‘Mars Attacks’ in Reverse! New joke about Russia, US, Putin, Trump and Mars


After Trump declared the beginning of colonization of the Moon and Mars, Martians sent an SOS to Deep Space, and two urgent letters to Earth.

Trump nuclear weapons

One was addressed to the US. It was a galactically certified affidavit confirming that Mars doesn’t have weapons of mass destruction.

Another was an urgent plea to Putin to please open Russian military base on Mars!

US aggression


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  1. Ha! I love it. Poor Martians. The covert space program probably already has a base there.


  2. As they say, every joke has a grain of truth to it… It may happen that the prolonged visit of the Russian MoD representatives to North Korea may be just that – the first steps to opening a Russian military base in Korea to prevent a US invasion.

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  3. A quite significant item on RT that crossed my path today, showing how foolish it was to believe the US/NATO promises.

    Gorbachev WAS promised NATO would not expand east – declassified docs

    No wonder Martians are worried!

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  4. I wish they hadn’t done that. US will most certainly believe this and impose trade embargo on Mars!! Only surprised they never accused Mars of interfering with US elections and Brexit.
    I’ve been watching the video of Putin’s Q and A session, which brought home to me why he needs all those souls to back him up. Labours of Hercules doesn’t come anywhere near to describing the load Putin has on his shoulders!!

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  5. Oh, man, Mr. P’s response to that AP reporter’s question on NoKo was priceless.


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