June 22, 1941: Nazi Germany attacked USSR. The ghost of Bandera. Who’ll decide the future of Ukraine

If interested in the real truth once and for all, watch the real footage of what was going on June 22, 1941. A 5min, self-explanatory video. Warning – graphic footage.

The Kremlin announcer in a measured voice says: ‘At 4 am on June 22, without an announcement of war, the Germany troops attacked our country and breached our borders in multiple areas. They bombed our cities, Zhitomir (now Ukraine), Kiev, Sevastopol, Kaunas (now Lithuania), and some others. Finland and Romania took part in the attack…’

Ukraine and Belarus received the first brunt of the attack. Ukraine as a whole lost 7 million people during the war. Western Ukraine Banderovtsi, who closely collaborated with Hitler and served in SS, exterminated hundreds of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Jews and Poles. It’s especially sick that fascism and western Ukraine Nazism (I’ve termed it ‘ukro-nazism’) has risen its ugly head in Ukraine today.

Only much later the true magnitude and devastation of the first day of the Great Patriotic War will become clear… It will take 4 years to finish off the Nazis and their allies and years longer to mend all the wounds.

Yet, some wounds never mended. Or rather they were meant to be kept open for a purpose of using them, as needed, against Russia. For this reason, some dark forces, such as ukro-nazi Banderovtsi, were carefully and purposefully whisked away to USA and Canada, after the German/Western Ukraine fascist defeat.

When the USSR was alive and well, many attempts to destabilize and subvert Ukraine through its western part were tried, but they all failed. The fulfillment of the master plan was postponed, but never abandoned.

(You didn’t really think that the ‘subversion of Ukraine’ was Victoria Nuland’s idea? No, the idea is as old as the CIA secret warbook itself — or older. I’d go with Austria-Hungary and Bismark, at least.)

Those sleeper cells, many of whom simply maintained some sort of innocuous correspondence with relatives in the Soviet Ukraine, who invited them to visit or came to visit themselves (with presents, of course) were kept quiet, until it was necessary to begin artificially re-awakening them in order to subvert Ukraine. The result is today’s Kiev junta and Ukraine as anti-Russia.

I was always wondering how so many Western Ukrainians ended up on another continent in 1945-1946. We are talking up to a hundred thousand. Their children and grandchildren would innocently look at you and say, shrugging their shoulders, that their parents/grandparents somehow ‘just managed to get to Canada or USA after the war.’ Well, unless they could teleport, it was a 100% guaranteed impossibility right after the most devastating war mankind has ever known, when all public ports and airports of Europe were destroyed or controlled by the military of the USSR or Allies. Another mystery, how all these ‘Ukrainian refugees’ had all that money to travel cross-ocean and then buy up agricultural land in Canada and USA?

Per recently declassified KGB documents, even before the Nazi surrender US was actively seeking out western Ukrainians, aka, the original Bandera Ukro-Nazi followers, in camps and among POWs; they loaded them up into ships and planes. The search for the ‘right’ ukro-nazis continued through containment camps all over Europe after the war ended. If these Banderovtsi were not whisked away, they would have to be given up to the Soviets to be tried for mass murder and crimes against humanity on the territory of Ukraine and Poland. In USA and Canada they were taken to camps where it was determined in what capacity they could be best useful fighting the USSR, and later Russia.

Most of them were ‘conserved’ for future usage, allowed to have families and integrated into society.  They were given farming land, as for the agriculture-based western Ukrainians that was a dream come true and a pinnacle of desires. Their and their children’s true ‘purpose’ came later, when it became necessary to create anti-Russia out of the part of Russia we presently call Ukraine…


As far as dealing with Bandera/Shukhevich followers remaining in western Ukraine, the NKVD and later KGB were vigilant as usual, but I daresay, too soft. A large number of the western Ukraine Banderovtsi remnants were left alive and ‘rehabilitated.’ Some of them even became Communist Party activists. Many of their offspring are now active ukro-nazis, committing their own crimes against humanity.

But perhaps some Bandera ukro-nazis did get rehabilitated, and perhaps there is some hope for others yet? Seeing what the Kiev junta has done to their country, more and more people are awakening to making the wrong choice in 2014.

As a telling example, here’s one of Ukraine’s most popular presidential candidates, Viktor Medvedchuk, who is an integral part of the Kiev political and oligarchic set.

Putin mentioned him in his Annual Q&A as one of the sanest politicians Ukraine has, and I mentioned him in my recent The Plane Truth interview as a politician to watch. Medvedchuk is known for his efforts to exchange POWs between Kiev and LDPR, an effort Kiev sabotages. Putin, incidentally, mentioned Medvedchuk’s real origin — and I know he emphasized his Banderovets father for a reason, so that Viktor Medvedchuk wouldn’t suffer a backlash in Ukraine. We know what happened after Putin once mentioned Trump… Medvedchuk has already been branded “the Kremlin agent.”

Viktor Medvedchuk was born in Russia, after his father served time for being a part of the armed Bandera movement in western Ukraine. The scary part is that the son of an open ukro-nazi, who may possibly have innocent blood on his hands (won’t say – don’t have the facts), is considered one of the few adequate politicians left in Ukraine. Just goes to show how far the country has fallen.

According to Wikipedia: Viktor Volodymyrovych Medvedchuk is a Ukrainian politician, lawyer, and business oligarch. Currently Medvedchuk is chairman of the pro-Russian political organization Ukrainian Choice and an opponent of Ukraine joining the European Union.

I’m sure, some people in Ukraine, who know Medvedchuk’s bio and who have seen what Banderovtsi have done to their country may beg to differ as to how ‘pro-Russian’ he is, but in the land of the blind, one-eyed man is king.

The reason I’m telling you all this: let’s remember this name — Viktor Medvedchuk. He may have certain promise. Can he unite the conflicting sides of the country and thus ‘save’ Ukraine? Putin seems to ‘cautiously’ think he may be able to. I am reasonably skeptical and this is the first time I am not fully agreeing with Putin, but time will tell.

The overall shift I’ve predicted for Ukraine between 2016 and 2018 is approaching. Trump would love to, but he doesn’t know how to drop Ukraine, as his recent incredibly awkward 6-minute meeting with Poroshenko has shown. Meantime, Poroshenko is desperately clinging to his ‘presidential throne,’ begging for US support. Too late for him, too. He’ll be kept there for exactly as long as the big powers take their sweet time to make a long-term decision.

In truth, the future of Ukraine will be decided in the meeting of Putin and Trump at G20, if they are able to meet. Recent events confirm what I’ve predicted since October 2016 – Jan 2017: Trump’s straitjacket and the absolute determination of the Deep State to sabotage any improvement of relations between Russia and USA.

If Deep State succeeds and no significant breakthrough between Putin and Trump occurs, USA will still slowly but surely abandon Ukraine.

Then it will be up to Russia…


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About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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  1. Thank you for the information, Ukraine has been pretty much unknown to us until recently. General familiarity with Europe stopped at Poland, Germany, and Austria.

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  2. Powerful history, expertly woven into the present. Eventually we’ll need a complete re-write of everything going back 13,000 years but this is enough to chew on for right now. Thank you, Lada. Will remember the name Medvedchuk.

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  3. Yes, Germany attacked the USSR (not Russia)They attacked the Bolshevik ideology that created The Red Terror and sent millions of innocent people to Gulags to be worked to death. They had to attack as they knew that Stalin was ready to invade Europe. The same Stalin who’s NKVD murdered 20,000 Polish officers in Katyn. Stop with you’re Soviet Propaganda




    • You are a complete idiot, dear, who regurgitates the very worst of the Russophobic western propaganda and who is a malicious Nazi apologist. Idiot, Katyn massacre of Polish officers was executed by Banderovtsi ukro-nazis, on German orders, dressed in NKVD uniforms. What can I say — idiots will be idiots. Keep living in your hateful nightmare — so typical of Poles: hating all your neighbors and plotting how to resurrect the dead corpse of their failed empire.
      Isn’t there a law in the UK AND in EU against Nazi apologism? Also this fits so nicely with the Holocaust denial law, which I swear I’ll use too if you make me any more mad. Let’s see, you are in Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK… Facebook adress: https://www.facebook.com/peter.like.92 Email: videosales@planetmail.net
      How about I report you to UK and EU authorities, if indeed you are in the UK? Our policy is to OUT all malignant trolls to the full extent, didn’t you know?
      And of course shills such as yourself are to be immediately banned.

      But in reality you are a malignant Russophobic Polish shill. Poland has been going nuts for years, turning green with envy and trying to destroy Russia for centuries
      — the latest attempt through ukro-nazi junta they helped bring to power in Kiev.
      Too bad for you your wet dream will never happen.
      But karma is definitely coming for all Polish misdeeds and lies.
      IP address:
      organisation: ORG-UTKS1-RIPE
      org-name: UPC Polska Sp. z o.o.
      org-type: LIR
      address: Al. Jana Pawla II 27
      address: 00-867
      address: Warszawa
      address: POLAND
      phone: +48227010900
      fax-no: +48227010901
      admin-c: TD3153-RIPE

      There’s much more, if need be.


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      • Lada you caught a bonafide Polish troll, congrats! Sick ’em with the UK apologist snowflake law, LMAO! XD


        The state prosecutor, Michael Klackl, said: “He’s not a historian, he’s a falsifier of history.” Arguments over freedom of speech were entirely misplaced, he added: “This is about abuse of freedom of speech.”

        Ahh, the glory of neo-liberalism. 😉

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      • Ah, my first smile of the day. Troll destroyed on perimeter electric fence. Body still smoking. Well, Lada has explained how intense Western propaganda can effect some people and here is the example. We are all in danger if we do not train ourselves to be very circumspect about what and whom we choose to believe. It is so easy to just roll over and go with the flow of idiocy that permeates this planet right now. It takes courage and dedication to stand up and say, “No, this is bullshit.” What a blessing to have such a stalwart warrior who refuses to give up sacred ground.

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        • Well said Paleo! Some ppl just can’t be reasoned with, esp paid shills from the state dept trying to discredit real info and history. Little do they know they’re actually helping in awakening the masses, and that’s why Putin/ Russia allow dissenting points of view and even incendiary rhetoric from Ukra-Nazis and Poles in their media and talk shows. Idiocy speaks for itself, these naysayers wind up discrediting themselves and their whole (bowel) movement. 😀

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          • True, our Maddie knows first-hand, having lived in Moscow. The Polish shills on Russian TV have gone absolutely berserk ever since 2014. There were scandals when they would insult Russians while being on Russian talk shows, saying Russians are fascists, unwashed dirty pigs, that Russia is going down, laugh that ruble is down and taunt that Russian incomes are now on par with Romanian (a lie, btw). What that idiot Polish shill above was saying is one of today’s neo-Nazi/ neo-lib/ globalist Poland’s most popular lines: ‘Russia was preparing to invade Europe and Hitler stopped it by invading Russia’ (of course also an idiotic lie, so easily disproved that no self-respecting person would repeat it). They say all that on NATIONAL RUSSIAN TV — with sole purpose of provoking a scandal and making Russians feel terrible and depressed by millions! And these creepy Polish ‘journalists’ live in Russia and tell everyone they want to get Russian citizenship, that they love Russia, etc. If Russia is so bad, why would they dream about obtaining Russian citizenship? Interesting, right?

            As usual, Russians have gone way too far in their magnanimousness and forgiveness. They kept having these creepy POles on shows despite everything.
            But in the past month there has been such backlash from the population that any such TV shows either may end up being sued by citizens or even closed. I understand that one such malicious Polish shill is now being denied Russian visa and put on black list — finally. I was wondering how long that Polish Nazi would be tolerated. Forget his name, something Tomash or other…. But he is a total Polish white supremacist Nazi and looks the part. Reminds me of a glorified and cleaner dressed ukro-nazi. Disgusting.

            I have lots more TRUTH about Poland if I wanted to add more, but that’s all I’ll say about this awful subject. It actually makes me nauseated.
            But anyone who has more info about POLAND’S GRUESOME DARK ROLE and how they happily betray everyone left and right — be my guest. I’ll gladly post it here. I think I had been giving Poland the benefit of the doubt for far too long. Enough of that — out with THE TRUTH!

            Maybe our friend Nemo wants to say a few words. I know he has more materials on Poland, maybe some historic references too.

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            • Dear Lada, sorry for a belated comment – looks like I again have a lot of catching up to do.

              There are, indeed, a few things that I could add about the role of Poland in the attacks on Russia, either directly or by being a catalyst.

              During the Civil War of 1918-1920, Polish intervention forces almost reached Moscow, but were subsequently chased by the Red Army back to Warsaw. And that happened after Lenin granted Poland independence in 1917 and cancelled the legal acts of the Russian Empire. Poland still wanted more – namely restoration of the Polish Empire in the 1772 borders.

              Interestingly, about 100 years prior to that, Poland tried the same stunt – a Polish General Michal Sokolnitsky was instrumental in the preparation for the 1812 Napoleonic campaign on Russia, and even drew borders how Russia would be divided between Poland and France. Watch a fragment of the following documentary (in Russian, but the map graphics are pretty self-explanatory):

              From a post that I wrote about the film back in 2014: “The film revolves around the report by Polish General Michal Sokolnitsky that was presented to Napoleon on the 10th of February 1812 and discovered in French military archives in 1996. The report details how Napoleon should proceed conquering and dividing Russia, how to use locals. The plans for compartmentalisation of Russia were well-defined. South-Western Russia (including Crimea), would become French state of Napoleonida, with Poland expanded South and several French or Polish-governed counties created as buffers. Napoleon went along with the plans, with the slight alteration – he intended to rally Poles and use them as the frontal strike force, commonly known as cannon Fodder.

              What struck me the most was the bit that said that Napoleon should ensure setting Ukraine (Malorossia) and Russia head to head against each other, and should bribe Don Cossacks, as they (allegedly) hate Russians. Napoleon discovered belatedly that this was not the case.”

              To be fair, during The First Great Patriotic War of 1812 Polish officers fought on both sides of the fronts, with several Polish regiments serving the Russian crown.

              Back to 1945, I would like to tell a story from my family lore, one which I did not mention before. I wrote about my grand-uncle Georgij, who went the whole war path from the Battle for Moscow and to Berlin: http://stanislavs.org/the-road-to-victory-my-grand-uncles-path-from-moscow-to-berlin/
              He told (a story re-told to me by my grandmother and my mother) that when they were returning to Russia by train and would make stops in several Polish cities, the soldiers would disembark for a short while to stretch their feet. They were greeted by would-be grateful for liberation Polish women, who’d hug soldiers and backstab them, so when a train was later leaving the station, as the “welcoming” crowd dispersed, my grand-uncle saw bodies of Russian soldiers on the platforms.
              I did not want to mention this before in the name of not bringing up the old grievances, but maybe this should be told for the sake of keeping the history straight.

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      Lada Ray and LR Admin

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  4. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Excellent exposé on Bandera ukro-nazis! Luv the quote:

    “You didn’t really think that the ‘subversion of Ukraine’ was Victoria Nuland’s idea? No, the idea is as old as the CIA secret warbook itself — or older. I’d go with Austria-Hungary and Bismark, at least!”

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    • “I’d go with Austria-Hungary and Bismark, at least!”

      I was just being nice and decided not to add Poland to the list. But that silly Polish shill reminded me so ungracefully to never forget that ungrateful Poles will stab you in the back even when you are trying to help them. Hundreds of thousands of Russians died in 1944 liberating POland — to get THIS CRAP back! Lesson learned.

      In reality, Poland spent centuries trying to break up and invade Russia. Succeeded only once in 16th, and only for a short time — were thrown out very quickly by the popular uprising of the Russian people. Subsequently, of course, karma caught on and Poland lost its sovereignty, becoming a part of the Russian Empire. Karma’s a bitch: don’t dig a grave for others, you’ll end up in it yourself.

      And of course, Poland has been plotting Ukraine as anti-Russia since 19th century at least.

      I was giving the benefit of the doubt to Poles till last second, as I so often do — never again.

      If I were Russians, I’d deal with Germans and Austrians, as well as Americans, over Poles any day. A lot safer and much better results. At least there is someone there to talk to!

      People, never forget, Poland’s VOLUNTARY designated globalist purpose is to be a festering thorn between Germany and Russia — EU and Russia! Ukraine has been groomed by Poland for the same role!

      But as I said, the earned karma is coming back to Poland with a vengeance very soon, which is what the silly Poles have still failed to learn after centuries of self-inflicted bad karma.

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  5. Lada, I am in Montreal Canada and witness alot of anti-russian sentiment in the media and papers. Trudeau is a neoliberal who bashes Putin in every turn, I’m so sick of the propaganda. Is there really that many former Western Ukrainians and Poles living in Canada now who may be “sleeper cells”? I am disgusted by this senseless hatred, but curious of their history and how their ancestors even got here. Thanks for all you do and enlightening us with the true history of events! Sarah

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    • Hi Sarah,
      Unfortunately, all those sleeper cells are now very much activated and they work overtime on Russia-bashing, as we see.

      Thanks for all your support.


  6. Hi Lada, it’s really good to get this sort of info. Listening to you and reading your blogs certainly explains a lot of things that had me baffled. It certainly clears up the misinfo about Russia. However you don’t seem to have touched on agendas 21 and 2030 which I believe Russia is also a signiatory to. There is also the global warming hoax and weather control via HAARP and chem-trails. Most disturbing is the rampant paedophilia now emerging, coupled with the disappearance of thousands of children worldwide each year. Is it possible that you can shed light on these things as well? Cordially Robert

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    • It is encouraging to know there are others who are aware of the myriad faces of evil looking down on our home planet. The knowledge alone helps to balance things. Out here on the wild internet there are multiple sources of information dealing with each one of these forms of psychopathy in a specialist kind of way. It’s all too big to put into a single forum, in my humble opinion. For instance, the pedophilia issue alone could fill a library. So we non-bloggers have to pick up the load and research wherever our proclivities lead us and come up with our own individual understanding of the big picture. The bottom line might be something like, how much time there is in a workday.
      This goes to quality of product and just what one person can do with the resources available to them.


      1. I will continue talking about my CORE subjects, and they are FAR beyond ‘clearing up the misinfo about Russia.’ You should try reading and listening to a broader range of my webinars/vids/reports/articles.

      2. Info War at work:
        ‘However you don’t seem to have touched on agendas 21 and 2030 which I believe Russia is also a signiatory to. ‘
        Russia is signatory to ‘agenda 21’????
        Any more conspiracy theories you’d like to share? (But for the love of god, DON’T SHARE! That was a purely rhetorical question. Had to add this as there are some people who simply don’t understand irony).

      3. As to Chemtrails and HAARP, these are a part of my and Az’s core subjects. We talked about it before, and I plan a very valuable Chemtrail / HAARP protection training webinar series next year. If you want practical solutions that work — those would be the webinars to attend.

      4. As to paedophilia problem — please go to specialist sites for that, as Paleohippy so well suggested.


  7. Seems there’s no rest for the weary in Donbass:
    Military Escalation on Russia’s Doorstep: Kiev Announces US Combat Troops Will Deploy in Donbass
    Kiev, Ukraine. In remarkable events, that now look strangely related, the Ukrainian speaker of Parliament, the Rada-has announced Ukraine has an agreement with the United States of America to deploy combat troops to “assist” their martial law operation or reintegration of Donbass plan.


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