Secret Order to Destroy Slavs and Re-Write their Genetic Code! 3 Ingredients of Color Revolution (New Theory)!

Dear Lada,
I would like you to spare an hour of your precious time to watch this first part of the mini-series; it was just posted on the author`s site about the color revolution assassins.
This one is with Georgians about Maidan.
Since we have a sychophant so called government installed here in Macedonia by the ussa, and all of the politicunts are useless :-), I think it will be a very interesting to watch, especially if it survives ussa and yt censorship).
The Earth Shift is truly remarkable :-).
Wishing you excellent health and keep up your great work.

Rus Epic Goddess Lada

Goddess of Harmony Lada’s temple and her symbols: wisdom, light, white swans, water and ladias


Lada says:

Let’s figure out MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY, and from the standpoint of THE EARTH SHIFT THEORY, what this is all about.

Yes, the Internet is abuzz with the news. It has now been admitted publicly that Saakashvili and his Georgian mercenaries were behind the Kiev Maidan assassinations, previously blamed on Yanukovich, and of course, on Russia & Putin. The people killed during Maidan by unknown snipers are celebrated as ‘martyrs’ by ukro-nazis and Kiev junta, and they are called ‘Nebesnaya Sotnya,’ translated as ‘the Celestial 100.’ In the absence of true heroes and accomplishments, a false mythology was hastily put together for the Kiev ukro-nazi regime. According to this fake mythology ‘the Celestial 100,’ in other words, those poor dupes who served as sacrificial lambs to the ‘unknown’ snipers on Maidan, are remembered as heroes who gave their lives for ‘freedom’ gained through the ‘people’s uprising against despot Yanukovich (!) and against Russian dictate (!).’

It has been also officially established and admitted by culprits that not only Georgian, but also Lithuanian professional killers participated in the mass assassinations on Maidan. Let me remind everyone that Lithuanian president Dalia Gribauskaite personally was one of the biggest supporters and instigators of Kiev Maidan, the ukro-nazi coup and the ousting of Yanukovich. Lithuania, along with Poland, hosted training camps for ukro-nazi thugs who were attacking and killing people in Kiev and all over Ukraine, including the peaceful delegation for the anti-Maidan protests from Crimea in 2014.

The Georgian killers, the ousted Saakashvili regime politicians, mafia and crooks, including ex-Georgian president himself, were direct and active participants and instigators since the start. I describe this, and how same Georgian crooks got high positions within Ukraine in ESR8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT. On you can still get for free the Odessa Section of this report, where all this is talked about.

That main battle ram, tasked with making sure the Kiev color revolution succeeded and Ukraine was turned into anti-Russia, consisted of the following countries: Poland, Lithuania and to a smaller degree, Romania. Georgia was the best represented, but perhaps less officially so, since Saakashvili, a very well-known US agent, was ousted by then. It has to be noted that Georgia is now making steps to restore relations with Russia, after they were so rudely and ruthlessly severed by the US and Saakashvili’s efforts in 2008. In 2014 many Georgians, including Saakashvili’s entire entourage, together with all his professional mercenaries, crooks, mafia and pro-Saakashvili ex-politicians literally invaded Ukraine. Some since have been booted out, but many, including Saakashvili himself, are still causing trouble.

Of course, the ex-Soviet-association countries, Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Georgia, were just the executioners of the BIG plan. This is how these ‘countries’ with hardly any economy to speak of make big money and that’s how they keep afloat. Who pays them? The actual puppeteers, of course! And these are the usual suspects, residing anywhere between Washington, London, Brussels and Berlin.

But they didn’t make any secret of that. Many high level officials and politicians from the EU and US were openly on Maidan, calling on the ousting of Yanukovich and on Ukraine severing all ties with Russia. We named the names before, and here are some of them one more time: the US senator McCain, USA’s Victoria Nuland, US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, EU FM Catherine Ashton, many EU parliament members and top politicians, Polish state ministers and top politicians, including the surviving of the Kachinski twins, called ‘the shadow ruler of Poland.’ These were found not only on Maidan. Per recently published memoirs of Yanukovich’s prime minister Azarov, both he and Yanukovich received daily pressure and threats from Nuland and other US/EU top brass, including the calls from EU heads of state (!) telling them to do nothing about Maidan and to sever all ties with Russia, or face the regime change and personal danger.

If Yanukovich and his people were any smarter they’d realize that those who show fear, those who succumb to threats, and those who negotiate with terrorists will lose everything in the end. Despite Yanukovich/Azarov seemingly complying with West’s demands to stand down, they lost their wealth, their positions, reputations, and ultimately, their country.


Saakashvili is trying to orchestrate Maidan-3 in Kiev, and his goal is to oust Poroshenko, while his personal ambition is to become the new ruler of Ukraine. But this time his US bosses won’t finance it. Why? Very simple. All they wanted from poor Ukraine is to become the cannon fodder in their 4D hybrid war against Russia, and in a hot 3D war, if they were really lucky and if Kiev turned out really stupid. They achieved their goal, albeit partially. They know that this is about as far as they can get.

Russia demonstrated to the US that they would not be able to step beyond a certain limit. The limit has been clearly defined and the tide began to turn. Russia also demonstrated that she could hurt them back, if they continued pushing. They can’t do it openly any more, as they so easily did in 2014, using the distraction of the Sochi Olympics, when Russia was too busy and vulnerable, and could not protect Ukraine on time.

Their strategy right now is to see if they can quietly manage to push Poroshenko to a new round of escalation and to a bigger and more open conflict with Russia. Ukraine Rada is trying to pass the bill severing diplomatic relations with Russia, which is one of the steps in this attempted new escalation. This possibility is so far successfully averted by Russia the Great Balancer by engaging Europeans, who can’t afford even more escalation before the winter. They do want Russian gas, after all.

The lines in the sand have been drawn, culprits have been told in no uncertain terms, not a step beyond a certain point. As they would say in Spain and L. America, ‘No pasaran!’ — ‘They won’t pass!’

Hence, why would they invest in removing Poroshenko now that he, perhaps poorly, but does fulfill his role of being a major thorn in Russia’s back? Pushing him subtly and relentlessly into an escalation of conflict with Russia? Sure, why not. Saakashvili, along with ukro-nazi thugs, is now used as one of those patsies to keep Poroshenko in check. Poroshenko is presently in the fight of his life, being constantly afraid to lose his ‘throne.’ If he does, he won’t end well. Consequently, staying on top is the only way for him to stay alive.

But as we are seeing, a direct and open support of Kiev regime and Poroshenko by the West is diminishing. There is even a certain revolt against him and ukro-nazis in some EU countries. All that was discussed in detail in EU Trouble: Why Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania Support Separatism in Ukraine.

Poor Saakashvili, no external power wants Maidan-3 he is so eagerly trying to push. Saakashvili outlived his usefulness and he won’t end well (remember my ESR8: Black Sea Gambit predictions about him!). Read: More on the latest 2017 exploits of Saakashvili! and FREE Part 1 of Earth Shift Report 8: Black Sea Gambit: Odessa is the Key!

All the above geopolitical perturbations are rather revealing and interesting. But to truly understand what’s happening, we must dive even deeper!


The color revolution invisible sniper technology is an old one from the CIA playbook. It is designed to pit different factions against each other, when people are shot and killed on both sides by invisible snipers.

First, it is important to understand that the infamous color revolution hidden snipers technique did not work in Russia in 1992, when it was immediately discovered that snipers were shooting from the roof of the US Embassy in Moscow (!), and therefore, the color revolution and civil war intended to finish the destruction of Russia didn’t work. Further, the sniper technique was a complete fiasco in Crimea in the spring of 2014. There was an attempt to begin a war between Russian and Ukrainian troops stationed there, and it failed completely. Why is that? I am happy to say that Russians have learned their lessons, and turned out much smarter and more astute than others, having quickly figured it out in both instances.

Unfortunately, the CIA sniper technique worked wonders of the most gruesome kind during the Kiev Maidan 2014.

It has been proven time and again that the Kiev Maidan was orchestrated and instigated from abroad, as a simultaneous collusion by a number of countries, with strings pulled from one center. I wrote about who was who and who we can easily pinpoint as culprits, in a number of articles and Earth Shift Reports between 2014 and 2017.

There were 2 MAJOR goals in the extensive foreign invasion of the Kiev Maidan:

1. To tear Ukraine away from Russia and create anti-Russia on Russian borders.

Those violent, greedy, naive and undereducated people who created and supported the Kiev Maidan completely missed the point. Most of them absolutely honestly believed that the West, as well as those from post-Soviet space who ‘helped them,’ were there to help Ukraine enter the ‘hospitable family of EU nations’ and to improve the standard of living of Ukrainians. They did discover later that it was nothing of the sort.

The real goal was to weaken Russia the Great Balancer to such a degree that she would not be able to facilitate The Great Earth Shift, which is presently happening before our very eyes. Stopping the Earth Shift was the only way for the outdated Western system to survive. This was the underlying reason behind collapsing the USSR and behind pitting the people of Yugoslavia against each other in the ’90s.

In this scenario Ukraine was designated as cannon fodder in the war against Russia.

2. But there was (and still is!) another hidden goal:

To kill off as many Slavs as possible. If not kill, create such animosity between various branches of the Slavic peoples that there would be no return to past friendship and kinship. Weakening the Slavic connection and re-writing the Slavic genetic code is the primary goal and major objective!


It has been proven in the past that, as such genetic code and kinship weaken, the populations of many Slavic countries, such as Eastern Slavs and Southern Slavs, become depressed. The result is the gradual diminishing and weakening of the will to live of the population, even if there is no hot war present. This is what happened in post-USSR in the ’90s and in ex-Yugoslavia in the ’90s-2000s.

In the 20th century the Slavic population was the hardest hit of all. WWI and WWII took the biggest toll on Slavs, and of course, more than on anyone, on Russians (including the Belorussian and Ukrainian/Malorussian branches of Russians). The collapse of the USSR and the Yugoslavia civil war took its most recent huge toll. If in mid-20th century Slavic population constituted over 7% of world’s population, right now it is only about 3.5%, and continues declining.

This is very dangerous — read on to see why!

Those of us who travel freely through history and timelines have seen this done previously many times. For example, the genetic code of what we call today ‘western Ukrainians’, who were called ‘Rusyns’ (Rus-ins) in the 19th century, has been drastically altered, generating a poison pill within Ukraine we see manifest today as ukro-nazis.

Or look at the example of Poland, Slavs in name only: the whole country has been sold and re-sold over and over to the highest bidder for centuries, and what’s amazing, Poles are actually proud of it! The brutal civil war and color revolutions which occurred in 1990s-2000s in the Balkans are also in the same category.

Or look at Lithuanians, as only one small example of many: they once used to be Slavs, aka, the Baltic ‘western’ Russians, but they largely forgot their roots. I have to say that not everyone did, as I know there are some Lithuanians who try to remember and keep alive the old Rus affinities. What’s more, large numbers of the population are very much against pro-US Lithuanian president Gribauskaite and her clique, who only stay in power because of the US and EU political backing, military and financial infusions.

These are just the easiest and nearest examples. We could go deeper in history and recall whether Scandinavians are Slavs; how Russian names, despite the completely re-written code of their carriers ended up all over the world; what the words Sweden, Switzerland, Vienna, Rome and London really mean, and much more. But that is some very convoluted forbidden history and linguistics, and a topic for another discussion.

Therefore, there is a wholesale assault against Slavic peoples everywhere, sometimes direct and sometimes hidden and subtle. There has been an effort to make Slavs, as carriers of ancient Forgotten Wisdom and Forbidden History, forget their roots, lose their genetic code and succumb to Westernization.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to weaken and damage beyond repair Russia The Great Balancer by taking away the support from brotherly nations and important and indispensable parts of the Russian population, such as Ukrainians/Malorussians/Rusyns. If Russia The Great Balancer  is compromised and weakened to a great degree, they hope it would be easier to do away with the only force that stands in the way of globalism, NWO and Western imperialistic expansionism.

And this brings us to the main point I want to make! Those Slavs who allow themselves to be manipulated against other Slavs, are just dumb, dumb and dumber. This, first of all, concerns Ukraine. It also concerns Poland and Lithuania (a close relative of the Slavs, with easily traced Slavic/Russian roots). But there are others, such as the peoples of the Balkans, who allowed themselves to be pitted in brotherly civil wars throughout the ’90s and who later allowed themselves to be divided and fragmented further. This happened because of pride, ego and greed — all very low calibrations.

It also concerns such closely related to Russians people as Bulgarians, who are completely under the US/EU thumb. Let’s not forget Czechs and Slovaks, Western Slavs with largely the same story.

If the masses refused to allow foreign interests to interfere and pit people against each other, it would have been much harder to execute such adverse scenarios.

My suggestion: get your noses out of you-know-what, look around and figure out who profits from your squabbles and animosity! And understand that the only ones who are losing out are you! Then look at yourselves in the mirror and recall who you are and who you aren’t!

And this brings us to the culmination of this article!


This is a brand new part of my EARTH SHIFT THEORY, never shared before. You will likely hear me talk about this in future books and webinars. Today, I want to give you this primer!

I have determined that there are 3 Necessary and Sufficient Ingredients of any color revolution and/or coup. And these are:

  1. Foreign interference
  2. Betrayal of the interests of their country by the elites
  3. Either ignorance, indifference or corruption of the large part of the population, often all 3. The population may be bought, duped and/or simply dumbed down.

If all three are present, then executing any revolt, coup or color revolution is a walk in the park. If only two are present, these are normally Nos. 1 and 2, then the color revolution is much harder, if not impossible, to execute. If only No. 1 is present, in other words, the foreign interference, color revolution is impossible.


Ukraine: All three were present at the 2014 Kiev Maidan, and look at the result!

USSR/Russia 1989-1992: All three were present, as a consequence the USSR fell apart and Yeltsin came to power. The population of Russia and USSR as a whole was largely duped.

Russia 2000-2018 and beyond: No. 1 is amply present as relentless and enormous foreign interference in Russia’s politics, economy, finance and social balance. But No. 2 and No. 3 are conspicuously absent. The population has learned from past mistakes, including those of Ukraine and doesn’t fall for it. The elites are refusing to betray their country, no matter how they are seduced and intimidated. And the result is… the opposite of what Western puppeteers were intending! We discuss all that in detail in THE PUTIN ENIGMA!

The very recent examples of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Egypt and some others demonstrate the presence of the No. 1 ingredient only, and partial, or none of No. 2 and No.3 ! Foreign interference is very much present, while No. 2 and No. 3 ingredients are either insignificant or missing. Hence, no success for color revolutions in either of these.

This, in short, is the new segment of the EARTH SHIFT THEORY. 

This will be added as an ADDENDUM to THE PUTIN ENIGMA! Please always remember to save the ESW6 Webinar page url, or bookmark it, so you can retain future access to this webinar!

I am considering adding more info, rare videos and links to it in the near future as ADDENDUM at the bottom of the webinar. ESW6 is a living, breathing piece — it may continue growing and expanding!

Please remember that ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA is the last webinar this year! I have released it early to give you a good head start on the beginning of the Russian presidential election cycle! Russian elections will take place in March 2018. ESW6 includes my exclusive predictions for Russian elections, Vladimir Putin, Russia as a whole and some of the Eurasian and world trends, for the next 6 years! 

Rest assured, this webinar, as all other Earth Shift Webinars, will serve you as a continuous guidance; these webinars are designed in such a way as to become your beacon at the time of the Great Earth Shift, for years to come! You can always re-listen to them in the future, with a new, higher understanding! Purchase these webinars and enjoy their relevance any time!

THE PUTIN ENIGMA is also the culmination of the Multidimensional Geopolitics Series of 6 webinars. Certification will be announced soon!

ESW6 The Putin Enigma 5 1




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Quote from it: Sometimes I hear from my readers that I have a ‘Russian perspective.’ Well, my friends, that’s the most valuable and thought after perspective to have these days, as we are now going through The Great Earth Shift and Russia the Great Balancer is at its forefront. Presently, Russia is dealing with the lopsided chaos created by the West around the world, rebalancing it in a new and revolutionary way. Rest assured, if you are listening to me and my ‘perspective,’ then you’ve got a front row seat for the whole show!

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  1. A very well-written article on a topic that is very much close to my heart.

    I’d like to add Latvians to the list of the Slavic peoples, who forgot their roots! Latvians came originally from the area of the Urals mountains.

    In the context of this article, I wish to commemorate Mihail Zadornov, a Latvian-born Russian writer, historian, humorist, who passed away a week ago after fighting with cancer for a year. His both witty and serious, reflective mind will be missed. He brought a lot of insight with his research into the Slavic roots, and the Scandinavians’ connectedness to Slavs. He worked towards raising self awareness of the Slavs.

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    • Yes, Zadornov did. RIP. Big loss, and pretty sudden. He was hardly 70 – the good ones leave early, don’t linger after they’ve accomplished what they came here for. He’ll be remembered.

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    • Yes, Latvians too, absolutely. Decided to skip them this time so not to complicate matters and lengthen the piece even more.
      But since we are on it, this just landed in my YT inbox:
      В Риге бьются за русский язык. Пока что легально — ENG: The Battle for the Russian Language Continues in Riga, Latvia. So far, by legal means.

      The Latvia episode starts around 2:35 — protest against new attack on Russian language, which many call ‘assimilation.’ Authorities demand exclusion of Russian language from schools, while 40% of Latvian population consider Russian as their native language. Very similar to Ukraine, isn’t it?

      Explanation for my readers: Latvia, together with other Baltic states, has been trying to squeeze Russian language and literature out of schools and out of life since 1990s. 1/3 of the population in Latvia are Russian-speakers, yet they never received citizenship and they are called ‘non-citizens. This violates human rights and EU charter, yet EU does nothing about it. All 3 Baltic states, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, are members of the EU. They now agree to give citizenships to Russian-speakers IF they pass exams in Latvian (which is fine) and in an absolutely falsified Latvian of version of history, written by US/Soros grant-eaters and stating that ‘Russia is aggressor’ and that ‘Latvian nation for centuries fought against said aggressor’ (lie). Estonia has done the same.
      Lithuania is more flexible on that count at least, and people did get citizenship there.

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  2. So, Lada has a Russian bias :)!! Imagine that. Lucky for us… who choose to know the truth… that we have been gifted with this wonderful warrioress. Language, phonemes, DNA, fake history, cultural genocide, etc… we’re gradually going microscopic here. That’s good because if we don’t understand the deep inner workings of the forces layed-out against us, we will not be able to deliver proper counter force. What Lada says about revisiting her works to date is good advice, as we gain ongoing and deeper understanding as this Shift plays out. That has been my personal experience. And good hit, Nemo, about Latvia. Thanks. This special planet has been under a very long-term sophisticated homicidal and parasitic onslaught. It is ridiculous to think we could survive, even flourish, on our own. Yet we do and we will. Never give up. Never give in. Stay in the Truth. We got this. Thanks, Lada.

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    • Big hugs to you, my dear friend! It’s so great to know that there are such GOOD Americans out there, who feel the truth on the molecular level. Gives me hope… 🙂


  3. Lada, as time allows I will re-read your posts, EU Troubles: Why Hungary, Slovakia…; and Forbidden History, Russian Truth Code and Goddess Lada. But would you please briefly define what you mean by “rewrite genetic code”. The danger of this, especially of the Slavic people, you wrote about in this current post. How is a genetic code rewritten? And what is a genetic code? I realize that the Slavs, relating to Russia, the Great Balancer, ideally will remain strong and become more strong. But how can the weakening be reversed?

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    • Noted, Tim. These are excellent questions and I will continue talking about all this.

      As far as reversing the process, Russia is presently working on it. What’s more, lots of us are working on it, yours truly included, through my articles, webinars, and upcoming interviews (have one coming up, BTW).
      Others are working on it too — please check out the translations by our contributor NEMO/ Stanislav, links are in this thread.

      Awareness is half of the cure, you know, and knowledge is empowering. This is what the ‘asleep’ populace needs right now — truth and knowledge. Even if it sounds unclear or far-fetched at first to some, people will resonate with REAL truth, with real knowledge, like you do.
      Thanks for that!

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    • I think that perhaps for now some of my dear readers will be able to post their definitions of what the ‘color revolution’ means and what ‘re-writing genetic code’ means.

      I will welcome such input from my dear readers! Please feel free to reply to this and post your definitions and examples of same!

      Also, Tim and everyone. I will, as I promised some time ago, make a couple more of my earlier Earth Shift Reports FREE for the holiday season. One of them will talk about most recent attempts of color revolutions on post-Soviet space.

      The term was coined after several such successful ‘color-coded’ revolutions designed by CIA/US on post-Soviet space in early to mid 2000s. But as I point out in ESW6 THE PUTIN ENIGMA, I personally define the February 1917 Russian Revolution by UK agents and aristocrats as the very first color revolution.

      Everyone, feel free to post your definitions and thoughts on the terms we are discussing!

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  4. Reblogged this on timtolzmann and commented:

    I don’t understand everything in this post by Lada Ray, yet; and I don’t even remember just what a color revolution is anymore, (I haven’t been very interested in the world for some years past. But more lately have done more to understand geopolitics and history. I am basically retired now. And retired people have always transferred their concern from their career to the world at large.) but I believe the post is very important.

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  5. Dear readers of FT!

    I’ve just finished translating two articles by Nikolai Starikov, that looks at the forces behind the events of February-October 1917 and immediately after. Lada has delved much deeper into the subject in ESW2, but I feel the articles can nevertheless be an interesting primer and help uncover a few specific details.

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    • Thank you so much, Stanislav! This will be so much help and such a great addition to ESW2 and ESW6!

      Yes, we did go into that in ESW2 INVERTED COLLAPSE — that was more from a 3D / 4D / 5D perspective.

      But in the latest ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA we went even deeper into what happened and what really were the roles of Lenin, both 1917 Russian revolutions, as well as who Nicholas II and Rasputin really were. In ESW6 we focused on multidimensional truths, anywhere between 3D and as high as 8D, of what went on.

      Starikov is VERY good at breaking it down on the 3D-5D levels and I mention him as my recommended source in ESW6.

      Your translations really do provide an awesome reference point! I will add the links to your translations to ESW6 ADDENDUM I am creating and urge people to check them out!

      Thanks again, always appreciate your hard work and please don’t ever hesitate to post links to your new translations in the comment section under any article you wish!

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  6. All revolutions create lasting stress, physiological, psychological, sociological, and ecological. I think there has never been a good revolution.


  7. Genetic code: I guess that’s what is looked at by DNA analysis. Looking to see what ethnic region(s) of the globe one’s ancestors from some time were from. The welfare of a country’s people can fundamentally be strengthened, improved, by those with blood affinity to them raising their level of consciousness. By integrating their brain functioning. By eliminating stress from their individual and collective consciousness. By creating coherence in the same. This is how mainland China was resurrected in recent decades, since the ’60’s. People of Chinese descent outside China helped people inside China by practicing their technique for Enlightenment. Eventually, people in China were allowed to learn and practice a technique for Enlightenment, themselves. Genetic code is not one’s perceived history. It is a concrete reality. And like all reality, it is fundamentally consciousness. According to Tony Nader, MD, PhD, consciousness is all that there is. Consciousness is the Unified Field of modern physics. This has been demonstrated by John Hagelin, PhD. Tony Nader has shown that the human physiology is the “fabrics of consciousness”. By gaining the state of “restful alertness”, one enables the body to eliminate physiological stress, chemical and structural.


  8. Thanks, Lada. You go, girl! I am looking forward to reading the Enigma asap.

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  9. Great Post Lada, the Buddha was a Slav / Skiff / Sak! Return of the Eurasia means the return of Vedism, just as Edgar Cayce predicted! -M

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    • True! Very good, Masaki!
      And Edgar Cayce predicted that? Didn’t know.
      Glad to be in tune with the master himself.

      Oh, just wait until I get around to revealing what the name/word ‘Buddha’ really means and where it comes from! Also, what the word ‘truth’ and the word ‘pravda’ actually mean and where they come from!

      Holding a suspenseful pause for now…
      Will reveal during Holiday Season! Stay tuned!

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  10. Regarding your request to come with thoughts on the defining factors/definition of a colour revolution.

    I fully agree with your three points, as outlined in the article:

    Foreign interference
    Betrayal of the interests of their country by the elites
    Either ignorance, indifference or corruption of the large part of the population, often all 3. The population may be bought, duped and/or simply dumbed down.

    What I want to add, is a fourth factor:
    4. Significant exploitable domestic problem.

    Any country, would have this or that point of contention in the society, simply by virtue of it being impossible to carter to everyone’s wishes, but also because a living country would experience short-term dis-balances in one or another sector of its complex structure.

    A colour revolution can happen, when some problem can be exacerbated, inflated, taken over by the colour revolution organisers as a rallying point, and then switched out for the perpetual “[insert-politician’s-name-here] must go”.

    In Ukraine, a legitimate dissatisfaction with corrupt oligarchy was used as the flashpoint, and then baited-and-switched to the nazi-infused Russophobia. In 1905 Russia the revolution failed because of this fourth ingredient missing, and it took dragging Russia into WWI and drastically reducing people’s living standards to bring the February 1917 revolt to fruition.
    A colour Revolution in Russia anno 2012 failed not only because of #3 – there were enough dupes supporting the likes of Navalny back then (it took Ukraine of 2014 to cure that affliction), but also because the “problem” areas as reported by the 5th column were not the real problems that occupied the minds of the population, while the real problems are so diverse and localised, that they are impossible to use as an all-Russian rally point for a colour revolution.

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    • P.S. This actually goes under No. 3 — duping and/or corrupting the population, as well as the population’s ignorance (or not) as to what the real reasons are for the situation, and why they are being dragged into a revolt.


      • Those two go hand-in-hand, yes, so #3 can be extended to include my suggestion. However, even with a politically apathetic and/or ignorant population, if there is no major “rallying” problem, an attempt to create a revolt around some lesser issue would fail.


        • I think you and I are looking at it from different angles. The theory I am presenting assumes as a given that there are conflicts in existence in the society, as any society would have them at any time. Color revolutions ALWAYS seek to exploit conflict in existence. And in 1905-07 there also was conflict between classes and groups in Russian society, of course. Don’t you remember? It was Russo-Japanese war, and Russia LOST it, very unusually. But it wasn’t enough — the trigger of the devastating WWI was needed. In that you are correct.

          Therefore, I assume that IF and WHEN color revolution is attempted, there is ALWAYS a conflict and a menifest or perceived weakness present in the society, otherwise how on earth would you even attempt a color revolution, based on what? No conlfict, nothing to latch on to, right?

          Of course, it matters how much conflict is present, the degree of confrontation and discontent, and that factor is often overestimated by the West. This is not new: it was so in 1812 and in 1941 as well.

          Your example of 2012: To be correct, it was really 2011, several months before elections. There was absolutely no way a color revolution would take place in Russia in 2011-12, as there wasn’t enough conflict present, people at large appreciated what Putin had done since 2000 and understood what was happening, having learned their lessons from 1917 and 1991-92, and they rallied en masse in Putin’s support.
          Of course there were dupes and also tons of unscrupulous politicians / so-called ‘creative’ classes and elites who wanted to score points before elections or get some easy fame.
          But, as I mentioned, the West and pro-west opposition, Navalny and such, OVERESTIMATED the potential conflict and their ability to manipulate it.
          Dupes in 2011 were KEY, they came to Bolotnaya, thinking they came to protest against corruption, and learned that it was actually against Putin being elected in 2012, plus they saw that they were standing next to some fascists. At that point many left and never came back. Same happened during recent Navalny protests 2017 — people may be initially duped, but they quickly understand who is who. The final nail into 2011 protests was that the counter-rally on Poklonnaya Gora gathered 3 times more people than Bolotnaya. The ratio was something like 100,000 vs 300,000. And that was only because the Metro couldn’t cope with the volume. In reality it was probably 600,000, and it was spontaneous, hardly prepared. That showed the real support Putin had and that was the end of it.

          We also assume that there will always be external pressure.
          What makes all the difference is how the masses and how the elites react to that external pressure.

          Finally, don’t forget, I only shared with you a snippet of the the actual theory. Can’t tell you all of it here, one day either in webinar or a book.

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          • Thank you for the broader analysis. Reading it, a definitely see that we are speaking of the same thing, but from slightly different angles. Sorry if you forced you disclose more, than what you initially intended, but having been absent for some time I could not pass on your invitation to a debate/views in a comment above. 🙂

            And yes, I definitely remember the Russo-Japanese war, the suspicious reasons for its start and the quite telling of alliance between Britain and Japan prior to Japan declaring the war. What I meant to say, is that conflict was not enough of a trigger to start a full-scale revolution.
            At that time, Russian industry and economics were on the rise, and the war was short enough to not drain Russian resources. The strange loss may have been quiet a wise strategic retreat to not let the conflict drag on, draining resources. Should that unpopular war have dragged on, a revolution would have been played out in 1906/1907.

            Here is a short article on the state of Russian Empire’s economy and industry, that I wrote earlier this year:

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  11. Just in:

    Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt

    “Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, says the company will “engineer” specific algorithms for RT and Sputnik, to make their articles less prominent on their news delivery services. ”

    The attack continues.

    Definitely time to abandon Google.


    • The Alphabet CEO, who has been referred to by Hillary Clinton as a “longtime friend,” added that the experience of “the last year” showed that audiences could not be trusted to distinguish fake and real news for themselves.

      “We started with the default American view that ‘bad’ speech would be replaced with ‘good’ speech, but the problem found in the last year is that this may not be true in certain situations, especially when you have a well-funded opponent who is trying to actively spread this information,” he told the audience.


      I must say, what Orwell wrote is coming to pass!


    • I have been attacked constantly on all search engines and SM for a while. I’ve been feeling this since the beginning of 2017, but in the past month or so it’s intensifying greatly. Suddenly I get very few referrals from search engines, and used to get tons. And many other things.

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      • Pluto in Capricorn is coming to a Peak. Yang West is losing it – but the harder they grip the quicker the fall

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      • Yesterday’s news was the last straw. I’ve been using Yandex for searches before, but now I’ve created an account and am in the process of transferring all my mail to Yandex. GMail account will be gradually phased out, and logging in to Google will be sandboxed.
        Lada, you can see my new address in this message. If you wish to verify, send a message to my old address, and I will reply to it from the new one.

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        • I’ll email you, thanks.
          And I’ll look into it also. Many change are coming to my social media presence and how I conduct my business as well.

          I talk more on what happened to my blog and its searches since beginning of October, and how my articles were de-ranked and hidden, in the upcoming Plane Truth interview.

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