Stop embarrassing yourself, Boris! (UK’s Boris Johnson visits Lavrov in Moscow)

I just thought it was hilarious how poor UK’s Foreign Sec Boris Johnson kept squirming, trying to find his way out of his previous ugly comments, when he put his foot in his mouth on more than one occasion. Just stop embarrassing yourself, Boris!

Lavrov – Johnson joint press conference excerpts:

Johnson: Russia meddled in UK referendum, but was unsuccessful, admit it Sergey!

Lavrov: Of course, Russia was not successful. Nothing happens when no one meddles. One won’t succeed if one doesn’t meddle (applause and laughter from the audience).

Lavrov: If Boris doesn’t contradict everything I say, his reputation in the UK will be ruined.

Johnson recently infamously compared Russia to Sparta — per him, undemocratic, closed, militant and totalitarian; the West, UK and US, in Johnson’s version of reality, are like Athens, democratic, open, peaceful and wonderful. When a journalist asked whether he stands by that statement, look at all the desperate squirming that happens. ‘No, I didn’t mean it, I referred to the USSR, not modern Russia, when I said that.’

Direct lie. Oh yes, you did, Boris, and you really did call black white and vice versa.

I also recall how last year Johnson was accusing Russia of causing and supporting war in Syria (!), while, according to him, UK did everything to stop that war (!) by proudly supporting the infamous White Helmets (those same White Helmets that were routinely photographed with ISIS fighters next to beheaded prisoners).

Lavrov: it wasn’t the USSR that glorified Sparta, it’s in fact the US who does.

Don’t believe your deceiving eyes and ears!

The most embarrassing moment of all: Johnson declares he is a ‘committed Russophile’ because… he is called ‘Boris.’

Actions speak louder than words, Boris!

But then again, just like in the US with Trump and his straitjacket, Dark State never sleeps and Johnson would indeed be crucified at home should he even attempt to be civil to Russia and Russians.  That’s just sad…

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  1. He does keep embarrassing himself. It could be down to the expensive school he went to and the “true blue” buddies he had there and also at the Bullingdon club at Oxford university where his best friend David Cameron was reputed to have done things with a dead pigs head. So given Boris’ track record of late there’s no telling what he did during those nights of debauchery. I think he’s a slow learner and definitely well below Lavrov’s level of expertise!!

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  2. Did Hillary sneeze one day while facing east towards the UK (United Krazyland.) The UK Foreign Office seems to lack immunity against itstheRussianz! fever, and a vaccine is not yet developed. (Rejected samples are being distributed to selected third world countries.) We must pity poor Boris, he has the job of selling, or is it making excuses for, implementation of UK restoration of empire policy. It seems that an immense increase in Rhodes Scholarships will be necessary to have even a chance of success there.

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    • Wonderful! Of course, vaccines can be very dangerous, even the non-rejected ones as you refer to them. Vaccines may have ingredients, other than the so-called active one(s). That may be neither here nor there. I’d heard that someone very much infected by itstheRussianz! fever … Oh that was Mr. Clinton who received a Rhodes Scholarship, wasn’t it.


  3. Yes, Boris is totally unbelievable, isn’t he?


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  5. Hi Lada! Russian Comunist Party has choosen his candidate to the Presidential elections, Pavel Grudinin. Pavel Grudinin is not communist, he is not a member of the Communist Party, he is a businesman, he runs the Lenin Sovkhoz with a socialist model: free house for the workers, free healthcare, school for the children etc., etc.. Years ago he was a member of United Russia and he supported Putin in his first term as President. huuummm, what do you think about that?


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