Learn Russian! Not for the faint of heart: Russian Miracle Epiphany Ice Dip (#Putin, US Ambassador)

Happy Epiphany Sunday!

I received a ‘Happy Epiphany Sunday’ email from one of my American followers, and decided, why not post a few of heart-stopping Russian Ice Dip Epiphany moments, plus a Russian language challenge! Enjoy!

**Per Russian Orthodox religion, the Epiphany ice hole dip washes away your sins. If we think of ill health and bad emotions as sins, or vice versa, if we think of sins manifesting as negative energy or ill health, this is certainly spot on.

Incidentally, by rules you’ve got to dip 3 times — only then it counts.

This miracle ice dip resets your immune system and clears all ailments for years to come. But don’t try this at home if you don’t know what you are doing! (And certainly, never do it without clearance from you physician.)

Putin takes Epiphany ice dip at Nilo-Stolobenskaya Pustin’ male monastery (northern Russia) on pristine Lake Seliger, to the enchanting monks’ chanting. If you think it’s cold in Moscow, it’s much colder there!

Putin video

RT post with addl pics (Rus) LINK


Владимир Путин окунулся в прорубь на Крещение — “Vladimir Putin okunulsia v prorub’ na Kreshchenie” (Vladimir Putin took an ice dip on Epiphany)

Russian text (fr RT) Владимир Путин посетил мужской монастырь Нило-Столобенская пустынь, где принял участие в праздничных купаниях на озере Селигер. Крещение отмечается в православном мире 19 января. Ночью верующие окунаются в проруби в память о крещении Христа.

US ambassador to Russia John Huntsman also took a dip near NovoYerusalimsky Monastir’ (New Jerusalem Monastery).


**From one of my followers, Ayerie:

Thought you might enjoy this. Lucky Louis prefers to ride instead of dip. Happy Epiphany Sunday, Lada!

This is an RT vid, featuring the coolest rider/horse team in the world ~ you know how partial I am to all animals, but cats stole my heart. 😉 And who doesn’t like horses!


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    Learn Russian! Not for the faint of heart: Russian Miracle Epiphany Ice Dip (#Putin, US Ambassador)
    Wash away your sins and reset immune system!

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  2. Thanks for the epiphany gift, one Cool Cat (plus love the lavolier) and the real feline one, too. Brrr I hope Lada has a samovar cranked up . Over here the younger followers of the church of St. James call themselves “the orth’s” whereas St. Pete’s are the “RC’s”. I attended an orthodox baptism and the postulant told me beforehand (the icon screen) “is the next best thing to a hologram” Blessings indeed and ecumenical. Keep us posted on the porky palaver–he’s crazy to go up against that guy’s connections (have-his- back).

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    I had a smaller epiphany, while taking a shower i turned on the cold water 3 times!
    OK not the same as Prez Putin’s dip, but i’m with all the Russians in spirit! Maddie Walsh okunulsia v prorub’ na Kreshchenie. 😀

    Happy Epiphany Sunday everyone!! ❤

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  4. I loved the cat video. I watch Mission Impossible Squirrel when news & events seem particularly discouraging. If a squirrel can learn to overcome obstacles like this to reach his goal so can I.



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