What next? US shuts down Russian San Francisco Consulate + two other diplomatic sites


In late December 2016 US, still under Obama, suddenly announced seizure of Russian diplomatic properties and expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic staff, together with families. People with school children were given less than 48 hours to clear out of the country, in violation of any and all human rights, and right before New Year’s and Christmas.

At that time, Russia did nothing, awaiting Trump’s presidency and hoping he would conduct a more sane policy.

There was a PROMISE made by Trump — and therefore an expectation by the Russian side — that US would return illegally expropriated Russian diplomatic properties. This promise was supposed to materialize during or after the long-anticipated meeting between Putin and Trump during G20 in Hamburg, Germany. Nothing transpired and Trump together with Tillerson dodged all Russian inquiries.

G20 Hamburg Putin Trump 1

Vladimir Putin meets Donald Trump at G20 in Hamburg, Germany

After waiting for any progress till the end of July, Russia announced that US diplomatic staff in the country was being reduced by 755 people, to maintain parity with the number of Russian diplomatic staff in the US. The reduction comes into effect as of September 1. The number of US staff remaining in Russia is to stay at 455, which would be on par with the number of Russian diplomats in the US.

As is apparent from the blown out of proportion numbers of US diplomatic staff, said ‘staff’ was very hard at work trying to orchestrate a Kiev-style Maidan and color revolution in Russia, in time for Russian presidential elections in March 2018.

A warehouse on the outskirts of Moscow and a dinky US dacha near Moscow were also ordered to be vacated. To be sure, the little dacha / summer cabin in the woods near Moscow does not come close to the Russian diplomatic resort property expropriated by the US. Russia bought that resort in 1970s and paid $1.2 mln at the time. Therefore, Russian private property was illegally expropriated by the US.  Meanwhile, the dacha property near Moscow was GIVEN to the US diplomats as a diplomatic gesture.

Another thing that is striking is that Russian authorities gave American diplomats and their families a full month to wrap up their affairs and move out of the country. If any of them had school children, they were hardly affected as it was in the summer, and enough time was given to find new schools for the kids. Let’s recall that USA simply THREW OUT Russian families from the country, not even giving them enough time to pack, and it happened in the middle of a school year!

But that was only the beginning of this new diplomatic 4D war. As many around the globe have noticed, there is no difference whether it’s Bush, Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama, or Trump. US is only happy when it creates conflict and wars all over the globe. They are too afraid to attack Russia directly. In fact, as I’d predicted since 2014, they’ll NEVER DARE. But they find ways to do it insidiously and clandestinely, escalating conflict in every way they can. This is the nature of the beast…

Where are all of Trump’s campaign promises, such as pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq, improving relations with Russia, making a peaceful effort in Syria? Instead we see Trump and the crazies around him escalating N. Korean crisis, getting into fights with China, sending more troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, interfering in Syria, Picking fights with Iran, promising lethal weapons to the fascist Kiev junta in order to attack the people of Donbass and provoke Russia, and as a cherry on the cake — new escalation of diplomatic conflict with Russia.

Recently US announced that all US visas to Russian citizens were being canceled. Moreover, US completely stopped giving out new US visas to Russian citizens. It was also announced by the US State Department that all visas being presently processed will be denied and money will NOT be refunded. In addition to everything, in a true highway robber style, they also stiffed people for their money.

But apparently, not too many Russians apply for US visas, so it turned out to be a pin prick. Those ‘Russians’ who are on US payroll, tasked by their handlers to perform anti-Russian work within the country, will continue getting their visas to the US as they did previously. But normal Russian citizens won’t, and not many are that interested, anyway.

Therefore, denying all Russian visas, present and future, wasn’t enough. That was quickly discovered by the US. They thought long and hard and decided to do some more spectacular damage to Russia-US relations. Earlier today US State Department announced that US shuts down the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco, CA, as well as consular annexes in Washington D.C. and New York.

They hope, said the US State Dept statement, that after this gesture by the US, US-Russia relations will finally begin improving. Anyone rolling on the ground from laughter yet?..

And, in its normal highway bandit manner, the generous US yet again has given 48 hours to Russian families to leave the country.

I had predicted since early 2016 that Trump would be put in that proverbial ‘straitjacket,’ not being able to move and make good on any of his promises, and that he would be made toe the line.

It happened exactly as predicted, and then some. But I’m finding that I was being too nice, giving him too much benefit of the doubt. In fact, Trump caved in to pressure so quickly and so fully that some people’s jaws dropped. Instead of ‘draining the swamp,’ per his campaign promises, he promptly and very successfully got sucked into it, all the way to the brim of his orange hair. Looks like he and his loyal followers are now very happy to co-exist in the same swamp together with the outdated system they vowed to change and those pundits of the system Trump claimed had to go.

I said a couple of months ago that you can forget Trump and all his promises. He has become an ordinary lame duck US president, and he will toe the line as he is told, just to survive. He is now working hard to show his real Dark State masters that he is a good little boy and deserves to finish his term, without impeachment.

In other words, Donald Trump turned out to have even less backbone than anticipated.

The Dark State wants to preserve status quo, and it’s doing a splendid job at it. And the problem? All they are achieving is delaying the day or reckoning. The longer it is delayed, the worse the weight of the USA’s karmic debt will become. Debt repayment may be delayed for several more years, but not much longer than that, as we discussed in Earth Shift Webinar 4.

And in conclusion:

There is a rumor that Rex Tillerson can’t wait to leave his post as US Secretary of State. Per reports, he is fed up, but is trying to finish one year and leave by the end of 2017, so it looks good on his resume. Rats are abandoning the sinking ship.

After leaving, Tillerson will have a lot of damage control to do. I strongly suspect it’ll be too little too late to fix business relations with Russia for Exxon Mobil and other US companies.

It has been known that large American companies have been unsuccessfully lobbying US Congress not to impose new sanctions on Russia, saying that it would damage their business with Russia, as well as that with the EU. EU companies and key EU countries as a whole are hard hit by the new US energy sanctions against Russia. So are US energy giants, such as Exxon Mobil. EU is considering certain response sanctions against the US companies doing business in the EU. At the very least, US companies will find it harder to work in the EU. Yet, none of this stopped the Congress from passing anti-Russian sanctions.

Back in 2014 I said that we should forget the old adage that ‘politics is concentrated economics’ and that economy is what drives geopolitics. This is an outdated notion that only worked in Period 7, for some very specific reasons discussed Earth Shift Webinar 4. Here’s my formula: In PERIOD 8 and throughout this entire EARTH SHIFT, it is geopolitics that is primary, while economy is its servant and appendix.

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  2. Lada, are you still living in the U.$.? How do you feel being Russian and living in the U.$. with all this going on? Do you ever feel like saying to your husband (he’s American isn’t he?) that you want to ‘get out’ and he’s coming with you?


  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    “But that was only the beginning of this new diplomatic 4D war. As many around the globe have noticed, there is no difference whether it’s Bush, Obama (Nobel Peace Prize winner, no less!), or Trump. US is only happy when it creates conflict and wars all over the globe. They are too afraid to attack Russia directly. In fact, as I’d predicted since 2014, they’ll NEVER DARE. But they find ways to do it insidiously and clandestinely, escalating conflict in every way they can. This is the nature of the beast.”

    Lada, you’ve summed up US/ Russia relations beautifully. It has always been a one sided affair, with US hostility constantly threatening Russia and the rest of the world into compliance. Weaker/ corrupt countries experience colored revolutions and regime change. Russia always try to reason with the beast, but sadly action speaks louder than words, esp when reason and diplomacy is a foreign concept to the West. LOL, and

    “State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the United States has fully complied with Russia’s demand to reduce staff at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and at a smaller facility in St. Petersburg.”

    “We have chosen to allow the Russian Government to maintain some of its annexes in an effort to arrest the downward spiral in our relationship,” she said.”

    “The United States hopes that, having moved toward the Russian Federation’s desire for parity, we can avoid further retaliatory actions by both sides and move forward to achieve the stated goal of both of our presidents: improved relations between our two countries and increased cooperation on areas of mutual concern,” Nauert said.

    Wow, isn’t that just swell!

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  4. Operating entirely from WordPress now as your email presence has been made 99% unavailable to me by the dark forces. In answer to the closing of the Russian consulates, I can only say that the swamp is not draining very well and that probably the plan was never to drain it in the first place. These cretins in DC will never get the best of VV, though. With every stupid gambit they dig their graves deeper. Thanks for the update on this, dear Lada, and for breaking it down for us. You were and continue to be right on target, as always.

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    • Looks like someone is messing with WordPress email notification system.
      It’s advisable for my readers to stop relying on notifications and simply check FuturisTrendcast for new posts periodically.
      Sorry about this, I have absolutely no control over WordPress. Unfortunately their system is far from perfect, plus, you are right — someone is definitely interfering behind the scenes.


      • trump from the start was same old same old to a degree

        Bannon was all for good relations with russia in terms of culture wars he knows most americans are more center right and are against the PC left wing agenda coming out of hollywood and media ect

        but Bannon’s geopolitics is were russia say’s no no
        we don’t desire tensions with Iran and china and favoring Israel

        but Bannon was more of a realist then flyn was in truth trump was following the Kiissinger jesuit plan in the geopolitical realm

        but now he is around Zionist Bankers and generals the bankers are worse the generals around trump are still realists they know russia is to strong i do think there are good guys in the system just as there are bad guys

        trump must show some back bone or his base will be pissed most of all if he fails to go after Clinton forget the 2nd term

        many Native american predictions have long ago stated that america will come and go there’s a reason many americans are preping in other currency’s and supply’s but hopefully the collapse won’t be brutal i would not live in the big city’s if that is to be the case

        you are a breath of fresh air Lada you tell the truth when it needs to be told 🙂


  5. Just when you think the behavior of the U.S. government couldn’t become any more boorish, it does. The Russians have come to expect it from us I am sorry to say. I find such cringe-worthy behavior totally inexcusable. My mama didn’t raise me to behave like a philistine! The Russian government’s customary graceful patience and aplomb is enviable. I hope and pray those creepy Globalists slithering around in the shadows of our government doing as much damage as they can are exposed asap and they all receive the karmic justice they have earned and so richly deserve. Couldn’t happen soon enough.
    By the way, Lada, I was greatly heartened by an interview I saw recently (yesterday?) with Alexander Dugin and Alex Jones. Powerful stuff coming from Mr. Dugin. I am so glad to know that President Putin and his advisors understand fully the more esoteric aspects of what is happening between U.S. and Russia. Have you read Mr. Dugin’s new book?

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  6. Dear Ms. Ray:
    Thanks so much for this post, and for the three-part series, which I just finished listening to. I had debated about buying it, but it was well worth the price of admission, and I am especially grateful, as a resident of New York City (and a father of three children), for the practical advice you offered on future prospects of this area and places with better prospects. I would suggest a post on how to talk to kids (and spouses) about these issues in ways that won’t frighten them and won’t sound delusional to them. I would like to convince my family that we would be better off planning for a move south, but the resistance is very high to that idea. Anyway, God bless you and thanks for your hard work and insight.

    J. Casey

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    • Hi J. Casey, thank you for the relevant testimonial and 3-Webinar Series review. 🙂
      I’d like to post it on the Testimonials & Webinars pages http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/.
      Re. your question – I think this would be a good question to ask during my free ESW5 Q&A. More: http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/free-webinar-5.html
      There are cases when a personalized consult may be advisable. There is more info in my answer to Peter on this thread.


      • Yes, of course, I am happy to see my question out there, especially if it helps parents like myself who face the very thorny problem of trying to support the best interests of their children in a world (especially here in New York City) that presents any and all alternative viewpoints as pathological.

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        • Hahahahahahaha for so long stop and haha again repeat!. Ive been diagnosed with schizophrenia but I think just drug induced psychosis as I have been off all drugs and meds no relapse pharm false teachings ahhh!. But wow thats exactly how I feel pathological (sarcasm typed but cant see it!)


  7. As I see it atlanticists(dark forces identity at present) are instigating conflict in every corner of eurasia and will instigate more as long as they have leverage there(via saudi etc.) to prevent euresian integration.They know once the integration happens they will lose control of the affairs eventually, which they have built up step by step in the last 2000 years starting with the building of vatican.


  8. Love Putin in that picture…sigh it’s tough work being a highly evolved soul.

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  9. Russia announced that US diplomatic staff in the country was being reduced by 755 people, to maintain parity with the number of Russian diplomatic staff in the US. The reduction comes into effect as of September 1. The number of US staff remaining in Russia is to stay at 455, which would be on par with the number of Russian diplomats in the US.

    Im not sure but I feel vlad or his unit(y) is using aikido technique all negative energy expelled towards russia and the russia counters and sends that energy straight back 2 them. Love your innate ability to see everything (just about)for what it really is Lada. Thankyou dovely and dont stop if you can help it
    Kind regards


  10. There are three possibilities regarding Trump and the first two show Trump with terrible character.

    He lied about bettering relations with Russia during the campaign to get votes and had no intention doing it once he got into the Oval Office
    He had intention but when he came into the office he buckled under the pressure from the deep state and showed how spineless he is.
    He still believes in his campaign promises including bettering relations with Russia but the simple truth is that he, as the president, is really not in charge and is just a figure head.

    So he is either a liar, spineless or powerless. Pick your poison.

    If he is a typical lying politician then I have to admit that he really fooled me during the presidential campaign. I felt at the time that Trump had to mean what he said about getting along with Russia because there was no advantage to a person running for office in saying this. He could easily have out Russia-hated Clinton for an advantage but he didn’t. He never said at anytime anything coming close to anti-Russian sentiments. I felt that this was unprecedented. In my whole life time every single politician running for the two major parties always tried to out Russia-hate the other one with NO EXCEPTIONS! Trump was the first and only person running for either political party that refused to be Russia-bated. So was it all reality tv and just a show and he never meant one word of it. If this is so then why did Trump think that calling for better relations with Russia would give him an advantage in the most anti-Russian country on earth is beyond me.

    If he indeed meant everything that he said about bettering relations with Russia but was blocked by the deep state and its media henchmen and now has completely buckled under the deep state, then it tells us that he is not the tough no nonsense alpha male character that has been portrayed of him but a spineless deal-making low principled nihilistic player who can either be threatened or bribed with tens of billions of dollars.

    The third possibility that goes beyond even Lada’s straight jacket hypothesis that not just this president but many presidents prior have had no real power and there is a deep and dark permanent shadow government behind the throne which gives directives to the president. I don’t know how it’s done but this shadow government gives marching orders to the military, state department, intelligence agencies, media companies and so forth completely bypassing the president. It’s possible that naively Trump thought that he could take charge of the US like he would of his hotel businesses and after a few months he just gave in.

    So I think the most plausible explanation is a combination of #2 and #3. If he has courage of his convictions, assuming he has any convictions other than making money, and now knowing that the president really does not have any power then he would go public or have his Trump channel expose this fact, but he hasn’t said anything. Imagine that the day the shadow government ordered the closing down of the Russian consulates in an unprecedented move never even done during the worst part of the cold war, Trump called for better relations with Russia! It’s so incredibly hypocritical and disconnected from reality I just don’t know what to make of it. This is really a sickness and resembles a black humor scene from the movie Dr. Strangelove.

    But in conclusion I completely agree with Lada that the earth shift is happening whether the US deep states wants it or not. Here is a really fantastic article that corroborates the earth shift as inevitable and I may say imminent. The title says it all.


    • He didn’t lie about intending to change relations with Russia. He honestly thought he could ‘smoke’em out’ the bad guys that is, and ride into the city on white horse. Just proves that he has no idea about politics and geopolitics at all. Naive, ignorant, easily swayed, aggressive and scared of impeachment — not a very good combo.
      Sit down, student Trump — F.


    • He didn’t lie about intending to change relations with Russia. He honestly thought he could ‘smoke’em out’ the bad guys that is, and ride into the city on his white horse. Just proves that he has no idea about politics and geopolitics at all. Naive, ignorant, easily swayed, aggressive and scared of impeachment — not a very good combo.
      Sit down, student Trump — F.


  11. Total violation of international law, what can you say? They would rather flip the board than admit the American Century is Over!

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  12. A worth calm response from Russia so far:

    “We shouldn’t try to be like them. We never say that any unfriendly or hostile action by America should be responded to with a counteraction that replicates the American line, which leads towards political and judicial lawlessness,” Sergey Ryabkov told journalists on Monday.

    To be honest, I am at this point past being surprised by any criminal or hostile action from the USA, however low and meaningless it is. USA has just opened up a Pandora’s box of boomerang actions, when anyone can start searching the dip-properties as they see fit – also those of the USA. I am not sure that the policy-makers in the US realise that.

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