Putin’s Historic Speech to Federal Assembly (last speech of his 3rd term)


Putin’s Historic Speech to Federal Assembly (last speech of his 3rd term)

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Full Address to Federal Assembly, March 2018 (Eng translation):


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  1. Very good speech from the president .Even if I am not Russian nor live in Russia ,I feel relieved knowing that the rhetoric coming from the West is now moot.
    I do believe the chess game is over .Checkmate !

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    • Always remain diligent when it comes to dealing with the West. I’m sure President Putin and his administration are not taking anything forgranted, as dark state forces are forever attacking or planning something. Like in chess, one must anticipate with an evolving strategy and execute with measured and accurate response. Russia cannot play too aggressively or passively, as the great balancer it’s always walking that fine line, and Putin plays it brilliantly!

      The match never ends, plenty of world class games played that gives the world hope!

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  2. I wonder whether Merkel’s real family origins and political history will ever come to light. Here is an interesting hint (limited hangout) of some speculation. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-04/still-raising-questions-how-angela-merkel-started-her-career-german-politics


    • I covered Merkel’s family and her/her father’s real undercover role during USSR/E. Germany and likely during Nazi Germany (father) in my 2014-2015 writings of FuturisTrendcast. Several times in fact, including in at least one ESR.


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