Collusion to sabotage Putin – Trump meeting in Vietnam? Russia-US trade practically zero?


From Inessa S: At the 2017 APEC Summit, held between 10 – 11 November in Vietnam, a bilateral meeting between Presidents Putin and Trump was supposed to take place. Russia’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, stated that “while both sides were trying to organise the meeting, the United States offered a time and place that only suited them.” “The only time proposed was that which suited the Americans, and they offered only one place – a room that was rented by the Americans,” he said. Peskov reiterated that the last meeting of the Presidents, at the G20 in Hamburg, was held on American diplomatic territory, and, by diplomatic protocol, this time the meeting was supposed to take place on Russian diplomatic territory. “The Americans showed no flexibility, and unfortunately no other alternative offers were provided, so the meeting could not take place,” Putin’s press secretary added. Nevertheless, the leaders of the two countries had a number of informal talks on the sidelines of the APEC summit, and whoever was responsible for the non-meeting, “would be punished” – Putin said in jest. Donald Trump similarly voiced a positive association with Russia, albeit he said that he trusted American intelligence services in the investigation of “Russian interference” in the presidential elections in the United States. This differs from what he said earlier – when asked by journalists if he believes the Russian president, Trump replied: “Every time we see each other, he says, “I didn’t do it. “And I believe that, I really believe that if he tells me this, then he hasn’t. I think he’s very offended by this, if you want to know the truth.” It must be remembered that the concept of the “deep state” is very real in the US – and Trump has to play to both sides, that is the intelligence community, and the American public. Reading between the lines, he at least made it clear that no “17 agencies” existed that manufactured “the Russian dossier”, that the US mainstream media propagated wildly.


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  1. Hi Lada, do I use the business contact form for the enigma discount? Also, what’s your take on Putin saying a foreign Govt is collecting and harvesting Russian genes… Any insights into this?
    Peace and blessings to all..


  2. Begs the question: Who colluded to scuttle the meeting, and how did they scuttle it?


  3. I finally finished Q & A for ESW5 & watched Part 1 of Putin Enigma yesterday. I know I’m repetitive but I simply automatically now view events through the templates of Russia the Great Yin/Yang Balancer, Earth Shift and Trump’s deep state ‘straight jacket. And in that process I have come to alter my perspective from one of “connecting the dots” to looking for “what is being balanced”. I see the 3 videos and both Putin & Trump’s statements as winning maneuvers in the balancing act. Trump’s statement of reminding everybody that Russia has been heavily sanctioned and we need to “get back to healing a shattered & broken world” and Putin’s statement that Trump is being hindered by a US political system that does not respect his voters” aren’t just factual statements (“dots”) they are verbal balancing fulcrums.

    And Trump had a major win over the deep state straight jacket November 2 when he replaced Fed chair Janet Yellen with Jerome Powell to the great consternation of American MSM. US News/World Report lamented, “The case for Donald Trump replacing Fed chair is pretty thin.” Huffington Post headlined: “Trump replaced Janet Yellen with a less qualified man”. The real identity politics theme that MSM can’t name is that Jerome Powell is not Jewish. For almost 40 years the last 4 Fed chairman have all been Jewish – Paul Volcker (1979), Alan Greenspan (1987), Ben Bernanke (2006), Janet Yellen (2014).

    I regard Trump’s move on the Fed as similar to Putin’s masterful chess move of switching the military confrontation from Ukraine following the May 2014 coup to Syria in September 2015. Traditional liberal blogger Ian Welsh posted 12/15/16, before Trump was even sworn in, “Trump’s Coming Confrontation with Yellen & Federal Reserve.

    Ian points out that for 40 years Fed policy has deliberately kept US wages just under inflation & that Janet Yellen signaled she had no intention of altering this, undercutting Trump’s plans to repair the rest belt. Hillary called Trump voters “deplorables”. This is racist code for what used to be called, “poor white trash”.

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  4. One observation to the second video: Trump and Putin managed to talk directly there, though only briefly. Without translators and without being monitored. I feel that momentary communication was important…


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