Etruskan Language, Rus Vedic god Veles and Veche, the ancient Rus direct democracy

Russian Language: Forbidden History Hidden in Plane Sight

You may all recall that I did several articles on forbidden history and linguistics, as well as the Russian language truth code. This includes popular articles:

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and ESR6: Ukraine – New Kazarian Khaganate

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You may also recall that I mentioned a highly evolved EtRuskan civilization that existed in Italy, which supposed to have vanished and whose language was for many years in the West considered ‘illegible’…until Russians read it using ancient Rus alphabet.

We had an interesting discussion on Twitter on the etymology and meaning of certain words, and I’m reposting it here for you. There is so much more to the story, but 160 characters per tweet is a start. This little discussion will expand your mind and make you question more of th official view of history and origins of mankind, religions and consciousness.

And I promise that I will continue writing and speaking about these fascinating topics in the future.


Ask Lada: Etruskan Language, Rus Vedic god Veles, and Veche: the ancient Rus direct democracy — @LadaTweets and more…

may I ask for a translation of “Velch”. Etruscan town & also used in relation to demos in Kiev but no google or bing translate?

Word ‘Velch’: most likely named after Rus god of livestock Velech. This isn’t only such name. ‘Wales’, ‘Welsh’ — also named after Velech/Veles.

To add: God Velekh is also called Veles.

More from Lada: Veles, Rus god of cattle, bounty, forest and pleasure/enjoyment was prototype for: Pan depicted with horns, Bachus (god of wine). And of course, later in Christianity it became… who else: the devil.

Veles, as the lord of forest is often depicted with a bear. And note those horns!


More on Vedic god Veles: Russian word ‘vesel’ is anogram for ‘Veles’ and it means ‘joyful, enjoying’ but can also mean ‘pleasantly drunk’ as in celebrating with friends.
LADA: The best word to describe it is ‘merriment.’
Much more to say on Veles (also called sometimes Volos) that won’t fit in 160 characters:
Lada: the direct line of progression from the positive God of cattle, bounty (hence wine, symbolizing bounty) and merriment becomes on one hand the Greek Pan, god of forest and trickery, and on another Roman Bachus, the god of wine.
From thereon, as human consciousness progressively declined through millennia prior, the negative connotiations began to prevail. Such as: drinking wine, loose morals and excessive indulgences lead to the devil, according to Christianity. Note the HORNS — typical depiction of Veles, due to cattle. This progresses to cornucopia for bounty, and to drinking wine, the horns of Pan  — and consequently, as the negative consciousness sets, to the devil.
Rus Vedic God of cattle, forest, merriment and bounty Veles (Volos, Velech, Voloch)

The Russian language never ceases to surprise me:

Западня – Zapadnya – the Trap

Запад – Zapad – the West

(Lada: this was a nice catch and it’s striking when you think about it!)

How about “Veche”? Like the old Viking “Thing”?

Veche – ancient Russian word, means popular gathering and counsel. It was the way of direct democracy in ancient Rus states.

Only so much can be said on Twitter. Much more to add:

Usually, Veche would be called on a central square of town, village or city in the time when a serious decision in the affairs of the state was needed. Everyone could express their opinion, register objection, and it was all culminated with a direct popular vote. The ancient Russian city of Novgorod was famous for its robust Veche and direct democracy tradition 1200 years ago, and earlier in history.

Etymology of the word Veche:

Vedat’ – Vedic = to know, to see, to understand, clarity. Root: Ved — Ve 

Che — cha – chi = Life force



The joint life force that opens up knowledge

Or: popular life force clarifying a difficult but important decision


This good old word is being now abused by ukro-nazis and Saakaashvili, who are trying to create Maidan-3 in Kiev to overthrow Poroshenko. Saakashvili has announced that he is calling a ‘veche,’ aka, a popular gathering to start another Maidan.

I can tell you though that it’ll be hard for them to get the Maidan going without the sponsorship from the West. Maidan-3 in itself isn’t a problem. As I said many time before the sooner the situation is brought to a boiling point the sooner it’ll get resolved.

But I seriously object to them spoiling the word Veche to signify their gatherings. Not to mention the ukro-nazi denial of Ukraine’s common ancestry with Russia, yet using the word that millennium ago was brought to Kiev from the ancient Russian city of Novgorod.

This is not the fist time a good word or a positive symbol is stolen and made work for the dark side: Hitler once stole the positive Vedic symbol of the sun and our spinning galaxy, Swastika, thus giving it a bad name.

Rus Slavic Vedic Gods (some of them)

Rus Slavic Gods

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    • And I missed this?! C c c…
      I will point a funny coincidence (although I do not believe in coincidences:-)) – can you recall, Lada, that Killary blamed a group of Macedonian kids as one of the key points of her losing the race, for they allegedly worked on Trump`s behalf?
      But the main point is that they live in the town of… wait for it… yes, Veles! 🙂
      I do not know of any other country which has a big town named Veles (there is also a village called Velestovo near my hometown Ohrid), and I find the above mentioned ussa connection very joyful (весела врска in Macedonian;-)).
      We also have a male name Веле (Vele), verb вели (say), and запад has the same meaning (западна во стапица – fell into a trap).
      And I think that the time is overdue for us to begin paying more attention (more aggressively) on the hidden knowledge in our languages.
      Oh, and it is also interesting that although the majority of the Macedonians are Orthodox Christians, when they wish for something to be granted by God, only one word is most commonly used – Дајбоже… I know that you get my point;-).
      All the best!

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      • (западна во стапица – fell into a trap)
        In Russian the word for that is ‘zapadnya’ — trap (what a clue, what a warning!).
        I get your drift fully, and Macedonian/Serb/Southern Slavic languages hold a lot of forbidden linguistic clues about our true past and our roots, which very few notice and that’s why they survived and were not germanized or latinized, like, say, in Ukrainian.
        Will talk more about it in the future.


  2. Are the Etruskans an example of a culture that developed spiritually to a level that allowed them, as a group, to rise out of 3D?

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  3. Fascinating! Might these Vedic gods be linked to Sumerian gods? There seems to be some commonality between Velech and Enki.


    • More than linked: Sumer is one of the early branch-outs of the Arctic Vedic Rus, aka, Hyperborea. Has to do with the Ice Age migration. We talked about it in Webinars — ESW3.

      We are all one. When will people finally get it, I wonder?

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  4. Thanks. Apart from the fall in human consciousness since 12000 years ago, the Tower of Babel probably confused the heck out of mankind! We are now climbing out of that consciousness pit, I suppose.


    • Spot on.
      The Tower of Babel is a metaphor though for all that really happened, which was the fall in consciousness as a result of humans turning away from god and towards greed, ego and fear.

      The Wise Ones had to conceal the real events behind a pretty fairytale.

      Thanks 🙂


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