The Plot Thickens! Who’ll Win French Election: Marine Le Pen, Macron, Fillon or Melenchon?

French Presidential Elections 2017 dates: 1st round – April 23; 2nd round – May 7.

According to polls, the winners of the first round are projected to be: 1. Marine Le Pen (National Front), who is against illegal immigration, for strengthening of the French national borders and culture, against EU, for recognition of Crimea as part of Russia and for improving and strengthening relations with Russia; 2. Emmanuel Macron (En Marche!) — pro-EU, represents the Rothschilds and globalists, the darling of Western MSM and neo-liberal establishment.

In my 2012 Year of the Elections Predictions I said the following:

Jan 12, 2012: “French elections will happen at the most inopportune time for Sarkozy. Openly right-wing, he’s deeply disliked in his country, and will lose.”

March 3, 2012: “French elections, April–May 2012 – Nicolas Sarkozy. No change in my prediction. He’ll still lose the election – more emphatically so!”

April 28, 2012: Finalized French election prediction: “On May 6, Nicolas Sarkozy will lose the election. The next President of France, breaking with the long-standing French tradition of allowing a president 2 terms in the office, will be… Francois Hollande.

Most importantly, with the new man at the helm, the direction of French politics will undergo a certain change. However, I wouldn’t expect TOO MUCH of a change at this time. Real change will come later. Some change to the emigration policy from the poor countries, which is a big problem in many European countries. The European countries will attempt to coordinate their emigration policies and certain border controls will be introduced very soon. But the emigration mess will take a very long time to sort out.

Perhaps most notably, with the new president France will change some of its foreign policy. For one, France will stop playing, forgive the expression, “The French poodle” to the US foreign policy, the role it’s been playing during Sarkozy’s neocon tenure. France will re-acquire its more independent stance on foreign affairs, which it used to enjoy under various other presidents since Charles De Gaulle. And hopefully, France’s policy will acquire a more peaceful flavor, as support for invasions and bombings of other countries wanes.

However, if Francois Hollande fails to fulfill these deep-seated hopes of his electorate, the French people will likely vote him out of the office five years from now. In that case, Marine Le Pen, the rising star of the French politics, emphasizing pride in France, its roots and culture, who’s anti-emigration and anti-war, is likely to win the following elections in 2017.”



When I predicted all the above, the French president was still Nicolas Sarkozy and no one believed he could lose to Francois Hollande. I was told that ‘this won’t happen because the French traditionally allow their president two terms.’ A month later Francois Hollande won French Presidential Elections 2012.

But my predictions continued coming true. In 2016 it became clear that Hollande indeed lost so much support that he was forced to withdraw his candidacy from 2017 elections. Still obscure in 2012, Marine Le Pen became the 2017 election frontrunner.

Many have asked me whether my predictions for her have changed since 2012, based on a new reality. Indeed, a number of new faces emerged that weren’t in the picture in 2012… and the plot has thickened.

Conservative Francois Fillon announced a balanced platform, including being in favor of improved relations with Russia. As part of his agenda, he vowed to make sure that there is no new cold war between Russia and the West. His views reminded the French of Charles de Gaulle and the pre-NATO stance of France as a more or less neutral moderator between the West and Russia. As a result, Fillon briefly shot up to No. 1 spot in polls. We know what happened next: an attack designed to bring down Fillon via a corruption scandal implicating his wife and himself. This cost Fillon dearly and his rating plunged to under 20 percent.

Meanwhile, out of nowhere a new face emerged: Emmanuel Macron, who styles himself as an ‘independent.’ Former Rothschild banker, backed by MSM, shadow interests and global corporations, he announced his pro-EU, pro-immigration and pro-NATO stance. He began blaming Russia for hacking and interference in French elections, although when asked for proof, he was unable to present any. Macron also became known for stealing the lines of other candidates, notably from Marine Le Pen and Fillon, and saying whatever his audience wanted to hear at any given moment. This was done in order to undercut rival candidates and confuse voters. The strategy has partially worked and according to latest polls, Macron climbed to No. 1 spot and one point ahead of Marine Le Pen, just one day before the 1st round of elections. His rating hovers more or less in the 24 – 25 percent range.

According to polls and MSM, Macron and Marine Le Pen are most likely to make it to the run-off in May. According to polls, Macron in the second round will beat any other candidate, regardless who it is, Le Pen, Fillon or Melenchon.

Macron has two major advantages: 1. He is the darling of MSM, EU, globalists and shadow forces, with all their unlimited resources and ability to swing elections. 2. He is very young, still in his 30s. During this Period 8 a younger man may have an advantage.

But three factors raise red flags in the rosy picture painted by MSM and establishment on behalf of Emmanuel Macron:

1. In 2016 US Elections, polls and MSM also proclaimed a substantial Hillary’s advantage over Trump, yet Trump won. Are we seeing a similar case of media and establishment collusion to deceive the people?

2. Until several months ago Macron was a nobody in politics. He was built up by a very talented and expensive team of political image makers, whose job it was to create a candidate who would undercut Le Pen’s new French revolution and Fillon’s traditional reason, somewhat akin to Gen. De Gaulle’s, thus allowing the globalists to perpetuate their usual agenda.

3. Since he was slapped together as a candidate pretty hastily, he had no time (nor possibility) to solidify his support. Therefore, Macron’s base is very fluid and undecided, and it can swing to the other side very easily.

All this gives hope to Marine Le Pen, although the newly emerging left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon has gained dramatically in the past month. Melenchon is touted by some as a French Che Guevara. He has some seemingly radical views, such as exiting EU and taxing the rich. Although lately he softened his stance on EU and he now proposes to ‘reform the EU’ instead of exiting it. This just goes to show how easily politicians proclaim slogans in order to gain votes. What they say during campaign and what they will do later more often than not does not correlate. Just look at Trump before and after. (Listen to my ESR16 and Trump Webinar where I predicted all this would happen. Also there are several good analytical FREE vids on Trump on LadaRayChannel).

The only French candidate who has been honest and steadfast since day one and who has not changed her stance on issues, despite enormous pressure and violent threats, is Marine Le Pen. Love her or hate her, she is the only candidate of the four who has a very stable and loyal base.

Another thing about Marine Le Pen is that, just like Trump, she is most definitely underpolling. In other words, she is not given a fair opinion poll rating, while Macron’s numbers are inflated. Same happened in the US between Hillary Clinton and Trump, which was done to create confusion and attempt to stir voters towards voting for the global establishment’s chosen candidate, Clinton.

Marine Le Pen has withstood all the attacks on her character and all attempts of implicating her in a corruption scandal. Unlike Fillon and his wife’s illegal salary scandal, Le Pen has not lost any voter support as a result of MSM claims of her connection with the Kremlin. Instead of killing her political career, this orchestrated attempt to disparage her may have solidified her support base.

The brave Le Pen even went to Moscow, where she was received by Vladimir Putin. A very bold and unusual move indeed; I don’t recall Putin ever meeting with any major Western presidential candidate before elections. It turned out that such meeting helped Le Pen to shut up her critics.

Another point about Le Pen: apart from the usual nationalistic, anti-terrorism and anti-immigration right-wing conservative crowd, she may surprise by drawing her support in unusual places. For example, according to latest polls, her support among LGBT community increased from 9% to 16.5% as a result of terrorist acts and attacks targeting gays in the US and EU.

Yet another segment overlooked: analysts suspect that Le Pen is likely to be supported by the silent majority of women.

In general, even if we assume that polls are not manipulated, it is most likely that during such polls most people would not answer truthfully who they’d vote for, for fear of retribution. But when the polling day comes, they may end up giving their vote for Le Pen or for another dark horse, Melenchon.

At this time, I am operating under an assumption that there will be an attempt to manipulate this French presidential election. Will it succeed? This will depend on how closely the election is watched and by how large the gap between candidates is.

I agree with polls that Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will be the first round’s 1st and 2nd finishers (not necessarily in this order). As a matter of fact, it would be better for Le Pen to finish the first round in second position.

Therefore, Le Pen and Macron will face off in the second round on May 7.

I usually don’t change my predictions, once they’ve been made. However, let’s remember that when I initially made Le Pen 2017 win prediction in 2012, none of the present candidates were there, Macron generally having come out of nowhere. Such confusing and fast-evolving political and geopolitical scene is typical of the times of great change — typical of the Great Earth Shift.

Who will be the next French president and what can we expect from her or him going forward? Will France exit EU and NATO? Can we expect an improvement of relations with Russia? Perhaps I’ll discuss all this in the follow-up.


We have previously discussed that Quantum and Geo Calibrations are the best tool for quantifying and comparatively analyzing the energy manifested in our 3D reality.

In EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16 I calibrated both Trump and Hillary before the elections, and based on those calibrations I confirmed what I’d predicted since 2015, that Hillary could not win US presidential election 2016, no matter how many falsified poll results were shoved in our faces.

In Webinar 1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM? I calibrated Trump’s wife Melania and Jackie Kennedy, to illustrate a point. Below you can see links to other Quantum Calibrations and Geo Calibrations works of mine.

Today, in the run-up to French election, I want to calibrate the French presidential candidates.


Quantum Calibrations – QC; Chi level – CHI; Heart Chakra – HC

Marine Le Pen 

QC  409 (reason); CHI  200 (confrontational courage); HC  280 (neutrality/friendliness)

Emmanuel Macron

QC  180 (pride); CHI  191 (yearning/striving); HC  180 (pride)

Francois Fillon

QC  195 (yearning/striving); CHI  190 (yearning/striving);  HC 150 (anger/bitterness)

Jean-Luc Melenchon

QC  141 (greed/desire); CHI  280 (neutrality/friendliness); HC 181 (pride)

(Find complete legend & calibration value interpretations in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 17 Quality of Life Worldwide: Lada Ray Geo Calibrations)


Marine Le Pen calibrations are by far the highest and they are all at, or above, the minimum positive level of 200. Le Pen’s HC value is unusually high for a major Western politician, in fact I’ve never seen this in a Western presidential candidate. If such politicians appear at all, it is indicative of a hopeful shift in the political reality of the West. Based on all this, Le Pen should win this election (recall my 2012 prediction!) unless a voter manipulation and/or fraud takes place!

Macron calibrations are all below the minimum positive level of 200 and they are a match to those of the EU, Merkel and globalist forces who are behind him – no wonder he is their chosen candidate. Compared to Le Pen’s they are way too low and he can win only if fraud and results manipulation takes place. His CHI at 191 is indicative of how much he is yearning and striving to win this election in order to prove that his bosses bet on the right horse. They further show that he is not for real: he is a made-up candidate, with no real voter support and he runs on an illusion created for him by his image makers and MSM.

Fillon calibrations indicate how much he is striving to get out of the bad situation into which he was plunged by the engineered corruption scandal, and how much he wants to prove that he remains a worthy candidate. His HC calibration is bad, but understandable due to his anger and bitterness as a result of the corruption accusation resulting in damage to his political career. While a tad higher than Macron’s, these calibrations are all below 200 and are insufficient to win, if honest election is conducted.

Melenchon QC is very telling – at the level of desire: there is a lot of desire (you can call it greed) to get to that coveted spot, which allows one to get to round 2, or at least, to put one on the political map. HC is only at the level of pride, and this is average for Western politicians. Therefore, if Melenchon won French elections, I wouldn’t trust him or his promises any more than I’d trust those of Merkel (more or less on par with her QC), or those of Obama. The CHI level is remarkably higher compared to other 3 candidates. The CHI calibration denotes Earthly Energy Manifestation. His higher CHI level explains why Melenchon suddenly shot up in ratings, gaining on other candidates after his successful debate and social media appearances.

All in all, Marine Le Pen should be a clear front-runner, as I first predicted in 2012. However, I will not predict how dirty and manipulated this election may become. In this regard, all bets are off.

Wishing the best of luck to the people of France.


EARTH SHIFT REPORT 18 (written report)

Lada Ray French Election Predictions: Le Pen – Macron Face-off & What it Means for the EU

BANNER French election Le Pen Macron


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  1. I predict that Le Pen and Melenchon will win first round!


  2. Thanks for this analysis, do you feel this race to be as contentious as the US elections? Is Le Pen really the dark horse like Trump, a true populist candidate that the French people dare not endorse until election day? I’m curious how this election plays out along with the upcoming Russian election, and the future of Brexit.

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    • A lot of complicated questions. Like her or hate her, Marine Le Pen, as I said, is more honest and more for real than most Western politicians. But it would be treacherous for her should she win. Just look for the outcome for De Gaulle after he stood up to banksters. Or look at Trump before and after.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello, Lada,
        Thanks for this analysis. Interesting to see MLP calibrates so much better than the others.
        And now it seems she’ll be coming second as you suggested: Why is that better for her?


  3. God I love your posts.

    I hate to bias your readings, but this is exactly what I want to hear and read. You have put a smile on my face lovely Lada.

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  4. Dear Lada, the French presidential election notwithstanding, I wonder what the outcome of the general election in UK will be. According to astrologers anything started when Mercury is in retrograde can have an unexpected turn. Have the Conservatives made an error in picking this moment for the event? I don’t know how much effect astrological analysis will have on planet Earth but my own past experience shows that sometimes Mercury retrograde does have certain unexpected effect. Having watched how life in UK has got harder and the demonisation of anyone or anything that does not fit the official and MSM agenda I get the feeling that a limit has been reached and that there could well be a nasty shock coming for the PTBs. I am also optomistic about Le Pen winning in May, unless as you say, the dirty tricks brigade really do get blatantly manipulative. Looking forward to many more of your amazing predictions, Robert

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are right about Mercury retrograde – it does have an influence. Sometimes adverse and sometimes advantageous – of course it depends on which side you are. Often something that didn’t work out before, may work out now.
      You know, EU is making a lot of hints that they want UK back in the fold.
      Recall my prediction from ESR12 The Future of the EU – I said that I don’t see BREXIT happening that soon, or there may be an appearance of it, but in essence UK will be still tied to the EU.
      That said, all this is still only a slow down of the Earth Shift. In the next decade it will be expedited no matter what.

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      • Dear Lada, I wasn’t expecting Brexit to happen anytime soon as the spoilt brats will continue to throw their tantrums. I watch what happens in ordinary life and see all the crazy things people are doing without rhyme or reason which I put down to all the poisons being introduced in this dimension and also the Earth-shift, so a lot of stuff will be in flux by my reasoning. I can only assume the PTBs are in a state of panic because things are not quite so straightforward for them any more hence they are trying to get to the finishing post before the good guys. It should be an interesting time. Best regards, Robert

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        • The global elites do feel a great deal of panic and confusion and they are trying to slow down the inevitable or slither out of the trap – the one they got themselves into.
          It’ll be quite a fight.

          Since you mentioned astrology, there are massive astrological influences this decade (based on both western and eastern astrology), which make people act in an especially crazy and nonsensical way. That’s on top of the ongoing Earth Shift.
          I will talk about these complex influences in an upcoming webinar.

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  5. Thank you Lada 🙂

    I had a feeling Le pen would only stand to lose if some major vote rigging went on. Are you still planning an economic collapse webinar in May, June time frame?

    Sorry I just cant get enough of your insight.

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  6. Hi Lada
    Thanks for sharing your perspective. It confirms my own intuitive sense of the candidates. The only one I like is Le Pen – and I shouldn’t like her if I were going on my normal ideological bias.
    I have always been left-leaning in political terms – but the left/right paradigm has entirely dissolved for me. The political left is just a media hoax at this point; and the traditional or true left is almost extinct – in the West at least. The neoliberals have taken over the left.
    For now the right wing is carrying the torch for humanity in the West it seems to me. The more moderate right wingers I mean. Le Pen is not her father’s daughter; she is very different to him and I sense that she has heart as well as head.
    I feel the same about Trump, even though I do not like some of the things he has been doing recently – such as bombing Syria etc. But there may be more going on there than meets the eye.
    All the best 🙂

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  7. I just noticed something; and it should have been obvious from the start, but now I take a second closer look at your lead image it stands out clear as day. And it is very frightening.

    In order of appearance from left to right.

    Francois Fillon is damage goods. He is stoic and putting on a brave face, refusing to give in; but he knows he’s not going to win. He has been through too much; and had to bear too much heat to give up and bow out. His pride is a stake and he MUST see it through in order to vindicate himself and salvage some of his reputation. He is resigned to this.

    Macon… Hmm… The ‘henchmen’ who has the ear of powerful elites. He calls the shots and he knows it. He is the establishments chosen one. If he needs money to campaign then it ‘becomes’ available. If he wants to speak, the MSM ‘provide’ him the soap box. It is pre-planned, and he will be around for a while even if he is not successful; like an irritating fly always turning up at an Australian BBQ and refusing to go away. He is sure he will get what he wants; because that is what he has been told by ‘the establishment.’

    Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He has been told by the powers that be behind the scenes that he is the chosen one but doesn’t know that the ‘establishment’ have decided otherwise. He is standing centre of the photo, for whatever reason, because he is there to distract people from what the establishment really intend.

    These three men have had conversations with each other. They are very familiar with each other and they have all been lead to believe something behind the scenes which is why they stand SHOULDER TO SHOULDER without realising what they are actually giving away. They have been told to cooperate with each other. It is plain as day. Those three men are united behind the scenes. They have distanced themselves and deliberately isolated themselves from Le Penn because it they all consider her the MAIN opposition. The establishment have set them up as THREE against ONE as a united force against Le Penn… And she doesn’t’ know it, or is trying not to acknowledge it.

    Le Penn: She stands on her own. She smiles. What you see is what you get. There are no hidden agendas with her. And I think this shows through in your calibrations Ms Lada. Despite what everyone in the MSM says and would want people to think, Le Penn is innocent; with no ulterior motives and nothing to hide. She stands behind her convictions and isn’t afraid to show it. What she says she will follow through on.

    … And the ‘establishment’ don’t like that.

    Hamon: Unfortunately he is a patsy. And he knows it. He is just there to dilute the vote and I believe that he is already aware that that is the case. He is resentful at being used like this but it is all he has left; and he is banking on this to give him some leverage after the election and lift his life with the ‘establishment’ to try and ‘procure’ his reward for being used in such a way.

    And it is right in front of us, clear as day in this picture.

    The establishment, as you predicted Ms Lada, are afraid of Le Penn and are trying to ‘hedge her in’ with the men all against her. Each man is there for a different reason; each serving a different purpose as a united front against ‘the female.’

    I hope France sees this. If every women in France knew this and voted for Le Penn; as they should; then it’s game over for the Establishment.

    And France has almost run out of time.

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  8. Marine le Pen talks the most sense and I hope she gets through either in this or the second round. Regarding the upcoming British election I think the Conservative goal of increasing it’s majority will fall flat, and that there will be a resurgence of Corbyn’s Labour Party that nobody expects. Were that leaves Brexit is uncertain, at most a watered down version of the real thing. Whatever happens, even if this does not conspire it is heartening to know that this only indicates a slow down of the Earth Shift.

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  9. Lada, thanks for another great post.

    I’m very impressed with the accuracy of your posts and if the PTB don’t prevent Le Pen from winning, then you can say you called a Le Pen victory 5 years in advance!

    A question. IIRC in one your previous articles you said that countries get leaders/governments based on the general wishes/energy of the population in total. Am I wrong? So let’s say then the majority of the French did want Le Pen to win but the PTB stopped her, then how does that work?

    Perhaps overall in the wider picture, then the general policy direction of France will move more to the right in alignment with the general karmic energy/thoughts of the population, regardless of who is leader?

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  10. At this time, it is now 20:30hrs in the EU, it looks like Macron end Le Pen will go on to the next round in May! At this time it is not certain who won the most votes in this round, some polls say Macron and others say they are both at 23%….we will see! Good for you Lada, great insight and thanks for the great article, as usual!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, Marin Le Pen in 2nd place! What are your thoughts Lada?


      Liked by 1 person

      • Exactly as Lada predicted once again…no surprise there 🙂

        I am also interested in the follow up to this. Apparently in 56 villages, Le Pen did not receive a single vote…. already rigging round 1?


  11. My answer to Kp: the writing instrument wins hands down.


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