3 Earth Shift Webinar Series Trailers + A WORD FROM LADA


​1st in the series Earth Shift Webinar 2 Inverted Collapse:

RELEASE JUNE 9-10, 2017!

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In the upcoming series of THREE EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS I have included the answers to many frequently asked reader questions, which I am unable to cover in my free FuturisTrendcast articles and YT videos. To find out which of your burning questions and highly requested predictions will be included in each webinar, please click on links below to read webinar descriptions!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. My goal is to disseminate as much information and knowledge as possible in my lifetime. Once I’ve covered these subjects, most likely I won’t go back to them.

Each webinar is a treasure trove of info, practical and multidimensional knowledge you won’t find anywhere else. If you are interested in my point of view on the most important and prominent developments, predictions and hidden energy currents of this decade and next, THREE EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS are a must listen to!

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go to individual pages to read webinar descriptions

and order each webinar individually

About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is the creator of the EARTH SHIFT AND GREAT REBALANCING TEACHING, AS WELL AS QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS & MULTIDIMENSIONAL TEACHINGS! Author of several books, multiple Webinars, Quantum Reports, and more! ** Lada has extensively written and spoken on global events, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and higher consciousness. She is world-renowned for her accurate predictions, which are currently materializing one by one! ** The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe to Lada's blogs, SM and Patreon, to stay ahead of the curve and to learn the REAL DEAL! ** Main sites: LadaRay.com - ALL WORK, BOOKS, FREEBIES, BUY WEBINARS & REPORTS! ** LRP: Join long-term monthly subscription: Patreon.com/LadaRay - regular reports and articles, advanced intel, analysis, predictions ** Twitter @Ladatweets ** Blogs: FuturisTrendcast.wordpress.com - geopolitics and predictions - huge archives LadaRay/wordpress.com - books, writing, world cultures - big archives ** YouTube: Lada Ray Channel

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    Looking forward to this series, all signed up! Thanks for all your hard work Lada! ❤

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    3 Earth Shift Webinar Series Trailers (color and black&white) + A WORD FROM LADA

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  3. Counting the days until June 8-10 🙂

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  4. If we don’t sign up for the webinar in person we can still purchase the video a day or two afterward, correct? I want to make extra sure about that. I take it the webinar is for people who want to ask questions, but if we can’t make the webinar we can still buy it and be privy to all the information soon after. ?


    • Correct, Barbara. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone. You can purchase any time at the same price and you’ll be directed to the webinar page automatically.

      P.S. Those who prepurchase now don’t necessarily have questions to ask – we have some who don’t.

      With these webinars, everyone’s welcome to participate at their own pace. This knowledge will serve you well for years to come.


  5. Hi Lada, exactly what you have predicted in 2014 about results of anti-Russian sanctions! You said back then that sanctions will benefit Russia, make Russia more independent from the West and improve Russian economy. These events have come to pass in Russia which Putin brought up speaking at an economic forum in St. Petersburg moderated by NBC’s Megyn Kelly.

    Several more noteworthy quotes from President Putin:

    Putin said the probe into Russia’s alleged attempts to influence the election via collusion with President Trump’s campaign team was merely “hysteria,” Reuters reported. He even tried to calm an inquisitive Kelly by asking: “Isn’t there a pill they can give you?”

    He also compared the anti-Russian sentiment in the U.S. to anti-Semitism.

    “It’s like saying everything is the Jews’ fault,” said Putin, who placed the blame for Hillary Clinton’s November loss squarely at the feet of the Democratic presidential candidate and members of her party.

    Joking about the effects of climate change, Putin said “American imperialism” was the reason for Russia’s summer weather.

    Gotta love Putin:


    ❤ XD

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