukraine? Should have Russia then gone one and liberated them too? As cruel as it is to say, people are now forming their own future there. I like a saying that freedom cannot be given, it must be earned.
      3. Western reaction. It was, and still is, hard enough for Russia to find acceptance for the ascension of Crimea, which happened without a single shot being fired. Now, what would have been the reaction, if Russia sent troops to Donetsk and Lugansk, where shooting and killing would have to be done. The West was waiting for this response as an excuse to start a bigger hot war on Russia. Sanctions would not not be even discussed then, and we would not be around to have this conversation.
      Russia did all it could to try to freeze the conflict through the Minsk agreements, suggestions of federalisation of Ukraine, hundreds of tonnes of humanitarian convoys. All in all, the situation could have been much worse now.

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      • Kudos! Well summarized!
        And yes, I did explain all that many times. 🙂


      • First, sorry for a couple of typos: “…you sent the border?” -> “…you set the border?”; “…gone one and…” -> “…gone on and…”

        A small post-scriptum to the 3rd point. Remember the 2014 headlines in the Western MSM: they were about Russian invasion, Russian tanks roaming the streets of Ukrainian cities, thousands of Russian regular army troops in Ukraine, etc… All that was presented to the Western audience as the accomplished fact, printed using prepared (by you-know-who) materials in anticipation of the obvious from the Western elites’ perspective next Russian move… which never came. That caused a massive cognitive dissonance between the reality on the ground and what was presented on the MSM pages, which in turn helped show the MSM for what they are. In other words, in addition to what I wrote in the previous comment, by not sending in the troops, Russia won an information war battle.

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  4. Thanks you for posting these videos, Lada.

    I found Graham’s experience in front of the Ukrainian embassy quite illustrative. His question of ‘Is this a serious embassy?’ is spot on – not only the embassy failed on their direct duties – that of providing contact with the populace of the host country – they neither admitted him, nor did they take the file with the documents, but they also showed an exceptional ignorance of the laws of the country they are an embassy to! In reality, the diplomats should have known the laws of the host country better, than the citizens of said county!
    In addition, the Ukrainian embassy made life for Graham difficult on several occasions – spreading lies and slander about him, threatening him, trying to sick the British government onto him. On one occasion Graham was even detained by police for a short time upon arrival to UK from his journalistic trip to Donbass.

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