#Trump and US #Syria Attack: Hate to Say I Told You So! #UnitedStatesOfAggression


I was actually planning to publish a completely different post. But we have breaking news that can’t wait: US attack against Syria.

Yep, hate to say I told you so since October 2016, or BEFORE US Elections, and then continued reiterating after. Should have listened to me…

CONFESSION: Granted, most of my followers and so many others who listen to me were so excited and had such high hopes for Trump that I didn’t have the heart to tell you the whole story – that most hopes, if any, will never materialize.

Even the relatively moderate amount of disclosures I made triggered a certain ‘kill the messenger’ effect. I don’t need psychic attacks, cold shoulder and disbelief thrown at me (affects me terribly as a highly advanced empath) simply because I am trying to help and enlighten people. So, I spoonfed the truth to you all. Now that most of those who had stars in their eyes have seen the reality, I’ll tell you more going forward. Some of it today and some in future webinars and books.

I received a number of comments and emails from concerned followers. Here are a few:

Nancy C/Seattle I don’t understand Trump’s authorization for US military strikes against Syria’s military base earlier today. Surely Trump knows the gas attack on civilians was not in Assad’s best interests and is clearly a false flag?

Nemo1024 Newsflash: Trump seems to have been subverted. US launched an attack on the sovereign state of Syria using a false flag pretext and before any investigations into it could be conducted. Syrian airbase that was specifically fighting isis was targeted. 3 Syrian soldiers killed, as well as 2 civilians from a nearby village. Isis used this diversion to launch an offensive on Palmyra.

Nemo1024 Important citation: https://www.rt.com/news/383837-russia-syria-flight-safety/ “Without bothering to investigate anything, the US went forward with a demonstration of force, a military confrontation with a country that is fighting international terrorism,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement reads. “Obviously, the cruise missile attack was prepared beforehand. Any expert can tell that the decision to strike was made in Washington before the events in Idlib, which were used as a pretext for a demonstration.” 

anthonyra82 Dear Lada, The latest developments in Syria are very disturbing. I knew you said Trump would disappoint a lot of people but I could not imagine he would escalate tensions with Russia like this. As always your opinion and thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.

Kauilapele (KP)

Lada, all this latest is such a false flag setup. I posted a few links at the post below. May be helpful to your analysis. 


Thank you Lada. Yes, you hit it right on. Yet (strangely?) I have hope for this planet’s future… It’s name is Russia… And the awakening people of this planet…
Aloha KP 


1 LADA BEST square


…and the penny drops

What we see here is a logical progression of what I predicted and warned about in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16: US ELECTIONS & WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER and in LADA RAY WEBINAR 1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM?

Let’s recall my predictions from the end of October-beginning of November 2016 (before elections), reiterated and expanded in December 2016 (TRUMP vs CLINTON: How Will Electors Vote on Dec. 19?), and then much expanded and added to in January 2017:

1. I said that Trump will be allowed to win, but that he would make deals, and that he already began making deals with the other side before elections. In other words, he will dilute (and he has!) his pre-election promises and agenda that has allowed him to win in the first place.

2. I said that Trump won’t be assassinated, as many predicted, in December or before he takes office in January, but rather it will be judged by those who pull the strings from the shadows that it is easier to make deals with him, keep him tied up with problems and subtly direct him into a narrow tunnel, where he has no choice other than to act in a specific way.

The new popular term is ‘deep state.’ LOL, so NWO and Bilderberg aren’t fancy enough any more (of course not – after I predicted in 2014 that NWO was in the process of collapsing in ESR1: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO?). The new ‘deep state’ shiny conspiracy theorist toy has been found in order to distract from the reality and truth. Therefore, I do NOT use the term ‘deep state’ as it’s another gimmick to distract people from what’s important. But whatever, call it what you want. Those same people who are now parroting about ‘deep state’ were indecently enthusiastic about Trump last year. And?..

3. I expanded my predictions about Trump in my January Webinar. I termed what would happen to him once he took office: ‘a straight jacket.’ In other words, as I explained, he would be (and he already is and has been) severely restricted and sabotaged in any of his movements. He’s in a very restricted, tightly controlled and rigid corridor out of which he cannot escape.

And so, Trump has become a regular US president, in other words, a figurehead. In reality, he NEVER TOOK POWER!

4. I further said that they would throw him a bone or two, allowing him to appear as if he won in a few cases. But he won’t accomplish much.

5. I also said that he and his family will feel under threat and simply to survive he’ll have to toe the line. Security is the primary reason why Melania and Barron Trump have refused to move into the White House – as discussed in the WEBINAR.

6. In LADA RAY WEBINAR 1 we also discussed why Trump has to appease the military, CIA and Pentagon, giving them whatever they want. And what they want is: escalation of military conflict, pushing NATO to Russian borders, war in Syria and the Middle East in general. In short, the usual suspects.

7. In LADA RAY WEBINAR 1 I also predicted exactly how long Trump will be in the office.  Which won’t be long! Check it out, if you haven’t yet – it’s a must listen and must know if you want to understand the logic of the events and what will happen next.


Of course as predicted, Trump diluted his agenda until it became practically non-existent. This is especially true for international affairs.






Here we have to get back to St. Petersburg Metro Bombing. Let’s combine the very telling timing of various events:

1. Russian and Belorussian fake anti-corruption ‘protests,’ (Russian protests organized by a known US/CIA agent Navalny);

2. Suspicious timing of the near-rift between Russia and Belarus with subsequent Putin-Lukashenko meeting in St. Petersburg and announcement of a unified energy grid;

3. Same day as Putin-Lukashenko meeting: St. Petersburg Metro attack takes place;

4. False flag Idlib chemical attack and conveniently blaming it on the usual scapegoat Assad – same timing as above;

5. Immediate follow-up to Idlib chemical attack : US/UK announce a joint attack on Syria, bypassing UNSC.

6. In this regard, yet again I am so sorry that Russian star diplomat, Vitaly Churkin, has passed. He was a force in the UN to be reckoned with. This likely would not have happened on his watch, or he would’ve made it very hard for it to happen!

Here we are back to what really happened to Churkin in New York. I know many of you expected me to write about it, but I didn’t feel like delving into all that disgusting negativity. I replied to a few of my private clients, whose worried emails I received back then. To be blunt, I said that Churkin didn’t die of a heart attack – he was murdered.

7. At the same time, Trump and key members of his team, including the ones he was forced to part with, are under investigation for ‘alleged ties with Russia.’ Add to that the investigation re. ‘alleged Russian hacking and interference in elections.’ And here is that ‘Trump’s straight jacket’ I have repeatedly predicted!

As we see from the events unfolding over the course of several months, this sequence of events has been prepared for a while. It was the shadow plan, whether Trump was privy to it or not. The preparation began BEFORE he took office.

As I gently predicted, those in the shadows allowed Trump and his supporters to think they’ve won, they allowed Russia and the sane part of the world to hope it would get better, but then the situation was manipulated in such a way so it would be back on track, and even worse than before. As I predicted back in 2016!

Broken promises and shuttered dreams are always worse.

Moreover, look at the devilish masterfulness of all these decoys! It coincided with Russia and Putin being distracted with Navalny protests and then almost immediately, with St. Petersburg Metro Bombing and Russia’s mourning. This has distracted Russian leadership and civilians.

You may not know this, but at the very same time Russian RosGvardia (National Guard) installation and troops were attacked in Astrakhan’ and N. Caucasus (I believe in Chechnya). At the same time, another bomb blew up near Rostov-on-Don school (thankfully, no casualties). Also at the same time Russian policemen found 3 explosive devices camouflaged as flashlights, meant to cause damage to police. Again, thankfully they didn’t explode. All the above happened within two short days.

Additional potential terrorist acts are being discovered and wannabe terrorists are being rounded up daily. They are almost exclusively either from Ukraine or from Central Asia. There are some from N. Caucasus.

All these fake protests, Metro bombing, potential and actual attacks against Russian RosGvardia and police installations keep Russian law enforcement and military on high alert internally. No one has been paying much attention to Syria due to all these events happening simultaneously.

And while these distractions were being generated, attack against Syria was being prepared. The Idlib chemical attack false flag and Syria bombing episode happened under the cover of terror attacks and fake protests in Russia.

Just to further expand on the devilish plan of those who really pull the strings. We already know that the grand plan is to keep Russia and Ukraine at loggerheads and continue to stoke the resentments, so that Russians and Ukrainians – two parts of the same people – would always hate each other. Hence so many terror traces leading to Ukraine.

But there is an equal interest in keeping suspicion and hatred between Russians and Central Asians. Putin made huge strides in improving relations with Central Asian ex-Soviet republics. HUGE strides – it’s actually day and night compared to the ’90s and 2000s. Moreover, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are members of Eurasian Union, and some others are in talks. In this regard, who do you think has been arrested as one of the alleged St. Pete bombers? A Kyrgyz national with Russian passport, plus several more migrants from Central Asia. It’s very easy to dupe and seduce these poor Muslim migrants into doing illegal things: promise them lots of money, threaten their families they left behind in Central Asia, brainwash them with ISIS radical ideology, etc.

But even this is not all. While all this is happening, NATO (specifically UK and Germany) are amassing troops and tanks on Russian borders. My intel from Bulgaria (a NATO member, where peaceful people are very worried about the developments) says that up to 750,000 NATO troops and thousands of tanks have amassed near Russian borders!

At the same time, US is pushing NATO to grant Ukraine a ‘most favored nation outside NATO’ status. The next step is for NATO troops to invade Ukraine.

So much for the ‘beautiful’ dream of Trump… THEY YET AGAIN WANT TO START WWIII!

And only Russia, as always, stands in the way of the global catastrophe.

For complete picture and full predictions listen to



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  1. Thanks for breaking this down, Lada. The Dismal Swamp bubbles-on per your description.
    You are wise to go with the spoon-feeding. Many had high hopes for Trump and would have gone nuts had you laid it out all at once. Some things have to be offered gently over a period of time, over and over, until it finally sinks in. Some of us want it all, right now, no TLC. We could handle it. In the end, you are doing a superior job of navigating this information minefield for your readers.

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  2. I have always accepted the fact that Trump acted like a goofball most of the the time .I thought maybe to throw anyone off .
    Now I know he has been totally taken over by the same neocons that led Obama’s administration.he has no idea .He lied to everyone about everything.The likes of McCain and Graham must be wringing their hands now .”We showed them didn’t we ?” Not over yet I’m afraid .

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  3. Doreen Agostino

    Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:

    Thank you Lada. BANKSTERS ARE ENGINEERING WW III LIKE THEY DID WW I AND II; cull the population, restart the global economy, plus transform survivors into robo-slaves. To end the beast system and bring criminal cartels to justice require nothing less than a revolution … while human minds, hearts, and hands are still free to do so.

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  4. Still reading the analysis…

    At mid-day I had a thought that IF Trump did that voluntarily, then he walked into a trap, which can be used to impeach him. Or he could have done it at a proverbial gunpoint, as you predicted.

    Some interesting news (in Russian):
    RIA Novosti tells that Daily Mail removed their 29.01.2013 article titled “USA supported a plan to perform a chemical attack in Syria and lay the blame on Assad.”
    I am investigating it.

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  5. Hmm. Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström, urged to evaluate the American attack in the light of international law, also stating that the Syrian people need to decide their own future:


    …and a “truck terror” act takes place in Stockholm…

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  6. Thank you, Lada, for your always-enlightening view. So sad that Vitaly was murdered. What a horrible thing to have done. Which begs the question, Is Russia strong enough to keep the NWO at bay?

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    • Yes, Russia is strong enough. But it will be very hard, as always.

      What’s disgusting is that, as always, there is no help and Russia has to do everything alone.
      Most of the rest of the world are either in bed with the dark forces or are swingers – will go wherever the wind blows.

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      • was very angry with trump after all this now to me he is a snake in the grass but Im not shocked either

        thank you lada for your blunt take on this and i have more respect for russia for being the bringer of stability and peace to this world

        god bless:)

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  7. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Next few days should be tense, but interesting. I’m curious how Trump will spin it to appease his constituents. Or will he simply drop the facade and play the dutiful puppet role?
    In any case he most certainly realizes that the empire strikes back, for the sake of existence/ relevance and to prop the phony dollar for a few years longer before the house of cards collapse.
    I can see Hillary or McCain licking their lips for 2020, LOL. 😀


    • The spin has already been spun and the big lie is in a pile of quick-dry cement. I watched MSM this morning and there is no dissent that Assad is the bad guy (again). Trump is covered by both popular opinion and by shady rules that allow him to get away with this. What happens now would be a classic repeat of history with a sharp left turn directly to WW III… if it weren’t for Putin. He will do whatever it takes short of war to keep the world heart beating. Nevertheless, Russia is prepared for war and the DC Neocons will disrespect that to their own peril. We’ve now seen how easy it is to launch a major false flag and get away with it. Shame on stupid citizens. Thanks to Nemo for his latest intel and Lada for maintaining a home for truth.

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      • Amen to Putin, at least one leader with a cool head. Here’s to wake the flock up! One thing about NeoCons, is their ability for self-preservation. Chickenshits will never pull the trigger. 😉


  8. Thank you Lada!

    Without you (and Russia) I probably would be building a bomb shelter right now…..

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  9. Another Exclamation point on your Futuristrendcast Reports Lada, sad but totally predictable. Note to USA readers – time to pick up ESR17 Relocation Calibration Report LOL.

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  10. Hi Lada,

    Thank you for your analysis. I’m in a state of shock and yet I’m not.

    If there are any suggestions you could offer for what we can do, energy-wise, to assist Russia in holding this world together and the Earth Shift, kindly do let us know. While I may be surrounded by a lot of sleeping people, I am awake and will continue to wake those that I can.

    Blessings to you!


    • Good question – THANK YOU.

      To help:
      1. Pray for Russia’s and Putin’s well-being and strength.
      2. Hold a space for world peace.
      3. Let your politicians and MSM know how you feel.
      4. Spread the message of my blog and LadaRay.com and encourage others to read them, as well as listen to my YT channel vids.


  11. 23 of the 59 Tomahawks struck target. Not much damage on the airfield. 39 Tomahawks disappeared? Hmm. Maybe these missiles were shot down by Russian/Syrian air defense? Bizarre thinking. If these missiles were not shot down and just fell out of the sky, than it would be a enormous blamage for the US Navy? Anyways, America is fucking up already since Korea and Vietnam. Not 1 war won. Only destroying lives and creating damage and destruction. What a country. Vomiting.


  12. Hi Lada,

    I don’t think it would have mattered who is the Russian UN ambassador now. Churkin could not have stopped the Syrian bombing because the US doesn’t give a damn about the UN anyways. Also diplomacy is dead, literally and figuratively. The western powers keep on killing Russian diplomats such as Churkin and the former ambassador to Turkey. I don’t think the western powers even did this during the first Cold War. I don’t even know if Nazi Germany killed Russian diplomats. We’re really in unchartered territory. They even killed the Russian Army and Band Chorus by blowing up the airline. The western powers are at an undeclared war with Russia and it may go hot at anytime. Are the Russians psychologically prepared for war with the west. If they aren’t they better get their act together. The Russian government and the Russian people have to toughen up their backbone. This is not going to be easy. As the empire collapses they will do crazy and stupid things. Expect more Nato inspired terrorism on Russian territory. Lada can you tell us what the Russian government is doing about the above atrocities. Are they just sitting in a corner and sucking their thumbs or are they doing something about it. Have they done steps that threaten the powers doing these atrocious things.

    How lunatic this sounds we definitely are going to war with Russia. Get that through our collective heads and prepare accordingly.


  13. Hi Lada,

    The Trump presidency now is no different from George W., Clinton and Obama before him. Whether Trump meant well but is being blackmailed or he was a cunning huckster from the beginning is not important. The historians can decide this point later on. What is important is that he is now on the dark side. He’s done, kaput and the sooner we all realize this then the better we can start to prepare. We don’t need name calling, shame, or a told-you-so attitude. Our world has now changed over night and let’s just accept it and now put our nose to the grindstone and get to work.

    Somebody, maybe Robert Steele, should organize a large meeting between the Alt right people like Alex Jones, Breitbart, Libertarians such as Ron Paul, people in antiwar.com, etc. with really reputable people on the real left such as Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, etc. to create a unified organization with common goals. I believe the real left and the alt right have so many things in common that it would be a shame not to do things together. The time is now to organize together.

    By the way here’s a great article by Michael Krieger.


  14. Thank you Lada. It sounds like the alliance is not making much headway against these NWO people. Kauliepele’s posts made it sound like there was huge strides being taken in taking them down, from David Wilcock and others. Is there an alliance, and are they making headway?


  15. You paint a very discouraging picture. Do you think something positive could come out of the pizzagate scandal? I understand from other sources on the internet that attorney general Jeff Sessions is pursuing the investigation of pedophilia and child trafficking. Benjamin Fulford published a picture of Nancy Pelosi with a frightened look on her face as she listened to Trump discuss this in his address to congress.


    • “attorney general Jeff Sessions is pursuing the investigation of pedophilia and child trafficking. Benjamin Fulford published a picture of Nancy Pelosi with a frightened look on her face as she listened to Trump discuss this in his address to congress.”

      Don’t you have it backwards?


  16. The map of the 25 hits (out of 59, at a cost of about $1 million per rocket of the US taxpayers’ money):

    Russian military personnel was at the base when American rockets hit it, so Medvedev was correct in saying that the US attack was within a millimetre from a military confrontation with Russia.

    5 Syrian servicemen and 9 civilians lost their lives in the attack according to the governor of Homs:

    “Undoubtedly, the American attack on the Shayrat air force base was aimed at supporting terrorist groups and weakening the fighting capacity of the army of the Syrian Army, which is fighting the terrorists,” Barazi told RT. “According to recent reports, the attack resulted in the deaths of five soldiers and nine civilians and the wounding of thirteen women and children who were in the nearby Shayrat village.”
    Syria’s official SANA news agency earlier on Friday reported that “an American missile also hit the village of Al-Hamrat, which killed four civilians including a child.”
    “Another seven civilians were wounded when a missile hit homes in Al-Manzul, 4 kilometres (two and a half miles) away from the Shayrat air base,” it added, citing sources.

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  17. The only thing that is in any way surprising here is just how quickly “they” acted to throw the clamps on Trump. But then, I suppose they felt they had to shut him down before he was able to do any serious damage to their plans. Lol, except that he already has, in ways that won’t become fully visible until what has been activated has percolated a while longer. As the saying goes, “God will not be mocked.” When the boiling point has been reached I expect there will be a pretty spectacular result!
    “They” (insert your favorite name) typically prefer to cat and mouse us more. Get us real high on the hopium before they sink their teeth in again. In a way, we caught a break on that part. Those of us who are awake and aware, and I assume that is most of your readers Lada, know who they really are. That tactic doesn’t work on us. Those who didn’t see this coming will be flattened and there will be lots of “loosh” to feed on. Until there isn’t.
    We know “they” are destined to lose all in the end. It is evident they have become aware they are losing their grip. I suppose their compulsion for domination causes them to stir up as much chaos as possible in as many places as possible. So, we wait them out. And watch as their empire crumbles to dust before us. The amazing courage, fortitude, patience and persistence of the Russian people in the face of mind numbing adversity is a worthy example for any of us in the West to follow. That is what I plan to do.

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  18. Your analysis as usual, multi dimensional Lada. Thanks for your work. Love reading them and will have to delve more into your reports soon. Love from Nigeria. May all beings be @ peace….

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  19. On twitter the hashtag #firekushner is spreading. Some are saying the attack on Syria came after Kushner elbowed Bannon out of being a key figure of influence in the Trump administration.


  20. Nancy C/Seattle

    You are correct that Trump has been controlled and put in a “straight jacket” as have all presidents since the Kennedy assassination. However, I do see some differences in Trump’s bull in a China shop manner opening up some space & in the raised expectations of Trump’s supporters. Today’s Washington Post item on the strikes is typical WAPO but the comments section is not. When I checked this morning there were around 7,000 comments. 11 hours after the posting the comments were at 12.9 thousand People are stirred up and all over the place with a lot of “cognitive dissonance” & confusion from months of non stop MSM Trump hating, MSM neocon/neolib warmongering & Russia did it distractions. .

    I really appreciate your Earth Shift template for understanding & processing events. I know it’s not fair that Russia has to function as the “Great Balancer” but Americans need help. I am truly grateful. Few people realize just how serious a police state the United States has become.

    No other Western or developed country is even close to the staggering number of police killings of unarmed civilians. From the Guardian in 2015: “By the numbers US police kill more in days than other countries do in years.”
    Fact: In the first 24 days of 2015, police in the US fatally shot more people than police did in England and Wales, combined, over the past 24 years.
    Fact: Police in Canada average 25 fatal shootings a year. In California, a state just 10% more populous than Canada, police in 2015 have fatally shot nearly three times as many people in just five months.

    The United States comprising around 5 or 6 percent of the global population accounts for slightly more than 25% of all locked up humans on the planet. No other country is even close to the US incarceration rate.

    “Do Not Resist” – New film shows how US police have become an occupying army.
    Film won best documentary at 2016 Tribeca film festival. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/sep/30/do-not-resist-film-documentary-us-police-militarization
    From the New Yorker, “Do Not Resist and the Crisis of Police Militarization”.

    In 1985 the Philadelphia Police Department did a helicopter bombing of the headquarters of a dissident group called Move – burning down 2 city blocks, destroying 65 homes, incinerating 6 adults & 5 children. Two grand jury investigations determined police were “grossly negligent” and no criminal charges were filed. https://www.democracynow.org/2015/5/13/move_bombing_at_30_barbaric_1985

    I entered the first grade in 1949 and vaguely remember school “duck & cover” drills in case the Russians attacked us. Who would have thought that nearly 7 decades later I would sign off my comment:

    To Russia with Love,


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    • Thanks so much, Nancy. Your comments always lay it out so very well!


      P.S. In reply to your comments re. Syrians energy vortexes – will have article on that soon. Stay tuned. 🙂


      • Nancy C/Seattle

        Looking forward to your Syrian energy vortexes report. I notice that 3 of the 5 cities forming the Syrian Pentagram Goddess Vortex are in play with the US/NATO attack:

        (1) The targeted air base is located in Homs.
        (2) ISIS used the attack to skirmish in Palmyra
        (3) US strike is triggered by how close the Syrian Army and its allies (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah) are to liberating the final & 5th city in the pentagram, Raqqa.

        P.S. Thanks for my Personal Quality of Life GEO Calibration Expanded reading. I recommend it to all readers. I love my home and area so it was nice to have confirmation that all areas (except Physical/Visible pollution at 180) were life affirming, above 200. Still I was blown away at the GC Global Quality of Life calibration for my section of Seattle at 408 (Reason). It’s so very reassuring that I’m in a good space for surfing anticipated challenges in the years ahead.

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  21. Thanks Lada for the wonderful work you are doing. I can also clearly see the wider picture of what is happening.. I would add it is important for individuals to work on themselves uplifting their calibrations and becoming steadfast in proclaiming what truly is going on in this world…As we move towards the end of the Kali Yuga, things will get worse but in so doing, more and more people will wake up from the long sleep. Kate.

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  22. One more analytical tidbit: after the attack there were a lot of cries as to why Russia did not use S-400 to shoot down US rockets. That resembles the provocative “Putin send troops to Ukraine” outcry of 2014. Russian S-400 are there in Russian jurisdiction, should they have been used to shoot down American rockets that were not aimed at a Russian installation (especially with the Security Memorandum still in effect), that would have been tantamount to Russia declaring war on US. Putin avoided another trap.
    That said, the suspiciously low hit rate may indicate that Russia made a limited use of the electronic defence systems at its disposal to divert the rockets.


  23. After a few days contemplating what just happened and letting the dust settle I’m now not as worried as I was the day of the bombing about a US and Russia confrontation and World War III. The bombing was a total flop as far as denigrating the Syrian army. Zilch. 24 hours after the bombing the base was repaired and operations against ISIS/Al Nusra continued like nothing happened at all. Russia and Syria have many asymmetric tools in their war chest to go against the US and Nato. Most of the missiles didn’t even hit anywhere near their target. It seems like the missiles were sent with one eye on the Russian response. The US does not have that much freedom of action. Here are my observations in numbered form.

    The US will not have domination over the skies in most of Syria because of S300 and S400 along with other unnamed anti-aircraft systems. Because of this bombing Russia is rushing many more of these systems to the Syrian army which are much cheaper to implement than the cruise missiles the US will need to saturate against these same systems. Defense is always cheaper than the offensive capability to overcome the defense. Hopefully Syria has learned a lot from Serbia on how to place decoys to fool the enemy. After the three month bombing of Serbia by Nato it came out that they didn’t degrade Serbia’s army at all. Nato just hit a lot of dummy aircraft and artillery. What defeated Milosevic was the weakness of Yeltsin Russia in not politically supporting him.I guarantee that if the Nato intervention had happened during Putin’s time Nato would have been completely defeated. Timing is everything. Syria is now the Serbia that would have been had it taken place today.
    Because of number 1 the US cannot send an invasion army to Syria because US soldiers will only fight if they have aircraft cover and protection. Boots on the ground and aircraft over the skies is the only way that Trump can win. This, I guarantee, will not happen. The public will not put up with tens of thousands killed and hundreds of aircraft destroyed, all for supporting ISIS.
    Now because of Trump’s reckless action Russia has exposed the US as openly aiding the terrorists. It is well known now over the world that the US navy that fired those cruise missiles is now the navy of ISIS/Al Nusra. All Russia has to do is continuously at the UN, the press and other venues remind the world that every missile that Trump fires off against the Syrian army is a missile that supports the terrorists.
    Because of items 1-3 can you imagine Trump going to war against North Korea. North Korea is Syria x 10. An attack against North Korea would be so devastating for the area, including South Korea and Japan, that it’s just unimaginable anyone so insane doing this.

    So in conclusion while the danger of an unintended US-Russia confrontation is possible I truly believe that Russia, Syria, Iran and China have time on their side and will be able to defeat Nato’s plans without jeopardizing their positions. In the end, even though Trump and the Neocons would like to take over Syria and kick out Assad and even though they are ready to invade, the ones in the military that have to actually implement these plans will tell their superiors that it is not possible to do without the US army losing tens of thousands of soldiers and losing hundreds of planes. The political and military brass have to listen to these people before they press the button.

    P.S. The best site for Syrian information is https://syrianperspective.com/


  24. Hi Lada
    I first want to tackle the illogic of a hypothesis from the alt right that says that Trump is pulling a fast one and he has put the deep state in a trap. Let’s assume that Trump played a fast one on the deep state and he along with Putin and Assad planned this bombing. Don’t you think that the deep state also knows this and they will demand that Trump take further action. They will be out for more blood. The only test of this hypothesis of is if Trump says that he was lied to and that he apologizes to Syria, Russia and the American people for this bombing. He then would have to fire McMaster, Pompeo and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, for lying to him. Short of this Weir’s hypothesis goes into the trash can. Do you really think it’s in Trump’s character to admit such a horrendous mistake. I don’t think so. In fact the opposite is going to happen. The press and the deep state are going to say that Trump messed up the bombing and didn’t accomplish really anything and is going to dare Trump to man up and prove that he can’t be a laughing stock. What do you think Trump is then going to do? That’s right, double down. This is a message to all the commentators who praised Trump as being a “real man”, a man of decisive action who won’t be pushed around. Hey Alex Jones you wanted a macho man as president. You’re going to get it now! “What you call me, Donald Trump, a wimp, for not doing enough damage April 6. I’ll show you. I just gave orders to saturate bomb Palmyra and Damascus. Oh Russia you dare take out three of our planes with your S300. You’ll see what we’re going to do to you now. You don’t mess with Donald Trump”. And on and on it goes.

    So in the 99% likely scenario that the above hypothesis is full of shit, we are going to war with Russia, Iran, China and North Korea. That in my book is World War 3. If Russia doesn’t draw a line in the sand in Syria and leaves Syria with its tail between its legs then Russia is in serious trouble as a sovereign and independent country because the US and Nato will not stop at Syria. After destroying and conquering Syria they will then go on to crush Iran, then onto the Caucasus at the same time bringing what’s left of Ukraine into Nato and for the finale attacking North Korea and weakening China. The US deep state will not, I repeat, will not accept anything less than Russia, Iran and China being vassal states. I know Russia wants peace and is sick of war but unfortunately they have no choice in the matter. Since John McInsane is now the new normal in Washington and there is no meaningful opposition in this country, we are going to war with Russia. This is baked into the cake.

    So we now come to a world war scenario. It doesn’t mean that Russia necessarily has to match the 150,000 US troops into Syria with 150,000 troops of its own. Russia, if they mean to defend Syria to the death, will need to enact asymmetric measures which will need to cripple the west financially and economically. Forget appealing to public opinion in the west. Those times are over. Iran will have to send enormous boots on the ground to fight to protect Syria against the US and Saudi Arabia. By defending Syria they’re also defending their own country. Russia has gone the extra mile to appeal to the west and Putin even directly talked to western reporters imploring them to see the danger. He said “How can I get through to you?” Apparently Putin’s appeal has gone on deaf ears. So Russia is faced with no choice but to defend themselves and their allies. Russia will have to make it plain that any nation that supports the US sending in 150,000 troops into Syria will suffer the consequences and this stern warning could be sent through back channels to western Europe and their stooges in the middle east. Because this will be a fight to the finish pitting Russia, China and Iran against US/Nato/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Jordan all of these countries are fair game. The gloves will be off. Russia could then send long range missiles to Hezballah in Lebanon and give them the green light to devastate Israel at the time of their choosing, enormous weapons to Iran to then be transported to the Houthi fighters in Yemen which would include long range missiles to attack the oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and/or supplying the shiite population in eastern Saudi Arabia with weapons to destabilize the oil region. The goal of destroying the oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, etc. will be to cripple Nato’s European front and in addition Russia could stop supplying natural gas to western Europe as a cherry on top of the sundae. I know this sounds hysterical but these steps would be necessary to split Europe from the US and could be done short of nuclear exchanges. In fact a financial and economic warfare against western Europe would be absolutely necessary to prevent the confrontation going hot and possibly nuclear.

    I could go on and on what steps Russia and its allies could take but you get the message. Anyhow the above comments hopefully will stimulate conversation on your site and start thinking about what World War 3 will mean. The bombing of Syria, which to the day was 100 years since the US entered World War 1, has created a new paradigm and I believe we all have to start changing our mode of thinking in both our personal lives and among our family and friends. World War 3 also will entail a drastic curtailment of civil rights and the much higher level of the police state here at home.


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