Was US Syria attack an affront to China?


Due to a broad-range international consequences of Trump’s attacks against Shairat Airforce Base in Syria, for the rest of this week I am publishing a series of my new articles related to the Gordian Knot of entangled relations between the following players:

US / Trump / Tillerson

Syria / Assad

China / Xi

Russia / Putin / Lavrov

I want to again emphasize that the world is going through a giant tectonic shift on all levels of consciousness and everyday existence of mankind. To describe this giant metamorphosis I coined the term THE GREAT EARTH SHIFT.

The first, fictional account of this multi-dimensional process and its possible consequences appeared in my 2012 novel THE EARTH SHIFTER. Although a fictional story, it gives you a glimpse into what is taking place on our planet, beyond the obvious.

As part of my EARTH SHIFT theory, I have defined the role of various global powers, most importantly, RUSSIA – THE GREAT BALANCER. The other geopolitical superpowers, geo locations and countries play their own roles in the composite structure of our world, and they have their own role to play in the Earth Shift – big or small. Some elements of my EARTH SHIFT theory and practice have been discussed in past EARTH SHIFT REPORTS and WEBINARS. Much more will be presented to you in future WEBINARS and non-fiction BOOKS on which I am presently working.

I’ll continue publishing free articles on FuturisTrendcast and free videos on  LadaRayChannelThis is part one of the new series, following my recent #Trump and US #Syria Attack: Hate to Say I Told You So!


Of course, it was. It was a true humiliation to China and its leader Xi Jinping, who during the US attack against Syrian Shairat base was in Orlando to talk trade and relations improvement with Trump.

It is well-known that China recognizes Assad as legitimate leader of Syria and maintains that Syrian conflict can only be resolved via peaceful negotiations.

That very poorly executed US cruise missile strike may have even been rushed to coincide with the Xi’s visit. This partially may account for the sloppiness of the execution, when so many targets were missed.

Actually, it was an embarrassing for the US military strike, all things considered. Only 23 out 59 Tomahawk missiles landed within the base, most of them causing little damage. The rest of the Tomahawk missiles disappeared into thin air (were lost in transit or landed in the sea, if you believe the official line). Some hit peaceful villages, killing innocent civilians. Most damage was to relatively unimportant objects, such as canteen and old planes. The air strip and most structures are intact and jets are still flying. Syrian airforce base was back in operation shortly after the attack – another testament to the low effectiveness of the strike.

This tell us: 1. Tomahawk missiles aren’t very good. 2. It was a sloppy operation for two reasons: it was hastily put together and it wasn’t very well thought through.

But I will tell you tha tin my opinion it didn’t need to be thought through that well. The true plan for this strike, as well as the related false flag Idlib ‘sarin gas chemical attack’ was to sabotage any possible improvement in Russia-US relations.

I want to stress yet again something that perhaps not all are grasping. No matter how you look at it, the whole op had to be prepared well in advance. The Idlib chemical attack false flag; Trump’s straight jacket; intel on Syrian base, delivering, prepping, calibrating missiles – all this takes time and coordination. The entire complex op took some time to prepare, as pointed out in #Trump and US #Syria Attack.

You’ll ask where does China and Xi’s visit come into this? Very simple: Trump has a fixation over ‘showing China its place,’ ‘military escalation with China,’ and ‘taking jobs away from China.’ Listen to my Webinar follow up YT video: TRUMP’S WAR vs CHINA AND IRAN. RUSSIA NO LONGER US ENEMY? LadaRayWebinar1 Q3.

It seems Trump wanted to use the opportunity of Xi’s visit to show who the boss is and to send China a message. This was why the strike was a bit rushed – someone whated it to take place during Xi’s visit.

Since China’s position on Syria and Assad – coinciding with Russia’s – is well-known, a missile strike during Chinese President’s visit can only signify a disrespect of China. If you are receiving another power’s leader in your home, the least you can do is be a gracious host.

The US showed itself as not so gracious of a host (or guest) in the past. But there is a marked difference between what was happening in the past and what we’ve seen with Syria strike during Xi’s visit. The striking distinction is that in previous manifestations, such underhanded actions by the US were usually well-hidden and ingenious in their deviousness. When Kissinger and such were in charge of those devious designs, at least they were smart. What we see with the present situation is sloppiness, unprofessionalism and some sort of juvenile gloating.

Another interesting detail is a seeming lack of proper analysis and strategic calculation in Trump’s actions. At least one huge mistake made by Trump: two enemies were created in one fell swoop: Russia and China (I’m not even talking about Iran). Trying to play Russia against China, as the original Kissinger plan implied, was awfully devious,  but smart. The Syria stunt wasn’t smart.

Of course, I have to immediately qualify this by reiterating what I’ve always maintained: Russia and Putin would never allow a hot WWIII to take place. This is one of the roles of the planetary GREAT BALANCER. Russia will do everything to calm the situation and take it out of the realm if the US cowboy hotheads and into the realm of diplomacy.

That said, Russia will make it absolutely clear that no further breach of Syrian air space, or any other illegal acts by US/West, will be tolerated. (At this very moment US Sec of State Rex Tillerson is meeting with Sergey Lavrov in Moscow – I’ll have a separate post about this meeting and what it means.)

Let’s refer again to LADA RAY WEBINAR: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM? where we have discussed the secret Kissinger plan proposed to Trump when he first took office in January, 2017.

According to this plan, Trump would have tried to entice Russia to distance from China and reduce Russia’s nuclear arsenals in exchange for several major concessions on USA’s part, including: 1. USA’s gradual distancing from Ukraine, with subsequent release of Ukraine from US/EU grip; 2. West’s recognition of Crimea; 3. Repeal of anti-Russian sanctions. 4. There may have been other minor perks, so to speak, such as Russia rejoining G7.

In the WEBINAR we did a full-spectrum analysis of the Kissinger plan. I explained how Russia would NOT fall for any of it. In the past, under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, Russia did fall for ‘US offers.’ It never ended well. I explained why Russia would never agree to any sort of new nuclear arsenal reduction treaty with US, why Russia didn’t really care about Crimea being recognized, and why Russia didn’t mind the sanctions. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, more sanctions would be even better, especially those of financial nature. This would spur Russia to finally deal with the imposed by the West in the ’90s predatory financial system.

In order to prove that he was right in wanting to get on a good foot with Russia, and to silence his critics, Trump needed some substantial international victory or two. In the WEBINAR I explained how Trump made crucial mistakes in international relations from the start. He trumpeted everywhere how he would exchange a nuclear arms reduction treaty for certain deals with Russia. He bragged about it publicly without first checking with Putin if this was something Russia would even consider. That was an unforgivable faux pas. I said Trump was inexperienced and it showed: “wet behind the ears’ comes to mind. Although, I have to say that Obama wasn’t any better and neither would Hillary be.

Remember that famous secret phone call between Putin and Trump? In essence Trump’s inappropriate public assumptions made Putin teach him what to do and what not to do in international relations. He made Putin tell him WHAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

As those of you who listened to the WEBINAR recall, I explained that Trump was used to making deals and that he thought that he would just ride in on his white horse, start making deals left a right and the whole world would be his.

Unfortunately for Trump, Putin is way out of his league. As you know, in the WEBINAR I concluded that Trump really had absolutely nothing to offer Russia. None of the offers (and we discussed them all in detail), gave anything to Russia that Russia truly needed, or wanted enough to sacrifice her strategic interests.

As a side note: sometimes one has to wonder if Trump is just a big child. As a matter of fact, the severe infantilization syndrome has become a common trait of the US and Western politics. Just look at the likes of the UK’s FM Boris Johnson. It’s worrying that so many weapons of mass destruction, global economic and financial instruments are concentrated in the hands of the ‘bipolar teenagers.’

Back to Trump-Putin phone call: Alas, it’s been all downhill since that conversation between Putin and Trump. It seems Trump has decided that since Russia won’t give him what he wanted, namely a great victory and an opportunity to look good while riding into the Capitol on that proverbial white horse, he’d make Russia pay.

Of course, this coincided with the gradual tightening of that proverbial ‘Trump’s straight jacket.’ The result is Trump’s / US Syria Attack and new escalation.


No, US strike was not done exclusively or specifically as a message for China, as some suggested. However, it was a meaningful coincidence that Xi happened to visit the US at that moment.

The complex op was planned well in advance, in order to prevent Russia-US relations improvement and to sabotage the pre-announced potential meeting between Putin and Trump, which was initially planned for April or May. After what happened in Syria, the Putin-Trump meeting is likely to be postponed.

Meanwhile, the Chinese President Xi’s visit to Florida was a last minute surprise, agreed upon very shortly before it happened.

Yes, US Tomahawk strike was rushed just a little to be timed to additionally humiliate Chinese leader. But that was a cherry on the cake. The real underlying reason was to re-create and worsen the rift between Russia and US (and also between Russia and UK and Russia and EU), never allowing it to heal.

Did Trump succeed in ‘putting China in its place?’ No, not really. Xi and China aren’t stupid and they’ve made their conclusions. All he accomplished is pushing China even closer to Russia. This, if you recall our discussions, is the opposite of the mega-goal of the Kissinger Plan.

Did the main goal of keeping and worsening the rift between Russia and US (incl. EU and UK) succeed? Only partially, and I can confidently predict that Russia/ Putin /Lavrov will make sure it doesn’t stick.

Did the additional goal of maintaining the rift between Russia and EU and imposing new sanctions succeed? Not at all. As a matter of fact, during G7 EU has said NO to more sanctions. If anything, a rift between US and European allies has solidified.

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  1. Thanks Lada for yet another very informative article. 🙂

    The Americans seem to be backing down from any increased military activities in Syria or some sort of invasion. It looks like Assad’s future is secure.

    I read that there are now tens of thousands of Chinese troops on the north Korean border, probably – despite western MSM spin saying it’s against the north Koreans – as a deterrent against US aggression in the region.

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  2. Thanks, Lada for your broad view of the situation. The landscape looks very confusing right now, it seems the US is increasing its pressure and possibly preparing a multiple attack on Syria, while at the same time bargaining with China. There are so many different views on what is happening on the alternative media.


  3. While our attention is on Syria and NKorea, a small news item from Ukraine, where the government passed the law, which denounces all legal acts of Ukrainian SSR and USSR. The law is yet to be ratified by Rada. If approved it will denounce Ukraine’s legal heirship to the Ukrainian SSR, its claims to Donbass, Crimea, Galicia, all of which came into present-day Ukraine through the legal acts of UkSSR. And much more. In effect, if they pass that law, Ukraine will stop to exist as a state from a legal point of view.


  4. G7 and sanctions is an interesting topic, where Boris (who gave him a Russian name?) Johnson made a fool of himself by speaking as if G7 were for more sanctions.


  5. The chain of events and the benefitiaries of the US missile attack on Syria.

    I write this post to keep track of the events that lead to the American missile aggression against Syria. As we distance ourselves from the events in time and get more data, a typical false flag scenario emerges. I will not go into specific names, keeping to a bird’s eye perspective. I hope this will give an additional angle to Lada’s excellent analysis of the ongoing situation.

    Before we veiw the actual events, we must keep three facts in mind:
    1. In 2013 Russia brokered destruction of all Syrian chemical weapons after a similar false flag. The decomissioning of the 600 metric tonnes were performed by the US Army and its subcontractors, yet US blames Russia for any use of chemical weapons in Syria. 12 sites were decomissioned, and 2 sites on the terrorist-controlled territories remained.
    2. Russia and US had (now in the past tense) a Flight Safety Memorandum to avoid military mishaps in the Syrian sky. By this memorandum, US knew exactly which Syrian and Russian planes were flying which missions.
    3. Only Russia and Iran operate in Syria legally. All other forces – Ameriacan and Turkish – are invaders from a legal point of view.

    Now, the chain of events:

    US starts to prepare for a missile attack. It takes time to position the warship, get all the logistics and clearances in place. As someone in the Russian Ministry of Defence stated, the preparations for the missile launch started well before the alleged chemical attack.
    ISIS publishes on social media claims of a chemical attack at 1:18 UTC and publishes a video at 1:47 UTC. NGO “White Helmets”, who have been involed in other staged psyops for the Westen audience are working on the scene – without any protective gear, which is indicative that no checmicals were involved.
    Syrian Airforce Su22 leaves the Shairat airbase and overflies Khan Sheikoun (Idlib) at 3:37 UTC. This plane is blamed for the chemical bombings which were reported by ISIS two hours prior. As per the Memorandum, the US knew of this mission to bomb a terrorist arms depot in Idlib (it is suspected that the depot could have contained chemical munitions, which the terrorists planned to use in Iraq)
    US and its vassalas blame Assad using the Western judicial rule of the Presumption of Guilt. Russia’s urging to investigate the Idlib case is brushed away as all conclusions are already made. US says they are going to bomb Syria for the “murder of beautiful babies” in Idlib. To this day, social media publications by ISIS are the only “declassified” proof that the West presents.
    US launches 59 Tomahawk missiles against the Shairat airbase. This airbase is at the forefront of fighting with ISIS. Immediately after launch ISIS makes two attacks – one at Palmyra and the other at the supply road to the airbase. This indicates that ISIS were informed ahead of time of the rocket support they would be getting from the US.
    Of the 59 rockets, 23 hit 6 old MiGs, a canteen, a radar and a nearby village. 9 civilians, of which 4 children are killed by the US airstrike. The strike also cost 5 Syrian servicemen their lives. The runway is undamaged and the sorties against ISIS resumed the same evening.
    Russia comdemnds the attack. Western leaders, ISIS terrorists and NATO prais it. Trump violates the US Constitution and the International law by launching it. Swidish FM speaks out for evaluating this attack in the light of the International law. Same day a terrorist attack in Stockholm takes place.
    Western and Russian people wonder why Russia did not use S-400 to shoot down the Tomahawks. The answer is simple: S-400 are in Syria to protect Russian assets, plus the safety Memorandum was still in effect. If Russia used them against the US rockets which were not targeting a Russian base, that would have been an act of war and Russia would have walked into a trap. To negate this obstacle, Russia now voided the Memorandum, and the Russian Ministry of Defence said they will be improving the Syrian air defence systems. Turkey grounds it planes that were flying into Syria.
    Russia invites international (UN) observers to inspect the Shairat airbase – if there were any chemical weapons there, as US claims, then traces could be detected. No one accepts the invitation. Only Russian journalist Poddubnyj and his crew reported from the site of US missile strikes (no protection gear needed as would have been the case if there were any chemical contamination)
    The victims of the so called gas attack have been identified by Khan Sheikhoun locals in Arab news media as Christians abducted a week previously from the Christian villages of Khattab and Majdal.
    Putin openly calls what happened in Idlib for a “false flag”. Knowing that Putin never makes any statements, which are not backed by facts, Russia must be in possesion of some hard evidence to the effect. Putin also mentions that it is known to Russia that more chemical false flags are planned in Syria, specifically on the outskirts of Damascus.

    Who loses from this?
    1. Assad and Syria. He was on the verge of winning against ISIS and also getting an international acceptance. The false flag demonises him and sets him back in attemting to free the country from the terrorists
    2. Russia by being demonised bt association
    3. Trump by performing an unconstitutional act and bypassing the Congress, thus poacing himself in a position where he can be blackmailed.
    4. World peace, by obsoleting any and all peace talks between various fighting parties in Syria, as brokered by Russia.

    Who benefits?
    1. Trump domestically by diverting attention from the “Russian ties” (phyrric victory)
    2. Globalists by resuming the push for the militaristic government change in Syria
    3. ISIS by getting an air-support as well as morale boost
    4. Globalists by uniting EU/NATO against Assad and Russia (and thus, implicitly, for terrorism)

    I may have overlooked some points of interest. Also, Lada has a much better in-depth analysys of reasons, consequences and forces at play.

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  6. Following is a very interedting article from RT:
    Looks like an alternative diplomatic outreach from US is attempted through John Brady Kiesling and his open letter. It basically outlines a compromise: US accepts that Syrian forces bombed a munition depot of the terrorists (as Russia was stating all along), in return Russia “overlooks” the staged character of the false flag, and the missile “incident” is blamed on Trump’s political inexperience.
    All in all, that’s what I read between the lines. Lada, is my gut feeling correct here?


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