Duterte in Moscow asks Putin for weapons to fight ISIS after Philippines attack

The Philippines president Duterte had to cut short his visit to Moscow due to the Marawi ISIS attack. During his talk to Vladimir Putin Duterte asked for a ‘soft loan’ to purchase modern Russian arms needed to confront ISIS terrorism in his country. He must ask Russia for urgent help, Duterte said, after US canceled his arms order.

Remember what Duterte called Obama last year (I won’t repeat it here) and with what defiance and anger he spoke of the US? Duterte became famous after he courageously stood up to the pressure from Obama and USA.

On video below, pay attention at how Duterte talks to Putin – what a contrast!

Also notice Putin’s expressions when he listens to Duterte asking for arms. It’s clear that Putin has to make a snap decision on something as important as giving arms to a leader of a potentially very volatile country.

I’m sure Russian intelligence has given Putin a serious run-down on what is really happening in the Philippines. But Putin has to take into account the entire situation in the whole region, weigh the risks of the balance of power, relations and trade, as well as whether Duterte, with his tough talk, can be trusted. We are seeing on camera a rare glimpse of how Putin’s mind works and how he makes decisions. Usually this process happens more behind the scenes, but here, due to the extreme urgency of the situation, it happens in real time.


Duterte was at the Beijing One Belt, One Road Forum last week. At the forum the 29 invited leaders mingled while China presented its grand plan for the brave new world through the New Silk Road. Only 2 leaders showed up from the EU – and very telling two: the Greek and Czech presidents, both unabashedly pro-Russian. USA was conspicuously missing.

At the forum Xi Jinping made it an absolute point to always be seen together or next to Putin. (The Chinese Belt and Road Summit is an event worthy of a separate talk – I’ll address it in one of the upcoming webinars and in my upcoming interview – stay tuned for announcement).

Duterte also boasted that he was seated at Chinese president’s dinner next to Putin.

However, not all is smooth between China and the Philippines. It seems some forces are trying to stir trouble between the two. It is also possible that there is a manipulation to steer Russia to get involved in the Asian disputes.

My advise to Russia – to be very, very careful. It will take a very delicate balancing game to keep the volatile situation in the region under control. A few wrong moves from various parties involved (S. and N. Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan the Philippines and the interfering US) and South-east Asia could explode like a powder keg. All this has to be weighed when making decisions. I have nothing but confidence for Putin and his team.

This is the Time of Russia, and any moves made by Russia at this time will ultimately bring positive results to the Great Balancer and to the world. We’ll discuss how this works in upcoming Earth Shift Webinars 2 and 4.

‘They want me to fight China. It’s gonna be a massacre!’ – Duterte to RT (FULL INTERVIEW)

Duterte: ‘Trump is my friend, but West is just double talk. I want more ties with Russia & China’


During this period of the Great Earth Shift the entire planet is experiencing tectonic changes and important events. The never before seen situations, dire emergencies and delicate snap decisions will be more and more common. In such circumstances, whether one is a leader or a country or an ordinary citizen, we’ll be required to make big yet untested decisions fast.

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  1. Thank you Lada!

    Purchased all 3 🙂

    About the questions submitted for the webinars. Are these questions submitted beforehand? Will you be basing the content of the webinar on the questions?

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    • Great! Thank you, Anthony.
      The questions are submitted through the form you should have been directed to after payment. You aslo needed to leave you email there, per instructions on paypage.
      If you haven’t filled out the form, I’ll ask Az to re-email it to you. The form is self-explanatory.

      The webinars are not based on questions. Q&A is extra. Webinars are based on the topics described on each webinar page. Please go to links to read descriptions (ESW4 is coming up later). http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/3-webinars-subscription-earth-shift-webinars-2-4.html


  2. I posted this interview on Facebook and 90% of the American responses were negative on Duterte – but a Filipino American friend who had recently been to Manila said thank god for Duterte! 8 of 10 Filipinos support their President and Duterte’s comments are common sense. Now ‘ISIS’ is ramping up violence in the Phillipines – coincidence? It should not be forgotten that over 1 Million Filipinos died in America’s Imperialist war against that Nation. Seems that across the board Americans have short memories and are far behind understanding the great Earth Shift!

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  3. Thank you Lada to enlight important topic of islamic terrorism, which now strikes in Philippines as well. On the other hand we could read, that SAA with big Russian help is liberating big parts of Syrian territory from ISIL as well as Iraqi army do in Iraq. If Syrian army manage to liberate whole Syria from terrorist, this will be big geostrategical win for Russia in ME. How quick you think war in Syria and Iraq will end and do you think Russia could, after Syria, also help Libya to restore order and liberate itself from terrorists? Winning in Syria and Iraq as well as in Libya would stop migrant flow to Europe.

    Best regards

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  4. The Philippine situation has CIA biometrics all over it. At some point the source of this global mayhem will have to be confronted without a lot of diplomacy.

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