Putin congratulates First Woman in Space

Just before the International Women’s Day on March 8, Putin presented with flowers and gifts the First Woman in Space, Valentina Tereshkova, who has turned 80 on March 6.

I also found it interesting that Putin gave Tereshkova as a gift a statue of Chaika, in other words, a seagul. Chaika was her callsign.

It’s also interesting that Tereshkova’s 1963 Vostok-6 maiden flight was kept a complete secret and even her parents had no idea where she was. They learned what their 26-year-old daughter was really up to from TV, together with the rest of the world, upon her return.

Valentina Tereshkova remains in great physical shape despite her age. Speaking about the proposed Russian expedition to Mars, she pointed out her absolute readiness to go to Mars on moment’s notice. Ever a pioneer and researcher, this fascinating woman has been proposing this for years: she’s been trying to convince authorities to dispatch her to the ISS, as well as to deep space in order to test how the aging human body would respond.

Watch till the end for unique 1963 footage!


P.S. No sooner did I publish this post that I got attacked by a troll on Twitter, who told me that ‘no man, woman, nor monkey ever flew into space because God’s earth is flat.’ And he was a follower of mine.
So we are absolutely clear, of course that person’s limited world is FLAT – no surprise there.

My world is holographic and multidimensional.

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  1. What a truly unique and exceptionally great human being she is! She does not look a year older than 60! So upright in her bearing and moves so gracefully! I read about her birthday celebrations on Sputnik– beautiful as a young woman, her beauty remained. Her spirit is so selfless and pure that her inner energy radiates throughout her physical being, keeping her healthy and strong. A true light of Russia– she shines on all of humankind, as an example to all of us. Happy Birthday Lady Valentina Tereshkova– God’s blessings are ever with you.

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  2. P.S. No sooner did I publish this post that I got attacked by a troll on Twitter, who told me that ‘no man, woman, nor monkey ever flew into space because God’s earth is flat.’ And he was a follower of mine.
    So we are absolutely clear, of course that person’s limited world is FLAT – no surprise there.

    Mine is holographic and multidimensional.

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  3. That’s almost the same thing I answer to a pour soul in FB saying that Earth is flat: if your matrix wolrd is flat, be happy there, but as Galilei would say: Earth is round. Et pure se muove.


  4. Cling to that holographic lest you fall off the edge. However, if gravity holds you to the other side, please report back with verbal description and pictures.


    • Are you addressing me?


      • Lada, don’t pay attention to that – the only thing that can stop that person from falling is a sturdy circumfence (ref: Discworld, Terry Pratchett) 🙂
        It does not matter which and how many argument and facts you present to such people. They are limited in their view by what they see of a few meters around them and extrapolate the rest, based on that limited knowledge, discarding everything else. And that applies not just to the geometry and physics, but also to sociology – this kind of people would be hard pressed to understand that there are other people and ways of life, and so it becomes quite pointless to tell and educate.

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  5. Well, yeah, I’d say Marblehead was addressing you in an arrogant and flippant manner and that’s what happens when they get flat-lined. What’s going on out there? Are the energies too much for some of us? Adjust filters and carry on.

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    • You are right. The energy has gotten too erratic and negative for a lot of people to handle without flipping. Yet, this is just the beginning – much more to come. That’s why all the good and nice people out there have to be strong, keep their perspective, and – what you said – adjust our filters.

      Unfortunately, too much crap will be coming our way through media and SM going forward. The energy portals are too open. Those like me, who are out there in the open get much more of that than others, unfortunately.
      Everyone has to protect themselves during the present and future storms.

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  6. Wow. I hope I am fortunate enough to look that youthful when I am 80. Happy Birthday, Chaika! May you grace the world with your beauty, courage and great presence for many more years to come. You are truly an inspiration to us all!

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  7. Nancy C/Seattle

    There’s something about this story that triggered a long suppressed childhood memory of the early days of the post World War !! “cold war” days. Perhaps it’s because I’m of Valentina’s generation, 6 years younger. I entered the first grade in 1949 in Boise, Idaho. I vaguely recalled school drills of sirens & hiding under desks because the Russians were coming to attack us. I googled ‘school drills against Russian attack early 50’s’ because I wasn’t even sure if it was a memory and found some schools did indeed run ‘duck & cover’ drills against Russian nuclear attack.

    I enjoy your posts on Russian culture and your book, The Earth Shifter.

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