Wow…That’s Pretty Touching Actually: South Korea Creates Support Fan Groups For Russian Athletes


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  1. It is very nice to see the South Koreans being so supportive! I am glad ways are being worked out for the top tier Russian athletes to have a chance to use their training in competitions. It looks like the very first steps may be being taken to bypass the Olympics and start something new, especially if these smaller competitions are successful. It would be good to see a more grass roots approach take off. Keeping fingers crossed!

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  2. Fans around the world are the real losers because of silly international politics, the best athletes are not allowed to compete. What kind of sporting event are we watching when the competition is lackluster and boring? I’m sure even US athletes are disappointed, if they are honest about it they would want their win to mean something.
    This is equivalent to “fixing” an event, very poor taste regarding the spirit of Olympics in my opinion.

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  3. Sometimes is really hard to tell, what is best reaction from Russian sportsmen. In one way, they should boycot games, but in that case, games will go on like everything is OK. On the other hand, if Russian sportsmen come to games, this could clearly show, how corrupt, politicaly motivated and unfair the games are. Unfair games mean all medals are worthless as one of competitor is prevented to reach any medal and compete in unequal conditions, what means cheating. I know, that in outside everything will looks like it is all OK, but will South Koreans feel behind the doors, that they host unfair and worthless Olympic games? They spend a lot of money and energy to host this games and making them unfair is insulting on their honour. But I think, that pushing Russia out from this games have also another point as well.US doesn’t want peace in Korean peninsula. Russia is one of rare states, if not the only one, which have relatively good relations with both North and South Korea. Olympic games could be ideal opportunity, that Russian delegation could be a mediator between South and North Korean delegations to ease tensions and maybe bring the talks to end the war between them. I think US will do everything to prevent such scenario and I doubt there will be Russian or North Korean political delegation present because of US hostilities.

    I hope Russia will soon create their own games and next winter would be a good time and invite both Koreas to participate. They could easier bring both states to the table without US and IOC being around. I know, there will be only few states participating on new Russian games and that the West will ridicule it, but they have to start with them. With time they will grow and maybe even other states will start hosting them. Maybe even South Korea after unfair Olympic games fiasco. Time will tell.

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