US, UK and France are bombing Syria! How Will Russia Respond? Lada Ray Analysis

The early Russian reports say that compared to last year’s strike, twice as many missiles were used so far. But it appears US is promising that it was only the first wave, more is coming. They bomb the government and military installations in Damascus and Homs. Initial report: all missiles targeting Homs were shot down by Syrian army, using old Soviet anti-missile systems. Later I heard that some people were killed in Homs. There are some hits in Damascus, including the city’s electric system. France/Macron announced that they were hitting only ‘targets with chemical weapons’ – an obvious lie.

Russian sources have reported that so far everything is quiet around Russian bases in Syria. Russia always said that it will retaliate immediately, if any Russian properties and/or servicemen are hit. Russian and US Army Chiefs had been on the phone and all this was communicated. The diplomats have been working hard too. It appeared to have calmed down last week, but it seems it was in fact a calm before the storm.

No question, the entire US-UK-France elite has gone mad, which is a telltale sign of the decline. What’s more, they are all solving their own internal problems via diverting attention to Syria. This concerns Trump, Macron and May, who all have domestic scandals and fiascos to face.

Russian video of US/UK/France attack on Syria:

Another early Russian report:

Syrian response:


All three US, UK and France admitted they were not interested in a real investigation, basing their strikes on MSM and video footage from Douma, made available by White Helmets and local ISIS/rebel groups, financed by the US/UK. These groups are very interested in toppling Assad.

It is known that the Douma ‘chemical attack’ has been staged. The evidence of this false flag is found everywhere. Links:  FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: White Helmets Made it All Up, Fabricated Data About Chemical Attack and Inconsistencies in Douma chemical attack.


This is a hugely dangerous precedent. We again are teetering on the brink of a hot world war. Russians already announced that US/West didn’t heed the warnings, and now the consequences will be their responsibility.

It’s a bit early to say to what degree Russia will decide to respond in Syria. It is clear that US and others are very careful not to hit any places where there could be Russians present, but it is war and anything may happen.

Just one wrong move by the US or others, and a US carrier may be sunk. What will happen after that… your guess is as good as mine.

Putin and Russians, as usual, are the only sane adults in the room, and we can only hope they make all the calculations correctly to maneuver out of this situation with the best possible outcome for all. I told you previously that one Putin’s roles has been to save the world from WWIII, and he, together with his team has done so repeatedly.

But Russia will have to respond – there is no choice. I don’t have all the info Putin and the Russian Army have, and the situation is changing so quickly that I don’t want to go there.

Such incredibly fast developments and increasingly unpredictable change are typical of the GREAT EARTH SHIFT.

When, where and how Russia will respond — we’ll see very soon.

There is one thing that may likely happen. It is being hinted on in various in-the-know circles: Russia may respond asymmetrically in Ukraine, instead of Syria. There are some ideas being tossed around. We’ll see how far Russia will go in Ukraine. Some think it’s past due to change the game in Ukraine drastically.

But also remember what I told you previously: Russia’s hands are tied because of the football World Cup coming to Russia in less than two months. This whole thing is being orchestrated at this time on purpose, and the target here is multi-prong.

In addition to weakening Assad and Iran (also present in Syria), this is directed against Putin and the Russian people. It is designed to punish Russians for voting for Putin in unprecedented numbers. Finally, it is designed to poison the Wold Cup and steal the moment from Russia. It is the continuation of the same big sport/Olympic anti-Russia offensive we had talked about before.

The sooner Russians understand that the sport and other international competition events, such as Eurovision, are some of the biggest pressure points the West can use against other countries, the sooner they stop participating in the farce of various competitions, the better off they’ll be long-term.


Unless pushed so much that there is no choice but to respond urgently, Russia will wait till after the World Cup to respond properly to everything. There may be pretty serious changes in Ukraine before the end of this year.

Russia is presently also preparing economic counter-sanctions against US, in response to most recent US sanctions. There is an impressive economic sanctions list the Medvedev government has developed, which may be rather hurtful for the US. It has to be mentioned that China is also preparing a very serious package of anti-US economic measures, to be made public soon.

Sorry to say, Trump is a total moron for managing to get into a war on three fronts he can never win. Trump’s straitjacket is in action, as I predicted. Dark State successfully pushed his many buttons and turned him into their patsy. And his out-of-control ego has played a very bad joke on him.

That’s all I have time for at the moment. I’ll talk about Trump, my various predictions and how they are developing on another occasion, time allowing.

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This is written at 1:30 am ET, Apr 14, 2018

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  1. Sorry but Russia may not be able to wait until after the World Cup. With the international situation poisoned so much by the Anglo-American-Zionists I don’t think having the World Cup preclude military responses by Russia is wise. Screw the World Cup! Is it worth it to have this event if Russia’s hands are tied as Syria and Iran get pummeled by the West. The World Cup to me is a trivial activity now. It may have been important to Russia when it got the right to host it but now Russia is at war economically, financially, politically and it looks increasingly likely militarily. Compared to this is a soccer game really that important? LOL!!

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  2. Dear Lada, I bet this is one time you wish you hadn’t been right, as you were all along. Heaven alone knows when this mad circus of clowns will fizzle out. All best wishes to you, Robert

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  3. I am absolutely sick to death of the arrogance of the US and their poodle vassal nations, UK, France, Israel and Saudis and their terrorist acts on other sovereign nations who do NOTHING to warrant war and the outright murder of their citizens.

    This strike against Syria has been carried out on the flimsiest of non-excuses, NO discusdion it formal approval from their proper governments – just WHO do these arrogant b@stards think they are????

    I fervently hope they all get their karmic come-uppance. Be it economically via Russian and Chinese sanctions or whatever way.

    Even one Syrian life lost has been one life too many.


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  4. Thanks Lada for your timely comments and perspective. It is always appreciated!!

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  5. Situation in Syria is now very interesting. It’s true, that US, UK and France launched missiles on Syria, but far away from russian positions, so Russian air defense didn’t launch a single missile against NATO missiles. But still this attack in Syria was a disaster for NATO as Syrian air defense shot down majority of missiles (all French and UK missiles were shot down), what mean NATO lost their military superiority, specially against Russia and that their attacks from long distance are ineffective and I doubt they will dare to fly inside kill zone of Syrian and Russian air defense inside Syrian air space. This is a problem for NATO, what to do next.

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  6. ….”the (Pres. Trump) is being lured not so much into an Assad spanking exercise or regime change maneuver as into a Proxy War with Iran and Russia. The latter is literally manna from heaven for the Warfare State.”…

    ….who in their right mind would not wait for an assessment of what actually happened last Saturday?

    That is, if you are not caught up in the anti-Russian hysteria that has engulfed official Washington and the mainstream media. Indeed, the Syrian government has now even welcomed the international community to come to Douma, where the Russians claim there is absolutely nothing to see.

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