‘Nothing to see, just a robot doing backflips’ – OMG, I described that in The Earth Shifter in 2012!

From RT: Engineers have released a video showing Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot effortlessly jumping over obstacles and doing a backflip while performing a gymnastics routine. CREDIT: Boston Dynamics https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vV…

Yep, it looks almost exactly as the scene from my novel THE EARTH SHIFTER, down to the robot doing an effortless backflip, except it happens at a secret underground CIA lab in NJ. The scene was written in 2011 and book pubbed in 2012.

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  1. I’ve watched a few of the videos of assorted autonomous robots from Boston Dynamics. And one of the creations, this dog

    reminded me of the Hunters from the 2006 game Half-Life 2 Episode 1. A scary proposition.

    While such robotics can be used for the good – as prosthetics for wheelchair bound people as industrial heavy-lifters, as post delivery units – I somehow, feel that their initial primary use would be that of war.

    By the way, another thing that Half-Life 2 seems to have indirectly foreshadowed already in 2004, is the conflict along the Azov and Black Sea coasts – with the events unfolding in an unspecified Eastern-European country with a long shore line, and one rebel location being called “New Little Odessa”. The whole concept of “Combine” – that the rebellion is against – is nothing else, but brainwashed and modified humans, controlled by the other-dimensional “Advisors” – who might that be…


  2. Dear Lada, not many people seem to realise the potential of autonomous robots. There are more than enough SF books that tackle the subject of robots taking over warfare and carrying on automatically after their human “masters ” have long ceased to exist. I assume the Terminator films came along to get us indoctrinated to the idea and accept it. The TV series “Stargate” also dealt with nanobots called Replicators that could survive almost any attempt to eradicate them and similar bots were the subject of a story by Michael Crighton. I don’t think these scientists realise the full implication of what they are starting. Personally I wouldn’t trust these people to cross the road unsupervised. There’s also a video of a dog-like robot performing as well. I dread to think what the next step in robotics will be and I don’t think it will be anything to be happy about!!!


  3. I wonder why the CIA never announced helping the hungry and needy as a good reason to build these monstrosities. Might be a good idea to buy a Taser to use on the ones that end up patrolling the streets!!


      • Dear Lada, I recall from 60 years ago, in my favourite comic strip “Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future” in the “Eagle” comic in Britain the story at the time was entitled “Reign of the Robots”, superbly drawn, and involved the invasion of Earth by the arch-fiend of Venus using two types of robot. Initially the “elektrobots” and the much more dangerous “selektrobots”. As a child I never thought much of it as other than a really good story but in the light of present developments a chilling forecast of the future to come. The author, Frank Hampson was very good at predicting future technology. Just thought you might want some light-hearted stuff.

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  4. Now you’ve got me going. I can’t decide if Boston dynamo, CIA, the globalists are the damned plagiarist here. Solution: mark all of the above. Cheers anyway, Higher Self just wants manifest firstest with the mostest. Nyaah nyahh, you’re the only one with your own quality control department.

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  5. These Transhumanists are so materialist 3D, they totally misunderstand what the true human being is. ‘Cheat Death’ and live forever in the 3D body, quite hilarious!! They should read Earth Shifter and the Atlantean Myths, we been here before

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  6. I read the Earth Shifter when I was new to your blog back in May 2014 before I had an understanding of.multi-dimensional teachings, Russia the balancer, calibrations, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the book as an entertaining, well written story when I first read it. I will now enjoy reading it as history, prophecy & non-fiction. I also don’t remember the bit about a robot doing back flips and will look for it.

    When I purchased the Earth Snifter I also bought paperback copies of Gold Train & Stepford USA but have yet to read either. I expect I’ll have a deeper understanding of Gold Train after I finish ESW 6 Putin Enigma. I expect I will now have a better understanding of Stepford USA having viewed ESW 1 Will Trump survive his first term & ESW 2 Inverted collapse.


    • Hi Nancy, you’ll have to look for the somersaulting robot ‘moment’ somewhere in the middle of the book. It’s hidden in between other impressions, during CIA’s Drakley and Win’s (Kei’s twin) visit to the secret underground research facility near Hoboken, NJ.

      Thank you for buying all my books. Stepford USA was the first book I actually wrote and at the time I envisioned it just as a mystery/adventure for Jade Snow, the American journalist with Russian roots. At the time it was written, it was seen as a prequel and set-up for the real adventure, GOLD TRAIN.
      No Trump there. 😉



      • Thanks for the tip to read Stepford USA first. I plan to enjoy the books as soon as a finish ESW 6 Putin Enigma.


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