Putin Makes Surprise Visit to Syria in the Company of Su-30 Jets to Declare Victory and the End of Op

Russian President Vladimir Putin paid surprise visit to Khmeimim Airbase in Syria’s Latakia province on Monday, December 11. As he prepared to land, he was met by an escort of Su-30SM fighter jets.

During this unannounced visit Putin met with Syrian president Assad and made an important announcement regarding partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria following the defeat of ISIS. Putin added that if terrorists reappeared in Syria, Russian troops would be back.

Russia’s Enormous Victory & End of ISIS

Russian Syria op is one of the most successful military ops of all time. As a result of Russian BKC (Russian joint military-space forces) involvement along with Syrian ground troops, ISIS has been squeezed out of all cities in Syria, leaving only some straggling groups in the country, with which Syrian army is still dealing on the ground. Syrian government today controls most of the country’s territory. When Russia got involved in Syria 2 years ago, Assad and Syrian army controlled 14% of the country’s territory, rebels were located as close as 8 kilometers from Assad’s palace, Syrian army was on its last legs with deserters leaving in droves. It was expected that any day Assad would lose power and Syria would be torn to pieces by warring factions and foreign powers.

The task the Russian Army had in Syria seemed insurmountable and extremely complex. Not only it was of a military nature, but it was diplomatic, moderating and peacemaking as well.

During the past 2 years of Syrian involvement, in military operations Russia hasn’t lost a single jet, except the Turkish provocation with the downing of the Russian Su. One single flying regiment took part in operations; overall Russian troops in Syria numbered no more than 4-5 thousand. This relatively small number of troops managed to make 30,000 flights and destroy most of the ISIS top commanders, and most of the Islamic State terrorists’ infrastructure, including arms depots, training camps, factories, oil transports and money laundering rings. Estimated combined ISIS losses are 32,000 troops. Russian instructors re-trained and turned around the demoralized Syrian army in such a way that it began winning. The most important Syrian army operations were developed and executed under the command of Russian higher officers. The result of such operations was the liberation of all major Syrian cities, securing of oil fields and the majority of the country’s territory.

The political, diplomatic and peacemaking results have been equally impressive. Only Russia managed to sit down at one table the seemingly irreconcilable enemies, including Iran, Turkey, Syrian government and opposition/ rebels/ various factions. Political process is taking place and elections are coming, which was unimaginable just recently. Syria today is day and night compared to what it was just two years ago.

All this is especially impressive if you compare it to the staggering fiasco of the US/EU/NATO’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Syria. Incidentally, it has been brought to my attention that following Russia’s astounding victory in Syria, US and France are trying to steal this victory, declaring it theirs and ignoring the reality. This is also nothing new — remember WWI and WWII and the re-writing of history!

For more on Russian Army read Poll: Russians Trust Most Russian Army, Putin and FSB, and distrust…

Of course, this is far from being the end. The new strategy for securing the rest of the country, maintaining peace and squeezing US out of Syria has to be implemented, political changes have to take place. But the active military phase is over.

After the surprise Syria stop-over, where he thanked the troops, met with Assad and declared the end of Syria op, Putin in the same day visited Egypt and Turkey.

This whole 1-day, 3-country Middle East turbo-tour is the continuation of Putin’s restructuring and rebalancing of the Middle East, as discussed in my recent interview A New Tsar Arrived. But the timing is also such that this Middle East tour serves as Putin and Russia’s response to Trump’s decision to consider Jerusalem the capital of Israel and to move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

Why did Trump make such announcement right before Holidays? It has already met with much condemnation around the world and generated a new wave of violence and anti-US hatred. There are calls for the 3rd Intifada (Palestinian resistance war against Israel). This announcement is also likely to create new waves of terror attacks in US, Israel and other countries. Just yesterday we had terror attack attempt at the Bus Terminal in Manhattan, and more are expected during Christmas/New Year. Politicians and lay people alike have dubbed Trump’s decision ‘irresponsible and short-sighted.’

The reason Trump saw fit to make such an announcement is very simple and in line with my original predictions from the Trump ESR16 and ESW1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM. Trump is in a ‘straitjacket’ and in a fight for survival, being criticized and threatened by various forces. This is by no means a justification of his actions, but merely a reminder that I predicted this since 2016, before the US election outcome was even known.

Trump is trying to avoid impeachment with all his might. In this survival mode he, in a typical American fashion, doesn’t care how his words or actions will impact the world. He is simply thinking about himself. If he were a private citizen, that might be at least understandable, if not forgivable. But it doesn’t work at all if one calls himself a US president.

The Israeli/ Jewish lobby in the US is one of the most powerful. Therefore, for Trump it is crucial to have it in his corner. It is as crucial as having Pentagon and US army in his corner, or at least neutral so they wouldn’t support his impeachment. To appease Pentagon/US army Trump does constant saber-rattling against N. Korea, threatening to begin a nuclear war. If it’s not N. Korea, it is Iran, Syria, or whatever enemy is next in line.

And to appease the Jewish/Israel lobby Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. All very logical actions from his standpoint — and the hell with the rest of the world. This yet again demonstrates how unfit the USA, this ‘exceptional nation’ and ‘sole super-power,’ is for the role of the global leader.

This is where Russia the Great Balancer comes in. Putin’s announcement of Russian troops withdrawal from Syria stands in stark contrast to Trump/USA’s bullying position.

By contrast with Trump, Putin announced during meetings with Egypt’s el-Sisi and Turkey’s Erdogan that only the joint negotiations between Israel and Palestine should decide the status of Jerusalem. This measured and reasonable position yet again shows who the true world leader really is; who brings peace to the Middle East, and who provokes wars.

Putin is confirming what I often talk about: Russia is the unifying, balancing and pacifying force in the Middle East and globally. This role of Russia the Great Balancer will continue intensifying during the ongoing EARTH SHIFT.

We talk about this at length in recent URGENT NEW INTERVIEW! A New Tsar Arrived: How Putin is Squeezing US out of NEW Middle East.

I discussed in detail the situation in the Middle East, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and more in these Earth Shift Reports: ESR5, ESR7 & ESR13.



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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Looks like the new Sheriff in town got the job done! So far the US plan to keep its troops operating in Syria on alleged counter-terror missions after the Russian military pullout, threatening real hopes at last for peace in the region, according to analysts.

    Also US lied about the number of troops stationed, U.S. Has Four Times the Amount of Troops in Syria as Previously Acknowledged. The latest Pentagon announcement came a month after Army Maj. Gen. James B. Jarrard, told reporters at a news conference there were about 4,000 U.S. troops in Syria – a number which was immediately revised:



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  2. Dear Lada, I really cannot understand WHY Trump is being threatened with impeachment. What exactly is his crime, apart from getting elected?
    There are also reports about A US Marine raid on CIA HQ a little while back and lots of incriminating evidence being seized, though I don’t really know what to trust given that the internet is abuzz with all sorts of stories. I would appreciate it if you could shine a little light on this.

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  3. Interesting statement: “compare it to the staggering fiasco of the US/EU/NATO’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Syria.” The unstated goal of the US/EU/NATO was a failed state in Syria, chopped up into small territories run by competing factions of the Muslim Brotherthood. So, not only was the saving of Syria a fiasco for those Three from that perspective, it is doubly a fiasco as the result is not a failed state, but a stronger state with a battle-tested military and improved ties with neighboring allies, such as Iraq and Iran. For the Three, and especially for SA and Bibi, it’s more than a fiasco, it’s an existential nightmare, which the Saker has discussed at length. I feel like the forces of darkness in the region (and we know who they are) will pull out every trick in the book, and then some, to attempt to undermine and destroy what has been built.

    BTW, along with the Olympics psyop, it might be interesting to get your perspective on the failed Maidan-style action planned in the wake of the (unsuccessful) murder of the Russian radio journalist.


  4. Finally, an army to be proud of, not conquering and plundering but serving and protecting.
    How these American troops, the ones with half a brain, sleep at night I do not know.

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  5. This is brilliant news and the timing of the move could have hardly been better.

    First, it continues to show Russia’s high moral ground. I saw it summarised in one comments as “He came, he saw, he saved”.
    Secondly, it is an excellent holiday present for the servicemen to return home.
    Thirdly, it would further boost Putin’s domestic ratings. The Syrian campaign, while its importance was largely understood in Russia, was still the biggest leverage of the “opposition” and presented a difficult reality for the people to grasp, having the Afghanistan involvement of the 80s still fresh in memory.
    And lastly, this is a trap for the American troops that are illegally dislocated in Syria, akin to invaders. Harassing Syrian and Russian jet in the Syrian skies, and calling the Syrian airspace for American! Now the US with either have to find an ugly pretext to stay, or will have to leave (the terrorists are, after all, defeated and the peace process is underway!)


    As for US and France trying to misappropriate the victory. Yes, in addition to the “official” Western claims of “winning” the Syrian campaign, I see an army of CIA trolls, peddling the same narrative in comments and forums, going as far as accusing Russia of stealing the glory of purely American victory! 🙂

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    • As for US and France trying to misappropriate the victory. Yes, in addition to the “official” Western claims of “winning” the Syrian campaign, I see an army of CIA trolls, peddling the same narrative in comments and forums, going as far as accusing Russia of stealing the glory of purely American victory! 🙂

      Infowar in full swing. That’s why it’s important to document and spread the knowledge of what really goes on for posterity, so they can’t claim the opposite years later.

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      • Nothing but admiration and congratulations for such a brilliant operation (yes, I have no pity for those evil lunatics wiped from this dimension), but I want to focus on this spinning by the lamest of the lame – France :-).
        I would appreciate, Lada, if you and anyone can help me in unveiling one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century: WHY is France among the five permanent members of the security council?!?
        They did not fought (hell, Macedonia had way bigger antifascist army then them, and it was a minor part of the war), they collaborated with the Nazis… Now this idiocy of twisting the truth while the Russian forces are still in combat mode…
        And yet they have a permanent seat?!?
        I can more easily accept the Germans, being aware of all the evil they brought in WWII; at least they fought…
        All the best!


        • France’s mysterious presence in the Sec Council: I did explain that previously in some FT articles — search under WWII Category.
          And I believe I also mentioned it in The Putin Enigma Webinar.

          You are right — well caught!

          In short, that was Stalin’s and USSR’s big geopolitical mistake.
          Actually, maybe I can talk about it some more. Perhaps in the Earth Shift Series of future Webinars, because it does have a bearing on how the Great Balancer operates and the blind spots it has that force it to make such blunders. Please remind me in 2018! It is a worthwhile topic!

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        • As a matter of fact, having Germans in the Security Council (after some quarantine period) would have made more sense. After the War they had much better grounds for introspection and understanding of what harm such wars bring upon humanity, than US.

          As for the France’s conduct during WWII… I’ve previously referred to Artjom Grishanov’s songs, and this one about the Victory Day has a strong fragment at 5:18 to the background of the Eiffel Tower

          “…While those who surrendered their cities during the first days of the War \ Don’t want to and will never understand \ The joy of the Russian soul”

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  6. My three favorite things in this article:1. Seeing the joy on the faces of the children and hearing that the displaced people of Syria are returning home. 2, The genuine pleasure and gratitude radiating from face of President Assad as he greets President Putin. 3. President Putin congratulating his troops on a job well done and telling them they will be going home now to be with their families and friends. Thank you so much Lada for your excellent article on this good news! Now on to mopping up the hot spots, stabilizing the peace politically and rebuilding Syria. I pray that that these efforts be swift, fruitful and abundantly blessed!

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    • Well-summarised, Aayrie! I really like your comment!

      And today Russia turned its attention to another, neighbouring, country – North Korea. A delegation from the Russian Ministry of Defence arrived there to establish dialogue and to mediate, trying to defuse the tension that US is building up there.
      My guess is that the very presence of the Russian MoD representatives there should be a deterrent for the US, if they are planning anything foolish.

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