Moldova President Igor Dodon Issues Bold Indictment to the West. Ukraine update.

It was a very brave and bold move by the new Moldavian president Igor Dodon. He was invited personally by Putin to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum 2017 as one of the keynote speakers, together with the PM of India Modi and new president of Austria. Dodon made his 10 minute speech, which sounded more like a direct indictment to the West for interfering in Moldova’s affairs and trying to sell the country to Romania, to a standing ovation by some and to stunned silence by others in the audience. After the speech, Putin personally shook Dodon’s hand and commented on how he ‘ignited the audience.’

You may recall that I spoke about Dodon and made predictions about Moldova in some of my 2015-16 articles on FT and in Earth Shift Report 8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT.

The situation in Moldova is developing as predicted. Have a listen to this important update.

Also in this update: Ukraine news and who is Viktor Medvedchuk — the name of a Ukrainian politician to remember, just in case he becomes next president of Ukraine.


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*** Read my extensive and very educational — for those who really want to know the truth — comment about Romania in this post’s COMMENT SECTION.



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    It’s getting harder for the West to do regime, with the advent of internet and alternative news sources like RT, smaller countries know what to expect, and ASK FOR RUSSIA’S HELP!

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  2. Way to go, Lada. I remember very well what you had said about Moldova and Dodon. Once again you keep us ahead of the power curve. Like 1EU says, regime change is becoming more difficult. Information technology in Lada’s hands definitely helps level the playing field.

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  3. Dear Lada.

    Since Ukraine is back up on the table, I want to give a heads-up of a bizarre development in UK, where a British man, who fought with the Donbass resistance is now facing terrorism charges (while a British man who fought for Azov Ukro-Nazi battalion is walking free).

    Please allow me to give a link to the following report by Graham Philips, on of only a handful Western journalists present in Donbass (he himself classified as “extremist” by UK):

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  4. Lada, I agree with your views and honestly don’t care so much about nationalism. I wouldnt call myself pro-Russian but Im definitely anti-Neocon NWO. Economics is the main core issue in the world today as it directly affects the quality of life of everyday man. But with all due respect, you forgot to mention that Moldova used to be part of Romania proper, despite it being annexed for periods of time to the Russian empire during the Russo-Turkish wars and afterwards, with brief periods of unity with Romania and brief independence.. Whether it is Moldova, Basarabia or Bucovina, these are/were Romanian speaking territories. Republic of Moldova is half of Greater Moldova, with the other half being in Romania. It’s a region, such as Transilvania or Dobruja, etc. Stalin moved people around to quell nationalistic zeal and did the same with Moldovan Romanians. Romania ended up in cahoots with Hitler due to his offer they couldnt refuse of supplying him with crude. And Stalin made Romania pay for this in goods.
    But I’m glad Moldova is taking a stance against the West as generally Romania always sided with the toughest player in order to avoid conflict. And they’re doing the same now. So whatever the outcome, good luck Moldova.


    • Dear friend, I am glad you have a reasonable attitude about many things. There are many misconceptions, and I see that even well-meaning people are deep under their influences.
      What I talk about has nothing to do with nationalism, but has everything to do with justice, truth and forbidden history that has, and is, being re-written under out very noses.
      The truth is, as anyone in Moldova will tell you, that Moldova existed as independent dukedom since late 1600s, under the protectorate of Russia, but also for long periods of time under Ottomans. Bessarabia is a different story, and the most important fact about it is that I grew up there, and I know its real history, which is: it was under the Ottomans for centuries, till Russians liberated the entire Black Sea –
      Pre-Balkans – Balkans area, where mostly Pravoslavnie (roughly translated as Russian or Greek Orthodox) resided.

      Claims by Romania as ludicrous, especially because Russia made sure that Romania, and Moldova too, received other territories to the West and South, in order for Bessarabia to join Russia proper.

      Another truth, which I’m sure Romanian history books would never mention is that at the very same time there was no Romania, but rather separate territories, under separate rulers (as opposed to one state) called Vallachia and Transylvania, plus a few others. The population, incidentally, was always mixed and in large part Slavic. These territories were under occupation by Ottoman Empire for centuries, until later 19th century, at which point Russia liberated them, practically single-handedly.

      But there’s so much more. The state we call today Romania, was formed ONLY in 1870s, and only on the insistence of the Russian Empire, over the objections by the UK. This happened after RUSSIA LIBERATED the territories we now call Romania from the Ottomans. Big mistake by Russia, who was trying to create a friendly, largely Slavic and Russian Orthodox state at the Balkans gate, but as it happened before, naively didn’t take into account the fact that corruption is something very persistent in human nature.

      Dobruja in reality was a purely Slavic area, as the name suggests, and Bulgaria rightly has a claim on it. Stalin made Romania pay in goods for what they did? That was way too generous on Stalin’s part and not enough for what they really did.
      Hitler made an offer to supply crude they could not refuse? It was much worse than that. Romania was offered by Hitler the Pearl of the Black See – Odessa, with all of its riches, ports and entry into Eurasia and Asia. THAT was the offer they could not refuse. Do Romanian history books shyly forget to mention it?
      Romania occupied my native Odessa very brutally during WWII, hoping it will become a part of Romania as a result of Hitler winning war, along with Pridnestrovie and Moldova. We have very good memory, even if, due to our magnanimous nature, we hardly ever talk about it.

      So, sorry to burst your bubble.

      There is so much more to the story, but what’s the point. It seems to me that very few humans are truly interested in truth, and they prefer by far lies and fairytales that feed their private fears, animosities and ego.

      For those who do want the truth, and for those who want my perspective: I tell this whole story and more in detail in Earth Shift Report 8: Black Sea Gambit.

      I know you mean well, and you do sound reasonable enough, so it’s more a warning for any potential others than you:
      I am NOT telling all this here in order to open a discussion. I never engage in arguments with commenters on my blog.
      I am telling you this and others who may read it here, out of the goodness of my heart – to educate, in case you were honestly misinformed.

      Therefore, I will not engage in any to and fro, any debate of finer points, or god forbid, any comments by trolls or shills.

      This is a very convoluted and painful, very screwed up forbidden history, much of which has been a lie, perpetuated by the dark forces and expanded by many nationalistic shills and trolls. We met some vicious Polish shills recently when I talked truthfully (for once) about Poland.

      Russia has suffered way too much throughout history from these lies. This is the only reason I try to tell the truth: to help rectify at least some of the many injustices and, therefore, help the work of Great Balancer.

      I have no interest and no energy to spare for any nationalistic trolls or shills from those parts. Therefore, I am reiterating that NO troll or shill will be tolerated on FT per blog rules, and any troll or shill will be fully exposed and banned from FT immeditely.

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