Heartfelt Letter from Africa and The Putin Enigma Scholarship

One doesn’t need to calibrate to see that the letter below comes straight from the heart and is something truly good. But just so we have no doubt, here are the calibrations:

Quantum Calibration (QC)   410 — REASON

CHI Calibration (CHI)            580 — HIGH CREATION (JOY+)

Heart Chakra (HC QC)           510 — LOVE

Considering all this, how could I not respond… It is so wonderful to hear from my followers on all continents, and it is great to know that Africa is awakening, and fast! (Remember my ESW4 PREDICTION that the time of Africa will come in Period 9?)



(published with author’s kind permission) 

Greetings Lada,

Hope this finds you well.
I’ve been following your work since last year, and subscribed to your email list not to miss the latest of what you sincerely and pure heartedly give to the world.
Your perspectives and approach are such like a new breath of esoteric freshness. Very impressive.

Your latest release : EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA, truly as you say, seems to be a culmination of a lot of your work.

To be honest, considering the amount of work, resources and time you have obviously and evidently put and dedicated to this work, I feel very embarrassed bringing this up….. but I don’t have any way of seemingly avoiding it 😑.

For someone who sincerely and honestly cannot afford to purchase this webinar, (….yours truly) but who sees and feels the great import of your work, both at an individual, global and cosmic level, is there any other option available to him of procuring an edition of the webinar?

I live in Nairobi, Kenya, and even before hearing about your work, I was very well aware for sometime of the great man that is Vladimir Putin, regardless of the negative and even malicious news on the contrary the western media was hammering relentlessly in the news. I even participated in writing a letter of encouragement to him during (amidst) the Syrian war (around 2014) , and I’ve also complemented him on his admirable leadership through his Twitter a\c.
In other words, despite my current physical and reincarnational location, Russia has always been in my heart.

I recall reading a long time ago and recalling repeatedly something Edgar Cayce, said….. to the effect that the hope of the world, at the time of chaos, will come from the east, Russia will be the hope and light of the world…and it is with pure joy to actually be a witness to the manifestation of this.

Any possibility of assistance or consideration from you regarding the above request will be greatly appreciated.

Once again thank you for your work and I will always be looking out for your titbits of revelations.

Sincere and kind regards,
Patrick K.
Nairobi, Kenya


Dear Patrick,

Thank you for the heartfelt email, and it’s wonderful to hear from you.

I am happy to offer you a full scholarship for ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA.
The direct link will be emailed to you in a separate email — please enjoy.

Please spread the word about FuturisTrendcast in Kenya!

Warm regards,

Lada Ray


Dear Lada,

I will indeed spread the word about  FuturisTrendcast to let people know that there is a richer true version and diversity of history than what we have been taught in school and that the current global geopolitics is riddled with so many lies and corruption, not to mention the multi dimensional aspect of it all.

There is a local saying which states “Kizuri chajiuza” in Kiswahili, which literally means that which is good/authentic/true/genuine/beautiful naturally and automatically sells /attracts/advertises/pulls others to itself… so there is no doubt in my heart that many others more will just find their way here.

I really feel the timing of this our correspondence is indeed a significant and timely sign-post for me, in my spiritual growth and understanding, and in this I’m very happy and appreciative to be able to have this direct communication with you.

Thanks Lada for your work. And thanks indeed from my heart once again for your kind offer.

Kind Regards,

Patrick K.
Nairobi, Kenya

Vladimir Putin



The calibrations for THE PUTIN ENIGMA — and more — coming! Stay tuned!

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  1. Put a smile on my face reading this. Wish I can read nice things like this all day 🙂

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  2. I just love this! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  3. Rafael Navarrete Rico

    Hi Lada, very inspiring:). I was close to crying to be honest but out of the joy i felt while reading. Such a great gentleman. Your work has tremendous positive effects. As i said it before, you and your work are in a league of your own.

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  4. Emily Schneider-Waterberg

    Dear Lada, I so emphasize with the letter from Kenya. It is our African dilemma that our currencies are daily becoming more and more worthless against the US$, Euro, British Pound, that your webinars are unaffordable to us. I have equally been following your posts but have not purchased a webinar as a result of them being unaffordable in our currency. With South Africa self destructing currently (and all neighboring countries affected), one wonders what a lone voice in the desert can achieve to wake up people to the more global perspective of the (your) Earth Shift – and seed hope and inspiration to act in accordance to what we want to see : peace, harmony, self-sufficiency, for all. (I have previously written to you, asking to mention SA (South Africa) in your public posts, and you answered, that the answer to my question was contained in one of your webinars…..). I love your work, and thank you for what you reveal outside the paid webinars – and would be delighted to glean some insight into your perspective of Africa and southern Africa as a passionate activist. Love and light

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  5. Kudos to you Lada. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt journey so far Patrick..peace and blessings to all..

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  6. Makes my day. Thanks for sharing. First heard of Kiswahili in secondary school. It’s a rich language more of heart origin.

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  7. Thank you for posting Patrick’s beautiful letters. I love the feeling of unity with people all over the planet.

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  8. Lovely and heartwarming, thanks for brightening our day Lada! ❤
    * Peace and Love to everyone *

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