Major Russian Bank CEO Dire Warning: Anti-Russian Sanctions Mean War, US Should Remove Ambassador from Moscow

The US has threatened a new round of anti-Russian sanctions, scheduled to be announced today, Jan. 29. This new round is directed against Russian big business, banks, the rich and ex-oligarchs. Some of these reside in Russia and others in London, EU and US.

Russians at large don’t trust the class of the rich and oligarchs, believing their loyalties lie with the West, where their money is stashed away. To a degree this is correct. However, more and more proof is arriving daily that the opposite may be true in many cases. Some examples are striking and jaw-dropping.

For example, the CEO of Russia’s major bank VTB, Andrei Kostin, shocked Russians yesterday by his completely out-of-character dire warnings to the US and EU not to play with fire. Kostin warned during the Davos Economic Forum that a new round of sanctions and continuing economic/ political pressure against Russia would equal a declaration of war. In that case, he said, Russia should remove her ambassador from Washington, and US ambassador has no business ‘bathing in cold water in Moscow’ — a reference to US ambassador’s Epiphany ice dip: Learn Russian! Not for the faint of heart: Russian Miracle Epiphany Ice Dip (#Putin, US Ambassador). Instead, he should go home.

In fact, the new round of economic sanctions angered many of Russia’s rich, especially those living abroad. A mass movement has begun to repatriate capital from London and other offshores. I’ll talk about this remarkable development in a separate post on Patreon.

In the video below, with ENG subs, you’ll see a sample of how Russian talk show debates are conducted.

After the first part, discussing the surprisingly sharp comment by VTB chief, the discussion switches to the new naval base in Ochakov, Ukraine. Ochakov is a Black Sea port, near Nikolaev and several hundred kilometers from Odessa. The base in Ochakov, an old and highly historic Russian city (unfortunately stuck in today’s ukro-nazi Ukraine), is being built by Americans. It is well-known that it is designated as a future American military-naval base.

You’ll remember me telling you in 2014 that the US had big designs on turning Crimea into its mega-base, but Russians made sure that didn’t happen. Barring that, the US still pursues its plans to build a naval base on the Black Sea’s Ukrainian territory.

Remember that I predicted in Jan-Feb 2014 that Russia would never allow Crimea to fall into the US hands — and that’s exactly what happened.

I am predicting — again — that Russia will never allow a US base to be built this close to the Crimean base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. This simply won’t happen. The base will never be completed, or alternatively, when it is completed US will not be able to use it. How this will be done — we’ll leave some things unsaid…

You’ll see in the video how a representative of Ukraine (a younger man in the debate circle) says that American ‘construction guest workers’ are there just to build the base and leave, ‘much like Central Asian migrants building new high-rises in Moscow.’ The base, he says, will be Ukrainian, not American.

A rebuttal follows: ‘Sure, they are American construction guest workers from Pentagon,’ and another one: ‘US never leaves.’

Check out this very interesting video, with ENG subs. Posting it as an example of the Russian TRUE freedom of speech: pro-Kiev junta Ukrainian is freely participating in it, expressing his point of view. Can you imagine a Russian doing the same on national TV in Kiev or US? I can’t.

**Also note in the end a mention of Biden, who said that USA’s goal is to ‘pit Russians against each other.’


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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Here we go again, idiotic and spiteful Western sanctions used against Russia… only to rebound back. Good to see US policies helping make Russia stronger by forcing oligarchs and wealthy elite repatriate their money back into the Russian banks!

    Of course these latest sanctions don’t stop the US from purchasing Russian LNG gas to offset shortage due to record breaking cold temps across the nation.

    Yet another case of “do as I say, not as I do”! DOH!! 😀

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  2. Interesting and informative debate. Soros and company, those above and beneath him, want to divide the people of the United States, but you know what, don’t you?

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  3. That was a very instructive discussion, Lada. Thank you for sharing! I love to learn about other points of view. Wow, a real debate. LOL, what a concept! Not trusting the rich and oligarchs either, I agreed with the audience members who were clapping when the older gentlemen in the debate talked of the tactics of the globalist sock puppets in the West. What they learned from their experiences of the Great War, the Cold War, the destruction of U.S.S.R by Western plotting and so on fueled the passion behind the points they made.
    And they were right. I also appreciated the general amusement about the younger Ukrainian saying they were only “construction workers” from the Pentagon. Sigh. Did he really think he would successfully sell that point? Everybody knows once the U.S. camel gets its nose under the tent it’s coming in, and it’s staying.
    It’s embarrassing to us here how predictably the deep state part of the U.S. government acts: ham-handed, arrogant, rude, and sometimes, willfully ignorant. And devious. Always devious! I hate to point that out since many folks aren’t able to discern between them and the rest of us who are trying to survive with our necks under their boot. But if I am to be completely objective some of our well-programmed “lesser lights” do that too.
    We are being heavily censored now, but nevertheless, I just wrote a scathing letter to my globalist senator Dianne Feinstein. (The woman is a walking disaster! With luck she’ll be indicted with the rest of the traitors.) I raked her over the coals for her constant Russophobic whining and her grandstanding on sanctions. If she doesn’t have anything constructive to contribute I suggested, kindly sit down and shut up.
    We ordinary folks here in the U.S. are sick to death of all of it too! We know why they keep going on about Russia like they do. Their globalist world order would END if the U.S. and Russia ever became friends. God willing some day we will. Soon, I hope! Despite the dark state’s best efforts to propagandize me my entire life I continue to really like the Russians. I’ve been laughing for days over being called a “Russian Bot” by our paranoid press parrots for sending out memes about the Nunes memo. LOL, I regard that as a compliment! ❤

    Blessings and lifelong friendship to us all!

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    • With you, my friend.

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    • There is the understanding in Russia, that what the American leadership does and what the American people think/want are two big differences (as they say in Odessa 🙂 )
      Recently I saw several posts by a popular blogger and analyst Ruslan Hubiev, where he translates English reader comments under some videos to Russian, helping to build the bridge the other way. One post like this, with links to his other such translations at the end of the post:

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      • Thank you, Nemo! That is so encouraging. Many thanks to Ruslan also! By the way, did you have an anxious moment during the video when President Putin waved off the car and took off down the street to the water, mostly by himself? He wasn’t really by himself as the camera and audio persons and his security detail were nearby but I must confess it took a moment for my heart to settle down. It was nice seeing him do a simple thing we ordinary folks take for granted ~ take a little walk! I do care about that man. Prayers are said for his well-being every day, just as they are for our President Trump. 🙂

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  4. Looking forward to your post on changes to the financial “system.” You go, girl!

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  5. Looks like it’s going from worse to… even worse. What has just happen? “Kremlin list” with the whole of the Russian government, business and watchdog organisation heads being targeted, sans the President. Trying to create a split? Don’t they realise by now that this will only further unite the Russian people?

    Putin, as usual, delivers the best reply by the way of a common Russian saying: ‘Dogs bark but the caravan moves on’

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