Poland orders DESTRUCTION of 500+ Russian WWII memorials

Dear Lada, we found this article:
Did you know of this happening? I find it unbelievably sad…..
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Yes, of course I know about this. This is one of the most sickening things I have observed in a very long time.

There are some details in my earlier BIG article/report discussing Putin – Trump G20 meeting: G20, Putin, Trump, Ivanka, Merkel, Xi, BRICS: Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations and Predictions. That report talks, among other things, about Trump’s trip to Poland in the course of which he was terribly laudatory of Poland rewriting history, and even helped them re-write history a bit in his own speech given to the Polish audience. The unfortunate truth is that in addition to being in a custom-made ‘straitjacket,’ Trump is extremely ignorant when history, and so many other things are concerned; therefore, it’s very easy to saddle him with any speech, or seduce him to make any move that someone with ulterior motives may want him to do.

As I predicted in this report, Trump’s utter ignorance of Polish true motives, multiplied by arrogance and insensitivity to other countries ended up costing him ANY cooperation from Russia he might have hoped for after his meeting with Putin at G20. In this one silly visit to Poland he simply crossed good relations with Russia off the agenda completely. But that’s what Dark State wanted to achieve, as discussed in the same article — and they did. What do you expect of US presidents, or should we say, figureheads, who, because of their utter ignorance and arrogance are so daft that they are too easy to bend to the will of those who hide in the shadows. Just look at Trump ‘inventing’ a new country in Africa during his UN Africa speech a few days ago: ‘Nambia.’ He repeatedly, and very embarrassingly said ‘Nambia,’ and everyone just ate it up. There is no Nambia, but there is a country in Africa called Namibia. My dear American readers, just know that all those African leaders who have politely listened to how well democracy is developing in ‘Nambia,’ will come home and have a good laugh at how ignorant and arrogant Americans are. As Vladimir Putin so aptly put recently, it’s Hard to work with people who confuse Austria and Australia.

And read the big report in question: G20, Putin, Trump, Ivanka, Merkel, Xi, BRICS: Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations and Predictions! For Poland episode look for subtitle TRUMP’S FAUX PAS IN POLAND. Also in the comment section of that article you’ll find extensive exchange with some Polish trolls — the trolls have been banned, but I kept the exchange for educational purposes. In the same comment section you should also find my answers to readers’ questions about Poland.

What is happening in Poland?

Simply put, as I predicted since 2014, and for that at the time I was also attacked by Polish shills: Poland has successfully turned into a bona fide Euro-fascist state.

Starting on October 1, 2017, Poland begins the wholesale destruction of over 500 memorials to WWII Russian/Soviet liberators of Poland from the Nazi Germany in 1944! This includes graves of all those poor soldiers and officers who gave their lives for that inhospitable country! Overall, several hundred thousand Soviet soldiers died liberating Poland. I have heard the numbers between 400,000 and 600,000.

In reality, a gradual desecration and destruction of Russian memorials, monuments and soldiers’ graves all over Poland has been ongoing for a long time. They never dared to do it officially, until they got an OK from the big boss across the Big Pond. This new move by the Polish government sanctifies the wholesale demolition of memory, history, truth and common decency! Poland, just like Ukraine, is in the process of re-writing history, where black is to become white, and vice versa.

Russians have been very upset about this for months, and Russia has downgraded diplomatic relations with Poland.

To be absolutely clear, Poland was one of Hitler’s early allies, and together with Nazi Germany it occupied Czechoslovakia before WWII has even begun. Per Nikolay Starikov’s extensive historic research, greedy and ultra-nationalistic Polish government got into a fight with Hitler. The issue appears to have been that Hitler requested free passage for his troops through Poland in order to attack Russia/USSR, but Poland, it appears, wanted bigger spoils than Hitler was ready to offer. As a result Hitler simply took over Poland in 1939. This move by Hitler is officially considered the start of WWII. Poland’s government fled to Romania, where it vanished(!) without a trace, and after some time, a completely different, self-appointed ‘Polish government in exile’ suddenly emerged in London. Poland as a country seized to exist the day the government fled and the country surrendered without a fight to Hitler.

About two weeks after Poland seized to exist as a country, Stalin ordered to retake territories that were ancestral Russian lands, but that ended up in Poland’s possession after 1917 Russian Revolution. These territories, which now constitute western Belarus and western Ukraine, were judged to be Russian ancestral lands stolen from Russia. However, in this case, there was another urgent reason: when country after country succumbed without a fight to Nazi invasion, The USSR wanted to create a buffer between core Russian/Ukrainian territories and potential attacker in the face of Germany.

In the course of WWII, from the aggressor it really was, Poland smoothly morphed into a poor victim, claiming this status after the end of WWII with the blessing of the USSR, which for geopolitical reasons wanted to keep Poland in its corner. All of Poland’s true evil deeds were hushed up and the USSR turned a blind eye to what Poland really was. For that reason, the USSR for years swept under the carpet some extremely gruesome facts, such as Poland executing at least 240,000 Russian/Soviet soldiers and POWs! This is in addition to several hundred thousand Soviet liberators that perished liberating Poland in 1944! The documents concerning mass executions of Russians by Poland (that’s apart from how many Russian POWs were executed by Nazi Germany and how many of them perished in Auschwitz and other death camps!) have only recently been de-classified, and now they begin emerging. Needless to say, they have shocked Russians, who were led to believe a very different version of history, including the one where 20 thousand Polish troops were executed by NKVD. As it also emerged relatively recently, this was a lie, implanted in documents during Gorbachev’s times. Gorbachev publicly admitted Russian fault and apologized for it to Poland, which caused Poland to escalate animosity and implant hatred of everything Russian in the Polish psyche. As it is now known, it was western Ukraine Bandera ukro-nazis dressed in NKVD uniforms who executed about 16,000 Polish troops, in concert with Nazi Germans.

There are many more extremely uncomfortable facts, such as Polish extreme racism and xenophobia, which I observed first-hand during my 4 visits to Poland. They were always very nice to me, calling me ‘pentna pani’ (pretty woman) – no personal complaints whatsoever. But at the time I was in Poland it was still a part of the socialist camp and it was fashionable to like Russians and have them as friends. However, during my visit, I saw with my very eyes how a huge mob of Poles bullied and beat up one poor black guy, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fact is that latent Polish racism, xenophobia and natural inclination towards Nazism have never disappeared. These life-threatening low calibration phenomena just take different forms and are directed against new imaginary enemies, depending on who gives orders in Warsaw — and to Warsaw.

Today, they hate everyone, but first and foremost, Russia is enemy No. 1. Guess what, this is why their American bosses pay them big bucks: barking at Russia and escalating tension and conflict on EU’s eastern borders.

Poland is a subservient vassal of the US. The reason constant tension is necessary is to keep the EU together and united against one common enemy, which is Russia, of course. Otherwise, the EU would fall apart much faster. And another reason, connected to the first: US must keep EU subservient and dependent on US bases and weapons. If there really is no Russian threat, then US bases and US troops can go home, can’t they? Then there is no need for NATO, right? And finally, the US Military-Industrial Complex will lose lucrative European market and go bankrupt, won’t it? They can’t let any of this happen, can they? Poland loves to scream about independence and ‘gonor’ (pride). But in reality they always were a quintessential for-sale-country — to anyone who pays them most.

In addition to all the above, I recently learned about another disgusting development: there is a movement gaining traction in Poland, called ‘the good Ukrainian is a dead Ukrainian.’ Poles are called on killing migrant workers from Ukraine. As I said, Poland is essentially a camouflaged fascist state, although it likes to pretend it’s a victim.

So yes, I know very well about the destruction of over 500 monuments to Soviet soldiers, liberators of Poland. The destruction is supposed to begin on October 1, 2017. However, vandalism and destruction of Russian monuments and Russian churches has been going on in Poland for a long time.

This is such a disgusting and sickening subject that I didn’t want to bring it up on my blog again, following a brief mention in the above-referenced initial article on Putin-Trump G20 meeting. I am only doing this for clarification purposes, per reader request.

Frankly, I also am extremely disgusted about Polish shills and trolls. I really, really didn’t want to go there, but I guess I have to: 

A WARNING TO POLISH TROLLS! Any POLISH OR OTHER shill/troll will be immediately outed, all of such troll’s personal info will be publicly exposed, if necessary, EU and/or corresponding country’s authorities will be contacted, and of course such shill/troll will be immediately banned — PER BLOG RULES! 

There is also more about Poland in the latest article:



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  1. I find it heartbreaking……and I am disgusted reading and seeing what is happening. Thank you Lada for taking the effort to talk/write about this subject. But it makes one thing a lot clearer: It is probably the reason they now get the EU-headquarters of JP Morgan…..”Bought and Payed for” maybe?? But Karma will be a bitch!


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    • Interesting about JPM headquarters, Christa.
      Yes, there were some big deals made, and serious ‘investments’ — no, excuse me: ‘payments for services rendered’ made! That’s how Poland has kept its economy up and running all these years, by selling its rabid Russophobia. And it works wonders, it appears.

      Ukraine’s Kiev junta has been trying to do the same under a huge Polish tutelage, but what silly Kiev-juntites don’t get is that Poland has manipulated them into a position of being the border state, a new anti-Russian buffer to distance themselves further from Russia, but without any benefits or free money infusions from EU, because Poland wants to keep everything to itself — why would they share? No one needs another ‘Poland.’ They just need silly Ukrainians as cannon fodder and patsies. And guess what, many western Ukrainians actually understand that, and enjoy that role!
      Mindbogling and crazy, to us, right?
      But as the normal, thinking Malorussians would tell us, western Ukrainians are very different and they are used to being under Poles for centuries, as slaves and serves. However, this constitutes a huge problem for the FREE PARTS of Malorossia and Novorossia, aka, ‘Ukraine.’ Those weren’t slaves, and they don’t want to be.

      Poland is trying to subvert Belarus in the same way, but there, no matter how they try, it’s not working for them. There is much proof that Poland is very actively trying to orchestrate in Belarus the same scenario as in Ukraine! For example: ALL OF Belarussian anti-Russia opposition is headquartered in Poland. Poland trained thousands and thousands of ukro-nazis before 2014 Maidan — now it’s Belarus’s turn. As we’ve seen, for all that Poland gets huge kickbacks from US/Canada/EU.

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  2. We needed to know. Thank you for exposing this, Lada. There is a global attack on memory going on and this directly affects humanity’s ability to self-regulate.

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  3. Ugh, and now more years of Merkel, too.


  4. I’m not sure which version of history we are supposed to believe. We do know that history is written by the victors and that inevitably atrocities are often committed by both sides in war. We are told, here in the west that there was a massacre known as Katyn, where 22000 Polish Officers and intellectuals were murdered by the NKVD in 1940. Katyn refers to the area where mass graves were found.
    Perhaps you can throw some light onto this darkness.


    • I already explained that in the article. And the number given was 20 thousand, not 22. According to Starikov, and sources I trust a lot more than yours, in reality we are talking 16,000 in Katyn, and it was done by Bandera ukro-nazis, as I explained, dressed in NKVD uniforms, under the leadership of German Nazi army. Is it so hard to understand that ukro-nazis spoke Russian and could pass easily for NKVD if dressed accordingly? And is it so hard to understand that such provocations were needed to create animosity between Russians and Poles? And look how successful it had been!
      I also wrote about this whole scenario in Earth Shift Report 2, which you may want to read!
      As far as I know, it also wasn’t 1940, but later during the war, after Hitler’s invasion, not before.

      According to Starikov, about 4,000 Poles were ALSO executed by NKVD — yes, but at different times and for different crimes, according to the war tribunal decisions, incl, for theft, rape, subversive actions, etc. Those extra numbers were just added to the others, to make it appear more impressive and to blame Russia for more. The same war laws applied in 1941-1945 to Soviet citizens too. Don’t you understand the obvious: how brutal war laws work, and that there is no time for lengthy trials when your country is being attacked??!
      The version of history you are looking at is obviously distorted. While it is hard to know all details, I am telling you the version that is based on REAL NKVD DOCUMENTS, which, as I explained, are coming out only now.
      And what about the line where I say Poland executed 240,000(!!!) Russians, and had been destroying Russian churches since 1920s? That doesn’t bother you at all, Ian??! Somehow I don’t see you commenting on that here! If no one in the West writes about that, then what, this is a lie to you?!
      In Russia, meantime, people talk about it more and more, BASED ON DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS THAT ARE NOW SURFACING! Repeating this, because it appears this doesn’t sink in.

      At this time, I am tired of all this and WILL NOT GO ANY FURTHER into this gruesome subject!

      Alternatively, anyone who prefers, may simply go back to Wikipedia, CNN and Polish versions of history, who’ll tell you the whole truth — oh, excuse me, whole lies you need to know to toe the line. Maybe that’s more comfortable for some. I don’t force or keep anyone here. Best of luck on your chosen path!

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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    When will Poles ever learn, we are all ONE. Too bad Slav compatriots routinely get brainwashed by the West. History gets rewritten, and they never learn! Don’t mess with Russia!!

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  6. I did note the 240000 Russians, and the churches too but did not know of it. It just goes to show that the western version of history cannot be trusted.


    • No, it cannot. We generally have to be as careful as possible trusting any info, and anyone can make an honest mistake too. This is why I have calibrations. Calibrations are great, among many other things, in determining the level of truth or lie in any statement, fact, person, event, country, etc.

      Thank you, Ian.


      • everything you said is the heart breakin truth

        the divide between poland and russia started with the papacy tearing there common slavic Pagan roots apart and beyound

        what is your view on pagan revival in russia ?

        some think they want to overturn orthodoxy im sure there is some history there but i think orthodoxy is pretty close to its roots

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        • Great question, James. And very controversial too. 🙂
          I would love to address it soon in detail. Will tuck it in my hat as one to address. Please remind me soon, if I forget 😉



        • P.S. I find what has happened between Russia and Poland heartbreaking too, and very regrettable. I wish there was at least some reason left on that side, and at least someone to talk to. I hear that some people in Poland privately try to preserve Russian graves, if not monuments, however, these are few and they have no voice whatsoever, not in capital and central structures. And some even get prosecuted, if they try to act decent. Can tell you 2 high-profile prosecution stories right off the bat.

          Sounds exactly like ukro-nazi Ukraine.


          • will do 🙂

            with more and more cosmic energy coming in they can either change or perish
            those that do bad deeds can never run from the cycle

            i have meet some poles some brain dead some fed up with there country’s unbalanced relations with russia sure Communism had its set backs but at the age am at now i see that russia as a target went beyound communist ideology the globalist’s care not that russia is post Communist the goal is the same

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  7. Excellent article, I am going to reblog this article for you.

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