Russians tricked us! US MSM has only itself to blame for being excluded from Trump-Lavrov Meeting

US media circus = boy who cried wolf

‘Russians tricked us!’ — It must be the NEW version of ‘Russians are coming!’

And.. karma is a bitch 

    New American Diplomacy, Russian Ambassador = Spy LOL

Video: US media complains they had to get their images of the first Trump – Lavrov meeting from the Russian sources.

If the US media had half a brain, I’d say, ‘Hint dears, you have no one else to blame but yourselves.’ But they won’t get it, so no point in wasting my breath.

US media that attacked #Trump left and right has only itself to blame for not being allowed into #Lavrov – Trump closed-door meeting. Did they really think it would be forgotten?

There is another thing I’ve noticed. When Tillerson came to Moscow to talk to Lavrov a couple of weeks back, the US ‘journalists’ were tripping over themselves and yelling out stupid questions into Lavrov’s ear, not letting two foreign chiefs talk. This prompted such consummate professional as Lavrov to snap and tell them to ‘mind their manners.’ Who taught you your manners, asked Lavrov, to Tillerson’s embarrassed silence.

The same circus continued when Lavrov came to DC. During a joint press appearance, US ‘journalists’ yelled out more dumb questions, while Tillerson was still speaking, thus breaking protocol.

US media = Disruptive mob? Paid provocateurs? Malicious juveniles? I’m afraid, all of the above. They’ve been trained to be this way by the Western neo-liberal globalist establisment.

In other words, the behavior and attitude of the US MSM on all occasions has been distasteful, to say the least… I can think of many more adjectives, but just like Lavrov, being my usual diplomatic self, I’ll refrain from using them. Feel free to add your own – whichever apply.

Is it any wonder these clowns weren’t allowed into Trump-Lavrov meeting?

Also see these vids:


Follow up to my original #VictoryDay post re. the only truthful film about Russia ever made in the US. That was in 1943, when Roosevelt needed to convince US elites and populace to enter WWII in Europe. If you haven’t had the chance:

WATCH RELOADED! #VictoryDay Special: The Battle of Russia. Rare truth from US about Russia

My original video IS BLOCKED BY YT for ‘copyright reasons’ – a 1943 public access documentary!


Click to watch here:



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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    MSM fake news should report their own shortcomings to the public, perhaps they will become relevant again by telling the truth. MSM journalists have become state agent provocateurs and antagonists, when they should just do their job and report the news!
    It’s no wonder they are not invited to the big events, oh well, they can read it from RT like everyone else. XD

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  2. Only USA MSM can float the idea that Lavrov personally planted ‘bugs’ in the Oval Office!! You can’t make this stuff up.

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  3. Fox News host speaks Russian on air in outburst to ‘potential Russian overlords’

    I want to show our potential overlords that I can speak their language. Typically when they invade a country or somehow bring it into their sphere of influence, they force the natives to learn Russian. I just wanted to let them know I’ve already got that covered, they don’t have to do that, even though they are essentially taking over a government day by day as we speak, most recently with this firing of Jim Comey,”

    When in doubt, double down? Embarrassing.


    • Yep, a daughter of Russian-Jewish emigres. Can speak some Russian, but does it awfully.


    • P.S. She will get a big raise for this ‘Russian’ outburst, spoken in horrible and juvenile Russian. She actually doesn’t even know how to phrase the simplest things.
      I’m sure there is now a stampede of these presstitutes to carpe diem and showcase their russophobia for money and 15 min of fame.


    • Nancy C/Seattle

      Great synchronicity, Akaida. When I pulled up your Fox News link, it displayed a Google ad “Seven Early Signs of DImentia”.

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  4. What can I say Lada. It’s becoming vividly apparent that Western MSM “reporters/propagandists” are so well-conditioned by their bosses that they will never report any truth now. They think they are so smart with their stupidly obvious questions. It says much for the tolerance and good manners practised by the Russians.


    • I think Russians have gone too far with their tolerance of this abuse.
      The reason for that is: the Great Balancer role demands restraint from provocations at all cost.

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  5. According to deputy press secretary Sanders in today’s (May 12) White House press briefing the moaning, complaining and accusations from the press continued. Secretary Sanders stated that there were three photographers present to document the meeting: one pool photographer from the U.S., one from Russia and one photographer from the White House.
    This is is standard protocol for such meetings. As we know it was a closed door meeting so no reporters from either country were present. I marveled at Sanders patience and aplomb during the presser as she permitted incredibly ignorant, biased and vitriolic questions to be fired at her for nearly an hour. I Better her than me, I thought. I do not “suffer fools gladly”

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    • They only have patience with US reporters firing questions at them.
      Remember that episode when an RT correspondent asked – very politely – for proof of some Obama WH accusations re Russian actions in Syria. WH rep — US-admiral-whats-his-name — said that he won’t put a Russian correspondent on the same level with others, therefore, she will get no answer.


  6. Yes, I remember that. I was aghast, ashamed for their extreme rudeness. Dear God, I thought. I hope the Russian people don’t think we are ALL like that! I wouldn’t blame them if it was so. Our general behavior certainly doesn’t give them much to hope for! It is right for Mr. Lavrov to have, on several occasions, asked reporters where they learned their manners. Those “Ugly Americans” could use some reminding. I have also seen him, when instantly barraged with questions about “Russian meddling” as soon as he walks in a room, just turn about and walk away, exasperated. What possible good could come of engaging in this idiocy one more time?
    Thank you for your link to the film yesterday. I have seen that video before but I downloaded and watched it again last night. Most people in the U.S. today know nothing of the Russian character or what they endured to push the Nazis back into Germany during the Great War. When I told someone a few days ago about how Victory Day is celebrated in Russia and of the extreme sacrifices the Russians made, some 27 million of their cherished number, she nearly fell off her chair. She also gained new understanding. That makes the Holocaust look pretty small by comparison, she said. Yes, exactly, said I. And do they go on and on about it? No! They wouldn’t be like that.
    Continuing, I told her that there are many other examples of how the Russians have stepped into the breach and gave her a few. We and the rest of the world have much to thank the Russian people for. So why are we being so inexcusably rude to them? How soon we forget, if we ever knew. These things are no longer taught here. Shame on us.

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  7. Today is Eurovision contest in Kiev without Russia. Will Samoylova participate in Eurovision next year and will she win after all of this? It would be nice ir Russia return the favor with winning next year and than banning Ukrainian participant and invite Novorussian instead.


  8. Latest from Louise Mensch:

    Stop saying Russia meddled in our election. They hacked it. They waged war upon the United States. And war is what they will receive

    Typical of the Western / Ukro-Nazi type mentality

    Louise Mensch: My mind is messed up after taking hard drugs


  9. Nancy C/Seattle

    Thank you for the link to 1943 US documentary, The Battle of Russia. Synchronistically, the last story in Nostradamus scholar, John Hogue’s May 14th newsletter, “Responding to a Comment about my Recent Coast to Coast AM interview and stories told in Music, by another kind of Russian novelist: Russia’s great Classical Composers? “ discusses composer Dimitri Shostakovich’s 7th Symphony, composed during the siege of Leningrad.

    One can “see-hear” also, in the rising “people of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) theme, his prophecy in music for his beloved home city, and their final liberation, breaking what would be a 900-day siege. You can hear the celebration and hear the tears of joy and the hugs!
    Shostakovich foresaw the end of the greatest siege in history, where 1 million out of 3 million Leningraders did not survive it. This symphony was played in the darkest days of the siege when many of the orchestra players and the people coming to listen, dodged German artillery shelling and literally were dying from starvation on the way to the concert hall. After the celebration music comes the final sounding of the “liberation to come” theme with its dark and consequential final expression. It organically contains all the courage, effort, loss and the great accomplishment of an impossible victory, while it propels my imagination to see Berlin on fire in the final battle of the European theater of the Second World War as the Russians (and other Soviet peoples) fought and vanquished the last vestiges of Hitler’s evil empire.

    You can hear the whole symphony here:

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