From Russia With Love: True Relationship Between Nikki Haley and Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebendsia

UNSC emergency meeting on Syria: Amb. Nebendsia to Amb. Nikki Haley, in response to US anti-Syria and anti-Russia accusations, complete with Haley’s statement that the world supports US, not Russia: Make no mistake, US has no friends, it’s just that everyone’s afraid to tell you that.

I know many of my followers are peace-loving people. While some beat WWIII drums… What’s really happening behind the scenes of the UNSC between the best frenemies Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebendzia and US Ambassador Nikki Haley? You won’t believe it!

Latest interview Nebendsia gave to Vladimir Soloviev — Amb. Nebendzia interview Apr. 12:

Небензя: У нас с Никки Хейли хорошие отношения, и я бы хотел, чтобы наши межгосударственные отношения были такими же.

– При встрече руку жмете или целуетесь?

– Целуемся-целуемся!

– We have a good relationship with Nikki Haley and I want our countries to have the same kind of relationship. We are all human and there is no reason not to be civil to each other.

– When you meet, do you shake hands or kiss?

– Kiss, kiss!

Video starring Nebendsia and Haley, set to Joe Dassin’s love song ‘If You Did Not Exist’

And that’s the true nature of our contrast-driven 3D world, ladies and gentlemen! 

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  1. Diplomats doing their job? Would be interesting if you could calibrate how they feel towards each other? 😊

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  2. I saw this on video and thought it was fantastic! He is right – mist countries are simply too scared to say it stand up to the biggest world bully – the USA.

    But, I think some countries are now speaking up. Watch this video where the Bolivian envoy to the UN says ‘US believes and acts as if it’s above any law’ he’s pushing for the UN to carry out an agreed, organised investigation into the alleged chemical attack. Hallelujah!

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    • Bravo to smaller countries speaking out the truth! Most of the world understand US imperialism and hegemonic goals. Let’s pray the Dark State does not retaliate with a lame false flag, colored revolution, or assassination attempt!

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    • They are beginning to speak up. Here is a direct correlation for you. It is an intrinsic part of the Earth Shift Theory: the stronger Russia the Great Balancer (in any guise) gets relative to the West, the bolder and more courageous small countries appear to speak up and stand their ground against the super-bullies from the West. You’ll see the small countries getting yet bolder in the future – consider this my new prediction.
      We had seen that before in a very spectacular fashion.

      GREAT COMMENT, SHAMSA! I’ll have a full post in reply – see it on Patreon tomorrow!

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  3. Better kissing than killing. I was interested to see last week sometime, links at the bottom of one of your posts to some Qanon material. I had assumed that the Qanon material was a Mossad psyop to maintain support for Trump among military-minded Christian Fundamentalists in the US, and at the same time to at least attempt to make Pence look less like a Nazi sturmbanfuhrer waiting patiently for his turn in office after AIPAC impeaches Trump. Maybe I was wrong, as I so often am. Would love to see your view on where we are now, as it looks like AIPAC is tightening the noose on Trump to prevent him from avoiding a full-on war.

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    • im mixed about q

      but i think pence was put there by the Zionist lobby
      in case trump has a Kennedy moment both were i think
      in the pentagon you have factions that tells you what people
      are trying to win over trump


  4. “The world is a stage,” written by some guy called Billy Shakespere, Frankie Bacon, or I don’t know who, could have been some guy from Verona.

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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Make love not war… that’s my motto. Those two should really get a room, love the sincerity of the hand over hand heartfelt handshake! ❤ Smooches!


  6. Loved the music. Title of song and performer?


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