Heil Poroshenko! Ukraine junta bans Russian SM, prepares to ban Russian Orthodox Church


A lot is happening in Ukraine, as Kiev junta continue beating record after record in schizophrenia and fascist extremism.

Today the Kiev Rada is supposed to pass the new law, which effectively outlaws the traditional Russian Pravoslavnaya (Orthodox) Church, Moscow Patriarchy. The majority of Ukrainians belong to this church — one of the main and most influential branches of the global Christianity.

The breakaway branch of the ‘Ukrainian Church’ is unrecognized by any other religious organization in the world. Yet, it is to this outcast church that the Kiev junta is preparing to pass all the churches belonging to the Russian Pravoslavnaya Church on the territory of Ukraine.

This includes up to 14,000 parishes with church buildings, plus hundreds of monasteries and tens of thousands of church properties all over Ukraine. Each parish owns precious religious relics, icons and other highly valuable items, many in gold and silver. Among important relics is the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, one of the main monasteries and historic treasures of the Russian Pravoslavnaya Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site. See image below:


We are talking billions and billions of dollars worth of real estate, art and valuables. Therefore, it is clear that this new proposed law has nothing to do with religion or ‘sovereignty.’

This is a highway robbery and a mafia takeover of the single richest piece of the shrinking pie left in Ukraine. The ukro-nazi junta in charge doesn’t know who else to rob and whose else blood to drink.

And caught in the crossfire are… millions and millions of poor, simple Ukrainian citizens, who have nowhere to run and whose rights, ancestry, history, and very lives are being systematically destroyed.

I am always unpleasantly surprised by how screwed up and Russophobic the Western understanding of the situation in Russia and Ukraine is. I generally think that my readers at large are much more educated than most in the West, therefore, I don’t think they need this explanation. However, for those who have wondered into this page by accident, I’ll tell you what the Russian Pravoslavnaya (Orthodox) Church means for the territory we today call Ukraine.

Ukraine junta is now very actively promoting their false parallel reality to convince the West of the non-existent ‘Russian oppression.’ In this parallel reality Kiev ukro-nazis, aided by Soros, Canadian and American ukro-nazi Banderovtsi, Poland and Germany, contend that Russian Orthodox Church was imposed on Ukraine by ‘evil’ Russian Empire. Of course, the Western ignorant sheeple eat this up — afer all, it is in line with what their media tells them about Russia.

In reality,  the Russian Orthodox Church was born in Kiev, Malorossia, well over 1000 years ago. From thereon this religion spread throughout the territory of the Great Russia. At the time — for a short while — the capital of Rus (aka, Russia) was in Kiev. Before Kiev, the capitals were Novgorod, Arkona (now located in Germany), and other cities. Later, the main capital of the Rus State would be moved more than once. There was even a period when the capital was in Lvov, today’s western Ukraine or Galitsia. In 19th century, so not to confuse that period with others, it began being referred to as ‘Kievan Rus.’ The Lvov period was identified as ‘Galitskaya Rus.’

I’ll leave aside the fact that many think it was a grave mistake for Rus to adopt Christianity to replace the Vedic Pravoslavie. I have my own view of this event: at the time this could not be avoided. The Vedic World’s (Vedicheskiy mir) spiritual lifestyle system resonated with the 5th dimension (5D). When people’s consciousness fell below 5D — to 4D and then to 3D — they stopped resonating with the high level spirituality.

As a result, the change took place, and for better or for worse, Russian Christian Church has been for hundreds of years the main unifying religion of the Russian Empire. The Russian Pravoslavnaya Church, incorrectly referred to in the West as ‘Russian Orthodox Church,’ has always been historically dominant in Ukraine, despite various attempts to convert western Ukraine into Catholicism.

VIDEO:  Thousands of Russian Pravoslavnaya Church believers gather before Kiev Rada to pray for god to send some reason and common sense to the Rada deputies. The video is very telling. Alas, they are praying for reason and common sense where there can be none.

People are praying and singing peacefully in the video, but there are persistent warnings of an upcoming religious war in Ukraine, should this law be passed and should the forceful takeovers of Russian churches continue.

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Poroshenko and the junta have banned Russian SM, including Vkontakte, Odnoclassniki, email service Mail.ru and search engine Yandex. Sanctioned and banned are also the leading Russian business accounting software company (whose name I don’t recall) and the leading internet security company Kaspersky Lab. All of the above are dominant in Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians use Yandex and Russian SM. VK is used several times more frequently than Facebook. Yandex is used much more than Google. The Russian accounting software company’s products are used by the majority of Ukraine’s businesses, some of whom have filed a lawsuit against Poroshenko and his government for damages.

You may ask why do Russian companies dominate Ukraine’s Internet market? Very simple, Russian companies have a major advantage over Google and Facebook: they are in Russian. No matter how much Ukro-nazis and junta try to eliminate Russian language in Ukraine, according to various polls, about 80% of Ukraine denizens continue speaking Russian.

ukro-nazis kiev fascists

Hitler and German fascists once burned books — Poroshenko and Ukraine fascists ban the internet. The ban of VK, Mail.ru and other Russian SM means that millions of Ukrainian users will suddenly lose contact with friends and family outside Ukraine. Will people again eat up this new gross violation of their rights, or will they finally rebel?

Qui bono? The non-sensical bans on Russian internet companies and products makes me think that it is done to clear up the room for others. Facebook instead of VK; much more expensive and incompatible American or European security and accounting software instead of Russian, etc. We’ll soon see whom Poroshenko and junta push to the top.

But even this isn’t all. On May 9, 2017, we have seen ample proof how Kiev and Ukraine citizens in general really feel about Russia, USSR and victory in WWII. One of the symbols of the Great Victory is Georgievskaya Lentochka (a red and gold band of St. George). 600,000 people came out on May 9 all over Ukraine (some believe it was up to one million). 60,000 came out in Kiev alone. In an act of definance, some of them carried Georgievskaya Lentochkas, despite threats. Following such a showing, Rada and Poroshenko have just passed the new law banning Georgievskaya Lentochka, along with other Soviet and Russian symbolism. About what went on Victory Day.

Even The Human Rights Watch came out and said that banning Soviet symbolism in Ukraine violates human rights and is undemocratic.

Georgievskaya Lentochka image:

den pobedy3

The timing and utter stupidity of all these simultaneous bans makes one think that Poroshenko and the junta are trying to divert the public attention from something else. Several things are being named. Among these:

1. The IMF Chief is about to visit Ukraine, and it’s looking bad. Ukraine is staring the default in the eye. Ukraine must come up with at least $6 billion to service its debt this year. It will be more every year after. This kind of money is nowhere to be found.

2. Energy shortages made authorities announce that they would be disconnecting hot water for months, possibly for years, in some key cities, such as Odessa, causing massive discontent. Who needs hot water in the winter, right?

3. Major Ukrainian companies continue going under, major factories and power stations shut down daily, leaving tens of thousands jobless. Depopulation and increasing death rate are very real dangers. Ukraine now tops world lists for corruption, unhappiness and death rates.

4. But the most important reason is this: Poroshenko and his Rada quietly passed the new law allowing the sale of agricultural lands, which was banned under previous administrations. This is expected to generate a frenzy of secret foreign buying via proxies. Monsanto has been licking its lips over the fertile Ukrainian lands for years. One day Ukrainians may wake up to find they’ve lost the last valuable thing they had left – their land. The news caused an uproar, but public attention was quickly diverted via the aforementioned Russian bans.

The victimized people of Ukraine have become hostages of the lunatics and Bandera-Nazis in power, whose only interest is to sell off their country, along with the people, to foreign interests.

Pic: banner on the left says, ‘Wake up, or fall into eternal sleep!’


In conclusion, I have to again emphasize that the collective West and its ‘leaders’ supported, enabled and financed the Kiev Maidan, and they continue supporting this Kiev junta, no matter what kind of atrocities and violations it commits. Therefore, the collective West and its ‘leaders,’ bear direct responsibility for the severe violations of human rights in Ukraine; they bear full responsibility for the suffering of the people of Ukraine.


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  1. Dear Lada, Thank you for posting this article about the madness going on in Ukraine. Were does it stop? So sad, wonder what will be left standing once porky’s reign is over…..

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dear Lada, at least some of us will know what is potentially going down here. I had only just finished reading an article on Sputniknews about the non-exsistent repairs to the flagship of the Ukranian navy and how the repair company is owned by none other than Poroshenko. It can only get sillier and more tragic from hereonin. I can only sympathise with the general population and hope that sooner rather than later they find the courage to change things. I do wonder if the general election in UK will go pear-shaped for the Tories.
    It’s really good having you enlighten me on the skulduggery going on in this mad world. All the best, Robert

    Liked by 2 people

    • I hope they find the courage too. But my prognosis is not good – too little CHI left there, and that’s what you need to succeed. Genocide does that.

      I am much more optimistic about external factors I talked about many times before, which will eventually shift the situation.
      The thing is that it may take longer because the destruction of Ukraine is too severe. Russia actually doesn’t want to drag Ukraine on its shoulders until there is a meaningful shift within.
      More later.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. It will get worse before it gets better, as predicted. This is really over the top. Makes me sad.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Dear Lada! Thank you for continuing to bringing forth the truth and reality. Alas, due to personal reasons, I did not have as much time as before to follow-up and comment on the recent events.
    I do continue to keep an eye on the developments, and must say that each time I look at the news report and the analysts’ articles, I get the feeling that the madness, bile, duplicity and general Russophobia (especially coming from the US) has reached such a level that it is completely off the chart. In fact, it seems that an entirely new chart needs to be designed to describe all that. 😦 Hopefully it’s just getting darker before the dawn.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I should have also added absurdity to that list. President Putin correctly characterised the current Western stance as a political schizophrenia – it does indeed feel like the patients are running the asylum over here.
      Lada, one question – how should one read the American actions in Syria? First they agree to the de-escalation zones, and then then do an air strike on Syrian territory against a Syrian Army affiliated group. Is the US testing how far they can go before Russia starts to enforce the no-fly zones? Or are they desperate for creation of any provocation?

      Liked by 2 people

      • The answer is ‘schizophrenia.’ They don’t know what to do; the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. They are lost as the world as they knew it slipping away. That’s very dangerous, like a cornered wounded beast.

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  5. I feel physically sick with anger reading this. Part of me wants to switch off pretend I don’t know anything about it; but that is a fools solution and won’t solve a thing.

    How can the RADA get away with this? This is cultural genocide. Language. Religion. Property. Everything is being stripped away and handed to ‘the enemy’ of the Ukrainian people.

    I think enough is enough. Blood needs to be shed now. I think it’s time for the people of Ukraine to take their country back; nullify all the RADA’s resolutions and withdraw from any internationally recognised institutions. It might sound extreme but those institutions are the ones ultimately responsible for what is essentially the rape of Ukraine by western corpratists.

    Arrest Porky and the Nazi RADA. Just grab them. Spirit them away to Syria and make them fight terrorists… 🙂 Maybe the terrorists will ‘catch them’ like happened to that unfortunate brave Russian agent.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “I feel physically sick with anger reading this. Part of me wants to switch off pretend I don’t know anything about it; but that is a fools solution and won’t solve a thing.”
      You are not alone getting such a feeling from time to time! The effect was best described in “The Matrix”, when Cypher succumbed to such an urge and asked to get reconnected to the Matrix…

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Nancy C/Seattle

    I would like to ask Lada how big a role do you think Judaism plays in the prospective take over of the Russian Pravoslaynaya Church? I was under the impression much of the Ukrainian oligarchs & junta leadership were Jewish. The infamous Victoria Nuland and her husband,Robert Kagan are well known American warmongering Zionist Jews.

    It disturbs me how badly out of balance global elite power structure is with the actual breakdown of humanity’s religious affiliations. According to Wikipedia referencing cultural traditions, Christianity leads with 31.50% of the global population. Islam is second at 22.32% and Judaism is number 11 with 0.25% of the global population. .


  7. My first post to you Lada – you have been moved to my “Bookmarks Bar” out of the long list of News Sites Folder 🙂

    As stated above “This is cultural genocide”

    My wife (with Russian roots) is from Kiev and her mother is still there, we tried to shift her back home to Kaluga – Russia, but she says “I am too old” (stubborn more likely)
    I (then we) travelled to Ukraine every summer from 2003 – 2013 – we live in NZ and now my wife never wants to see Ukraine again!!
    I am prepared to go back and visit – but she refuses. He aging mother will no doubt make a visit necessary one day.

    What is/has happening in Ukraine is complete utter madness – madness getting madder by the day.
    This latest ban of VK-Yandex-OK etc. sends a very clear message to those of us who are not DNA etched with Russophobe.

    I actually believe that this has gone too far to retrieve or stop now, the only options IMHO of reversal are one of two.
    Russia does what 90% of the Western people believe they are doing anyway and fully invade and take full control.
    The other (which I personally believe is actually happening now) is that Ukraine will become a new country for Israel.

    I believe my last comment will generate some reaction?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. There is option #3: Ukraine as we know it stops existing, falls apart, and each part goes to their own. One just needs to wait.

    Liked by 1 person

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