Eurasia: the New Global Axis of Power Has Formed (Russia, Iran, Turkey + China)!


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Eurasia: the New Global Axis of Power Has Formed (Russia, Iran, Turkey + China)!

I’d been talking about this since 2014-2015. The big events happening in the Middle East are certainly a part of the GREAT EARTH SHIFT.

Revisit my prior post for links to relevant ESRs, with detailed intel, analysis and predictions: Goodbye US and NATO? Putin and Erdogan sign nuclear mega-deal and agree on fast S-400 delivery. Remember, that my ESRs and ESWs never duplicate each other! All material is new and unique!

At the same time as the above Putin-Erdogan deals were signed, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani was also there, and the joint statement by Russia, Turkey and Iran was made. As one of our FT followers, Gary, just mentioned in a very poignant comment, “The whole events in Turkey are just breathtaking in their historical importance.”

The statement issued by the three is affirmation of the territorial integrity of Syria, and of the fact that the war in Syria must end.

A Vesti video with the joint statement:


Essentially, what we see here is that the US and West are slowly bus surely being squeezed out of the Middle East, as the new alliance of powers is taking hold. I talked about it in detail and explained much in my interview:


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Going back to the main topic:

I want to stress that this is a BALANCED alliance, taking into account the many interests and intricacies of the region! This is in stark contrast to the imbalanced and one-sided previous Western dominance.

The fact that such different three powers managed to get together and form such an unlikely coalition is epic. The driving power and the unifying factor behind this new, unthinkable before alliance is Russia The Great Balancer. I wrote about it in ESR13, and other Turkey/Syria ESRs.

It is clear that none of this would have been possible without Russia. What we have here is a vivid demonstration of the demonstration of how The Great Balancer works.

The 2017 Russia-Turkey-Iran summit in Sochi, where the framework for the new deal was developed, is already dubbed the second Yalta. (In 1945, near the close of WWII, three then world powers gathered in Yalta to outline the post WWII global structure, which is crumbling today, as we are progressing through the Earth Shift.)

Add to that China…



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  1. Lada, in order for Russia to take its role as the great balancer Russia itself had to become balanced between yin and yang. For so many years first under Gorbachev and then Yeltsin Russia was too much yin. Under Putin, and it took many years, Russia finally achieved this balance. I believe September, 2015 will go down in history as the moment Russia, with its resolute military defense of Syria, regained its balance between yin and yang. When Turkey shot down the Russian plane Putin harshly condemned it and took tough resolute actions against Erdogan with a no holds barred approach. This was the yang part of Russia which afterwards deeply shocked Erdogan and convinced him to change. The resolute action on the part of Russia militarily in Syria deeply impressed Erdogan where toughness and manliness is part of the ethos in this area. The yin part of Russia was showing patience and using diplomacy to nudge Turkey to its side. This is the great balancer in action.

    So after watching with awe the meetings in Ankara you Lada have been vindicated with your theory of Russia as the great balancer and the Earth Shift. You are the only one that has described Russia as such and for that reason I have decided to become your Patreon subscriber. You have proven your worth.

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  2. NancyC/Seattle

    I’ve been contemplating the image of the 3 smiling presidents as they all appear genuinely pleased and comfortable with each other and their roles on the world stage. It’s occurred to me that another thing that we are seeing in process of being balanced is “nationalism” vs “elite fascist globalism”, aka “New World Order” aka “Deep/Dark State”. Ruhani, Erdogan & Putin.present as first & foremost focused on the well being and security of their respective Iranian, Turkish & Russian populations as opposed to elite “globalist” who are focused on personal power, wealth & belonging to a border-less club ruling over a “multi-cultural”, trans genderless controllable soup called humanity.

    I think the Bush’s, Clinton’s & Obama’s were all deep state globalist players. People “know” when their leaders don’t really have their interests at heart. I think this explains why despite months of non stop MSM hate press, Trump’s approval rating is now slightly higher than Obama’s at the same point in his administration.


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