Infowar: RT kicked out of Washington

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  1. Of course, this is a large embarrassment to those of us who have long depended on and valued Russian sources to accurately report World, and even our own domestic, events. This is a little too late for the Americans, who have been surpassed by a new economic and development system organized by Russia, China and others which is based on ideas that are exactly as those recommended by Franklin, the inventor of the United States. These major events go unreported by U.S. Press.

    The Founding Fathers would give high marks to the Foreign Relations and Trade policies that have already given many nations new beginnings of Progress and Hope. We have fools who, having long since now, sold us out, do nothing but hurt the long term Happiness of all Americans. Americans are slow to change, except when they finally get the picture of who our real enemies and friends are.

    In my view our worst enemy is the UK, who have organized the entire assault on Trump using the Russia election meddling story and dossier crafted by the highest powers of MI6 from the very beginning more than two years ago, and I can’t really name a true national friend. Russia has been Virtuous to us and Patient and expressed every Virtue to us. Such a friend Russia could be, should be, but our “Leaders” are the biggest donkeys on Earth, forcing Russia to think how to protect itself from what looks like a war we are sending against them, like Russia was Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, other places where we make national leaders to be the Devil.

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    • Yes, JD. When two are fighting there is nearly always a “third party” throwing spanners into their works to press their own advantage. I think you have correctly identified one. Blessings!

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    When Russia decides to kick out US fifth column/ fifth estate out of Moscow, quid pro quo, Washington has much more to lose!

    Better yet, President Putin could use this as an opportunity to point out the hypocrisy and allow western MSM to stay! After all, not many believe in western propaganda anymore as more and more awaken everyday.

    Fascinating case study of inverted collapse from the collective West. 🙂

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  3. Well, Lada, what can one say about this latest idiocy? Not only does it appear to not make any sense, it appears to be totally insane! No one in their right mind would poke a big ol’ bear who has nukes in his den. And just because it makes absolutely no sense I have been studying these inexplicable moves and developing a theory…

    On the one hand, Mr. Trump has said repeatedly that he wants peace and free and fair trade between us and the other countries. We will be leaving Syria. Peace in North Korea is being brokered and Trump is working with Russia and China on the North’s re-unification with the South and on fair trade. There are many other things being done that are moving us toward a better world. On the other hand, we still have globalist ambassador Nikki Haley shooting off her big mouth. “Russian Collusion” is still the Lie That Won’t Die. Now we are engaged in a tit-for-tat war of diplomats and neocon John Bolton is National Security Advisor. !?!

    With globalists scuttling around like cockroaches in sunlight desperately overturning every good thing in their path, it presents a complex picture. Yet, after getting that sorted there is still something glaringly wrong with it. There is no tactical value in the U.S. adopting an antagonistic diplomatic policy towards Russia while simultaneously working with her to improve world conditions. Moreover, it ties a noose around America’s neck. Being a person with shamanic training, when I see something that glaringly out of place my attention goes right to it. I ask myself, what am I being shown? What do I need to know/learn here?

    So, what is Trump strategizing? If my guess is right, his plan is breathtakingly daring. Failure could potentially leave our world in ruins. It’s not a bet I would care to make unless I had very good reason to believe the odds were worth such a terrifying risk, but he and Putin have info we don’t have access to. It is said, “Fortune favors the bold”. Trump has proven to be both bold and fortunate. He is a student of Lao Tsu and is known for executing maneuvers no one else would consider. Our Mr. Putin is a brilliant and more cautious man. He is just as spiritual, courageous and desirous to have a world at peace. They both know the globalists detest them and have always coveted their nations. It is a potent combination.

    I don’t want to discuss details here. Maybe in private. But I will propose that all the saber-rattling is a diversionary tactic hiding a larger strategy. It’s kabuki. And like all the best plays it will have us holding our collective breath as the momentum of the story carries us along to its arc. When our toes are hanging over the proverbial abyss, there comes the denouement. The ultimate result, if all goes as planned, will be a happy ending to strife and a bright future. Together we will begin to write a new story.

    The strategy has a lot of moving parts. It will require complete focus and impeccable back channel communications. I plan to keep calm, keep my fingers crossed, hold our benevolent leaders in prayer and banish to the hell they have concocted for themselves all those who wish us ill. I believe in miracles. I believe in magic. I believe it can be done. And I believe we can, and must, “Get off our behinds and get on the front lines.” Do whatever you can to help. Pray.

    Sorry for the rant. I didn’t intend for it to be so long! 😉 I wish you love and peace! ❤

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  4. Slow motion collapse in motion and presumably gathering speed. Sad that US generally is still asleep on it’s feet.

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  5. to jd

    i hafe to agree the UK has a history of sabotage when it comes
    to the ideals of the american Republic aka the constitution which
    was a native american inspired document 🙂

    russia was there for the start supporting the american revolution against British Usary

    the war of 1812 civil war ww2 im sure there’s more whatever one thinks of communism JFK tryed to get the american people to see russians as human and not evil beasts that wanted to rule the world even FDR wanted to set a course of partnership between the us and russia after ww2 the british elites had a large role in settiing up the cold war wall street and the FED was always london’s fith colum

    russia has always wanted good relations with the US and all else

    also don’t forget it was the british elites that created the Balfour declaration

    the neo cons and the slime ball tory regime in london are working the clock to prevent any relation between the us and russia

    of course lets not let trump of the hook here i got my eyes on the Israel first cult and kissinger around trump but i also think trump is also influenced by other factions to

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