Fast Karma? US Olympic committee child sex abuse ring cover-up exposed

Breaking news, sorry this has to be said before the Holiday — but it must be said. So, it turns out US Olympic committee covered up for years child abuse against girls, sometimes as young as 11 years of age, and paid off said girls and their consenting parents large amounts in exchange for promise to keep quiet and help cover up sex abuse in US Olympic sport.

Overall so far 150 girls came out with this. You’ll see in the vid below that one of them says, ‘I don’t want to be telling the court that I was penetrated by the doctor when I was 11 right in front of my mother.’

One of the most prominent victims who also apparently agreed to help cover it up for years in exchange for a rich payout is US gymnastics Olympic champion Mckayla Maroney. Her quote is equally telling, ‘I got to the top, but at a cost.’ In other words, she was ready to get sexually abused to get to the top, and she now wants sympathy for that. That’s just sick.

The almighty greed? What kills me is that these girls’ American parents mass signed off on all that and accepted the money in exchange for silence! We are talking at least 150 girls — that’s the number officially announced, probably many more that didn’t come forward YET — therefore multiply this number by at least 2! At least 300 adult parents allowed their daughters to suffer like this and kept it quiet for money!

So, let’s get this straight — the US Olympics committee is guilty of covering up a major child sex abuse ring for years within the sport. That’s just gymnastics. What about other US sports?

Fast karma for Russian athletes’ cynical persecution and politically motivated Russia’s Olympics ban? REPORT: Dirty Geopolitics of Olympics and Globalism – Will Russia Say NO and Start Alternative Games?

And when will this cover-up by US, WADA and IOC finally be investigated? #WADA Hacked, Williams Sisters, Simone Biles doping exposed (#LadaRayPredictions)

Hybrid War: Whole Truth About Doping and Demands to Ban Russia from #RioOlympics ~ this report from 2015 explained more!

I am just wondering if US Olympic committee and US sport will suffer any consequences? Or will they pay off and sweep it under the rug, as usual?

Will they prove yet again to the whole world that it’s only Russian Olympic sport and Russian athletes who get banned, whether they are guilty or not, just for being Russian?

Big sport, simply put, equals the following: big money, big business and big showbiz

~ Lada Ray ~ REPORT: Dirty Geopolitics of Olympics and Globalism 

Quote from YT video comments ~ The US Olympic committee will say, “Russians did it!”

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  1. Wow!! Karma indeed is a bitch!! ;-}

    Merry, Merry Christmas Lada and Az! Enjoy!

    Bearhugs from NL,

    Christa 🙂

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  2. A very sorry story Lada but unfortunately I think we’re only hearing about the tip of the “ice-berg”. The big question is are enough people going to transform to a higher level because the corruption needs to be fully exposed and as you say when enough people have transformed their mentality then change for the better emerges. This is besides the children that disappear day in day out and are never seen again. Here’s hoping for a brighter future as US loses it’s grip. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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  3. Karma is only a bitch if you are. 🙂 What goes around comes around.

    Merry Christmas Lada.

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  4. Dear Lada, Thank you very much for this truthful post. According to the New Testament, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” According to the Vedic Literature, “Knowledge is the greatest purifier.” Life is purity. There should not be international competition of any kind. At least not until mankind is Enlightened. We see the result of this competition among incompetents. I think that this law suit mentioned in the video is a good thing. And I’m not surprised the lady didn’t file it sooner. I don’t know that she is asking for any sympathy. I’ve heard that rape victims can not want all the additional trauma of reporting it that comes. Parents complicit with the rapist certainly will suffer the consequences for an untold period of time. There may have been extortion, threats, perhaps other violence at the time also.


    • I believe the United States should not compete, because it is not competent to do so. We should also close the embassies we have in other countries and call all of our diplomats home until we are free of the curse of ignorance. We are sick and should stay home.

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  5. “Stranger Things” is the most popular TV series out right now, based on the true story on the US Govt child abuse and mind control project called “Montauk”. Says a lot about the dark underbelly of America! As Saturn has moved into Capricorn, we should see a lot more scandals around Politicans going into 2018, the Hollywood scandals were just a start


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    “Competition is for the competent.”–Maharishi The U.S should not compete until it is a competent country. We should close all of our embassies and recall all of our diplomats. We should not spread our contagion.


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