UNKNOWN PUTIN: I gave order to stop plane heading for Sochi Winter Olympics Stadium!

This was minutes before the Sochi Opening Ceremony, when Putin had to smile and shake everyone’s hands, while a potential catastrophe was looming. Putin received urgent report that a hijacked Ukrainian passenger plane with 110 on board, which was supposed to be heading from Ukraine to Turkey, was heading straight for the Sochi Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony.

In the interview Putin says that minutes after the order was given to shoot down the plane, it turned out it was someone’s drunken stunt. No real plane was implicated.

I definitely beg to differ. Recall that it was in the midst of the Kiev Maidan and the ukro-nazi coup would happen just days after. The target of the whole op, orchestrated by the US, was always Russia. It was NOT a drunk stunt. It was a deliberate provocation with the aim to disrupt the Opening Ceremony, and if possible, the entire Sochi Olympics.

Anyone else might have chickened out and ordered the evacuation of the entire stadium, thus damaging irreparably the entire Sochi Olympics. This is what was hoped for by those who planned this false flag!

And that’s the kind of low-lives we have to deal with in this world! And we still have to smile and keep it together while dealing with them!

Putin: I Gave Order To Stop Passenger Plane Heading Towards Sochi Winter Olympics Stadium! (eng subs):

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  1. Polished steel and rawhide guts. Loving it.

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  2. Great and Dear Presidente Putin!

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  3. So, was there a hijacked plane or not? Also, does it seem worrisome that Tillerson gets fired and not Haley? No special love for Tillerson, but his firing would seem to clear the way for greater psychopathology to emerge.

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