St. Petersburg Metro Bombing Was a Message for Putin

My deepest condolences to the city of St. Petersburg and all victims of the Sennaya Ploschad Station Metro Bombing!

The most important thing to understand is that this is NOT a coincidence! The immediate ‘verdict’ on the Internet and SM has been that’s it’s ISIS. But let’s look at the facts!

The facts are a stubborn thing. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Putin – Lukashenko St. Petersburg meeting and St. Pete Metro bombing are two links of the same chain!

And here’s the chain in question:

1. An ISIS terrorist would stick out like sore thumb in St. Petersburg. But ukro-nazis or SBU operatives from Kiev or Western Ukraine would blend right in. SBU is Ukraine intelligence, which has been trained, supervised and financed by CIA since at least 2014.

Since Putin has outplayed the Kiev junta on so many fronts, it is a lot more plausible that this is what happened. And it hits so much closer to home.

2. Multiple terror plots and subversive groups from Ukraine have been neutralized in Russia, including Crimea, Moscow and other regions, in 2016 and 2017.

One terror act unfortunately succeeded: the downing of TU-154 near Sochi, when all on board died, including 68 artists from the famed Alexandrov Red Army Choir and famous humanitarian Dr. Liza.

Certainly, there is also an escalation of Islamist terror activity in Chechnya and N. Caucasus. However, all of these events are related.

Related to the Russian terror plots are also the killings of LDPR commanders and leaders in 2016-17.

3. Russian ‘anti-corruption’ protests headed by Navalny took place just a week ago, the previous Sunday. One day prior to that, on Saturday, similar protests, with very similar slogans, took place in Belarus. Although organizers (often hidden) pretended that it was all spontaneous and unrelated to each other, there are very clear signs of coordination across borders. No doubt Russian and Belorussian protests were coordinated.

What is interesting is the incredibly high level of sophistication in the protests organization. The grounds were prepared for at least months prior. Lukashenko’s mistakes were skillfully used in Belarus. In Russia the dislike of PM Medvedev was equally skillfully used. The story of his supposed billions and Tuscany vineyards was invented and made into a documentary by Navalny, making sure it went viral on social media. Social media was in a very sophisticated way used to appeal to the young crowd and to entice young people to come out by the promise of big bucks and mischief with no repercussions.

To organize all this someone had to work for at least months, possibly longer. Most importantly, someone had to shell out quite a bit of cash, because protests and color revolutions don’t come cheap.

Participants of the Russian protests, very young people, some of whom were barely 16-17 years of age, were caught on camera (video was posted on YT) sharing how they must make sure they get arrested during the Sunday protest because those who get arrested will get $10 thousand Euros, plus legal help and possible trips to the West.

Other young delinquents were caught on camera having this dialogue:

‘Coming tomorrow to the protest?’

‘What’s it about?’

‘No idea, but it’s an opportunity to beat up cops.’

Who promised them this kind of payday for causing trouble? The usual suspects: Soros, Clinton Foundation, CIA. I would also include here UK, Poland, Germany and Brussels/EU. In what configuration – that’s a separate discussion. It’s roughly the same entities who have financed other color revolutions and mayhem globally.

The name of ex-oligarch Khodorkovsky has also surfaced in connection with the organization of these ‘protests’ (see this post’s comment section for intel from Nemo!). Khodorkovsky, of course, is a long-standing client of the CIA. I have followed Khodorkovsky for a long time, and as many of you know, he served as prototype for the character of the oligarch Konukovsky in my novel THE EARTH SHIFTER. As I see it, Khodorkovsky lately also became a client of the CIA’s secret EU leg: the German intelligence (let’s be honest, that’s what the German intelligence has turned into).

4. Recent Eurovision scandal was supposed to be a humiliation for Russia, but it backfired. Kiev banned Russian participant Yulia Samoylova’s entry into the country, thus illegally banning her from participation in the Kiev Eurovision 2017. The scandal took a humiliating turn against Kiev: in response contest organizers threatened to ban Ukrainian participant from the contest taking place on her native soil, and possibly even moving the contest to another country.

Recent killing of ex-Russian Duma Deputy Voronenkov in Kiev is a provocation also directly related to all other events described here.

Read about both: Lada Ray on ex-Russian Duma Deputy Voronenkov Murder in Kiev & Ukraine Eurovision Scandal

5. During 2016-2017 in Russia we have seen a large number of terror groups – some related to IS and Islamist terror cells and others related to Kiev – being apprehended. These are shown on Russian news almost weekly. Many terror acts were prevented. All in all, the actions of FSB have so far proven effective.

6. In the run-up to Belarus protests multiple terror plots and various wannabe terrorists were apprehended in Minsk and on the border. One of the attempted terror plots was almost bizarre: a Jeep carrying ingredients to mak explosives tried to break through the border from Ukrainian side. The Jeep was chased by law enforcement, but it managed to get pretty deep into Belorussian territory before most people inside were apprehended. One person managed to escape. How dangerous was the one who escaped? Were the others just patsies, meant to divert attention, while the only important person went free? What kind of explosives escaped with him and what was his ultimate destination?

The border between Russia and Belarus is very transparent. Recently Lukashenko announced a visa-free regime for 80 countries, without coordinating with Russia. This silly decision was a big part of the recent spat between Russia and Belarus.

Clearly, Belarus isn’t a high-profile target, but its value is in it being an inside track into Russia. Between Russia and Belarus there is no border; therefore, it is very easy for a determined terrorist group to infiltrate through Belarus.

7. Lukashenko blinks: Belarus has become a weak link in Eurasian stability and security system when Lukashenko recently initiated a conflict with Russia regarding power and gas pricing and sought to blackmail Russia by suggesting Belarus would re-orient towards the West and Middle East, distancing itself from Russia.

My diagnosis is that it’s largely a bluff by the starved for attention Lukashenko, who wants preferential treatment and who wants to milk Russia as much as possible. There is also a significant economic component in Lukashenko’s outburst: Belarus is cash poor and debt ridden and in need of a postponement of debt repayment. All this, coupled with the worsening economic situation and approaching elections makes Lukashenko nervous. After all, the so-called ‘Belorussian miracle’ was achieved on the account of Russia sharing practically free gas and other privileges with Belarus. Recently Russia began demanding that Lukashenko pays for at least some of the gas.

At the same time, I do not see Belarus drifting towards Ukraine scenario and Kiev-style Maidan any time soon, as I explained and predicted in ESR1: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO? (WITH BONUS: LUKASHENKO’S BLUFF).

Regarding Lukashenko: his act gets old and tiring. He will paint himself into a corner soon. His days as president may be numbered. But the geo-chess master acts on his own time and when no one is expecting it. Putin’s move will come, but only when he’s ready.

More predictions on the future of Belarus and Lukashenko in my future book, THE PUTIN ENIGMA.

8. Russian Presidential Election cycle has begun. Everything that’s happening is a rehearsal and preparation in order to see if Russia can be destabilized enough to prevent Putin’s re-election. But they know it’s a very tall order. Therefore, the goal is at least to bring him into the next term as weakened as possible, with maximum number of discontented citizens. If Russia and Putin blink (which won’t happen) they also hope to begin a real color revolution and civil war in Russia, turn one half of the population against another, like in Ukraine, and destroy everything that has been re-built between 2000 and now. But as I said, this won’t happen.

This is a very old tried-and-true technique of divide and conquer, character assassination and sabotage. It was previously reserved for Russia, the arch-enemy of the West, and those countries the West wanted to subdue. But today, we are experiencing the Great Earth Shift when the old matrix is dissolving and the shoots of the new are trying to get through the concrete.

Today this technique is used just as much in the West by the same neo-liberal globalist cabal against those who do not toe the agenda. Examples are anti-globalists such as Trump in the US and French presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and François Fillon, who are being openly sabotaged. More in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16: US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER.


Putin meets with Lukashenko in St. Petersburg, 4/3/17:

By provoking multiple loud public scandals with Russia regarding gas and oil pricing, diminished oil quotas, loan repayments and open border dispute Lukashenko and his advisors were banking on the fact that Russia already has a huge problem with Ukraine. Therefore, they reasoned, Russia would not risk escalating this argument with Belarus, fearing a loss of an important partner. This calculation was naive at best, which was quickly demonstrated by the following events. Life promptly showed Lukashenko what happens when Russia withdraws support.

To be sure, both Russia and Belarus lose when they argue. The problem is Belarus and Lukashenko personally lose a lot more.

A similar scenario occurred to Turkey and Erdogan after the downing of the Russian Su-24 and Russia’s subsequent withdrawal of Erdogan’s support and all business with Turkey. Within the short several months, this weakened Turkey to such degree that Erdogan almost lost his life in the military coup and much of the Turkish economy dried up. For detailed analysis and predictions read ESR 13: ERDOGAN’S WAR.

Having gone too far in his spat with Russia, and also having made some serious mistakes internally, Lukashenko now has seen how shaky his position would be without the support of Russia. After Putin and Medvedev’s cold shoulder, after Belarus protests and a threat of being expelled from Eurasian Union, he had to quickly backtrack, humble down and sit down to talk with Putin.

The meeting place: St. Petersburg. The meeting time: Monday, April 3, 2017.

It is clear to me that a great deal of manipulation has gone into convincing Lukashenko to act as a provocateur in Russian-Belorussian relations. Also, a great deal of effort and international coordination went into organizing the aforementioned Russian and Belorussian protests. Much of YouTube, Twitter and various other SM outlets were deeply involved.

Specifically in Russia the average age of participants is highly suspect. What comes to mind when a crowd of 16-17 years-olds marches through Moscow center, stopping traffic and picking fights with cops, while chanting, ‘Putin (or Medvedev), where is our money?’ (This was an actual slogan of the Russian protests, as seen on TV. Others were even more silly and bizarre, some reminding painfully of the Kiev coup and Ukrainian Euro-Maidan.)

‘Putin (or Medvedev), where is our money?’ Greed is a determining factor. Whose money are they really after? Who really pays?

Make no mistake, no matter who sits in the White House or calls the shots in the EU, billions continue being spent on subverting the vulnerable among the young generations of Russians and Belarussians. After all, it seems to have worked in Ukraine; they hope it’ll work in Russia and Belarus.

These billions are being spent by the same parties as before, and in this regard, absolutely nothing has changed. These are same sources that subverted Ukraine, and that attempted unsuccessful color revolutions in Armenia and Kazakhstan. (See ESR9: ATTACK ON KAZAKHSTAN & Armenia).

This is pre-election year in Belarus. More importantly, this is pre-election year in Russia. The activation of destabilization attempts will continue.

The original grand plan, conceived many years ago, but implemented throughout the 90’s and 2000’s was to break apart Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Part of the plant pertaining to Ukraine nearly succeeded due to Kiev Maidan.

But it proved much harder to break up Russia and Belarus. Yet even this could have succeeded due to Lukashenko’s mistakes. After Lukashenko’s public tantrum and threats to turn away from Russia towards the West, it was assumed that the breakup was underway. And it would have been, if not for Putin.

The attempt to break apart Russia and Belarus has a clear ultimate goal to weaken and disorient The Great Balancer. Russia, The Great Balancer, is presently rebalancing the severely lopsided world towards a better balance between physical/material/personal/self-serving energy on one hand and spiritual/collective/service-to-others energy on another. This is an attempt to stop this rebalancing, or at the very least, to slow it down.

Who benefits? Very simply: the collective West, the old neo-liberal globalist bankster, pero-dollar dominated system that made the West at large rich at the expense of others. To be sure, there are many new and healthy shoots in the West. They will eventually come through and bear fruit, but for now the old is still stronger.

Belarus is playing a very important role in the work of The Great Balancer; it is a part of the Great Balancer structure. Russia is weaker without Belarus, but Belarus cannot survive without Russia.

Has Lukashenko finally got it? After all elaborate and sophisticated preparations, after all indications that a rift between Russia and Belarus is taking place, suddenly, Lukashenko backpedals and Putin meets him in St. Petersburg. They announce that energy and border control disputes are being successfully resolved.

The terror act preceding or coinciding with this kind of meeting signifies a warning. This is a message for Putin, and by association, for Lukashenko. It is a threat issued to Russia, Belarus, and their leaders.

Make no mistake, a response will follow.

Incidentally, during the St. Pete meeting Putin said an interesting thing: Russia and Belarus are preparing a unified energy grid. This ultimately means that the two countries are getting closer, NOT further apart. This is the beginning of Putin’s response.

The game is afoot.

High level security in #Moscow Metro after #StPetersburg attack 

Putin lays flowers at the site of St Pete Metro Bombing

St Pete attack is more sophisticated than usual




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  1. Three comments to the Ukranian/Liberal/Western traces:
    One confirmed: A Kievan woman Tweeted this morning “There hasn’t been any acts of terror for a while. Will come today. Wait for it.” and posted a picture of some suspect object.*NYTs2ayz73Sx0dMGwbMhrEIoDHY
    May be a coincidence.
    The second, unconfirmed: Hodorkovskij (or someone of that ilk) Tweeted about TWO explosions in St.Pete’s metro minutes after it happened, when there was only one explosion, and the second bombed, which failed to detonate at another station, has not been discovered yet.
    The third, confirmed:
    Multiple people Tweeted EXACTLY the same text – verbatim – minutes after the explosion, to the effect that “protest movements will now be forbidden after this”:

    It seems the texts were distributed in advance among the trolls and the paid-for 5th column.

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    • Good info! Thank you for this addition!


    • Excellent sleuthing, Nemo.


    • Did some more digging today. Regarding #2, it was Hodorkovskij re-twitting some “Infometer”, which spoke of 2 blasts:

      The tweet itself is quite toxic, alluding to “the bigging of the reign”. In other words how there were acts of terror in the wake of the now-proven foreign incursion into Chechenia when Putin was first elected President. Hodorkovskij in his typical move “forgets” the acts of terror during his “buddy” Yeltsin’s period and that it was Yeltsin and the likes of Hodorkovskij, who left Russia in ruins for Putin to pick up the pieces.

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    • Regarding #3:
      Search Twitter for the following key-sentence in Russian: “После взрывов в питерском метро линия поведения власти в отношении массовых акций предопределена. Думаю, и в других отношениях тоже.”
      Tweets with the exact same sentence appeared from several persons. Note the beginning of the sentence, which is in plural: “After the explosions in Pete’s metro the line of the government conduct against any mass protests is predetermined. Think in other regards, too”.
      The Tweet with exactly this text came from @gudkov – ex State Duma deputy, @V_Solovey – some kind proffesor, and @Arbaletoff.
      This also appeared in the gleeful publication at Radio Svoboda, where they “quoted” Solovey.
      Someone else noticed it and @spravochnaja asked on @Solovey’s twitter: “Why Gudkov’s tweet appeared with time difefrence i 4 minutes.”

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  2. Excellent analysis, Lada, tying the many lose ends. I missed the visit of Lukashenko to St.Petersburg – was a bit out of the loop for a few days.
    It is scary to see how easy it is to brainwash the kids, get them on the streets, and use them as a shield in the hopes of paralysing the police actions.

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  3. Doreen Agostino

    Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:

    Pulling back the veil …

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  4. Another brilliant analysis and one with a fast turnaround. This indicates that the truth, inconvenient though it may be, is a lot closer to the surface than it used to be. Less than 48 hours, from Lada with love, and the whole sordid thing is laid bare for inspection. BZ, Lady Lada, and thank you.

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  5. Lada, thanks so much for this post, your unique and insightful perspective is the best. Nothing of this can be found on the western MSM. My very best wishes!

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  6. My condolences to the victims of this tragedy and all those caught in the middle of this battle of good vs evil.

    This Earth Shift can’t come soon enough…

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  7. False flag in Syria! “Gas attack” in Idlib with Mogherini having already assigned the blame on Assad. “White Casks” at work again.

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  8. And to bring at least some positivity to balance the negative news, the people of St. Petersburg showed admirable solidarity and empathy:
    This is the Russia that I remember and love from my childhood, and it survived through the hardships of the 90s!

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  9. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Very sad day, my condolences to the Russian people. Sad, ugly truth that ppl are used as sacrificial political pawns.

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  10. Lada,

    thankyou for the excellent post
    How can you be sure that Medvedev isn’t corrupt.or the large numbers of Putin friends who have become very wealthy since he came to power, aren’t corrupt also? The same with the Interior Ministry, Investigation Committee and the FSB who have all been accused of being engaged in mass corruption? Millions of Russians work hard and live good ,honest lives…..they don’t deserve to be cheated by the state who thinks it’s alright to skim a few or many tens of millions of dollars of their money from them.


    • I’ll discuss everything about Medvedev in my future book The Putin Enigma.

      As to your comment, it sounds provocative. I won’t catch every ball someone throws at me. Believe what you want. Your business.
      Want real knowledge – read my articles an my book when it comes out.

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    • P.S. So, corruption you notice, but the fact that corruption has been dealt with in Russia and culprits go to jail, new anti-corruption laws are adopted every month, etc. – THIS you don’t notice?
      And it’s also suspicious how many half truths are contained in your comment.
      Do you read my blog at all or did you just drop in?

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      • Lada, that comment feels and reads like the multitude of the variations on trolling toxic comments that I’ve seen on a lot of Russian-, as well as English-speaking media and networks. The wording would always be almost exactly like that, with only a few tiny changes.
        The comment should be preserved as “Exhibit A” in the war of lies waged on Russia.
        Even if the reader re-posted this comment with no ill intent, is still shows a fair amount of absence of critical thinking.
        What these comments try to achieve is to sow discord both within people and within the Russian leadership, create warring faction, divide them and conquer.
        You answered it very well. I can add that these “commenters” only ever approve of corruption cases against the targets that have been designated by the US State Department. All the other corruption cases are either completely ignored if they touch a corrupt functionary who is of no use to the US, or, if they touch the StateDep proteges, like Hodorkovskij and Navalnyj, these cases are immediately labelled as “undemocratic” and “oppressive”.
        Another response would be: Do the millions of Russians deserve to be cheated by the likes of Navalny and his fake “documentary films”?
        I also some times ridiculed them (remember the very apt remedy against Boggarts prescribed by J.K.Rowling?). In the case above, I am almost tempted to say that the poster forgot to add to the list GRU, NKVD, Consumer Protection Service and Pest Control.
        And the primary troll-hunting tactic is to ask directly for the proof, facts, data coming from organisations not financed by the StateDep or the various Soros funds.

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      • Lada I will tell you the truth…….I believe Putin is a great leader. I was being a bit naughty there and only trying to get you to debunk cretinous nonsense spewed by the Ukronazis and western media against Russia and Putin……as Russia did much more to restrict or stop the oligarchs than Ukraine ever did.
        I do have one more uncomfortable thing to ask that needs debunking……is Putin’s daughter married to the son of a jewish oligarch Shamalov? I have nothing but great respect for all religions and people, but would find it strange if it turns out Putin’s daughter is married to a man who isnt an Orthodox Christian and an oligarch too


        • Jesus, dear, do you really think I have nothing better to do than jump every time you say jump? “Naughty”? Not something we do here on FT.

          I’ll tell you the truth too. Your question is idiotic. One more gossipy, frivolous comment and you are banned. I don’t care that as you say you ‘respect leaders and religions.’ You obviously don’t respect me and my readers!

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        • I believe what we have here is a case of passive-aggressive trolling. Or perhaps it has something to do with Jews. Whatever, it has nothing to do with what we do here.

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  11. First of all I would like to express my sincere condolences to the victims of the St. Pete’s metro-bombing….so very sad….I’m so sorry….

    I heard about it but have been away from the internet for a while. I just read the article, thanks for explaining the details.
    First thing that came to my mind when I heard about it was, must be Ukro-nazi’s and Soros….not far off….makes me feel sick….I want it to stop, I don’t see Russia as the enemy!

    Hoping for more possitive news in the coming weeks and months….

    Love to All,

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