US Empire in full collapse mode: Morgan Freeman Declares US is at war with Russia

US Empire in full collapse mode. Where else can it find an enemy it can blame for all of its problems?

There was a time when Hollywood, with all its hysteria, produced some semi-truthful, if not plausible, films about Russia, USA’s eternal frenemy, right? There was a time when Hollywood films were entertaining and well-executed.


No more… Goodbye and RIP, Hollywood, if there is any peace left in that crazy place… Hollywood is finished, as are all those former stars, who have completely lost touch with reality, if they ever possessed any. This is what happens when fat times are over and they foresee lean times ahead. They go into a full-blown hysterics mode.

The Great Earth Shift is upon us, and it will reveal and expose all the lies, along with those who tell them. Poor, weaponized Morgan Freeman is one of the casualties, but many more are coming.

The videos are self-explanatory:

No comment…

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Curious why the powers that be chose an actor for this public service announcement? I suppose a politician delivering this very same message wouldn’t have the same degree of credibility, charisma, chi? Problem is, half the country don’t think Trump regards Putin as a Soviet spy. He keeps calling the Russian investigation as a witch-hunt against his administration. So who are we to believe? Hmmmm, LMAO!

    Maddie’s prediction: Morgan Freeman will be allowed to continue acting in the foreseeable future… Genius!!

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  2. I still believe in Kim Clement’s prophecy in 2007 when he said Trump will Trumpet and will become President as chosen by GOD. Mark Taylor prophesied on April 28, 2011 that Trump was anointed by GOD to become President to save America and both prophesied Trump will go through tough time because both the left and the right will go against him. And they both said that at the end, Russia, China and US. will become ally. When you read or view their prophecies, most of what they prophesied came to pass already. They both mentioned purging of the land will happen just to make people realize their wrong doings. They even said that both the left and the right want to put Trump down because he knew so much esp. regarding pedophiles where our top leaders are involved. They both prophesied that Trump will eventually pick 4 or 5 Supreme Court Judges, 1 will die (Scalia), 2 will be involved in scandals and 1 will retire. Their prophecies are so fascinating that they are happening right now and most came to pass. They both mentioned more chaos will happen as soon as the top leaders will be arrested and put in jail. Mark Taylor said it is not Trump’s agenda but it is GOD’s agenda.

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    • Ha, ha. Sure, some use big words such as ‘prophecy’ and ‘GOD’ to make it seem more credible. Some humans are just so funny, I’m practically rolling under my desk, laughing.

      If you were smart, you’d listen to MY simple and modest PREDICTIONS, which ALL HAVE or are COMING TRUE.
      But then, they aren’t for you, evidently. I don’t have that huge of an ego to have the audacity to claim my predictions to be ‘prophecy’ and ‘GOD’s agenda.’

      For the benefit of those who have wandered in here by sheer accident, in my predictions of 2015, 2016 and early 2017 about Trump I was in his favor and repeatedly said he’d me much better than Hillary, but I also predicted he’d be put in a straitjacket and not to expect much in terms of improvement of Russia-US relations, nor in terms of anything else. Go to links in the article to listen to my webinars on Trump and US predictions, as well as to for Earth Shift Reports on Trump and others.

      But don’t listen to me, because Trump will save you, dear.

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    • Forgot to add that Trump should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for threatening to obliterate N. Korea from the face of the earth, just like Obama, another ‘messenger of god.’ And let’s also award the Nobel Peace Prize to Bush, who started Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and Clinton, who bombed Yugoslavia — and down the list of all these ‘God’s appointees’ from this ‘exceptional country under god.’

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      • Presidents as public servants for the establishment, what does the ppl have to do with anything? This country has sold out for so long, politicians simply become minions of the “devil”. Interesting how every US Prez starts out with high aspirations, change the system, drain the swamp, work for the ppl… yet they ALL BECOME WAR PRESIDENTS!

        That’s b/c becoming a leader in a corrupted system, you are still part of the 3D polarity Matrix, it is impossible to break out unless one possesses higher consciousness and has access to higher dimensions/ perspectives.

        That’s why Lada and special messengers like her are so invaluable! They deliver the message from outside the box so we can finally break out of the Matrix. Incidentally, religion is a big part of the Matrix of control. Gov’ts use it as very effective tool to indoctrinate the ppl and keep us compliant to the rules of polarity. Good vs. Evil, right vs wrong, sin vs righteousness, God vs Devil, it’s 2 sides of the same coin. Wake up Sheeple and Drop ALL PROGRAMMING! Free Ur Mind.

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    • Russia and US were allies, it suggested that Russia saved the Union. How about read that real this historical observation: ‘The U.S.-Russian Entente That Saved The Union’ 1979. $7 on Amazon. Then maybe connections could be made on why ‘old money’ so much hate Russia.


  3. Hi lada

    My wife and I are in your country and have nothing but admiration for it.
    One more more week and head home.

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  4. It’s such an eye-opening experience to watch things fall apart. The empire is indeed collapsing! But structures built on lies and low vibration must dissolve. It’s my intention to stay as grounded and stable as possible to help offset the lunacy, such as this Freeman stunt. To me, something like this only shines a brighter light on their darkness.

    Here’s to the Great Earth Shift!

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    • Good one, Jimmy! Yes, staying as grounded and as cool as possible is the best idea. Recommend others do the same and not fall for the hysteria around. Good for you, Jimmy.

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      • well profound Lada

        i agree with most of what you said

        to me trump was alway’s about damage control he’s no JFK

        i only voted for him because i was Anti Clinton

        trump’s UN speech proves he’s under the spell of the neo cons

        but i still believe things would have got worse if Clinton were president

        in america there’s 2 problems when it comes to Corruption

        congress and citizens united one needs cleaning the other needs to be removed

        trump is good on some domestic issues
        but his foreign policy is just more of the same but so far he has not started any major wars

        trump act’s on impulse something putin and Xi can move around on

        i see 2 factions trying to gain control over trump the good guys and the bad guy’s what i mean by that is not everybody in the spy agency’s and the pentagon support the deep state agenda but the empire is finished

        oh have you seen john kelly trump’s white house cheif of staff put his hand over his face looking ashamed during trump’s UN speech? it say’s all


  5. President Trump’s remarkable UN speech reminded me of the 1958 book, “The Ugly American” written by a US Navy captain, William Lederer, assigned to Chief of US Forces in Pacific/Eastern Theater & political scientist/novelist, Eugene Burdick. The authors were concerned watching the build up to the Vietnam War in the context of the developing “cold war”.

    From Wikipedia:
    The Ugly American is a 1958 political novel by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer. The Ugly American depicts the failures of the U.S. diplomatic corps, whose insensitivity to local language, culture, customs and refusal to integrate was in marked contrast to the polished abilities of Eastern Bloc (primarily Soviet) diplomacy and led to Communist diplomatic success overseas.[2] The book caused a sensation in diplomatic circles. John F. Kennedy was so impressed with the book that he sent a copy to each of his colleagues in the United States Senate. The book was one of the biggest bestsellers in the country, has been in print continuously since it appeared and is one of the most politically influential novels in all of American literature.[1]

    How fitting that the same ‘Ugly American’ traits were on full display in Trump’s speech, along with the belief/threat that spending more money on military is a substitute for diplomacy. How eerily prescient that the authors in 1958 negatively contrasted American “refusal to integrate” (today called American Exceptionalism) to the “polished abilities of Eastern Bloc (primarily Soviet) diplomacy”.

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  6. Lada,

    So, who is behind Morgan Freeman’s journey into Uncle Tom-ville:

    Why would anyone with a functioning brain-stem listen to someone whose entire career is pretending to be someone else? I never thought the movie “Idiocracy” would become a documentary in the USSA.

    Also, here’s is an excellent movie “Ukraine on Fire” by Oliver Stone:


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