Russia: Men go to great lengths to make her smile on International Women’s Day

Every year between March 6 and 9, Russia turns into a huge and fragrant flower market. It smells like spring everywhere, even if the stubborn snow has neglected to melt just yet.


Remember my previous post: Happy March 8! Russian policeman stops vehicles to sing a love song to women drivers.

In that case it wasn’t an actual cop but Russian singer Yaroslav Sumishevsky, with his song. However, real policemen aren’t far behind. This is happening today in Kaliningrad, Russia. Actual traffic policemen stop women drivers to present them with flowers and March 8 gifts:



Man with Bouquet

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  2. Hi Lada,boek-foto-Eric-klein.gif

    Eric here, investigative journalist and writer from Flanders, Europe.

    There is much to do here about this internet message that Putin in a recent address in Saint Petersburg, should have said that the atmospheric spraying by the US, everywhere in the world, is an assault on humanity since it would cause the planet to become (eventually) inhabitable.

    So far we have not been able to find any confirmation of this story, so please could you check with your sources to see if this is bogus or true?

    and of course, keep up the good work!

    kind regards,

    Eric Cornand

    Evergem, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium, Europe

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  3. Happy International Women’s Day and Birthday Month, Lada!!

    Best wishes for abundance, grace, love and peace 🙂

    Thank you sincerely for all that you are and do!!


  4. Happy March the 8th to all the lovely women here, and, of course, to Lada herself 🙂


  5. A little belated 8th of March-related curiosity. On March the 8th 1971, drivers of the Lunohod-1 Moon vehicle congratulated the women who worked on their team by driving in an 8-pattern and taking a panoramic photo of their work 🙂 That was actually unsanctioned by the command, but all went well.

    If there is interest, I can write a translation the interview with Konstantin Davidovskij, driver of Lunohod-1, who also told many interesting facts about their preparation and work.

    NASA actually has this site in their catalogue ad object “LROC M114185541RC”: “It was done by the Lunokhod manouvring on March 8, 1971 to celebrate the International Woman Day”

    Funny how NASA can spot that, but not the Apollo “landing sites” 😉 By the way, delay (round-trip time) between the driver issuing a command, then Lunohod responding, plus sending a signal back was 4.1 seconds, plus the transmitted picture had a frame rate of 3 frames per minute (this is a prod at the no-delay real-time dialogue between the Apollo astronauts and Earth).

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