Before we proceed, I have a favor to ask of my valued readers and followers! This is a new interview format. I want to conduct a mini-poll, which will help me determine whether to do more of these in the future, or not. I greatly appreciate your input. Feel free to answer all or some of these questions:

1. Do you prefer my Interviews in Video or Audio format?

2. Do you like the format of the video interview below?

3. How do you like my audio interview format with The Plane Truth/Time Monk Radio? Check out examples: single Excerpt AND my full recent interview: Shifting Energies, Dark Cabals, and a Rebalancing World –with Lada Ray.

4. How do you like my dialogue with Az format? Such as in the YT excerpt HERE, and such as in WEBINARS.

5. Do you subscribe to Lada Ray YouTube Channel?

6. Do you subscribe to FuturisTrendcast?

Please post your answers in COMMENTS! Thank you!


New VIDEO interview ‘Lada Ray: Russia The Great Balancer’

I had previously refused video interviews and did only audio, till recently. This is my first video interview in a long time. Shall we call it a rehearsal? Let’s see how it came out.

My host Denny Hunt took quite a poetic license with the intro. Many thanks to Denny for a beautiful choice of music: one of the best lyrical songs ever written: #Moscownights.
And thanks for the wonderful words and heartfelt introduction!

In the interview we discuss why some people in the West feel a mysterious connection to Russia when they seemingly have no Russian heritage. What is behind this attraction — past lives? Or is it the fact that people are awakening to the fact that Russia – The Great Balancer is the only force on the planet which can provide stability and balance? We also discuss: the forbidden history of Russia and how the history of the world was falsified; The New Chronology by Fomenko and Nosovsky, and how and why 1000 years were added to the so-called ‘medieval times’ in the West, while Russian history was simultaneously shortened by a 1000 years or more. We have even ventured into Denny’s own Russian past lives (which explains his mystical attraction to Russia), and mentioned a few of my past lives…

I’d promised the New Chronology link to my interviewer, and here it is: (Fomenko/Nosovsky New Chronology). Incidentally, this link does appear on FT RESOURCES page on top navigation bar. Who knows what other treasures you may uncover there, if you really look. 😉

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This interview: ‘Lada Ray: Russia The Great Balancer’ has also been posted on Denny Hunt’s WhyIsThisTrue? site:…/

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I am also including an abbreviated version of the YT Video Description for those who want these links and reference. The links include my Predictions pages and articles referenced in the interview.

Published on Aug 1, 2017

Lada Ray Russia/ The Great Balancer 30July2017

Welcome Lada Ray the voice for
Russia as the Great Balancer

Lada Ray, M.A.
Creator of the Earth Shift — Great Balancer,
Multi-Dimensional & Quantum/Geo Calibrations Theories

Internationally recognized for her accurate global predictions
Quantum Futurist & Trendcaster
Internationally Certified Feng Shui Master
Geopolitical Analyst
Financial Consultant
Claircognizant Empath
Intellect Shifter & ​Earth Shifter




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Earth Shift System, Multidimensional Universe and Russia the Great Balancer…

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FT articles applicable to both Russia and the Goddess/sacred feminine discussions:

Forbidden History: Russian Truth Code and Goddess Lada…

Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs?…

Overall, FuturisTrendcast has nearly 700 Lada Ray articles (and growing!) on topics ranging from geopolitics and forbidden history, to Earth Shift, quantum calibrations and multidimensional universe. I encourage everyone to explore them! New original Lada Ray articles and important updates are posted several times a week!




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  1. It was lovely to see the real you…so yes video please.

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  2. Having audio download like plane truth is a good option for people that listen while commuting, etc. If recorded on Zoom there’s several options for how the speakers show up visually. I prefer full frame for both speakers, otherwise its a bit too close up on the faces for me. Short excerpts in addition to long clips are good, it allows people to get to key topics quickly – also the attention span is shorter these days, so will reach a larger audience by offering excerpts. I think the ‘shotgun’ approach is best, having longer talks for people that like to go in depth and shorter clips for new people that are just finding out about futuristrendcast. Good stuff Lada! I enjoyed the new interview! -M

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  3. Lada: answer to your questions:
    1. video format
    2. yes
    3. full interviw
    4. youtube
    5. yes
    6. yes

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  4. 1.Video
    3. Full
    4. Subscribe
    5. Y
    6. y

    Well done Lada…

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  5. Do you prefer my Interviews in Video or Audio format? EITHER. Audio is more versatile as listening can be combined with other background tasks. I often access the youtube video and re listen to the audio.
    Do you like the format of the video interview below? Yes
    How do you like my audio interview format with The Plane Truth/Time Monk Radio? Check out examples: single Excerpt AND my full recent interview: Shifting Energies, Dark Cabals, and a Rebalancing World –with Lada Ray. I find your formats thoughtful and intelligent. Unlike the MSM here in the states I trust you to give a balanced accounting and to “frame” the background you have for your observation
    How do you like my dialogue with Az format? Such as in the YT excerpt HERE, and such as in WEBINARS. Unfortunately, I am not yet able to budget for webinars on Social Security-however I believe that will change and then I’ll have a Lada-thon to catch up
    Do you subscribe to Lada Ray YoutTube Channel? Yes
    Do you subscribe to FuturisTrendcast? Yes

    It is obvious you spend hours and hours preparing the knowledge you share. You have helped me immensely in sorting through the mis-direction and mis-information

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  6. Dear Lada,
    When “watching” YouTube I mostly only listen to the audio while doing other stuff. Thus to me video makes no big difference, except if you were to show interesting graphics…
    I really like the format with The Plane Truth, and with Az.
    I agree with AKAIDA. You could also do short condense Video clips with commentary on topics. I would appreciate short YouTube clips where you comment on current issues!

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    • Thank you, Emil.
      If I had 48 hours in a day, I’d be happy to make more ‘short’ videos, on top of everything else. I find that people have very little understanding of how much work goes into making each ‘short’ video.
      For the time being everyone’s welcome to watch /listen to my short webinar and interview excerpts on my YouTube channel, and of course full interviews and webinars are always available too.

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      • this was a good interview Lada

        oh i responded in the other video

        your right about fulford most Alternative sources out there say he is 20/20 20% true 20% false when he say’s that china or putin is a rothchild puppet i laugh

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  7. Hi Lada
    While it is always nice to have a visual reference for the people whose analysis and commentary I admire and follow, I personally prefer to listen to interviews than to watch a video of them. So I usually will make the video into an mp3 and listen as I walk or do other things. So generally audio formats suit me better.
    In this particular video there is far too much introductory material – we dont actually get to you and the interview until more than five minutes into the video.

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  8. Great interview Lada!

    Do you prefer my Interviews in Video or Audio format? Both are fine by me but like many of the others have said, I usually listen while performing other tasks and may not watch a video the whole time. I think whichever you enjoy more is the way to go. 🙂
    Do you like the format of the video interview below? Yes!
    How do you like my audio interview format with The Plane Truth/Time Monk Radio? I like it a lot. Your interviews tend to be more like conversations which is enjoyable.
    How do you like my dialogue with Az format? I like it very much, same reason as above.
    Do you subscribe to Lada Ray YoutTube Channel? I do!
    Do you subscribe to FuturisTrendcast? I do!

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  9. Dear Lada, this promises to be an interesting interview, touching upon many topics close to my heart. The forbidden history, the reasons why some people feel connection to Russia… This last point reminded me of an article that I was going to write some time ago, but was postponing until a better time arrived, which might well be now…

    I actually prefer audio format. Unless video contains diagrams, maps or other visual information, I prefer to listen to
    It is quite good, easy to watch. I like the layout as it does not switch between angles/cameras, like in interviews of some other people that I happened to watch.
    3 & 4 I like them both 🙂 They have a different manner of asking questions and adding to the dialogue, but that’s what makes them both good.
    No, but I refresh the tab daily 😉

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  10. Questionnaire:

    All of your interviews are awesome in whatever format. I go to YT and download in MP3 mode so I can listen at a good time. I can’t stay in front of a computer for any length of time because computer time around here is rationed. And with MP3 on an Ipod I can listen and learn at my own pace in my own way. I’ll usually listen twice over a couple days to understand better. OPP… Old People’s Protocol.

    I subscribe to your YT channel and Futurist Trendcast. Your recent Webinar topic breakdown/index was very helpful and must have taken some time to put together. If I were on a fence about getting the webinar, that would have sold me real quick. I’ll sure access that as soon as I can.

    Thank you for all that you do.

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  11. Nancy C/Seattle

    Either video or audio interviews are fine with me as I’m really listening to either with a running word document on hand to jot down quick notes & times for future references.2.
    Yes – very nice format
    Both interviews are excellent.
    4, The dialogue with AZ sections are helpful in crystallizing some of the salient points of each webinar.
    & 6 Subscribe to YT channel & FT.

    A memory was triggered in listening to the haunting opening song Moscow Nights. This song was introduced to American audiences by the Chad Mitchell trio in 1962, my freshman year in college.

    It’s an astonishing synchronicity that Moscow Nights was the opening song for a video titled: “Russia the Great Balancer”. 1962 was John F Kennedy’s second year in office. the year of the Cuban Missile standoff & Fidel Castro’s 3rd year as prime minister of Cuba. I was in high school in 1957 when the USSR launched the world’s first satellite and suddenly American “know how” wasn’t so smug. I remember President Reagan’s union busting, “trickle down” redistribution to the rich and supposedly saying, “Mr Goborochev tear down this wall”. I can now see thought the template of the Great Ballancer theory that ordinary Americans were also better off when the USSR was functioning as some brake on vulture capitalism.

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    • Thanks for the great testimonial, Nancy. Sometimes it takes a lifetime of experiences and memories to put the two and two together and acquire that precious wisdom that makes you see the truth.
      Alas, young or old, most never manage to acquire this wisdom. They fail to question outdated paradigms, or worse — they replace old fairytales with new ones.

      Only a few truly fortunate souls are able to see through the shroud of popular lies and MSM/political mind games.

      I am so blessed that my readers, followers and FT friends are among those few fortunate souls who get it, and whose minds are open enough to listen and hear.

      Blessings to you, Nancy, and to All

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  12. I did not find time to listen/watch your interview until today. It was excellent, but a wee bit too long for me. I am better able to listen to 30 min at a time. I like your webinair 4 with the individual segments format so that I can come and go, and the outline is a bonus. I don’t have an iPod so I have to stay within hearing range of my computer. Of the two formats, I prefer audio, like the Plane Truth one. I concur with all of your other respondents. Keep up the excellent work you do!!

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  13. I prefer to listen as well, but my real preference is for the written word. I can read a lot faster than listen.

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  14. Hi Lada,

    I will be a little off topic here, but I paste a nice video from Italy, where they unveil the statue to Russian officer Alexander Prokhorenko, who died near Palmira, where he called air strike on himself to not fall in hands if ISIL terrorists, in northern Italian town Vagli Sotto.

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  15. Teresa Carvalho

    I liked the video format, it gave more focus. Sometimes with audio, my mind wanders 🙂
    I subscribe FuturistTrendcast.
    Cheers to you and your work!

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  16. Video if it is close captioned. Prefer written report as I’m hearing impaired. I subscribe to Futurist Trendcast. Love your work Lada:)

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