Analysis: Consequences of Russia’s Mirror Response to US Witch Hunt Against RT – and so much more!


Two days ago ‘US govt attacked freedom of speech by forcing RT to register as foreign agent’. Till last second Russia tried to resolve the issue peacefully.

Yesterday, in a mirror response, the Russian Duma has passed the new law, which makes every news and media outlet in Russia financed from abroad directly or indirectly a foreign agent. Such foreign agent must register and file financial reports, among other things. The US news agencies with offices in Russia begged US to lay off RT for fear they would be targeted in response. (Russian MPs pass foreign agent bill for media in ‘mirror response’ to US.)

It is important to note, that as always, Russia has waited till last second with the passing of the ‘foreign agent’ law, hoping for some reason and common sense from the US. Not only that, Russian legal system had to be amended in order to pass that bill. There was no provision in Russian law for the designation as a foreign agent. And who wrote the Russian constitution and designed the new Russian legal system? The American advisors, sent by Clinton to ‘assist dear Boris’ Yeltsin in the 1990s. We talk about that page in Russian history, when the West nearly succeeded in destroying the Great Balancer, in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA.

There was supposed to be a meeting between Putin and Trump during APEC summit in Vietnam, during which time Putin would have brought up the RT situation. (Collusion to sabotage Putin – Trump meeting in Vietnam?)

However, we had seen that Trump was unable and unwilling to resolve in any way the situation with Russian consulates and embassy properties illegally taken away from Russia in the US, despite meeting with Putin on the sidelines of G20 in Hamburg. Just the opposite, Trump signed off on expropriating more of Russian state and diplomatic properties in the US.

Certainly, Trump would not be able to affect any change regarding RT either. As I predicted, Trump is firmly in the Dark State’s ‘straitjacket’ and he is in a fight of his life to stay afloat and avoid impeachment. Putin-Trump APEC meeting was sabotaged by Trump’s own team. In my opinion it was Trump who ordered to sabotage the meeting, but delicately, so not to directly tip-off Putin of the sabotage source. Why? Because, as I said, Trump is in a fight of his life. He deems it too dangerous to meet with Putin officially. It would easily trigger another round of attacks against him, when he is already hanging by the thread.

Actually, as we have seen from my prior posts, Putin does understand and respect that. As predicted in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 1, even as ineffectual as he is, Trump is still markedly better than Hillary would have been. For one, it’s still possible for Putin to talk to him, although real progress isn’t possible.

But the most important thing to understand is that Trump is supposed to play the role of American Gorbachev and begin bringing this outdated US/Western system down, just by virtue of being in a perma-conflict with establishment and Dark State. That role he is accomplishing.


You all probably know that there is an ongoing witch hunt against RT (Russia Today) in the US, UK and EU. This is only a part of the wide-spread anti-Russia hybrid 4D war by the West. In the world where the West has a near monopoly on news, there is a witch hunt against any honest alternative media and news sources, who try to tell the truth. RT is by far the biggest and most influential such alternative media outlet.

RT is constantly experiencing DDoS attacks on its servers. Some time ago UK froze RT accounts and practically forced it out of the country, making it almost impossible to operate on British soil. The most recent attack is that of US. Washington forced RT to register as foreign agent, invoking archaic law that was last used against Nazi Germany. This not only restricts RT operations and its ability to cover the news, it also means that Americans working for RT in the US, and that’s most of employees of RT America, may be forced out of RT jobs or facing invasion of privacy, and even personal danger.

What happened didn’t come as a surprise to me. In short, for many, many years the West, and particularly US and UK were telling Russia and the USSR that they were undemocratic and didn’t have the freedom of speech, whereas the collective West was the most democratic, free and wonderful society in the world.

We now clearly see that it had nothing to do with democracy or freedom of speech. It’s very simple: in the past the West could afford to have the so-called ‘freedom’ when it robbed the rest of the world. It was the prerogative of the rich and those, satisfied with their life to flaunt this make-believe ‘freedom.’

But in the past 10 years Russia has learned how to beat the enemy using their own best weapon, that of the MSM and freedom of speech.


RT was organized only about 10 years ago, and it took off like a rocket. Those who followed me from FuturisTrendcast’s beginning in 2014 may recall the story I once told. I was there at the start, being part of the RT’s informal international development forum/focus group. RT in its infancy followed the old Russian formula: to never attack, but merely respond by trying to deflect attacks (and those were as numerous in 2008 as they are today). The result was rather meek and reflective, not pro-active, as was required in order for Russia to begin her job of rebalancing the severely imbalanced world. The funny part was that at the time RT also employed plenty of Americans and Brits, yet no one figured out that RT’s model was sorely inadequate and naive in order to face the brutal threats from the West.

Frustrated with such timid response to relentless attacks and pervasive lies against Russia, I told them honestly that in order to be effective, RT must change, stop being always on the defensive and go on the offensive.

It’s like the light went on in those heads! It’s like they were waiting for someone to tell them what to do! Within days things began to change. Dmitry Medvedev, then Russian President, included this my suggestion, and some others, in his State of the Union Address that same week.

Shortly after, the focus group was dissolved as it fulfilled its purpose. Well, no one ever said thank you to me, but that’s ok. I wasn’t after a thank you; I just wanted to help. It’s good to be someone’s secret angel messenger, especially when it influences the future of Russia and the whole of mankind. 😉

I saw that my advice was taken well to heart. The Kremlin seriously invested in the new channel. I remember Medvedev, accompanied by RT’s Head Margarita Simonyan, visiting the new state-of-the-art RT studious in the US, and commenting, ‘Ah, that’s where the people’s money is going.’ RT changed its model, began aggressively recruiting talent, building new studios in US, EU, and other countries, and went on the offensive.

RT quickly learned to masterfully operate the West’s best weapon, routinely and very successfully used against Russia in the past (I should know, I was there). So successfully in fact that it almost overnight became the most watched news channel on YouTube, the most popular channel to watch on Wall Street, as well as by the alternative crowd.


Those who listened to EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4: LADA RAY PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS, heard me explain how Periods 7 and 8 work. Period 7, running from 1984 till 2004, was the Period of the West. But Period 8, running from 2004 till 2024 is the Period of Russia. This time is especially beneficial for Russia. Whatever Russia does will turn out to be a win and a success. This includes the runaway success of RT and worldwide popularity of Vladimir Putin.

The West enjoyed a full 40 years of exceptionally successful periods, from 1964 till 2004. During that time whatever the West did turned into success, while Russia/USSR, as well as the rest of the world were at a disadvantage. Now the energy has turned and it will continue turning further away from the West.

We are seeing it very vividly and it’s happening right in front of our very eyes. The US and EU are losing power, albeit slowly, exactly per my predictions. (Why that is the case and when the pace of losing power will pick up is all explained in LADA RAY PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS.)

As we are observing, the moment things began unraveling for the US/EU and the moment the West turned out to be in a losing position, the thin veneer of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘human rights’ dissolved. No one even mentions these notions any more in the West. And let me again remind everyone that the USSR fell apart and Russia was always lectured and put down because supposedly it was short on ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘democracy,’ while the West was the ‘beacon’ of same.

But back to RT and the US efforts to shut them up and shut them down. It is the recognition of RT’s success. But it is also the demonstration of USA’s weakness and their fear. They understand that something is going wrong, they are just too dim to figure out what exactly, and they think that by shutting up RT they can stop the Earth Shift. Of course, if they’d read my reports and listened to my webinars they might have known the truth…

The mirror move by the Russian Duma and requirement for all foreign-financed media outlets to register as foreign agents will likely reduce the amount of information Western audiences receive from Russia through their MSM, the Western outlets with offices in Russia lament.

I am not so sure it’s so bad. Western audiences will get even less info about Russia? But what about the poor quality of the info they get from the Russia-based Western MSM? It really is quite appalling how much they lie about Russia and everything to do with Russia. In case you think this habitual lying, and contempt against everything Russian is something they only acquired during the times of the USSR, think again. Famous Russian writers of the 19th century, during the Russian Empire days, are on record talking of that same attitude. The reason is, of course, the pathological fear of The Great Balancer and its true power, even if it had been suppressed for a while.


Therefore, I recommend that anyone wanting truthful news from Russia should get them from reputable Russian sources, such as RT, Russia-1 and some other central Russian channels. Granted, they aren’t infallible either, since they are still staffed with humans, but they are so much better than Western MSM in that they do their own research, send their correspondents to the hottest spots on the planet, they don’t hide the facts and try to speak the truth, based on materials they possess. Furthermore, their biggest agenda is to dispel the lies and bring to light the truth about Russia and other countries, as well as the real truth about the events happening around the globe.

Sure it may be from the Russian perspective, which, in my opinion, is a damn good perspective to have, since Russia The Great Balancer represents the ultimate balance and stability (or lack thereof, when the West tries to destabilize it) on Planet Earth.

Sometimes I hear from my readers that I have a ‘Russian perspective.’ Well, my friends, that’s the most valuable and thought after perspective to have these days, as we are now going through The Great Earth Shift and Russia the Great Balancer is at its forefront. Presently, Russia is dealing with the lopsided chaos created by the West around the world, rebalancing it in a new and revolutionary way. Rest assured, if you are listening to me and my ‘perspective,’ then you’ve got a front row seat for the whole show!

What the Western MSM and the Dark State behind it are mortally afraid of is that the people, in the absence of real news and real truth, will turn to alternative sources. As a result they won’t be able to profit by lies, spins and sensationalism any more. But their fear goes much deeper: the power is slipping out of their hands and they know it. If their best secret weapon, MSM, is out of favor and if Russia can beat them at their own game, what’s next?.. There is a widespread panic in the US/UK/EU establishment.

In our day and age, we have access to much content on the Internet. Russian media outlets do have YT channels and there is some content available with translations. What’s more, the slogan of RT (and that can apply to other reputable Russian sources) is ‘The Truth is the Best Propaganda.’

I sometimes post notable videos and links to reputable sources here on FT. Moreover, I sometimes also post the most interesting intel and deeper meaning articles about Russia. And of course, through FT articles, YouTube videos, Earth Shift Reports and Webinars I always tell you about the important Multidimensional and Earth Shift events we are experiencing.


Meanwhile, the truth and alternative news are being squeezed from all directions. The witch hunt against RT and Russian media outlets, as well as the most reputable alternative news sources, is intensifying on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. So far they are not stooping to removing RT videos and banning RT as a whole. For now it is limited to blocking RT ads, demoting their visibility, cheating them from likes and views, not paying them the money owed, etc. However, less influential media outlets, such as News Front, the best source of truth about Donbass, Ukraine, Novorossia and Crimea, is being banned on YouTube and Facebook. Incidentally, both RT and News Front are on my list of recommended resources.

What recently happened to News Front on YT may happen in the future to RT, Sputnik and Russia-1 as well, and that will be a huge pity and a huge loss for you, my friends, and for all those who rely on English and other Western languages. People like me can get all that in Russian.


The truth is that the Internet is still fully in the hands of the collective West and controlled by the US. Alas, the worldwide web is but an illusion, and it exists only to the extent US wants it to be so.

As we are transitioning into 4th dimension, we have to rely heavily on 4D technology. Internet/ worldwide web is 4D creation, and it’s often controlled by unscrupulous beings. It was supposed to become one of the tools of NWO and globalism, but as I explained to you many times, Russia The Great Balancer stepped in to ruin the globalists’ plans. And the unfortunate side effect? Globalists don’t want free access to worldwide web any more. They now want restrictions.

It’s anti-democratic and violates human rights? Sure it does. But didn’t I tell you: someone else, notably Russia, now has learned to play said game so much better than us. Therefore, we don’t play the democracy game any more in the West, since we can’t win it!

Russia has VK and Odnoklassniki, of course, but they are not nearly as widespread, especially when it comes to English-speaking audiences. I will monitor the situation and tell you when Russia comes up with something better. For now, we stay with Twitter, YT, Facebook, etc., until further notice.


The new round of info war against RT simply shows to the whole world what I’d known for years — there is no freedom of speech in the US/UK/West. There is freedom of speech only when it’s convenient and (this is important!) when it’s safe to do so, in other words, when no one within the West objects to the West’s party line and no one questions the Western lifestyle. How’s that different from the USSR again? At least the USSR was honest about it.

That was the case, ladies and gentlemen, during past Periods 6 and 7, as well as preceding centuries, when it was the Time of the West and when the West could rob other continents to make the life of their own better. Consequently, the population of the Western countries was convinced that definitely and without any doubt, the system existing in the West was superior to others, and therefore, why rebel against something superior?

What is happening also demonstrates that the US and West are deathly afraid. The power is slipping away from them and they don’t know how to hold on to it. The world is changing and The Great Earth Shift is gaining momentum, as we speak.

This is the Time of Russia, and everything Russia does will turn out a win in the end, even if at first it doesn’t look like it.

P.S. Witch hunt and ban? Tried to post my new article link on US #RT witch hunt on #Facebook. Can’t log in, Facebook demands proof that I am me. Facebook is mentioned in my article and looks like they don’t like the truth. Awaiting them ‘to contact me to tell me if I may be authorized’ after all. As you can also see on the right navigation bar, my Facebook Like button has vanished. Facebook is definitely messing with my account.

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  1. Dear Lada, I enjoyed all your Eswrs and have enjoyed learning to look beyond what the West presents as “truth”. The UK MSM is now indulging in non-stories that are of no real consequence, ie, stories of celebrities, sports stars, sex scandals (real or imagined) and all I am trying to work out is what they are burying beneath these stories. Admittedly it’s definitely Russia to blame for the burnt toast (LOL) the smell of burning reaches quite a long way. It’s so funny to watch the US chasing themselves in ever decreasing circles trying to find an answer to Russia and knowing that they won’t. I won’t mention the ST. Petersburg HQ of Russian disinformation recently espoused by the UK MSM, a lot of people know it’s a load of hogwash. I must admit that I resent the way I was lied to about Russia/USSR by the Western propaganda machine during my younger years. At least thanks to you I know better. I look forward to learning more from you next year!! Best regards, Robert

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  2. P.S. Witch hunt and ban? Tried to post my new article link on US #RT witch hunt on #Facebook. Can’t log in, Facebook demands proof that I am me. Facebook is mentioned in my article and looks like they don’t like the truth. Awaiting them ‘to contact me to tell me if I may be authorized’ after all.

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    • As you can also see on the right navigation bar, my Facebook Like button has vanished. Facebook is definitely messing with my account. 

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    • It appears that FB does not agree with your political stance, and is targeting all “foreign agents” including US citizens who do not toe the neo-lib line and those who speak out against their globalist agenda. Apparently telling the truth WILL get you banned from biased social media platforms like FB and Twitter. Thank goodness WP is still tolerant and open minded… so far. Let’s hope US gov’t doesn’t put too much pressure on WP, voices like our will be severely curtailed.

      FB already controls the narrative when it comes to mainstream news, basically acting as agent of the state, filtering all political content to “re-educate” their readers with more fake news. 😦

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    That should flush out the American NGOs, trolls and shills out of Russian news media. As you’ve pointed out, again Russia comes out the winner as the West shoots itself in the foot with this RT witch hunt.

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  4. Mainly, be of good cheer in the turmoil. I too was ticked off at the RT caper–it is not more that Trump is “controlled”, it is that he is sitting on a U.S. corporation which superceded the U.S. constitution, and is bankrupt behind the machinations of Deep State Doo Doo. The genuine galactic confederation has Putin’s back, has given him technology at least equal to U.S. dark forces. The only restraint is that it may only be used defensively. Rumor has it that Netanyahu put up the dome the U.S. Corp kindly furnished him and Putin sent 3 MIGs through it just for a demonstration. It is not strategically prudent for the balancers to show their hand but I hope the secret meeting between Trump, Putin, and Xi Ping gets more widely circulated.

    Over here, the suppression involved in getting the Keystone pipeline under way is much worse in many respects than the RT canard. It involved a truly massive and peaceable gathering which brought tribes and individuals of our First Nations together and then went poof. Energy now devoted mainly to getting innocents out of jail, free of charges, etc. Short story, paid goon squads and controlled media from top to bottom. The Seth Rich real story another example–the private investigator hired by the family had revelations to share and an Emergency Room trauma physician put out an affidavit type testimony which disappeared too quickly to authenticate, but had a forceful ring of credibility. Our Las Vegas incident is similarly muffled The freedom resistance movement here is assailed by major media control, Google, Facebook, the peculiar rights of YouTube to remove, scramble dates and descriptives, categorize falsely, and deprive worthy sources of numerical “hits”, revenue, etc.

    For a mutually bonding couplet, some of the folks who know still gotta lay low. A Benjamin Fulford posting (thanks RT–you have a whole financial story YouTube of him and David Wilcock and both still have their websites up despite assassination attempts, web crashes, and other chicanery)…says Putin may be uncorking a currency based on the gold standard. There’s still truth to be had plus much gratitude to people like yourself for daily squeezing the juice out of the blockade. Our actual “peoples” have much affection for each other and would like to see sovereign souls romping in 4D heading into 5D. Best love plus firming up the timeline…Clare Templeton

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    • Everything’s great and much love back to you, Clare.

      Except please never again mention the hack and liar Fulford on my blog. He was one of those who spread lies about Russia and Putin, and I believe still does. Don’t even start me on his terribly low calibrations! He is one of those I have in mind when I say ‘be careful what alternative media you trust.’

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      • Good for you–over here in the petrofunky west we’re surrounded by creampuffs and it’s a treat to have an assertive opinion from the Divine Feminine. Also appreciate you put your frequency factors at service of the Shift. I take some sources with a pound of Himalayan salt but as insular U.S seriously ignorant of Asian geopolitik gotta be like the CIA minion and go thru the trash.


    • re: “Rumor has it that Netanyahu put up the dome the U.S. Corp kindly furnished him and Putin sent 3 MIGs through it just for a demonstration.”

      Please tell. I’ve not read about this. Very interested.


      • Sure, who cares about my article at hand which took me a lot of time to put together and which contains precious nuggets of wisdom and unique perspective you won’t find anywhere else.
        But god forbid you learn something useful! And god forbid you put a simple like under my article to let me know my work is actually appreciated! That’s just not done!

        Who cares about my work, let’s ignore it. Instead, let’s gossip about more rumors, it’s just soooo much more rewarding.

        Some people are just soooo funny.

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      • I hesitated to put that in and do have respect for first sources and documentation plus paid academic dues to same. I cut myself some slack on this because even if ‘apocryphal’ such a good image!! Even academic rigor finds that often the anecdotal stuff is true and correct. In information overload climate, I only consult alternative sources I’ve vetted to my satisfaction so will stand by it on basis disclaimer: rumor Sorry I can’t cite source; it was just so lovely and probably true couldn’t resist I do recommend a blog called American Intelligence–they have scoops, metaphysical values, and link their stuff.


  5. Lada, thanks for the intel on RT and your suggestions for additional open sources. The world situation is unfolding just like you describe. Please be aware, like I know you already are, but for others, that artificial intelligence (AI) has been weaponized and deployed against humanity. Media, communications and other electronics are no longer what they used to be or seem to be. Spoofing is a new weapon of choice for creating chaos. BZ on your work with RT and other unsung angelfire endeavors. Check six.

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    • Yes, well aware of the 4D weaponization from personal experience, unfortunately. and not just 4D — it’s much worse than you think.
      Will tell the whole story one day to my loyal and TRUE supporters.

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      • very good stuff Lada i like hand five 🙂

        trust me the RT witch hunt will give RT more viewers then ever to the point were if youtube takes them off then there goes youtube’s global audience not to mention there are more and more video streaming sites poping up all the time

        plus i can’t wait to see what russia will have in store in this media war in terms of a counter to face book and google

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  6. I “discovered” RT in the year 2014, Portuguese mainstream is really disgusting,(I think they are very low 3D) low, very very low. Since than RT is my main source of information.And Lada, people anti globalization, people who support Russia and Putin, people who belongs to pro Russia and pro-Putin groups in FB, people who talk about Donetsk and Lugansk are beeing blocked from FB. Some weeks ago I was blocked a couple of days by posted a photo of Comander Givi and lots of people have the same problem and some are even blocked for life. I decided to open an account on VK and lots os friends are doing the same. And I suggest everybody to do the same. One day or another FB will be shut up and we can still be in connection with each other. Lada, have you though to open an account on VK?

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    • I have VK account, opened earlier this year, but for some reason it never worked from the very beginning. It won’t let me post and it doesn’t allow for mentions from my blog. It seems awfully inconvenient to use, not sure why. Another problem is that it’s still Western-based, even if it’s a Russian platform, Still, this is prob the only choice like that. There is also OK )Odnoclassniki), which is smaller, but has a bit more integrity.

      As some may know, I had Facebook account several years ago for my books, but canceled it around 2014 because I felt FB was no good. Still re-opened one recently, around this last summer, because a bunch of readers were begging me to, and that was despite my best intuition.

      I know well about many people being banned and blocked on FB and elsewhere.
      Usually things like that don’t happen to me because I am very careful and use my intuition and protection not to get into hot spots. So, I am actually outraged.
      Will probably close FB for good.
      I do consider looking further into VK, although, sorry to say it’s still lacking.

      That’s also the reason I didn’t want to expand too much on YT, because there is a lot of funny business going on there as well.

      I can say with absolute confidence there will be big changes with where I am present and how I run things going forward.


  7. I tried to access your FB page and you have been blocked Lada!


    • I know. Thanks for trying. 🙂


    • re: “I tried to access your FB page and you have been blocked Lada!”

      It’s a badge of Honour. You have been ‘labeled’ as a ‘threat’ to the NWO. This is a good thing. You are on the right track.


    • Natercia,

      Could you please be my eyes on Facebook, since I can’t access it? Could you do me a favor and see if my Facebook (futuristrendcast) page is still up on FB and if you can still see my past posts on it, or not? In other words, what do you see when you try to access my page? Is it completely gone, does it say that I am blocked, are there old posts still there, or is it empty? Please describe in a reply comment what you see. Your help is greatly appreciated!



  8. The clampdown is on at Facebook, Twitter etc. However by their own admittance, the censorship is killing interest and profits in their social media platforms! Can’t wait till there’s a good Eurasian social media platform. VK is OK but could be a lot better. China excels in this regard with WeChat, Weibo etc. Sorry to hear you got blocked Lada but that means you’re right on target!! 🙂

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    • I agree. I wonder if it’s worth exploring Chinese platforms, or are they only geared to local Chinese users. We should look into this.

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      • I’m sorry Lada, but sooner or later you will say ‘something’ that the Chinese don’t like and then you will get blocked there as well. Russia is MUCH MORE liberal than China. I’d focus on the English language platforms for breadth of message, and the Russian platforms for depth. Even if you just tie up your user name so no-one can take it and squat on it till they try and ‘sell it to you.’ (I used to work in PR/Media for a bit and this happens a lot).

        But do diversify away from U.$. controlled platforms. Even is Australia most of our content is administered from the U.$. which is a huge liability and is going to come back to bite us very soon.

        I’m trying to figure out VK at the moment. I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to ‘develop’ a Russian user name. 🙂 It’s a little tricky but I’ve got to start learning Cyrillic soon so now is a good time to start. You may think VK isn’t easy to use but I think it’s in the top 3 most popular websites in Russia, and this will give you the depth of broadcast to generate ‘ground swell’ of your message (and A LOT of allies who can cross post and support your message.) In the west BREADTH is easy to develop, just do ‘a few’ posts on lots of websites. The ensure you can’t be silenced easily. But DEPTH is what drives your message as more and more people recognise the ‘Lada Brand’ as being reputable and feel comfortable liking and cross posting with their own content. (Like 1EarthUnited does for you.)

        And with the Russian platforms, it will help motivate authentic people to broaden their exposure to Russian media, like me, as I try and come to terms with Russian and Cyrillic (fascinating script!) and dive in and actually try and learn something. This is a good thing. You are not just disseminating information and opinion. You are a credible ambassador to counter the Western Propaganda Narrative, or HateMachine Media.

        FYI for all those using WordPress hosting platform, ie:,
        you are vulnerable to censorship! It is in the pipeline. It is just being managed little bit by little bit, trying to sneak it ‘under the radar so as not to arouse alarm in the blogging community. You NEED a dedicated domain ASAP! Ie: WordPress is already compromised. You can still use the wordpress content management tool (ie: install wordpress on your hosting (many if not all hosts have it as a default install option and if the host doesn’t offer it then you need to move to another host). It isn’t difficult to manage and if you have the ability then get ‘your partner’ to do the webmaster side whilst you focus on the content.

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      • Re your query Chinese platforms, I saw an item several years ago that in fact the BRICS alliance was working on having their own web/internet not only for trade but to circumvent some of the credibility deficit of western social media. If indeed we’re in The Shift I hope we can look forward to same–I check out Ali Baba on occasion but there’s a need to bust the western bubble of AI/algorhythm takeover or at least provide some balance.


  9. Reblogged this on timtolzmann and commented:

    This is the posting upon my blog, of the post of and by Lada Ray.

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  10. Dear Lada,
    I would like you to spare an hour of your precious time to watch this first part of the mini-series; it was just posted on the author`s site about the color revolution assassins.
    This one is with Georgians about Maidan.
    SInce we have a sychophant so called government installed here in Macedonia by the ussa, and all of the politicunts are useless :-), I think it will be a very interesting to watch, especially if it survives ussa and yt censorship).
    The Earth Shift is truly remarkable :-).
    Wishing you excellent health and keep up your great work.

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  11. Dear Lada! Excellent article bringing this particular subject to the forefront of the attention.

    Let me recommend another site, a crowd-funded independent on-line newspaper: Russia Insider. I’ve actually seen your name mentioned in comments to some articles there, so your message from FT is spreading far and wide. 🙂

    About them: “The mission of this site is media criticism and reform. It was started in September 2014 by a group of expats living in Russia who felt that coverage of Russia is biased and inaccurate. …”

    You wrote how RT was nearly driven out of UK. And in UK the madness goes on… The latest in Russia-targeting – apparently it is Russia (and specifically that mysterious agency that only the Western MSM have hear of) that is responsible for forcing Brexit down the Brits’ throats 🙂


    • Continuing the thread of alternatives in your article, RuTube is becoming more and more of an alternative to YT. For searches, Yandex gives better and more relevant results.


    • Graham Philips, a British freelance journalist, is high on my recommendation list. He is virtually one of a handful of journalists providing first-hand truthful information from Donbass and from Russia.

      He has newly published two exclusive reportage about the construction of a new airport mega-terminal in Simferopol. I don’t remember this construction, which is on the same great and progressive scale as the Crimean Bridge, being mentioned in the WMSM.


      • I am sorry, Lada, if I am “spamming” with comments. But this feels like important information to bring across, and seems to be relevant to the subject of the article.

        Graham has also newly published a reportage from Artek children’s summer camp in Crimea, showing the real life there, and contrasting it with how BBC presented (read: twisted) it earlier.


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