Lada Ray analysis: @realDonaldTrump tweet on Russia and Ukraine causes firestorm


A very admirable sentiment from #POTUS Donald Trump that peace needs to be made between Russia /Donbass and Ukraine. I couldn’t agree more. Looks like Trump is on his way to make good on his campaign intention, and according to my predictions here and also here.

USA wants to slowly and secretly distance itself from Ukraine, while attempting to save face. What a bummer for Obama and his handlers, after all their efforts to the contrary!

This alone was enough to cause a major Internet storm. But it gets better!


May 11

Notice one crucial difference between two photos, the difference that made the Kiev junta very upset?

Is it that Trump thought it was too much trouble to get up for Ukraine FM Klimkin? Is Klimkin bending, as if receiving orders from the big boss?

Feel the difference…


Foreign Ministries of Russia and US are preparing the first meeting between Trump and Putin, which most likely will take place during the upcoming G20 in Germany. Several countries competed to host the first Trump – Putin meeting, including Finland, Germany and Austria. Obama admin purposely left much baggage behind in Russia-US relations so to complicate as much as possible the first steps of Trump admin. That baggage first needs to be sorted out, before the meeting can take place.

This is one of the reasons Angela Merkel flew to Sochi to see Putin on May 2, after she saw Trump: to sort through the past, get a firm confirmation that the historic meeting will indeed take place and see if she could get more indication on its terms.

Merkel also came to bring to Putin that proverbial olive branch. After all, she will stand for re-election later this year. In her mind it’s time to mend relations with Russia, but not because she means it. No – in order to ensure that the new US and EU bogeyman, ‘the Russian hackers,’ won’t ‘interfere’ in German elections. 

Read more: Vladimir Putin Schools Merkel on Geopolitics and Democracy (+ Russian Gas Update).

Following Tillerson Moscow visit, Lavrov was in DC also to begin shaping up the terms and tone of the US-Russia relations for the upcoming Trump years. This, of course, includes Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ukraine.

Lately, US has been excluded from various global decisions and forums, such as the Minsk forum on Ukraine or the Astana forum on Syria and Middle East. The latest is the exclusion of the US from the big China summit.

Russia has offered US some face-saving good deals on participation in Syria, albeit a very controlled participation. US is also concerned that Russian influence in Afghanistan and Iraq is increasing, while USA’s is waning. That has also factored into negotiations. As I predicted all along, per the Kissinger Plan, in exchange, US will need to slowly withdraw from Ukraine, Moldova and some other Eurasian areas (learn all about it in Lada Ray Webinar below!).

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The entire Kiev junta, including Poroshenko, MSM, high level officials and politicians rooted for Hillary and mocked Trump during his campaign. Poroshenko personally initiated a scandal as a result of which Trump had to fire his campaign manager last August. After Trump won, Poroshenko and entire Kiev establishment promptly flip-flopped and began kissing Trump’s behind. I am NOT exaggerating – if anything, I am toning it down!

The latest intel: Washington lobbyists were paid $400,000 to make sure Klimkin is allowed in Trump’s presence. The audience lasted 6 minutes. During it, Trump merely uttered that ‘Minsk agreements have to be fulfilled and Ukraine has to make up with neighbors.’ That was the end of the meeting.

P.S. Latest: the $400,000 lobbyist fee was put up for Ukraine by… Canada.

So, why did Trump agree to receive Klimkin? It’s 2-fold:

1. To appease Russia-hating MSM, hawks in Congress and all over US, who’d immediately jump on it: why is he talking to Lavrov, but not to Ukraine FM?

2. To deliver the message, understood by those who need to understand it: US is preparing to disengage from Ukraine. And if Kiev doesn’t want to be left entirely in the cold, it needs to toe the line and fulfil the unfulfillable Minsk agreements.

In fact, a proof of the slow unraveling of the disastrous US – Ukraine entanglement is already here: US Congress voted to slash American financing of Ukraine, including military financing, by 70%. As a special provision, the document stipulates that whatever financing will still be provided, it cannot be used to finance the regiment Azov and other ukro-nazi ragiments and battalions. The slow squeezing of the hard-core Ukraine Nazis and radicals has begun.

This is only the beginning – more to come between 2017 and 2018!

Don’t miss! A very interesting discussion continues in COMMENTS!

To read comprehensive analysis on Ukraine and Novorossia GO TO ALL EARTH SHIFT REPORTS.

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  1. Hi
    The Western corporate media cartel news cycle and the carry-on of the Washington Regime aka Deep State is truly reaching farcical levels of infantilism and hypocrisy – especially the Democrats. If nothing else Trump is stirring them up like a hornets nest and they are exposing their idiocy and mendacity for all thinking people around the world to see.
    Unfortunately the corporate media cartel has done such an effective job of brainwashing everyone that a large proportion of the population cannot see the swamp for the lies.
    KP’s most recent podcast is worth a listen by the way
    Thank you Lada for all you do

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  2. The proverbial winds of change are slowly starting to blow in the right and peaceful direction. Lets hope that co-operation and diplomacy will become the new way for nations to work together for win win results all around.

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  3. This is great news! Thank you Lada 🙂

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  4. Hi Lada,

    Great article. Nice to see despite all the setbacks Trump has encountered the globalist establishment have not been able to thwart him from pursuing sensible reconciliatory policies with Russia. This obviously makes their blood boil as they have a deep hatred for Russia and also need a big bad Russian bogeyman to sustain their military industrial complex.

    Maybe in a few years we will see sanctions dropped.

    Russia has won in Ukraine.

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  5. Although I’ve been disgusted with Trump ever since he fired Flynn and launched cruise missiles at Syria I have to admit that there is something very positive going on between Trump and Russia. A picture tells a thousand words when you see Trump shaking hands with Lavrov. You see real chemistry between the two and I would dare say bordering on friendship. Yes you’re absolutely right comparing that with Trump’s meeting with the Ukrainian foreign minister. The contrast says it all. Don’t forget that during the election campaign Trump refused to see Poroshenko in New York while Hilary slobbered all over him.

    Looking in hindsight what we mistook for Trump betraying his campaign promises was making short term concessions to the Deep State first by firing Flynn and then bombing Syria. These two acts got the deep state off his back while he regrouped for the next phase. Like you said Trump is trying to break out of his straight jacket imposed on him by the deep state. Also remember that Trump warned both Russia and Syria before he bombed that unimportant base and in addition we still don’t know what happened to the 36 cruise missiles that never made it to the base (maybe the order was given to dump them somewhere else in order to not do too much damage).

    So in conclusion Lada you were absolutely right about Ukraine. I don’t think Trump wants anything to do with that mess. He’s not ideological like Obama was and so, like one of his past failed businesses, he just as well dump Ukraine and take the loss. Russia, being an adult and totally non-egoistic, will be willing to help the US save face. By the way Lada do you think it’s possible that Yanokovich is waiting in the wings to make a comeback as a deal between Putin and Trump occurs?

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    • I don’t believe at all Trump betrayed his election promises per se, as he is – as I said in ESR16 and Trump Webinar – on severe survival mode due to the ‘straightjacket’ he and his people were put in. It’s developing per my predictions. He’ll do what he can and he’ll work with Russia where he can. Russians are giving some goodies back to him, such as Syria saving face, or maybe some coop in Afghanistan – but not too much.

      Ukraine – of course I am right. But it’s still very tumultuous to watch; much blood and nerves will still go into turning this whole Kiev ukro-nazi/foreign oligrachic dictatorship around.

      Yanukovich – he is universally hated by all. I do not see any possibility of him becoming prez again. He could try to run though – the man has no shame and o concept of what he’s done. Or rather he pretends like he still thinks he acted right.

      The attitude towards him in the future LIBERATED UKRAINE AND NOVOROSSIA will be like towards Gorbachev in the ’90s and 2000s. Very negative, he’ll be blamed for the ukro-nazi coup. He’s finished as politician.

      But there are some other healthy forces and personalities in Ukraine, who could come back. One of them is PM under Yanukovich, Nikolay Azarov. He may again become PM if he lives this long –
      all this stuff is heart wrenching, I’m sure. He is widely considered the best PM Ukraine ever had.

      That said, you know my prediction is that by mid-2020s the word ‘Ukraine’ will be forgotten.
      Even sooner that whole territory will start leaning more and more towards Russia. Eventually, it’ll morph into one or more new countries. Finally, much of what is today ‘Ukraine’ will simply rejoin Russia. This could happen piece by piece.

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      • Yes Lada you’re right. I can see now that Yanokovich is the Gorbachev of Ukraine as you say. That makes sense. I guess that makes Poroshenko the Yeltsin of Ukraine, doesn’t it? I agree with you that the name Ukraine will become history maybe within ten years. I’m sure that the east and south will become part of Russia, but what about Kiev and western Ukraine. Maybe by that time with the west going down the tubes and Russia-China ascendant that even Kiev and western Ukraine, while not part of Russia, will themselves be drawn close to it. They won’t have any choice.


        • Poroshenko = Yeltsin: technically, somewhat true. You have a point.
          I just have a lot of problem putting the judo-Bandera nazi SOB Poroch on the same scale as Yeltsin, who in my view made many mistakes, but wasn’t an outright traitor. Poroshenko is a finished traitor who sold out to foreign powers and he is a bandit, who is robbing his country blind to enrich himself.

          Kiev people are very much against junta as well, but they are scared and suppressed. It has been shown how Kiev really feels during the May 9 2017 Immortal Regiment march – between 60 and 100 thousand came out in Kiev alone.

          There are parts of central Ukraine, which seem strangely Russophobic – these are all poor agricultural parts. But I don’t know whether the population at large really feels this way in central Ukraine, or we are just shown the crazies who yell the loudest. No reliable info from those parts as it is fully suppressed and people are completely intimidated.

          If Kiev stays as capital of a much reduced central Ukraine only… maybe this could work. But I don’t see it. I don’t think it will ever happen. For one, Kiev is very valuable as part of the Russian ancestral lands. Russians won’t let it fall into the wrong hands long-term, same as my initial Feb. 2014 prediction for Crimea – remember? ‘Russia will never let Crimea to fall into the wrong hands’ – and it happened as predicted.

          Before 1917 there was no Ukraine and Kiev wasn’t any more than a provincial regional center. Kiev was merely the capital of the Kiev gibernia (like a county or state in US or UK) – what is called ‘oblast’ today.

          Odessa was much more prominent, actually – pre-1917 it was the capital of Novorossia. The Odessa University where I once went and which the ukro-nazi Ukraine has turned into a mockery, was once called the ‘Novorossiysky Universitet’: Novorossian University.

          Western Ukraine is divided. Only Galitsia and Lvov are pro-Bandera. The Karpathian Rus isn’t like that and they can’t wait to secede from Ukraine. Frankly, I think that Galitsia and Lvov should be given back to Poland. Just a clean break, go back to pre-1940 borders and be done with it. Let Poles deal with ukro-nazis who hate them and whom they hate back more.

          But then the Karpathian Rus becomes cut off from Russia and that’s a problem.

          Besides, I guarantee that Germany will use all of its weight to sabotage any subdivision and any sort of passing of lands between countries. They only liked themselves to be reunited in 1989, but god forbid anyone else wants the same.

          It’ll all be awfully complicated and this mess will take a while to sort out. No thanks to Lenin for this whole mess.

          One day I’ll do a complete update on all these intricacies of all parts of Ukraine, and their future scenarios.

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  6. For emphasis: “… US Congress voted to slash American financing of Ukraine, including military financing, by 70%… the document stipulates that whatever financing will still be provided, it cannot be used to finance the regiment Azov and other ukro-nazi ragiments and battalions. The slow squeezing of the hard-core Ukraine Nazis and radicals has begun.”

    This is a really big deal. Why can I not hear this from American media sources? Because this is a POW camp and not a real country. The biggest open-air penal colony on the planet. I’d rather hear it from Lada, anyway. The only reason we’re not at 100% lockdown is because there is a ‘gun barrel behind every blade of grass’ and they are afraid of pushing it too far.

    Great analysis, Lada. Your predictions unfold spooky accurate, as always. Thanks.

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    • They are trying to hide this news because it’s embarrassing for the entire US establishment – after all of Nuland’s Ukraine subversion promises.
      I won’t be too surprised if US/Canada/Ukro-junta lobbyists aren’t trying to reverse it as we speak.
      These entities are crazy and they never stop their destructive actions.

      A very serious problem exists with extensive and aggressive Canada ukro-nazi lobby – I’D WARNED ABOUT IT SINCE 2014, BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE HEARD ME!
      Double standards and hypocrisy – or much worse?
      Everyone talks about Israel lobby, but no one notices the rabid Russophobic and Nazi lobby right under their noses.

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  7. I’m wondering if Trump will even last to do what he plans. All the news shows this morning are talking about Watergate and impeachment after it shows that he has obstructed justice by firing the FBI director that was investigating him – a new scandal every day it seems like. I believe Lada did mention this possibility of impeachment before.

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    • We talked about it in Trump Webinar1 (especially), and a little in ESR16. I wanted to be as mild as possible delivering the bad news, plus I didn’t want to give any dark forces who may have listened any ideas, so I only hinted. But I saw some bad events.
      I plan to reveal much more definitive info in upcoming Webinars. Stay tuned!

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    • Nancy C/Seattle

      I don’t think impeachment at least on the subject of the firing of Comey is on the table.

      The Duran reported on May 10th: “The claim Trump is attempting a cover-up is meaningless and ridiculous. This week’s Congressional hearing with Clapper and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates revealed nothing – no “smoking gun” was produced. No evidence was presented to back up the claim Trump and his associates were in bed with the Russians. What was on display was the personal destruction of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn without any mention and presentation of his alleged wrongdoing. This hearing was a historic low point for Congress.”

      According to the article, Comey was fired now because it took Trump that long to clean out the high level Obama appointees in the Department of Justice, the F.B.I’s boss.


  8. Ukraine should know it’s place, otherwise do something about the Western coup and kick out Washington’s puppet Poroshenko.


  9. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Ukraine should know it’s place, otherwise do something about the Western coup and kick out Washington’s puppet Poroshenko.


  10. Dear Lada,
    I enjoyed reading this article, and the general comments are good as well. Very encouraging !
    What will it take to get Putin to strangle Merkel ? Time she disappears, she is holding Europe back.
    The is a very encouraging development in Europe, and it has spilled over to America as well, which has further made the public aware that “the church”, and it’s secret police the CIA (catholic intelligence agency) is not what they pretended to be. It reveals the true personality of these organizations.
    Apparently they have asked Putin to supply a force to do some arrests, which we hope Putin will agree to, because if these criminals are removed then the world will experience a radical swing for the better.

    In the meantime the Boers in the colony of sick South Africa is slowly forced into a conflict by the controllers here. It seems the Afrikaner organization wants it’s control back (but needs the Boers to do their dirty work for them) and to do that they have to get rid of the Boer’s first. The Africans in the meantime wants to get rid of all whites so they can get the land and the resources.
    The genocide on the Boers which was started in the 2nd Anglo-Boer War after the British queen and the British “crown” issued a proclamation that the Boers must be destroyed, has not been fulfilled. It is now a competition between the Afrikaner and the Africans to destroy the Boers to get their country if they fulfill the proclamation. The Africans does not know how to distinguish between Boers and Afrikaners, and more and more Boers refuse to comply to the Afrikaner’s agenda’s.
    Everything for useless paper money, because the resources are shipped out here by the trains full. Nobody knows where it disappears to. I find it very difficult that so few understand that the bad conditions the world over is financed right from here, the world’s problems started after 1902 when the resources became available to the controllers, from the Bolsheviks in Russia to the British WW1 and WW2 and the “one world” ideology threatening every
    Why the Boer’s had to found their country on land with endless resources is beyond me, because every one wants to kill us for it.


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