St.Petersburg Metro Bombing Tribute: Heroes and Grace Under Fire


Grace and Humanity under fire

The terrorist act in St. Petersburg Metro reportedly took 14 lives and injured a large number of people.

The bombed train Driver 1st Class Alexandr Kaverin (Машинист петербургского метро Александр Каверин) received much praise and became an instant celebrity after he reacted correctly and quickly in the face of danger. He managed to take the train out of the tunnel filled with smoke and drive it to the next station. Per reports, his actions saved many lives.

Also received commendations and state awards: Metro inspector who discovered the second bomb at another station Ploszhad Vostania  «Площадь Восстания». The second bomb was found in the fire extinguisher at that station. Due to the inspector’s quick actions it never went off. Another award was given to the station manager on duty, who prevented panic and organized the orderly evacuation of passengers.

Account of the event by salt-of-the-earth hero, Metro Train Driver Alexandr Kaverin:

“I heard a loud pop and train stopped in the tunnel. Smoke was filling the tunnel. There was no panic, but passengers initially gave conflicting accounts of what happened.

However, we managed to determine the real cause of emergency within one minute. We lucked out: the train stopped near tunnel exchange. After my emergency signal 3 other Metro employees quickly arrived at the scene and we were able to determine what happened.

After that, I tested the train and determined that movement was not impeded. Made decision to drive to the station. I’m not a hero, just acted according to instructions. We had terror acts before this. Some very smart people wrote our emergency instructions.

When we arrived at the station all doors opened right away, except the doors in the bombed car, which were jammed. I want to thank my train passengers: those who got out didn’t leave but began helping to pry the doors open, they basically had to tear and break these doors to help the victims inside.”

Video with awards and hero train driver interview (Rus):


After the explosion the emergency protocol was triggered and all Metro stations were shut down as the search for any potential explosives was underway. Metro closure was tough for the city of 5 million.

After the word of the bombing got out, private drivers and cabbies from all over the city flocked to the site. Not to make money of the tragedy, no. They offered free rides to those in need. City gas stations chipped in by offering free gas to drivers who took stranded passengers home for free.

Today near Red Square: huge crowd of Muscovites gathers to pay tribute to St. Petersburg bombing victims:

ADDED: ‘Petersburg, we are with you!’: Memorial event to honor victims of metro bombing (360 video)

Video: Tribute to victims. St Petersburg

The world pays tribute to the victims of St. Petersburg bombing

Russian Embassy Kiev, Ukraine (there are normal Ukrainians)

Also Kiev (normal Ukrainians – Viktoria Shilova, Antivoina)

Russian Embassy Paris

Eiffel Tower dims its lights for St. Petersburg attack victims

Sennaya Ploschad Metro Station, St, Petersburg

Moscow Kremlin, flowers at the Eternal Flame, the Hero City Leningrad monument

Russian Embassy London

Sevastopol, Crimea, flowers at the Hero City Leningrad monument

Colors of the Russian flag on Tel Aviv Mayor’s Office, Israel:

And in the midst of all this, GERMANY, AND SPECIFICALLY BERLIN, SHOWED ITS TRUE COLORS! I should qualify that it is the government of Germany and of Berlin, and Merkel personally who showed their true colors.

If you recall since day one I said Merkel was damaged goods and predicted sh was not to be trusted. Back in 2014 I received got backlash for it, with Europeans arguing with me. I’ll tell you more about Merkel’s future soon – stay tuned!

Hypocrisy: traditionally, in solidarity with terror attacks victims, the Brandenburg Gate would be lighted with colors of a country where a terrorist act had occurred. It had been previously lighted with the French flag after Paris attacks, Belgian, Israeli, Turkish, American flag (Orlando attack), etc.

When St. Petersburg attack took place – no reaction, NOTHING, Zero! Despite citizens’ demands, Berlin mayor refused to light the gate with the Russian flag colors, thus showing German govt’s and Merkel’s true colors (as if it was a secret before).

To the credit of Berliners, they’ve displayed a small replica of the Brandenburg Gate and painted it the colors of the Russian flag.

This video is a translation of the German alternative journalist’s rant about this shameful behavior, called, ‘Brandenburg Gate, show the colors of humanity.’  Note, on thumbnail you see Brandenburg Gate painted the colors of the Russian flag – this is a fotoshop done in protest by German activists. In reality, the Brandenburg Gate remains IN THE DARK.



I calibrated St. Petersburg as one of the cities I selected for my Earth Shift Report 17 Quality of Life Geo Calibrations study, and it turned out to be one of the highest calibrated and desirable major cities on the planet! This is despite harsh winters.

Much of the high calibration of St. Pete undoubtedly comes from its amazing culture and unparalleled beauty. But as we have seen, it also comes from the high quality of its citizens and their grace in the worst circumstances imaginable.

St. Pete is still a Hero City, even if it’s not called Leningrad any more. 

During WWII, the Hero City Leningrad experienced the most brutal in human history siege, perpetrated against it by German Nazis, resulting in mass starvation and genocide, and costing 650,000 civilian lives. But it never surrendered and it was never taken by the enemy. 


To find out more


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    St.Petersburg Metro Bombing Tribute: Heroes and Grace Under Fire #ПитерМыСТобой #StPeteWeAreWithYou


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    I am currently living with a woman from St. Petersburg, Russia. This event saddened her greatly. Friends and thousands were adversely affected by the resulting total disruption of transportation within the City, as well as the lives lost and dozens injured. This was meant to be a warning to Putin. It will not frighten the resolve of the Russian people to be true to themselves.

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  3. Hi Lada: in Lisbon, Portugal, in front of the Russian Embassy people also put flowers and our President sent a message to President Putin. What is happening now in Portugal is very interesting, our President (elected one year ago) and our Prime Minister ( elected in the end of 2015) are very interesting people. Portugal is facing Brussels and Berlin and Merkel in a very determined way and with no noise and publicity.
    Thank you.

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  4. As to Teufele Merkel, I believe that she has about as little regard for her own people as she has for Russians.

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  5. Nancy C/Seattle

    I don’t understand Merkel’s behavior over the Brandenburg Gate fiasco. Can’t see what she has to gain by showing small minded pettiness toward any country? Looking forward to your update on Merkel and her future prospects.

    I also don’t understand Trump’s authorization for US military strikes against Syria’s military base earlier today. Surely Trump knows the gas attack on civilians was not in Basaad’s best interests and is clearly a false flag?

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  6. Newsflash: Trump seems to have been subverted. US launched an attack on the souvereign state of Syria using a false flag pretext and before any investigations into it could be conducted. Syrian airbase that was specifically fighting isis was targeted. 3 Syrian soldiers killed, as well as 2 civilians from a nestby village. Isis used this diversion to launch an offensive on Palmyra.

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  7. Dear Lada! The account of the reaction, of the unity of the poeple in St.Pete is truely uplifting. I did not expect anything less of them, maybe because it’s something snyone should do in a situation like this without giving it a segond thought.
    There were many other small examples that I read of – to name one act of consideration: young people urging the driver on social media to stop and ask the ederly if they need a lift – seeing as most elderly would not be on the networks to ask for a lift.
    As for being ignored by the West, French Eifell tower and US Empire State building also displayed an accute case of lack of solidarity….

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  8. Important citation:
    “Without bothering to investigate anything, the US went forward with a demonstration of force, a military confrontation with a country that is fighting international terrorism,” the Foreign Ministry’s statement reads.

    “Obviously, the cruise missile attack was prepared beforehand. Any expert can tell that the decision to strike was made in Washington before the events in Idlib, which were used as a pretext for a demonstration,”

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  9. Dear Lada,

    The latest developments in Syria are very disturbing. I knew you said Trump would disappoint a lot of people but I could not imagine he would escalate tensions with Russia like this.

    As always your opinion and thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for piecing the whole puzzle, now we know why Churkin had to die, a well orchestrated attack.


  11. Nancy C/Seattle

    Nemo’s comment that “Isis used this diversion to launch an offensive on Palmyra” triggered my memory of a post on Spirit Science August, 2016: “Liberating Syria’s Ancient Pentagram Vortex & its Geopolitical Effects”. .

    This essay asserts that in addition to trying to secure a pipeline through Syria to disrupt Russian gas flowing to Europe, removing Syria’s elected government & other power goals, part of Washington DC/Isis goal is to gain control of the 5 cities comprising the “Syrian Pentagram Goddess Vortex”.

    **The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram. In the hands of the Light forces, this pentagram is an instrument of good that can transform the whole Middle East and can be a huge transmitter of positive feminine energy. In the hands of the dark, this pentagram can create much suffering, as people in Syria have experienced in the last few years. All five points of Syria pentagram are key towns in Syria that had a strong connection with the Goddess energy in their rich past.

    The five cities include Homs, Allepo, Raqqa, Palmyra and Manbij.**

    Palmyra is the birthplace of Zenobia, the queen who lead the revolt against the oppressive Roman empire.

    I would like to Ask Lada for your Earth Shift assessment of this view. There does seem to be a lot of back and forth on Palmyra and ongoing efforts to cut off water supply to Allepo.

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  12. Nancy C/Seattle

    In reading today the Spirit Science article on “Liberating Syria’s Ancient Pentagram Vortex” I noticed the essay discusses Russian influence on Turkey, Syria & Europe as a Great Ballancer without using that language.

    Here’s the liberation scorecard on the 5 cities when the essay was published last August..

    Just today, on August 12th, 2016, it was announced by Syria that Manbij has been liberated (besides a few holdouts) from ISIL control. This now marks Manbij, Palmyra and Homs all set free. Allepo is close now to being in full control of the Syrian/Russian/Iranian/Iraqi alliance. Additionally, Raqqa is moving closer to liberation as well, largely thanks to Russia.

    So the stakes appear to be high but in reading the New York Times report today, I was struck by the contradictions of Merkel & Hollande issuing a joint statement that Syrian president “bears sole responsibility” along with Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia lauding the US strikes combined with how little actual military damage was done.

    A spokesman for the Russian military, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, issued a statement calling the military effectiveness of the American airstrikes “extremely low,” with just 23 of the 59 missiles landing on target. The American missiles destroyed a warehouse of material and technical property, a training building, a canteen, six MIG-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station, according to the Russian military.

    You’re bombing an air base and you miss the entire infrastructure? Is the NWO now responding to “False Flags” with “False Attacks”?


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