Putin: US Refusing To Destroy Its Chemical Weapons. Yet Russia Did! Where is Russian Uranium?

Last week Russia unilaterally and voluntarily destroyed its LAST REMAINING chemical weapon, thus becoming chemical weapons FREE. The Soviet arsenal of chemical weapons, if ever used, could have destroyed the whole planet several times over.

This big and welcome news went absolutely unnoticed in the West, silenced completely by MSM and Western governments.

USA remains the BIGGEST and ONLY country with a huge stockpile of chemical weapons on the planet. USA’s chemical weapons today could destroy our planet and all life on it several times over. Yet, US is refusing to destroy them, despite previous agreements. The date of the destruction of said weapons has been postponed from 2007 till 2023.

Putin at Valdai 2017: US Refusing To Destroy Its Chemical Weapons. Yet Russia Did It!

Moreover, in the 1990s’ Yeltsin agreed to give US the stockpiles of the Soviet Uranium. We are not going to discuss how shortsighted that was, except that it had been done with a naive idea of fostering cooperation and good will of the West. Instead, as Putin says, US and EU repaid Russia by bombing Serbia, Russia’s ally.

Anyone naive enough to extend a hand and share with the West — as in Western governments and elites — should know how it ends. Any gesture of good will and friendship is perceived as a weakness and permission to cause damage to the country that has been too trusting.

By the way, Ukraine should do well remembering this. The problem is, Ukraine elites are too sold-out and they only pursue their personal enrichment self-interest. Read EU Trouble: Why Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania Support Separatism in Ukraine.

Putin at Valdai 2017: Russia Gave You Uranium, You Repaid Us By Bombing Serbia


The story of Yeltsin giving up Russian uranium stockpiles to the US in the 1990s is very cloak and dagger, and it is educational in its own right. I’ll talk more about it, with a new angle, in the upcoming ​​Earth Shift Webinar 6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA!

The 1990s Yeltsin Uranium-gate is discussed in:




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    Typical western hypocrisy.


  2. Dear Lada, from what I have been reading Monsanto and Dupont, et al are doing the job anyway what with their patented pesticides and herbicides and paid-for politicians. US has no need of chemical weapons as the world is being slowly poisoned anyway. Here’s hoping the Earth shift happens well before!! Best wishes, Robert

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    • That’s true, Robert. The slow poisoning is a very big problem indeed. Solution: either grow your own food or eat organic and vegan.
      The difference: chemical weapons cause immediate and very painful mass death and devastation, while pesticides weaken one’s system gradually, over the years, produce degenerative diseases and negatively alter the genetic code of future generations.

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  3. I love that Putin continues to call out the hypocrisy of the US establishment. It’s no wonder many countries are quietly trying to distance themselves from the US. I can’t imagine any nation trusts them anymore. It must be fear that keeps them in check and doing the bidding of the US. For now.

    Thank you, Lada!

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    • You’re right, it’s fear. Plus it’s also having vested interest, such as being on US/CIA payroll, or keeping their assets in USD, where they could be confiscated. Plus, many politicians/academia/MSM talking heads in various countries have their career dependent on the US system’s survival.
      This penetration of US into the elites of most countries is one of the biggest problems.
      Good news: in a number of countries people are awakening and old elites are slowly being replaced or have to re-learn and adapt to new reality.

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    The US is the only country with a huge stockpile of chemical weapons.

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  5. Lady Lada, do you think it is America’s own Karma that is going to bite them !? A recent report prepared by scientists at the Earthquake Research Institute (ERI) at the University of Tokyo, also predicted destruction of American continent by active volcanic uprising. According to ERI scientists, the so-called Ring of Fire – a chain of volcanoes that surrounds the globe at a certain latitude – will finally wake up. The ring goes through the Pacific – from New Zealand to Chile embracing Indonesia and California. The recent destructive earthquake in Mexico was only a harbinger of an extremely powerful cataclysm that may occur in the future resulting the beginning of the disintegration of the American Continent.


  6. Hi, I will be off topic here, but I have a quaestion. Today is a consulting referendum in Veneto for a larger autonomy. I think this is an important first step in a process for an independent Veneto republic. Do you see a chance, that Venice republic will be again independent and what influence it could have in global shift. After all, Veneto recognize Crimean referendum and is against Russia sanctions.


    • Veneto is in many ways similar to Catalonia. As I said in Earth Shift Webinar 5, these movements will take time to develop, it’ll be slow,and there will be tons of pressures and threats, as we see in Catalonia. But the map of the world will be changing in the next 5-25 years, no matter how some try to prevent it. More in ESW5. LINK: http://ladarayinfo.weebly.com/webinars.html

      I think Veneto is important. I am watching it because it’s consciousness-wise one of the ancient Etruskan, aka, pre-west Vedic Rus strongholds — that’s what I glean from the forbidden history. There is a strong genetic connection that is awakening, I can sense that. There is so much coming in the next 5-25 years — hold on to your chair! And listen to Webinars where much is explained!



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