Dark State: Will Trump Drain the Swamp or Has He Made the Deal with the Devil?



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    Great intro to your invaluable webinars, waiting for ESW3!!!


  2. Kauilapeele in his blog today mentioned a book “The Trump Prophecies” by Mark Taylor.
    Are you aware of what he says, and if so, do you have any comment o it?
    Thank You.

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  3. There is so much profound content in your latest webinar that I need to listen to it repeatedly. Almost all podcasts that I download I immediately delete when finished listening but yours I will keep for awhile to digest everything. I think you’re becoming my spiritual and geopolitical guru.

    I look at the Trump presidency from a different point of view than most commentators who take a side. Even though I live in the US I try to take a hands off neutral approach and try to view it from afar and see it in historical terms. Whether Trump is a good guy or bad guy, whether he really wants to drain the swamp or it was just a show and whether Trump really wants better relations with Russia or he just wants to do horsetrading is to me immaterial. Does Trump, even if he is sincere, actually have power to force change and I really don’t care. I see Trump, this time in history, as more of a symbol of the splintering of the deep state and the weakening of the US in the world. Trump really stands for the decline of America. John Kennedy stood at the apex of American power. I think Kennedy and Trump are really bookends. They both symbolize both the power and decline of the US. Kennedy was a very intelligent and intellectual person who wrote novels and could think in large historical terms and would have ended the cold war had he not been killed by the deep state while Trump speaks like someone with an eighth grade education with very limited vocabulary and his tweets are a perfect symbol on what’s wrong with the United States (low attention span).

    The Trump presidency is very important not because of what it is and will do per se but because of the provocation is causes among very power forces in the US including the main stream media, intelligence apparatus and the Democratic party leaders. The deep state actors who really wanted Hillary as president are besides themselves and are going ape-shit in their totally insane prognostications of war with Russia. There is a certain collective insanity of both neo-cons and liberal Democrats called for bombing Russia and the increasing hatred of both pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces towards each other will not end well. Unlike earlier periods you don’t see any prominent national figures in the US calling for calm and unity because all these national and prominent figures themselves are taking sides.

    For me the verdict is out on whether the US will collapse a la Dmitry Orlov with all the black swans circling overhead waiting for one spark to set it off or it will be a slow and steady decline like a sloth losing more and more power in the world. I know that China and Russia favor the second outcome but honestly which way the US goes is out of both countries’ control. The US will do what it will do.

    One other comment. I completely agree with you about Trump being in a straightjacket and you were very prescient in foreseeing this in your earlier webinar but don’t forget that the US ruling circles and the deep state is also getting a straighjacket applied to itself by the advancing multipolar world.

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