Russian Volunteers save 1300 dogs and cats from terrible fate in China

Russian volunteers, with the help of local police, stopped illegal truck carrying 1300 dogs and cats transported in horrific conditions, stuffed 5-10 to a tiny cage, many wounded, bleeding and dying from heat, thirst and hunger. These poor animals were to be killed and eaten at the Yulin dog meat festival. The Russian volunteers had to sneak the saved animals in secret into shelters and animal sanctuaries. These organizations must keep their addresses secret due to attacks by the dog and cat meat traders — a horrific custom still existing in the rural areas of China.

I want to stress that it was an international effort; the Chinese volunteers and Chinese animal shelters were involved.

The good news, many innocent animals have been saved.

Video (sorry, graphic):

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  1. Before any of us in the west feel morally superior and harshly criticize the practice of caging dogs and cats in small cages in China to eat remember we treat our meat animals like chickens, steer and pigs no better than in the video. The Chinese look at cats and dogs the same way we look at chickens, steer and pigs. Like us with our meat animals they look at cats and dogs only as meat and treat them as such. The way we prepare “our” meat animals for butchering in deplorable factory conditions is no better than what you saw in that video. We in the west may be appalled at what we see in the video from RT because we look at dogs and cats as pets but all of god’s creatures should be treated with kindness and respect, including pigs, goats, sheep, lamb, cows and chickens. In the west and most of the world these animals have absolutely no right to live and the only existence they have is to live in miserable conditions until eaten.

    So in conclusion let’s all promise not to be hypocrites and weep for the dogs and cats in China as we eat our bacon knowing the life of the pig we’re eating had a slave and miserable existence.


    • Well said, Gary.
      Conclusion: those who consider themselves evolved beings should rethink eating animal products of any kind.

      My article: Truth about meat and dairy farms. Are organic dairy products ‘humane’? Lada’s tips on going vegan

      Also watch this vid by Doreen Virtue and her husband, where they talk about rescue of baby cows and what ‘organic’ milk industry would do to them. Of course non-organic is 100s of times worse. As Gerald Celente calls them, these are ‘chicken / animal Auschvitz farms.’ Start watching at 20 min mark for that:


    • P.S. To add: I don’t think anyone here is feeling superior to anyone, Gary. This is not what this post was about at all.

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      • Hi Lada, I didn’t mean to imply you or anyone of your readers are feeling superior and I apologize if you got that impression. I understand this post was just a showing of a great humanitarian action on the part of Russian and Chinese individuals who wanted to save these animals. I should have expressed myself differently and fully. These unfortunate dogs in these cages reminded me of the videos I have recently seen of pigs and chickens crammed into very similar looking cages and thought these farm animals suffer also like the dogs. It was just a thought that came to my mind and wrote it down but I didn’t tell my whole feeling of the video. It’s really wonderful what these people did in rescuing these suffering animals and it’s great that of course there were Russians and Chinese involved. It was painful to see those sick animals in those cages. Hopefully these dogs will recuperate and find loving people to bring them back to health. Maybe someone or group should get inspiration from these heroic Russians and Chinese and liberate farm animals in cages too.


  2. Very thankful to Russian volunteers, this is a good news to animals lovers

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