Xi Jinping meets Putin in Moscow and Giant Putin in Italy cornfield

Hope all of you who celebrate July 4th have had a good time. We are back online after a couple of days off. This week, as the rest of the year, is expected to be very eventful.

Xi Jinping spent 2 days in Moscow with his wife, during which time $12 bln worth of business deals were signed between Russia and China.

G20 begins in Germany. The highlight of the summit is anticipated to be the Trump-Putin meeting on July 7.

I have lots of news of my own, including the finalized dates for upcoming Earth Shift Webinars 3 and 4, pricing change, as well as some mega-announcements about more upcoming events. The 3-Webinar subscribers already have this info posted on their LINKS PAGE.

Look for my FT post with all these news later today or tomorrow!

To get our feet wet after the long weekend, I’m offering you a couple of today’s interesting news.

Ahead of G20, an Italian farmer transformed his cornfield into a giant Putin portrait, using his tractor and demonstrating impressive artistic skills:


Xi Jinping and Putin really hit it off, and relations between Russia and China are the best they have ever been in history. This is the third time this year the two leaders have met. Last year they met 6 times.

Remember my 2014 predictions? One of them was that the more West tries to put sanctions or vilify Russia, the more Russia will swing to the East, and toward China as the leader of the East.

One of my flagship millennial predictions is about Russia the Great Balancer rebalancing the world away from the West and towards the East.

The latest threatening moves by the US towards China work the same way: they very effectively push China closer and closer towards Russia. The grand sum is yet again, my prediction coming to fruition: Russia the Great Balancer rebalancing away from the West and towards the East.

Of course, we talk a lot more about Russia The Great Balancer and the Great Earth Shift in my new 3 Earth Shift Webinar Series: ESW2 Inverted Collapse, ESW3 The Future of Money, ESW4 Period 8 Predictions. To order click on link.


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    Welcome back from the holiday Lada, thanks for the update… luv Putin’s cornfield portrait! Putin & Xi Dragon are kickin’ serious ass in upcoming G20. Trump savvy enough to keep up? 😉

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  2. Hi Lada, as you say the swing is occurring. I don’t think the “dark state” has fully comprehended the situation with Russia. I would say that they have applied their western standards which means they missed the target by a good mile.
    There are some Russian produced videos now appearinfg on youtube and I watched the series “The Attackers” which to me gave a very good indication of the Russian mentality as to how they respond to threats to their country. The French and the Germans got a taste of Russian dedication against an aggressor and it seems the US is hankering for the same type of humiliation. Russia just does not do Western mentality as far as I can make out. As a young person growing up in UK I had a really hard time trying to understand the stand-offish English so i can understand the confusision. Just hope I haven’t confused you. Best regards, Robert

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  3. marblenecltr

    Giant Putin in Italy cornfield – crop rectangle. G20, how much longer will it go on? Some may have to get back to Bohemian Grove summer camp for adults. A few qualified adults. A few qualified adults who are male. Camp takes place during the last half of this month, I am waiting for my invitation. If I get to go this year, I will send you a post card.
    Speaking for my grandchildren, this is not their grandfather’s world.


  4. Hi Lada.

    Intersting Picture of Putin in Italy and when we talk about Italy, it is interesting to note, that Veneto regional parliament was the first in then World, who recognize Crimea referendum and Crimea being part of Russian Federation and ald also vote to cancel sanction against Russia. Veneto was than followed by some other northern Italian regions. With this huge migration crisis in Italy, do you think Veneto will again become independent Venetian republic as it was in history and what impact will this act from Veneto region have on future relation between Veneto / Italy and Russia in this big Global shift?


  5. marblenecltr

    Paleohippy, crop rectangles are reference to crop circle formations. Bohemian Grove is most interesting, it is a gathering of Western world male leaders during the last two months of July in northern California. Many important world decisions have been made there in the past. It involves pagan/occultic rites. Very social, good food and drink, have never been and don’t expect to every be invited. By the way, water flows through, and it is called “The Russian River.” Don’t try to visit unless invited.


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