Vladimir Putin spoke today at two events. At event No.1, Russian Volunteer 2017 Awards when asked if will run, he asked the crowd if they, their friends and relatives would support him should he decide to run.

Complete speech

Later in the same day he announced his bid to run for president in 2018 while speaking at the Nizhny-Novgorod auto giant GAZ. Putin’s announcement:


Those who listened to EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA know what I predicted in the beginning of November: Putin would definitely run since the whole country and in fact, the whole world depends on him. I predicted he would wait till last second and would announce his candidacy in the end of November or beginning of December in order to minimize the chances for adverse forces to sabotage his campaign. 

And this is exactly what happened. 

I also must point out one more time that the new 2018 Olympics doping scandal escalation and Russia Olympics ban are orchestrated on purpose during the Russian election cycle and right before Putin’s announcement. All this is designed to divide Russian society, try to provoke sharp Russian response and dampen Putin’s reputation in order to jeopardize his election bid. 

Incidentally, THE PUTIN ENIGMA also contains my predictions on what Putin will do in the next 6 years, once re-elected.

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    Neo has returned! 😀


  2. I’m interested in what you think the Russian populations reaction to the Olympics banning will be.

    Obviously the IOC Olympics banning was a shallow albeit well timed ‘shot at Putin’ and designed to cause damage to him in the eyes of the people of Russia. And considering Russians will soon be ‘asked to choose between him ‘and others” how will Russians take all this?

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    • Russians’ reaction is very clear and things are already in motion. Everything’s moving very fast during Earth Shift. I will try to post the final article on that on 12/12, when final touches are in place.

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    • Yes, and this Olympic machination is going to backfire on the US. As for Russian society, I get a feeling that people see this move for what it is – an attack on the country, attack on the state symbols – the banner and the anthem.
      Athletes are going to have to make some difficult choices – to go or not to go, but ultimately those who go, will still be supported. And support from the stands this time will be more important than ever. Expect the unexpected 😉


  3. As per your prediction US did the clumsy and predictable thing to impede Putin but from what I can see the bully on the block has failed miserably. I did wonder if they persuaded the IOC to ban every team except US, then US could actually win without taking any performance enhancing drugs. Everywhere I look I now see US shooting itself in the foot. Is that a masochistic tendency developing????

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  4. there was a moment were my day was lame kinda in the blue but when i heard putin’s running again all of a sudden my mood changed 🙂

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  5. I see this Olympic thing as part of the school yard bully’s reaction to defeat in Syria as in, “You didn’t invite me to your party in Sochi so you can’t come to my party in Korea. You’ll be sorry.”

    The IOC Olympics, “Hollywood”, MSM have long been global deep state control tools, which are currently in varying degrees of collapse/deterioration. The controllers speak to us in symbols like the Olympic’s torch and “Eternal Flames” burning at the grave sites of deep state assassination victims, President Kennedy & Princess Diana.

    I see a possible avenue for the Great Balancer to use the drug angle to shine a spotlight on an outragious 2015 neo-liberal identity politics IOC ruling which in March 2017 enabled a transgender “woman”, born a biological male, to compete in and win an Australian international woman’s weight lifting competition. Apparently testosterone is an approved drug when used for social engineering & to blur humanity’s sense of traditional identity & self worth. I don’t think the public is much aware of this ruling. The photos of the winner, looking quite male & standing head & shoulders above the biological female losers are telling as are the WAPO comments. As one of the commenters pointed out the winner developed all that upper body strength when “he was still a he”. Others pointed out that the IOC decision essentially defines that being a woman is determined solely by testosterone levels.

    According to the IOC, Hubbard, who previously competed as a man, is a woman. Under guidelines recommended in November 2015, the IOC no longer requires transgender women to undergo surgery then wait two years. Now, a transgender woman need only to wait 12 months after starting hormone replacement therapy and demonstrate that her testosterone levels are within acceptable limits.

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  6. I uttered a quite audible, excited “yes!” at work when the news notification ticked in through the RT app. That drew some puzzled looks. About an hour later, when the rest caught on to the news, I found myself in a discussion about Putin, Russia, democracy there. That left me a bit depressed, as the person, though genuinely curious and friendly, was regurgitating all of the propaganda MSM materials, forcing me to explain, that yes, there are other candidates, than Putin; yes, there are opposition media in Russia; no Putin does not order to kill descenting journalists; yes, it was awful in Russia in the 90s, and it’s really better now, not worse, etc,etc… Pointing out that Merkel was longer in power than Putin drew a blank stare reaction – Merkel in a democratic Germany is a completely different thing. When I said that Russia can get along with anybody whatever political system that country has, while the US is doing everything to change other political systems to their template, I was immediately met with the “Russia elected Trump over the heads of American” nonsense. Asking for proof, the canned response was: it is being worked on, the newspaper say so.
    One question/statement that got me really down, was when I told the person that Russia is a multi-national, multi-cultural country, and that during the 90s it was being torn apart and disintegrating at the huge human cost. The reaction to that that followed was: but why would it be so bad to chop Russia into small individual states… And I was not met with any understanding, when I parried that it would be about the same as chopping Norway in half with Samis in the North…
    Sometimes I wonder how many sleepwalking zombies there are still out there…


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