Putin on US: Hard to work with people who confuse Austria and Australia + Lada Ray on Russia/China

Russian President Vladimir Putin weighs in on illegal seizures by the US of 5 Russian diplomatic properties. Below is what he has said during the current BRICS Summit in China.

Putin and new chinese pres shake hands

As a keynote to this post, I want to emphasize that continuous aggressive actions by the US against Russia, China, N. Korea and others only push Russia and China closer together. Resolve is only solidified on the Russian and Chinese side, and other countries are ready to join in, to form and expand alliances against US on all levels. 

That coming together of Russia and China was exactly what Trump’s secret (and much smarter than him) campaign advisors urged him to prevent. But Trump has fallen off his horse, and as I predicted, has to toe the Dark State line, while wearing his deep state straitjacket, to avoid impeachment and survive his term. 

On another hand, as a result of USA’s stupidity, N. Korea’s resolve to hang on to its nuclear program is also growing. If US / Trump continue stoking the fire of the N. Korean nuclear crisis, the problem may escalate into a global catastrophe, touching many countries. 

The US establishment’s idiotic actions only expedite the day of reckoning for the US and Western system in general. Remember we discussed in Earth Shift Webinar 4 that whatever US does at this point in time will only backfire, due to its waning power and due to this being ‘The Time of Russia.’ 

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What Putin says below is exactly how Russians at large feel ~ take notice! Three main points to note in this replica by the Russian President, known for his sharp wit:

1. It’s hard to work with people who mistake Austria for Australia;

2. American people must be a truly great nation and truly great people if they can tolerate so many low-lives in power;

3. US blocked Russia from using Russian properties, which is a blatant violation of property rights. Russia will appeal this in US court ~ we’ll see just how just and effective the ‘much-lauded’ American justice system really is.

Couldn’t get any more caustic and any more clear than that. Watch:

Speaking of ‘how just and effective the ‘much-lauded’ American legal system really is,’ I calibrated the US justice system in my QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS videos, and even 2 years ago it calibrated below the minimum positive level of 200: around 180 (pride). And it calibrates even lower today! The decline is very visible:

Today QC (quantum calibration) of the US justice system is only 120 (FEAR)!

Watch original QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS videos on YT:

And another new notable quote from Putin on N. Korea ~ also said at the current BRICS Summit in China:
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  1. Good for Mr. Putin. I’m glad to see him being less polite in public. But, Lada, as you said, “the US establishment’s idiotic actions only expedite the day of reckoning for the US and Western system in general,” these people aren’t just idiotic, it seems, but (and I hate to say it) apparently suicidal, and homicidal, as they are putting all life in danger.

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    • This is what happens when the energy of the Present Period 8 moves against them. They simply can’t cope ~~ as we discussed in ESW4.
      I’ve seen this previously, when openly idiotic actions were executed by the establishment, which the smart people would know should be avoided. I’ve seen this with the USSR circa collapse. Now we are witnessing the pre-collapse death throes of the US/West ~ no gentler way to put it.


  2. Lada, I love your stuff. It’s great. I really appreciate the angle you come from and the insights you impart. We need more. I hang off every post you put up. Please keep it up.

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  3. Indeed, trying to work with troglodytes can be taxing. I’d be worried, but every time the US makes a move, it only serves to tighten the noose already around their necks. Pitiful. And VV’s wit is sharper than the finest Saracen blade. I smile every time I hear him chop these idiots into mincemeat on a more or less regular basis. To quote Peter, “…Lada, I love your stuff. It’s great. I really appreciate the angle you come from and the insights you impart…” The right woman for the times, and right on time. Maybe like Jean d’Arc.

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  4. great out look as alway’s Lada

    the problem with trump is he act’s on Impulse and ego
    i feel there are both good guys and bad guys around him and he try’s to hear both

    folks were hoping ah he’s an outsider but that has been both an advantage and disadvantage

    there was time when people thought trump could out smart Putin i said not a chance i don’t see a long term planner and philosopher in trump most of trump’s better ideas came from Bannon but even he was bad on some other issues

    in truth things alway’s get worse before they get better


  5. It’s quite embarrassing, and yet incredibly enlightening, to see the dark throwing such fits. They don’t seem to know what to do! But it doesn’t matter when it comes to the Great Balancer and what Russia will continue to do. Putin is solid as a rock.

    I just read that the Syrian Army broke the front line of the ISIS siege of the city of Deir Ezzor, which has been controlled by ISIS for three years. All thanks to Russia’s cruise missiles which took out important command centers, weapons depots, etc. There’s video of the Syrian Army celebrating and reuniting with many of their soldiers that were trapped in Deir Ezzor. Russia does it again and will continue to balance things out. What gave me goosebumps is that the Syrian soccer team apparently shocked the world by advancing to qualifying playoffs towards the World Cup. The news broke right around the same time as Deir Ezzor news. I watched a clip of the game and when they scored that final goal, the Syrian commentator was yelling in celebration and then he broke down into tears. I cried with him because I know this country is finally feeling hope again. From the article: “For the first time in years it appears morale is high in the war-torn country as a degree of hope and normalcy begins to take root in many parts that have only known bloodshed and terrorism for the past half decade”.

    Thank you, Russia. Thank you.

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