Zakharchenko Announces Sovereign State of Malorossia, with Capital Donetsk, to Replace Ukraine

In today’s hugely surprise announcement, the Head of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexandr Zakharchenko announced the creation of the new sovereign state of Malorossia, to replace the failing state of Ukraine. The announcement was made in the presence of representatives of all remaining 19 regions of Ukraine.

Video with full Malorossia announcement by Zakharchenko:

Malorossia translates correctly as ‘Russia Minor’ (not ‘little Russia’ as some do). This designation was assigned to differentiate it from the Great Russia, or basically, today’s Russia. The Malorossia region within the Russian Empire was formed by Catherine the Great around central, and partially, western regions of what we call today ‘Ukraine.’ The historic Novorossia (New Russia) was formed our of southern and eastern regions of today’s Ukraine, also by  Catherine the Great.

The proposed flag of Malorossia will resemble the historic flag during Bogdan Khmelnitsky’s rule of Malorossia. The national hero of Ukraine, Cossack leader Bogdan Khmelnitsky, approached Catherine the Great, asking her to accept Malorossia along with ancestral Cossack territories called Zaporozhie (hence ‘Zaporozhskie kozaki’ – cossacks) as part of Russia. This offer of becoming a subject of the Russian State, in exchange for military protection against the Ottoman Empire’s, Crimean Tartar, Polish, Vatican and general Western invasions, was accepted. What we now call central and parts of western Ukraine became the new subject of the Russian Empire. By choosing the name Malorossia and the flag of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the hint is made that eventually Malorossia aims at re-joining Russia.

Zakharchenko even identified the term: 3 years. During these three years DPR, with the help of experts from Russia, Belarus and other countries intends to form tribunals for crimes against humanity and treason committed by various Ukrainian elites. Zakharchenko has stated that Russia will be asked to extradite ex-president of Ukraine Yanukovich, to be tried in Malorossia. Others to be put on trial after the transition occurs are Poroshenko, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and a long list of others. The crimes of Kiev and associated nazi battalions and organizations to be exposed, including the ATO and the genocide of the Donbass people, the burning of people in Odessa, and others.

Zakharchenko announced that Malorossia will encompass all oblasts of former Ukraine, excluding Crimea. It is to become a direct opposite alternative of the existing ukro-nazi state formed under the Kiev junta. It will be a non-fascist, free of oligarchs, democratically loose confederation of former Ukraine’s territories, with only the flag, army and federal finances concentrated in the hands of the state, and with a lot of power left in the hands of local authorities. The principles on which the new Malorossia state is to be formed are friendship and mutual cooperation. (Remember, these are the 5D principles!). As opposed to dominant around the world and in today’s Ukraine, exploitation, oppression and inequality.

Most importantly,  The new Malorossia project offers the citizens of Ukraine a clear alternative: to be again friendly and close to Russia, something that the Kiev junta has completely denied its population.

Zakharchenko proposes the rule of direct democracy. The decision to join Malorossia has to be up to each citizen and each oblast of Ukraine. For that, internationally monitored referendums have to be held in each region, city and oblast of Ukraine. Let the people speak, the right they have been denied under Poroshenko Kiev regime.

Zakharchenko declaration implies that the new state of Malorossia is to become the rightful heir to the former, pre-Kiev-junta Ukraine. The capital of Malorossia is to be in Donetsk, and Kiev is to simply remain a cultural and historic center.


It’s clear that both Russia and Donbass are searching for a new and more successful format for the future of the territory we so far call Ukraine.

I like the new proposal. It makes perfect sense, helps exit the dead-end Minsk talks. Via an electric shock, it awakens certain processes and creative juices, and gives hope to the long-suffering population of Donbass. It also challenges the West, as well as Russia, to respond and act. It also establishes the fact that Donetsk is a subject, not an object, of global politics and various negotiations. It affirms that Donetsk wants to lead, not to tag along. I like it, and I wish them all the success with the Malorossia project. It has a future.

Another thing that comes to mind is that this announcement has taken Kiev and just about anyone in the world by huge surprise.

But it wasn’t really a surprise. First, remember what I’d told you since February 4, 2017 in  Webinar 1: Will Trump Survive his First Term? I said that US was preparing and looking for ways to quietly disengage from Ukraine, without losing face. Remember I described the Kissinger Plan for Ukraine and post-Soviet Space?

What is happening here, and what happened recently, as I described in: Moldova President Igor Dodon Issues Bold Indictment to the West. Ukraine update  — these things are closely related.

The old borders and outdated geopolitical formats, which failed to withstand the test of time, won’t work any more. We are in the midst of the Great Earth Shift. Anything that hasn’t been well conceived, such as the slapped together controversial territory called Ukraine, can and will be swept away. New borders, states and new international formats have to emerge, and they are doing so.

I can also tell you that a significant chunk of those 2.5 hour closed-door negotiations between Putin and Trump at G20 in Hamburg were dedicated to Ukraine, Donbass and how to get out of this stalemate. (Read G20, Putin, Trump, Ivanka, Merkel, Xi, BRICS: Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations and Predictions!)

Warning: Zakharchenko announcement has already made a big controversial splash, including in Russia. There are forces who don’t want this to happen. But a push for change is needed — very badly.

Another problem: Zakharchenko hasn’t coordinated his announcement with Lugansk (LPR), which is not good. And according to some sources, it wasn’t coordinated with Moscow either, which is possible, but a little hard to believe.

And problem No. 3: remember what I said in G20, Putin, Trump, Ivanka, Merkel, Xi, BRICS: Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations and Predictions! ? Russia is not in a rush to be saddled with the destroyed territory of former Ukraine and to deal with its zombified population.

Zakharchenko quote: ‘We’ve been told by Kiev that we must return back to Ukraine. Sooner Ukraine will return to us.”

Recall my timeline for Ukraine turning back to Russia: by the end of 2018. I don’t mind if it takes a bit longer, as long as it’s done, and done right.




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  1. Glad to hear Zakharchenko is fulfilling expectations that we would hopefully hear about him again in a bigger way. I liked him when he was running and gunning against Porky’s Ukronazi goons and felt he had good vibes. I just hope there’s not too much blowback on this development that will get people hurt. This Malorossia pronouncement is a really big deal. Thanks for the excellent feedback on this, Lada. Some other-site commentary has been less than enlightening and otherwise not up to your standards here.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Upset the balance of power in Ukr? Lada, would this announcement have an affect on the Minsk “ceasefire” agreement? Will Kiev launch a full scale attack to reign in the separatist state despite orders from US? More headaches for Pres. Putin or simply advancing the reunification timetable? So many new developments.

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  3. Hi Lada,
    First I want to say IT’S ABOUT TIME! This is truly great news. If I’m saying this correctly, and let me know if I’m wrong, most of the former Ukraine is already part of Russia in the 4D or 5D world but it takes time for the incarnated 3D world to catch up. My heart or intuition has told me for a few years now that Ukraine is toast because it was an artificial creation in the first place. Make no mistake about this and you Lada have foreseen this that the former Ukrainian land, now called Malorussia, will become part of Russia in whatever form it takes. Since Russia is called the Russian Federation for a reason I see Malorussia being either an autonomous republic or an autonomous region. It’s whatever the people in Malorussia decide to be. Unlike during Lenin and Stalin’s time Russia will not impose her diktats upon the people of Malorussia but this time will let things flow organically. There will be no more artificial constructs forced on Malorussia anymore. By the way once Malorussia is formed any regions of the former Ukraine that don’t want to be part of it will have freedom to go their own way. Maybe the Hungarian regions of the former Ukraine will vote to become part of Hungary and the western regions around Lvov will vote to become part of Poland. Or maybe after time and Malorussia heals its wounds and cleanses itself from the stench of the nazis even these above two areas may decide to remain in Malorussia but given some type of semi-independence. Who knows what will develop once the people of the former Ukraine are freed and have finally learned their lessons.

    I fully understand why Russia doesn’t want to take possession of the basket case called Ukraine but too much patience on the part of Russia can be as bad as too little patience. Russia now needs to take the bull by the horns and go with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zacharenko put out this initiative without consulting Moscow first. It seems unlikely but I think it’s possible because someone had to take the initiative. Putin and the Russian leadership maybe are just too accepting of the stagnating situation in the former Ukraine while the Donbass population want action to get rid of the nazi parasites. Don’t forget they’re the ones on the frontline. Timing is everything. As a side note I’m still not convinced that Putin did the right thing in rejecting the Donbass into Russia after the population, just like they did in Crimea, overwhelmingly voted and pleaded to become part of Russia. It was a slap in the face to the people of Donbass and left them, at the time, at the mercy of the Kiev Nazis. Look at the tens of thousands of lives and property that would have been saved. Donbass is not a basket case but is the most productive part of Ukraine. I can listen to all the geo-political arguments why Putin did what he did ’til I’m blue in the face but it just doesn’t sit right with me. I can’t help it. Maybe my brain justifies it but my heart doesn’t. I’m not alarmist like Paul Craig Roberts about this and I’m absolutely sure it will all work out in the end. Anyways I don’t want to debate this but just to make my point.

    By the way this Earth Shift will affect all countries in the world. I can see the EU and Euro, which is an artificial construct imposed on individual European countries, going the way of the USSR. Look the British and French empires at the end of World War 1 made artificial countries in the middle east like Lenin did in Russia. Iraq, Yugoslavia and Lebanon were artificial countries carved from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire and as in the case of Yugoslavia Iraq, Israel and Lebanon will probably not be countries in the future. Iraq, because of its overwhelming Shia population will unite with Iran which it is doing (good going neo-cons). Lebanon will re-unite with Syria and Israel will not be around. Believe it or not, and it will of course take time, Earth Shift will arrive to the US where even the US may possibly break up. I see the population of Arizona and California getting more and more Mexican just from immigration and population increase. I think Mexico is re-claiming the lands stolen from them by US conquest (God works in mysterious ways). Probably American Indians will re-possess lands also stolen from them. Just like their cousin Mother Nature, Economic Mother Nature and Political Mother Nature always win in the end. It just takes time. Remember you can’t full Mother Nature, Mother Economic Nature and Mother Political Nature.

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    • Lots of good observations in tis comment, Gary.
      One thing: the problem with westernmost part of Ukraine, called Podkarpatskaya Rus, or Transcarpathia, is that there are 200,000 Hungarians living there, while the rest are Rusins (or Russins, or Ruthenians). Rusins are Orthodox, who had been in previous centuries under Austria-Hungary, and they may want to stay with Russia. Russia may also not be interested in dividing up those territories. There is a lot of delicate political dynamics going on. I can’t tell you everything because some is complex and some is secret.
      In the end, the future of entire Ukraine will still be up to Russia. Russia gets to make some final decisions on those territories, in negotiations with US and Germany. This will take time in our slow physical 3D, as you correctly pointed out.

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  4. Ukraine can be compared to the old east and west Germany during the cold war. The former divided Germany was the focal point of that war and the Berlin wall itself a physical and visible symbol of that division.

    This is definitely an escalation from Moscow and for me it’s impossible that this step does not emanate from Moscow, at the most there may have been a lot of lobbying from Donetsk for this to happen, but the ultimate decision rests with Moscow.

    1) What this move signifies is that the state of Ukraine no longer exists and the Donbass has no interest in re-integrating in to the Ukrainian state even with extensive autonomy.

    The Ukraine project is finished, Ukraine is dead.

    2) The Donbass is not seeking to be a separatist region but to actually be a rival claimant to representing what is/was known as “Ukraine”.

    It’s a huge move with radical implications.

    What will happen?

    Nothing much immediately but the west is in a weak position. The US is divided with a political civil war between Trump and anti-Trump forces. The US and EU, particularly Germany are now in an acrimonious relationship. Germany is hosting lots of refugees and Poland itself hosts 1 million Ukrainian refugees/migrants.

    US power is on the wane through out the world with even tiny little micro-state, Qatar refusing to send its leader to Washington DC during their recent political war with the Saudis. From Ukraine to the south China sea, the US has overexerted itself and is not that powerful with North Korea developing ICBMs, Duterte moving closer to the Sino-Russian axis, Syria getting rid of Wahabists.

    Russia always wins in any “frozen-conflict” zone in the ex-USSR be it Abkhazia, south Ossetia, Transdniestr etc as the US simply does not have the resources to take on Russia in its near abroad. Donbass will be the same. The most productive part of the Ukrainian state now essentially disowning the very concept of a Ukraine will never revert back to Kiev’s control even if as a semi-independent region.

    Ukraine has essentially finished today.

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    • Hey Shaf great comments. You capture the world balance of forces really well. We’re on the same page agreeing that there is infighting not only between the US and its allies but within the US itself. I made the point in another blogpost that what’s important about the Trump presidency is not what Trump does or doesn’t do but that his rise to power is a symbol and actually proof that the US is on the way out as the supreme superpower. The action is in the reaction among not only the US deep state but the EU as well to Trump. Consider Trump as the Molotov cocktail thrown into the western power structure whether he means it or not. So of course you and I are not the only ones to see this cracking of the western edifice. Russia sees this also and now I’ve been convinced by your post that Russia senses an opening as large as a Kamaz truck going through to bring the former Ukraine and now Malorussia close to itself and deliver the blow to the western supported nazis in Kiev. To make the hero city Donetsk the capital of Malorussia and to downgrade Kiev to a cultural heritage city is really a slap in the face of the western oriented screwballs over there and is so delicious. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Poroshenko office when news of Zacharchenko’s declaration was televised. I’m now convinced this has the fingerprints of Russia all over this proclamation of Zacharchenko. It’s another example of the boldness and impeccable timing of Team Putin.

      As I said before the fix is in and we will get Malorussia. It’s just a matter of the 3D world catching up. Adios Ukraine and Ukro Nazis.

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  5. Touching on Gary’s comments about the division of the US.

    I think the US will splinter. Racial tolerance, diversity are all things we should espouse but nationalism including sub-American ethno-nationalism (“sub” as in below the national civic nationalism of the US which is trans-racial) including that of whites, blacks and Latinos is far more powerful than we’d think from watching the MSM. Often dormant and latent ethno-nationalism in areas like Yugoslavia or elsewhere can be suppressed but eventually it comes out. The US is heavily divided racially with many ethno-racial groups simply living clustered in their own communities with a covert apartheid e.g. blacks with blacks, whites with whites.

    US disintegration may happen in 20-30 years but the Trump affair is partly symptomatic of a traditionally heavily white population at unease with the demographic changes to the country hence the “build the wall” rhetoric, not to mention the internal intra-white schism between liberals and conservatives.

    We already see the rise of the “alt-right” on social media and the quasi-legitimizing of some previously “unacceptable” views.

    On a personal level, not sure what Lada’s take on this is, but I don’t think any society whose elite aggressively push an agenda whereby there is no such thing as gender or not the natural binary male-female (Ying-Yang) gender concept of the natural world and seek to punish, criminalize those who reject this new dogma will be able to sustain itself for too long. I am referring to the militant de-genderization agenda of the US, particularly the liberal elites e.g. universities, Democrats etc.

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  6. Yikes, how to say… us humans being alive learning breath by breath treasure no harm love life be grateful being alive unconditionally! Ha!… Alo – hail, Ha – breath stop the geoengineers destroying beloved planet biosphere NOW!


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