Can you believe these UK FREAKS! THEY NOW KILL INNOCENT ANIMALS! #Skripal pets die!

Can you believe these UK FREAKS! THEY NOW KILL INNOCENT ANIMALS! #Skripal pets die after investigators sealed off home despite vet warning!

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#MI6 cover-up – read more in comments!

The mystery surrounding the poisoning of Sergei Skripal has deepened after British officials confirmed the deaths of his pets. A cat and two guinea pigs died after investigators sealed off the ex-double agent’s home.

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  1. I know!! Evil sadistic bastards. I was livid when I read that, how could they do that to poor innocent animals??


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    I’m not liking what the UK deep dark state are doing to innocent pets caught in the political crossfire between heartless UK gov’t supposedly “protecting” ex-Russian spy Kripal from Russia? I’m thinking MI6 cannot afford to leave any witnesses that could potentially tie THEM to the poisoning so they allowed the poor pets to die!

    Horrendous behavior, and the UK gov’t has the nerve to blame Russia for the attempted murder? More likely MI6 was ordered to stage the poisoning false flag so they have excuse for new round of sanctions against Russian. Western hegemony at it ugliest for sure. Everyone share this… must go viral!

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    • You are so right, Maddie! This is definitely a UK/ MI6 cover-up! They can’t afford vets or anyone else testing what happened to those poor animals!
      I was so furious when I first found out I couldn’t even write about that side of the problem.

      Evil, inhumane SOB assholes. Just confirming everything we’ve said before – the only value Skripal ever had for them was to be the sacrificial lamb to vilify or provoke Russia!
      People are genuinely stupid if they think they can ever reason with these bastards.

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      • I hope UK animal rights groups, and pet lovers around the world condemn the cruel and inhumane actions of the UK gov’t and their “intelligence” agencies.

        Total fail Teresa May and her dark state handlers, we’re all on to you evil SOBs!

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      • How awfully convenient for UK investigators to euthanize the poor animals for “distressed condition”…. as soon as Russia requested the animals be tested for poisoning! It’s painfully obvious a cover-up is in play, UK gov’t cannot afford to be forensically caught poisoning Mr Skripal in his own apt by MI6! 😦

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      • Yes… It’s amazing isn’t it. The Skripal’s were ‘attacked’ with one of the ‘most lethal’ chemical weapons ‘ever developed’… but the pets didn’t die from it. They ‘starved’ to death.’ Amazing.

        MI6 blew this one! The animals were alive when the police were there investigating a ‘chemical / gas weapon ‘attack’… but the animals were ‘unaffected’ by the gas. Wow.

        The animals didn’t die from the poison gas attack. So… the ‘vet’ incinerated the animals… and now there will NEVER be any tests on the animals to evaluate their exposure to the ‘said’ chemical / gas weapon.

        Every national in the world that swallowed this MI6 MEGA LIE and expelled Russian diplomats now has egg on its face.

        What a sham!


  3. Dear Lada the only good thing I can see out of this is that they are still digging despite being in what is now a very deep hole. Hastening their own destruction. Surely even more people will start to see through the illusion!!

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  4. cruel SOB’s

    hey lada i found a great read on this web site
    i would like to get your take on it when you can

    god bless:)


  5. Hey Lada I just listened to a Vesti program that now says one of the cats escaped but the black cat was actually killed by the UK authorities which they call euthanasia. In addition they cremated the animals. It sure looks like they are destroying evidence doesn’t it? Those that are cruel to animals are also cruel to humans and cruel to the living planet. It’s all part of the same dark force.

    These are the worst scum of the earth.


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