Horrific catastrophe unfolding at Ukraine’s largest Balakleya arms depot! 

ESR2 reloaded Ukraine 2

For the second day the horrific cannonade is continuing, as the missiles and arms stored at Ukraine’s largest arms depot in Balakleya, Kharkov Oblast, mass explode. Allegedly the wholesale destruction of the largest storage of offensive weapons in Ukraine began as a result of a fire. Ukraine military is being accused of creating the catastrophe.

Over 20 thousand people have evacuated from the nearby city of Balakleya. Locals continue fleeing in haste. Casualties are unknown, being hushed up by Ukraine authorities.

The infamous Balakleya arms depot stored weapons used to kill the people of Donbass. Fewer weapons left in Ukraine means fewer deaths in Donetsk and Lugansk. Among weapons stored at this facility were the feared Tochka-U and Grad missiles, which Kiev army had unleashed on LDPR.

The video below is a good quality compilation of footage shot from various vantage points. These are all eyewitness videos by locals from surround residential areas. At one point in the video you can see a stream of cars fleeing the exploding city.

In the end of the video, a male voice can be heard saying, ‘We must leave this country. This is the only correct solution.’

Radiation disaster in the making!

As a side note, the intel I receive is that Kiev army experiences a huge shortage of tanks and armored vehicles to attack Donbass.

To compensate for that, Poroshenko ordered to retrieve the old tanks and military vehicles once used by the USSR in Chernobyl remedial efforts and abandoned inside radioactive zone. Thousands of radioactive vehicles have been stored there. Now these are being repurposed by Kiev. Some are used as scrap, melted to manufacture new weapons; others are fixed up and sent straight to Donbass. Reportedly, a large percentage of the Kiev army ATO soldiers now suffer from radiation poisoning. Of course, the real condition and percentages of those affected are hushed up.

The newest worrying development: it appears Kiev decided to do the unthinkable – build a radioactive barrier between LDPR and Ukraine. Witnesses have been posting videos of Ukraine army hauling radioactive vehicles from Chernobyl and dumping them on the front line between LDPR and Kiev-controlled side. This includes heavy trucks and other machinery used by the USSR in Chernobyl remedial efforts. The result may be disastrous. All that radioactive machinery is moved through Ukraine countryside and cities, then maliciously dumped in E. Ukraine fields, possibly close to where people live and grow crops.

I want to reiterate and expand on my 2014-15 analysis and predictions for Ukraine:

The remnants of Ukraine, once a peaceful place I used to know years ago, is continuing on the road to self-destruction. I am sorry to say that for the territory we so far still call Ukraine, the worst is still to come.

Ukraine, formed as an integral part of the USSR, was always an artificial entity consisting of incongruent and mismatched parts. It could only exist in peace and prosperity under the strong umbrella and guidance of Russia and as part of a unified Russian state. Having acquired independence, it couldn’t deal with it. The breakup and rethinking of the future direction became unavoidable.

It would have been a lot better if the process of the breakup was peaceful and reasonable. However, the process of rethinking of the future of this South-Russian territory has to happen, whether we want it or not.

In less than 10 years time the name Ukraine (Ukraina) will become obsolete. It’ll happen gradually, probably several years into the future. Instead Novorossia and Malorossia will re-emerge, along with other long forgotten names, such as Tavria, Galitsia and Carpathian Rus. Most or all of these territories will rejoin Russia either as parts of Russian territory or closely-associated states. 

I have extensively discussed Ukraine, Donbass, the unfolding disintegration and future prospects of these territories in several written Earth Shift Reports: ESR2, ESR3, ESR6 and ESR8. These reports can be read individually for a donation. Alternatively, all four Ukraine ESRs can be purchased together here: ESR Sets.

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  1. So much better that these explode in the belly of the beast than on the eastern provinces. I see some white phosphorous going off… banned by international law. Good job!! to the sapper team.

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  2. Dear Lada, my thoughts go out to the long-suffering population of Ukraine, never mind Syria, Yemen and others under the burden of the poisonous idiots creating all this carnage and destruction. In one way it’s good to see your predictions coming true. You are a brilliant teacher and have taught me to look beyond the obvious. It’s deplorable that ordinary people have to suffer so much because of the greedy few. Hopefully the end will come faster and rebuilding by sane people can begin. Once again, many thanks for your brilliant articles. Best regards, Robert

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  3. In retrospect, it was very wise to not let Ukraine keep any nuclear weapons. But even without that, the madness find a way towards destruction!


  4. Thanks for sharing things beauteous and things grim we needed to know. Don’t shoot the messenger, she’s polarity balanced! I will extract a slightly didactic message: there’s nothing keeping any of us from praying fervently and compassionately for the innocent souls (or even the dastardly ones) caught up in this. Meanwhile, we just love you thump thump, lub a dub.


  5. Nancy C/Seattle

    I’ve been pondering the thought that Poroshenko and the Ukronazis using radioactive equipment from Chernobyl is a form of the “Sampson Option” that Israel has talked about nuking Europe or Iran should the regime feel an existential threat. Except that Ukraine leaders are doing it to themselves & their own military personnel?


    • They don’t care about lives. They actually want to eliminate as many Ukrainians as possible. I talked about this vicious plan in one of the Ukraine ESRs.


  6. Off topic, spotted on RT Op-Edge. We all know about the double-speak of the MSM, so, in a way, Robert Bridge’s article “‘Aleppo boy’ versus ‘Mosul girl’: How the Western MSM peddles war propaganda” does not say anything new.


    What drew my attention, though, is the following passage:

    On March 20, RT sent a formal request to CNN, BBC, MSNBC and Al Jazeera, inviting them to participate in a panel discussion that would cover a number of issues with regards to media coverage in Aleppo and Mosul. RT also requested they provide a comment regarding the way they decide whether an airstrike that affects civilians would be given full-scale, rolling coverage (like in Aleppo) or not (like in Mosul), and whether or not they intended to use any of the available video that points to civilians being killed as a result of coalition airstrikes.

    BBC refused to provide a panel participant or comment, CNN, MSNBC and Al Jazeera did not respond, while Sky News said they “had no time.”

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  7. Nancy C/Seattle

    Thanks, Lada for pointing me to the Ukraine Earth Shift reports for the key to understanding Ukraine leaders behavior. I’ve got all of your reports but haven’t yet read about 5 or 6 of the earlier reports, including #’s 2 & 6 on Ukraine. It takes me forever to read your reports because I like to click on the various links but by the time I’m finished I have a real understanding of the subject to the point that I have a key to understanding & discerning current news.


  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Some of what didn’t make the news (MSM).


  9. Were there tactical nukes stored there? This story at Veterans Today (US website) seems to think that some “Tactical Nukes” that Ukraine had lied about were still stored there and that some of these tactical nukes ‘cooked off’ hence the huge fireballs and mushroom clouds. Its a very interesting story. I’m wondering if you have an angle on this at all. Link below.



  10. Dear Lada, what’s your thoughts on today’s events in Russia?
    I read some worrying reports, especially from Urals, Ekateringurg (the place of the special NGO activity) of a large number of the young dupes who went out on the streets. Some think this was a test run before the 2018 election to gauge the official reaction and to see how many youths can be amassed through the social media networks, and fronted by Navaly…


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