Lada Ray predictions and Ukraine timeline: Can it become part of Israel? Will Russia invade?

Some important follow-ups to my latest: Heil Poroshenko! Ukraine junta bans Russian SM, prepares to ban Russian Orthodox Church.

First, an update and some rare good news from Ukraine! Under the pressure from the international community and from Ukraine’s own citizens, for now the Ukraine Rada did not pass the proposed Russian Orthodox Church ban. It has been widely warned that such ban would generate an all-out religious war in Ukraine.

The pressure on Ukraine not to adopt such shameful and anti-democratic law has been very tough. Even the Pope got involved, strongly advising against it. However, it’s early to rejoice. They will continue coming after the Russian churches and after everything Russian for as long at this junta is in power. We have seen this dance and song before, say, in the renaming of the streets and cities in Ukraine. Or take the visa regime with Russia – it has been proven that they’ll endanger their own economy by doing it, yet the Bloody Pastor Turchinov and others are back at it full force. They will keep aggressively coming at it, until the public and/or lawmakers cave in.

The aggressive ukro-nazi element has been allowed to proliferate and grow like cancer in Ukraine for 25 years. We are seeing the sorry results of Ukraine’s 25 year ‘independence’ from Russia and common sense.

The only way to reign in this genocidal fascist dictatorship in Ukraine is for Russia and for us, the sane people of the world, to keep constant pressure on their foreign sponsors, who in turn will have no choice but to pressure the Kiev junta and Poroshenko to keep the Nazi element in check. To remind everyone, the main sponsors and supporters of the Kiev junta and ukro-nazis are: USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and Brussels/EU as a whole.

*** On another note, Russia has filed a complaint against Ukraine with WTO. If WTO does not fine Ukraine for the continuing border, business and trade violations, Russia may institute a visa regime and new economic sanctions against Ukraine. Russia for years has been awfully lenient towards Ukraine. But if Kiev junta continues aggressive anti-Russian stance, emboldened by the support of the West, Russia may respond in like.

New ASK LADA Episode
Comment from Peter My first post to you Lada – you have been moved to my “Bookmarks Bar” out of the long list of News Sites Folder 🙂

As stated above “This is cultural genocide.” My wife (with Russian roots) is from Kiev and her mother is still there, we tried to shift her back home to Kaluga – Russia, but she says “I am too old” (stubborn more likely)
We travelled to Ukraine every summer from 2003 – 2013 – we live in NZ and now my wife never wants to see Ukraine again!! I am prepared to go back and visit – but she refuses. 

What is happening in Ukraine is complete utter madness – getting madder by the day.
This latest ban of VK-Yandex-OK etc. sends a very clear message to those of us who are not DNA etched with Russophobe. I actually believe that this has gone too far to retrieve or stop now, the only options IMHO of reversal are one of two. Russia does what 90% of the Western people believe they are doing anyway and fully invade and take full control. The other (which I personally believe is actually happening now) is that Ukraine will become a new country for Israel.


Why people leave a country; How the Chi and Life force work; The People-Bridges

I know exactly how your wife feels and I know lots of people who thank the universe every day they moved out of Ukraine, and also those who are trying to get their elderly relatives out of there.

I fully understand why people want to leave. But therein lies the crux of the problem. As the higher calibrated, more educated, more active and higher IQ people continue their exodus (many of us had left years ago), they also withdraw their life force. When not enough smart and positive people are available to moderate the energy of such a place, it first stagnates, and then falls to the dark side. As a result, such country falls more and more into (forgive me) the imbecility we are observing in Ukraine today.

To understand how it works refer to my article Mass Migration: What Happens if a Country Gains or Loses its Life Force? (US, EU, Russia, China, Ukraine, Syria).

The above notwithstanding, those of us who have left Ukraine, Russia, or any other country in order to live in the West are playing a very important and indispensable role of being the People-Bridges. We bridge different cultures, foster mutual understanding and benevolence, and we seed the Western collective consciousness with alternative information. 

Can Israel take over Ukraine?

Nope. Russia won’t let that happen. I already answered this question and made a full prediction on that in ESR6 Ukraine: New Kazarian Khaganate and American Zionism. In the same ESR6 I answer various questions about Israel and Zionism. In it I don’t proliferate the popular half-truths nor simplified view of the issue, and I don’t do blame game or fear mongering. I reveal some historic truths, addressing the most convoluted forbidden history moments and controversial issues. A must read for those who are serious about understanding the truth.

That said, I for one would welcome any infusion into Ukraine of higher Chi from anyone. Russians are working with everyone, including Israel, to influence the Kiev junta from without. Israel, as always, is playing a double game, and it’s all very complicated. But Putin and his team are exceptional chess players. And again, every little bit of the restraining higher Chi influence from abroad helps.

Will it get worse in Ukraine before it gets better? 

This, unfortunately, is the reality we are seeing. My original prediction has been that between 2016 and 2018 Ukraine will begin turning back towards Russia, but only after its economy is fully destroyed. We are now seeing the brutal process of a wholesale economic and social destruction.

And the changing timeline…

However, there has been a slight shift in the timeline reality due to Kiev junta holding on to power for dear life and due to the US/EU establishment and shadow forces continuing its support.

Due to this slight shift, there can be some delay in Ukraine’s shift towards Russia, albeit a slight one. Moreover, there can be gradual shift of various parts of Ukraine. However, I still DO NOT see the part by part shift outcome. I see most or all of Ukraine shifting at once.

If Ukraine still stagnates under Kiev junta till the end of 2018, there will be a significant change as of the end of 2018 – beginning of 2019, when Russia cancels the gas transit deal with Ukraine and after Nord Stream 2 has been built.

But as a result of the shifted timeline, Russia will not want to drag the dead body of Ukraine (sorry, however cruel it may sound) on her shoulders. Russia will be looking for cooperative solutions with other countries.

Neither would Russia ever invade Ukraine – per my original 2014 prediction. Or let’s just say, Russia would only send troops to Ukraine based on the UN, or similar, mandate. And even then – don’t think so. This prediction for the next 2-3 years only. After that a lot will change in the world.

I’ve written about the shifting timelines and the Mandela Effect in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 18: LADA RAY FRENCH ELECTION PREDICTIONS: LE PEN – MACRON FACE-OFF & WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE EU.

Silver lining

And now we’ve come full circle. The change in Ukraine has to come from within. This has to be accompanied by Russian support and US/EU withdrawal. So far, this is not happening fast enough. But the situation may change very quickly in the next year or so. Stay tuned!

It has been clearly shown that the people are awakening, as we’ve seen during the Immortal Regiment march of May 9, 2017. In Kiev alone 60,000 people came out and all over Ukraine, anywhere between 600, 000 and a million.

See more here: Proof Ukraine turned into Terrorist Fascist State: Kiev #ImmortalRegiment parade attacked

Article by Nemo: the-ukrainian-question-political-prophecy-of-1930-coming-true/








About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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  1. “However, there has been a slight shift in the timeline reality due to Kiev junta holding on to power for dear life and due to the US/EU establishment and shadow forces continuing its support.”

    Lol, the same conditions apply for the US/EU as the West is also running out of time. Who else would be dumb enough to support the ailing petrodollar?
    I see Saudi Arabia wants to be paid in arms!

    US collapse would be slow and painful, dragged out kickin’ and screamin’, bare knuckle brawl… just as u’ve predicted!

    Sorry Ukraine, Uncle Sam no longer has your back!


  2. Thanks Lada Ray.I always enjoy your information.

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    “However, there has been a slight shift in the timeline reality due to Kiev junta holding on to power for dear life and due to the US/EU establishment and shadow forces continuing its support.”

    Lol, the same conditions apply for the US/EU as the West is also running out of time. Who else would be dumb enough to support the ailing petrodollar?
    I see Saudi Arabia wants to be paid in arms!

    US collapse would be slow and painful, dragged out kickin’ and screamin’, bare knuckle brawl… just as u’ve predicted!

    Sorry Ukraine, Uncle Sam no longer has your back!


  4. If and when it is possible I would like to know what do you think about the information that is coming about the secret files of the Soviet Comunist Party that are being made public. Lenine and the bolcheviks receive millions from the north american oligarks. Was the so called bolchevik revolution only a coup d’etat? a maidan revolution? They were helped by them in Germany. What does it mean for the communist parties which still exist in Europe (very few) and in other parts of the world . They made the bolchevik revolution their reason to exist.
    Thank you so much.


    • I will have a full analysis of what really went on with Lenin and the Bolsheviks and the real true role of the Russian October Revolution in the book I’m writing about Putin and Russia. More info about its release this fall.

      I also may touch upon it – if you want to ask this question – during upcoming webinar on the US vs. USSR collapse – announcement soon.

      It all resonates with my EARTH SHIFT THEORY. Yes, there was foreign financing. Mostly by UK and Germany. It was done in order to destroy Russian Empire and Russia the Great Balancer. THE REVOLUTION and Lenin seem confusing to many, but they are very clear to me.
      What Lenin did was actually very sly.
      Essentially, it was a must to save the Great Balancer from destruction. If it wasn’t done, we all would have lived as NWO slaves since 2020s – if we existed at all.

      Details will be in my book and webinar.

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  5. Emil Resmann

    Dear Lada,
    Could you please help us understand the European migrant crisis from a higher perspective. Europe is being invaded by third world migrants who really do not fit here. I think in 2024 (in parts of the EU) every second child born will be born Muslim.
    What will happen to European culture? Do you have a positive or negative outlook on the migrant integration into our cultures?
    Sweden has been hard hit. Most people (at least in the MSM) are very optimistic and think the migrants are enriching our culture.
    On the other hand, people in the alternative media are very pessimistic. Sweden, for example, has now advanced to being the rape capital of the developed world.
    We now have a truly schizophrenic disconnect between the MSM and what many people think privately.
    The MSM is now rabidly anti Trump, anti Russia, and anti our centre left “extreme, right wing and racist” Sweden Democrat party.
    What is your cultural prediction for western Europe?
    I for my part want to move to Thailand as soon as family conditions allow it. Sweden feels like a madhouse!

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    • Great question, Emil. I think I’ll be able to address it as answer to a question during upcoming webinar – per my previous comment reply.
      Alternatively, I may include it in the future Putin/Russia book.


  6. Dear Lada,

    I know this article is about Ukraine, but I would like to ask about DNR and LNR, which are de facto unrecognized independent states. I know, that for Minsk agreement they frozen Novorussia federation project. How do you see development in DNR and LNR? Will they reactivate Novorussia federal state and elect federal government? How soon will DNR and LNR liberate their whole territory of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts? What will be future relations between Donetsk and Kiev? What influence will have Novorussian state for the rest of Europe?

    Thanks for your great articles.

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    • Great questions. I’ll have some sort of update on it: either in the upcoming book or article. Maybe soon.

      Dear readers, if you want to see more of my articles, please make sure you LIKE my posts. Thanks.


  7. Dear Lada, many thanks for the update. It seems that Ukraine is determined to build itself as an unreliable seller of second hand military hardware. First some USSR Migs that they insisted would need to be delivered by road instead of being flown to the buyer. (Very suspicious) Then the “repairs” to their only worthwhile naval vessel and lately APCs sold to Irag, of which only a third can start their engines and move. As you say it appears US is also definitely distancing itself. One wonders when the breaking point will be reached.
    Plus more troubles in the Balkans, US and Soros definitely being busy.
    I was wondering if you could at some stage explain what exactly is going on between Israel and US, never mind the leadership of the Palestinians. I am totally puzzled by it all,
    Looking forward to your next webinar, all the best from Robert

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    • Robert, I think I replied to someone just recently re Israel and US. I have the whole prediction re. Israel, US, zionism, and Jews/Israel real role and relations with Russia and US going forward outlines in ESR6: UKRAINE NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE. Please go to

      Again, when I wrote ESR6 it wasn’t popular to my dismay, as everyone ran on the popular narrative that Israel rules the US – LOL and more LOL. When I told the real truth, no one wanted to hear it.
      And now what I predicted in ESR6 is coming true!

      ESRs can be purchased for a small donation.

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  8. Hi Lada, lovely lady 🙂
    Already when I was in Ukraine in 2009, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the schismatical Kyiv patriarchate with its boss Filaret (since 1995) waged kind of a war against the Moscow patriarchate. So it’s not really new, what is happening today. Here two photos of mine, near St-Michael cathedral:
    two placards in a distance of about 50 metres from each other, in Kiev.
    Filaret is not so peaceful as he claims to be; in fact he is very belligerent. He called Putin a liar and murderer, a new Cain, and Satan his father, in 2014. Not the words of a holy man (Matthew 5:22).
    In 2016 Filaret said:
    “One shouldn’t think that the population of Donbass is not to blame for these sufferings. It is guilty. And it has to wash away this guilt by sufferings and blood,” urges the head of dissenters.”
    “They voted at the referendum for federalization, didn’t they? They did. They have sinned, haven’t they? They have. It is the effect of this sin. If they wouldn’t have sinned, wouldn’t have voted, then there wouldn’t be any of this,” assures the pseudo-patriarch.сivilians-must-wash-away-federalization-sin-blood-and
    Thanks for your great work.
    Да здравствует Россия!

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    • Hi Rudolf, no it’s not new. The thing is, it was kept in check for years, until junta came to power in 2014, when they allowed all this to blossom.

      I didn’t want to go into this ugliness, but… Long ago Filaret was stripped of his Russian church title for some shady dealings and excommunicated – don’t recall for what exactly. Ever since he’s been on a vengeance binge.
      You’re right, he is a very angry, bitter and violent man – just like his ‘flock.’ They pray at his churches for the death of the women and children of Donbass and for the destruction of Russia and the death of all Russians.

      So very sad – and who is he then if not Russian who lost his way?

      Thank you for the pics. So nice of you to share with us 🙂

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    • Dear readers, please remember to also LIKE my posts, if you want to see more of them! Thank you!

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  9. Likes are important on several levels. First, it shows appreciation for the gift of this blog. This is a lot of work, even for someone who loves what they do. Then there’s the fuzzy world of bloggery… and I admit to only a small understanding of it… but somehow a like helps establish presence, standing and gravitas in a highly competitive niche world of authorship. This particular blog has special importance in that Lada is helping create balance on the planet and thereby assists the Great Shift from a planet of dissonance and perpetual war to a place we can all live in peace and happiness.

    This is a long march and requires imagination and dedication. I choose to be part of this by trying to understand the process and by doing what little I can to help it along. Just a little thing such as a like is really important. I don’t want this to sound like an ad. I’m just saying what I think about it. Lada provides the blood, sweat and tears. I can help carry the water.

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  10. Latest from the former Ukraine: SBU raided Yandex offices in Kiev and Odessa on the pretext that Yandex committed treason(!) by passing to Russia some or other information…
    I’ve been giving (they are not only in Russian or for Russia) preference lately as they often give more relevant search results than Google.

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