Russophobic Hysteria Sweeps US/EU. Putin to ABC, Associated Press and Poland: Are you people normal? Grow up!

I’ve already posted the entire Putin’s Annual Q&A, along with several important snippets: Putin’s International and All-Russia Annual Press Conference (ENG).

But I also wanted to repost these three already famous Putin’s answers to dumb and provocative questions from the representatives of US, UK and Poland. They address the anti-Russian propaganda and hysteria we hear every day, complete with lies and low-grade hoaxes, which have, regrettably, become a common part of the Western political landscape. The biggest problem is that the sheeple everywhere are falling for this conditioning all too easily. I’ve been hearing many stories of ‘bad Russians’ from such sheeple in the US.

Putin destroys these arguments in his usual witty, sharp and intelligent manner. Note that by the time he answers the drivel from a Polish ‘journalist’ Putin has been answering questions live for 3 hours — look at his priceless expression in the end! (As someone who’s done long live interviews and Q&As, I know very well what it means). The entire Q&A lasted close to 4 hrs.

What went on during Putin’s Q&A: Although several questions were pre-planned so Putin could begin outlining his vision for the next 6 years as Russian President, the vast majority of questions were clearly spontaneous, and some were obviously tricky and designed to make him trip, which always backfired. Masterfully, Putin never offends anyone, yet easily disarms them through clever, informed, truthful and heartfelt responses. To say that such open and sincere format is impossible in the West or elsewhere in the world, is to say nothing. Russia is the only place on earth where President has an open and spontaneous dialogue with the people and with international community.

I have to say that most questions during this session were from Russian regional and local press, and some were very legitimate. But those asked by Western ‘journalists’ and their pro-Western Russian counterparts were from bad to worse, thus illustrating how far removed from reality and clueless the West in general is.

Who needs conspiracy theories when one has Western governments! As one example of the escalating Russophobic hysteria, UK’s top general Sr. Peach has announced two days ago that Russian ships were spotted close to underwater Atlantic cables between EU, UK and US. Therefore, proclaimed said general, Russia is preparing to disrupt Internet and sabotage economy and the whole way of life not only for England, but for the entire Western World! (Cross wires: UK military chief warns that Russia could cut off vital internet cables). The big irony here is that Sr. Peach is talking about the same cables NSA and Britain’s spy agency GCHQ tapped to spy on various leaders and countries, of which we learned from the 2013 Snowden leaks (GCHQ’s operation Tempora).

Generally, you all know about the renewed Russophobic hysteria sweeping US, UK, Germany and the West in general, since much of it has been in the news. This new wave of the old hysteria is without any question due to upcoming Russian Presidential Elections on March 18, 2018.

They are literally scared to death that Putin will continue being Russian President for 6 more years. Two of the examples of such hysteria are illustrated in the piece posted below, translated and compiled by Inessa S.

But it is not widely known what kind of poisonous, and not any less damaging to the world at large lies are spewed out by Poland an its government. I wrote about the Trojan Horse and the poisonous pill of Poland on more than one occasion. You can see my recent extensive and detailed article here Poland orders DESTRUCTION of 500+ Russian WWII memorials. More on Poland here WHOLE TRUTH on Zapad-2017 Russia-Belarus Army Exercise + China-Russia Navy Drills near Korea.

Just to illustrate the idiocy and Russophobic hysteria shaking Poland, this is a new hoax the Polish government(!) is spreading. The sensationalist drivel you’ll hear in the video below is about Polish government’s new ‘brilliant’ conspiracy theory. Supposedly Russians secretly installed bombs on the Polish government plane that killed then president Kachinski and over 90 top members of the Polish army and government over Smolensk about 10 years ago. These bombs, says Poland, were planted by Russians, despite the fact that the government plane in question flew to Russian Smolensk from a heavily guarded Polish airport in Warsaw. It has been proven by experts that no explosions took place on board, but if Poles think they did, they need to look for culprits in Warsaw and not in Russia, logically points out Putin. (See the real story of drunk Polish president and top general ordering pilots to land, despite warnings of adverse conditions from the Russian Tower: Poland orders DESTRUCTION of 500+ Russian WWII memorials.)



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  1. That man has the patience of a saint! I am always so impressed by President Putin’s annual Q & A marathon. It’s masterful, and though I would encourage the same to be done by other world leaders I don’t think any could achieve his degree of public speaking skill, memory for facts, presence and finesse. Every year I go away saying Wow.
    Yes, it is very painful to watch Western journo-toadies totally embarrass themselves before the entire world. They seem to be totally devoid of self-awareness, sense of shame or humiliation. Miserable performances all. And unwilling to be outdone by the tasteless hate-mongering of his Western colleagues the undaunted Polish toady had to go all in on chewing his own country’s old bone! He so deserved the dressing-down he got.

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  2. Thank you, Lada for your positive contributions to the truth; if, me had had a bank account, we would surely have made a donation to your cause; we appeal to your readers to freely give in return to your giving; be blessed; in peace

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  3. Calling it Russophobic Hysteria is a little misguided. You could certainly speak to Americans on the ground. I am neither Russophobic, nor hysterical, and I couldn’t name one in at least three states. I know that isn’t definitive evidence, but you might be guilty of being a bit sensational. I hope it earns you readers.


    • Ah, I remember you, badparent (how nice for your children). You were picking fights on my blog before with both me and my readers, also posting provocative comments about Russia and Putin. I very kindly suggested back then that you stick around my blog, maybe you’ll learn something. I see that you’ve learned nothing. My new and final advice — go back to CNN.

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    • P.S. And I see that American education rearing its ugly head. Suggest you learn how to write clearly in English, and do look up the definitions of the words ‘misguided’ and ‘sensational.’ Again, my condolences to your children, badparent.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, give condolences to my students. I’m an English teacher in the misguided American education system.


        • Very sorry to hear that. A MISGUIDED English teacher who has no idea how to use English words APPROPRIATELY, lol. This is so not SENSATIONAL, and not even remotely cool. Furthermore, it’s not SENSATIONALIST news anymore either, since the whole world knows how bad US education is.

          That was a little lesson for you on how to use words appropriately and correctly in English sentences. Read and weep, and feel ashamed that a foreigner can speak and write in English so SENSATIONALLY — the way you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.
          Call it a parting gift as I don’t think I will welcome you on my blog any more.

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          • it’s just amazing to me to watch the Earth Shift & Russia the Great Balancer templates in ongoing action including in US education which certainly needs it. I subscribe to Sibel Edmonds Newsbud. Sibel is a former FBI translator who was put under a gag order for outing some of the lies the FBI found in run up to Iraq invasion.

            Sibel posted 10 minute video today, “The Storming of the Texas State Capitol”. It seems that Fetullah Gulen, who I first read about in ESR 13, Erdogan’s War has set up Islamic charter schools in some US States, including Texas. We’re talking millions of unaccounted taxpayer funds funding the schools & apparently bribing legislators and state officials. Sibel notes that Russia kicked charter schools out 6 or 7 years ago & says the Gulen schools are so extremist that even Islamic Pakistan has banned them.


        • RE – ARRAY or badparentingweb




          FT Admin


    • I usually don’t respond to fellow posters and certainly am not going to address Array’s observation that she cannot name one single Russophobe in 3 American states. It’s the language of ‘concern trolling’ that I dislike because it’s dishonest. One of my discerning tools is use of the condescending, passive aggressive term “misguided”.

      Hillary used the coded racist term “deplorables” to describe Trump’s economically depressed white voters. I’m old enough that I can remember when the terms “poor white trash” and nig*ers were used. Most are aware that the 1965 Voting Rights Act removed obstacles to non-white franchise but the real expansion in numbers of voters involved occurred a year earlier in 1964 when President Johnson signed the 24th Amendment eliminating the poll tax. Because of US racial demographics in 1964 most of the newly enfranchised voters were white aka “deplorables”. Johnson stated, “There should be no American too poor to vote”.


      • The 24th Amendment Ended the Poll Tax January 23, 1964.

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      • Thank you, Nancy. You are right on.
        And if only you knew this troll’s super-low calibrations!

        He has been bombing me with increasingly negative comments just now, so I finally banned him. Actually, just tired of dealing with these freaky trolls. And I do very much appreciate when my readers engage and help me to out them, even though I understand that no normal person wants to deal with such low energy.

        Incidentally, it’s a he, not a she, and he normally goes under ‘badparentweb’ or something like that. Nam speaks for itself. Array is something new, probably to hide his true identity.


  4. The final momentary expression on Putin’s face is priceless. The one a teacher may secretly make after having explained something to a particularly thick student for the umpteenth time.

    Putin is right in that the Polish question is an entirely domestic political rivalry between the pro-EU Tusk faction and the nationalistic Kachinski faction, where Russia-scare is used as the hammer against Tusk.

    As for the russophobic hysteria, I gave up on the Western news for some time ago, and only echoes of the storm of the mad are reaching me. It sometimes manifests in the form regurgitated stereotypes by my colleagues. Only a few are open-minded or questioning enough. On the other hand, one colleague told me in a private conversation a few years back that he gave up on trying to correct the views of those among them, even in his family, in order not to be stigmatised. I’ve heard such sentiments a few times later – those who are awake, give up on trying to reach the others around them and fall silent.

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  5. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”
    William Casey CIA (Criminals In Action) Director 1981

    link to an article about MAINSTREAM MEDIA and the newly dubbed NEW AGE MEDIA.


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